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" Then up sprang Appius Claudius: " Stop him ; alive or dead! Ten thousand pounds of copper to the man who brings his head." He looked upon his clients, but none would work his will. He looked upon his lictors, but they trembled and stood still. And, as... "
Selections from the first five books, together with the twenty-first and ... - Seite 241
von Livy - 1866 - 329 Seiten
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The Lays of Ancient Rome and Other Poems

Baron Thomas Babington Macaulay - 2020 - 220 Seiten
...; but none would work his will. He looked upon his lictors; but they trembled, and stood still. 205 And, as Virginius through the press his way in silence...right and left. And he hath passed in safety unto his woeful home, And there ta'en horse to tell the camp what deeds are done in Rome. By this the flood...
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