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" ... (to be acknowledged in like manner as is now required in cases of writs of certiorari awarded at the instance of a defendant in an indictment), with the conditions following; that is to say, that the prosecutor shall conduct the prosecution with effect,... "
The Royal Kalendar and Court and City Register for England, Scotland ... - Seite 141
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Parliamentary Papers, Band 5

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons - 1876
...indictment), with the conditions following, that 25 c 102 s iV is to sav' that the prosecutor shall conduct the prosecution with effect, and shall pay to the defendant or defendants in case he or they is or are acquitted his or their costs. In actions 98. On the trial of any action for recovery of any...
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Laws of Barbados

Barbados - 1886
...due holding of the election, and of any person therein named having been a candidate thereat. XIII. No person shall be liable to any penalty or forfeiture hereby enacted or imposed unless some action or suit for the offence committed shall be commenced against such person within the space of...
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