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" With this conviction of the importance of the present Crisis, silence in me would be a crime; I will therefore speak to your Excellency, the language of freedom and of sincerity, without disguise; I am aware, however... "
George Washington - Seite 16
von Henry Cabot Lodge - 1917 - 776 Seiten
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The Writings of George Washington: pt. II. Correspondence and miscellaneous ...

George Washington, Jared Sparks - 1835
...age alone, for with our fate will the destiny of unborn millions be involved. With this conviction of the importance of the present crisis, silence in...language of freedom and of sincerity without disguise. I am aware, however, that those who differ from me in political sentiment, may perhaps remark, that...
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The American Farmer Vol XI 1855

S. Sands & Worthington - 1855
...Governors of the different State), on disbanding the Army of the Revolution, he used this language : " There are four things which I humbly conceive are essential to the well-being, I may even Tenture to say to the existence of the United States as an independent power. " First. An Indissoluble...
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