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" An' leetle flames danced all about The chiny on the dresser. Agin the chimbley crook-necks hung, An' in amongst 'em rusted The ole queen's-arm thet gran'ther Young Fetched back f'om Concord busted. The very room, coz she was in, Seemed warm f'om floor... "
The Edinburgh Review: Or Critical Journal - Seite 178
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Century Readings for a Course in American Literature

Fred Lewis Pattee - 1922 - 1012 Seiten
...about The chiny on the dresser. The very room, coz she wuz in, Looked warm, frum floor to ceilin', I0 An' she looked full ez rosy agin Ez the apples she was peelin'. She heered a foot, an' knowed it, tu, A-raspin' on the scraper, — All ways to once her feelins flew...
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