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" It is satisfactory, as showing how transient such impressions are, to remember that the greatest discovery ever made by man, namely, the law of the attraction of gravity, was also attacked by Leibnitz, "as subversive of natural, and inferentially of revealed,... "
Crosthwaite's Register of facts and occurrences relating to literature, the ... - Seite 7
von Crosthwaite and co - 1860
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The Journal of Science, and Annals of Astronomy, Biology, Geology ..., Band 22

James Samuelson, Sir William Crookes - 1885
...enhanced, if possible, by the context, it being preceded by the remark that " I see " no good reason why the views given in this volume should " shock the religious feelings of anyone," and followed by a sort of endorsement from a letter written him by a " cele" brated author...
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