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" ... grounded on the truth of Christianity. I wish not to be deprived of this hope ; but I should be an apostate from the mild principle of the religion I profess if I could be actuated with the least animosity against those who do not think with me upon... "
Miscellaneous Works of Edw. Gibbon: With Memoirs of His Life and Writings ... - Seite 213
von Edward Gibbon - 1796
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History of Christianity: Comprising All that Relates to the Progress of the ...

Edward Gibbon - 1916 - 86 Seiten
...animosity against those who do not " think with me upon this, of all others, the most important subject. " I beg your pardon for this declaration of my belief; but my " temper is naturally open, and it ought assuredly to be without " disguise to a man whom I wish no longer to look upon as an " antagonist,...
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