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" NALOPAKHYANAM, OR, THE TALE OF NALA ; containing the Sanskrit Text in Roman Characters, followed by a Vocabulary in which each word is placed under its root, with references to derived words in Cognate Languages, and a sketch of Sanskrit Grammar. By the... "
Bibliotheca Orientalis, Or, A Complete List of Books, Papers, Serials and ... - Seite 35
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The United States Catalog: Books in Print ...

...Odyssey. Nalrne family. Wrong, G: M. Canadian manor and Its seigneurs. *$3. '08. Macmillan. Nalopakhyanam; or, The tale of Nala; containing the Sanskrit text...languages, and a sketch of Sanskrit grammar, by the Rev. T: Jarrett; new rev. ed. *$2.50. Putnam. — Notes on same; for the use of classical students, by J:...
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Catalogue général des livres imprimés de la Bibliothèque nationale: Auteurs...

Bibliothèque nationale (France), Bibliothèque nationale (France). Département des imprimés - 1923
...opiisculum. . . Editio a'. — Oxonii, 1818. Iu-411. [4° J. 326 JARRETT (Thomas). — NalopakhyHiinm, or. the Tale of Nala, containing the Sanskrit text in Roman characters, followed by a vocabulary . . . and a sketch of Sanskrit grammar, by the rev. Thomas Jarrelt,. . . New edition. . . — Cambridge,...
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British Books in Print, Band 2

...Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge. Demy 8vo. js. 6d. NALOPÀKHYÀNAM, ile Audience at the Royal Institution. Edited by WILLIAM CROOKES, FCS With numerous Illustration and a sketch of Sanskrit Grammar. By the late Rev. THOMAS JARRETT, MA Trinity College, Regius Professor...
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1879 - 63 Seiten
...Introductory Essays. Edited by CAM FENNELL, MA, late Fellow of Jesus. [/» the Press. SANSKRIT. Nalopakhyanam, or, The Tale of Nala; containing the Sanskrit Text...languages, and a sketch of Sanskrit Grammar. By the Rev. THOMAS JARRETT, MA, Trinity College, Regius Professor of Hebrew, late Professor of Arabic, and formerly...
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