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" I here fetched a deep sigh. Alas, said I, man was made in vain ! how is he given away to misery and mortality ! tortured in life, and swallowed up in death ! The genius being moved with compassion towards me, bade me quit so uncomfortable a prospect.... "
The Spectator [by J. Addison and others]; with notes, and a general index - Seite 181
von Spectator The - 1811
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The Yale Literary Magazine, Bände 30-31

...Mirzah gives utterance to the same mournful sentiment as the ironical Charon, and sadly exclaims, " Man was made in vain ! How is he given away to misery...mortality, tortured in life and swallowed up in death !" But here the resemblance ends and the great contrast strikes us forcibly. In the belief of Lucian,...
Vollansicht - Über dieses Buch

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