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" An Explanation of the elementary Characters of the Chinese ; with an Analysis of their ancient Symbols and Hieroglyphics. "
A General Bibliographical Dictionary - Seite 697
von Friedrich Adolf Ebert - 1837
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Journal of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Bände 26-27

Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. North China Branch, Shanghai - 1894
...General Catalogue called the Sz' Fu 7V iven Shu " — 218 Dictionaries are mentioned. *302. 1. — An Explanation of the Elementary Characters of the Chinese...Analysis of their Ancient Symbols and Hieroglyphics. By Joseph Hager, DD London, Richard Phillips, 1801, fol. '•f-303. 2. — Dictionnaire Chinois, Francais...
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Bookseller's Catalogues. Continued as John Russell Smith's Old Book Circular

John Russell Smith - 1847
...Dictionarum Malaico-Latinum et Latino-Malaicum, 4to. very neat, 4s 6d . . Romse, 1621 2519 HAGER'S (Dr. J.) Explanation of the Elementary Characters of the Chinese, with an Analysis of their Ancient Symbols Bnd Hieroglyphics, folio, finely printed, avery curious work, bds. 5s 1801 2520 HALLIWELL'S (JO) Dictionary...
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