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" But hark ! a rap comes gently to the door ; Jenny, wha kens the meaning o' the same, Tells how a neebor lad cam o'er the moor To do some errands, and convoy her hame. The wily mother sees the conscious flame Sparkle in Jenny's e'e, and flush her cheek... "
A Select Collection of Poems, from Admired Authors, and Scarce Miscellanies ... - Seite 97
1790 - 240 Seiten
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Century Types of English Literature Chronologically Arranged

George William McClelland - 1925 - 1144 Seiten
...path ye gang astray, Implore His counsel and assisting might: They never sought in vain that sought , TEat shadowy in the moonlight shone: 6o The neck that made Tenny. what kens 4 the meaning o' the same, Tells how a neibor lad came o'er the moor, To do some errands,...
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