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" But let it represent, also, that should they comply with the request of your late memorial, it would make you more happy and them more respectable ; that, while war should continue, you would follow their standard into the field ; and when it came to... "
The Writings of George Washington: pt. II. Correspondence and miscellaneous ... - Seite 558
von George Washington, Jared Sparks - 1835
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The North American Review, Band 77

Jared Sparks, Edward Everett, James Russell Lowell, Henry Cabot Lodge - 1853
...the war should continue, you would follow their standard in the field ; and that when it should come to an end, you would withdraw into the shade of private...victorious over its enemies — victorious over itself." This letter is now known to have been the production of Mr. John Armstrong, an American officer, and...
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