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" PROCTER— A HISTORY OF THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, with a Rationale of its Offices. By FRANCIS PROCTER, MA Thirteenth Edition, revised and enlarged. Crown 8vo. loг. 6d. PROCTER AND MACLEAR— AN ELEMENTARY INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. "
Cawnpore - Seite 20
von George Otto Trevelyan - 1866 - 305 Seiten
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Shakespeare, Law, and Marriage

B. J. Sokol, Mary Sokol - 2003
...G. (1980). 'Rosalind's Child's Father', Notes and Queries 27 (225): 166. Proctor, F. (1955). A New History of the Book of Common Prayer with a Rationale of its Offices. Revised by Walter Howard Frere. London: Macmillan. Purkiss, Diane (1992). 'Material Girls: the Seventeenth-Century...
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