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" ... shall be entitled to vote in the election of a knight or knights of the shire to serve in any future Parliament for the county, or for the riding, parts... "
Cobbett's Weekly Register - Seite 717
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Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life

George Eliot - 2004 - 744 Seiten
...entitled to vote in the election of a Knight or Knights of the Shire to serve in any future Parliament for the County, or for the Riding, parts, or division of the County, in which such lands or tenements shall be respectively situate. XX. ... Every male of full age, and...
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The Royal Kalendar and Court and City Register for England, Scotland ...

...object to the Name of the Person mentioned and described below being retained in the List of Voter» for the County [or for the Riding, Parts, or Division of the County] of Dated the Day of in the year (Signed) AB of [Place of Abode.] No. 5. NOTICE ОТ OBJECTION TO BE...
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