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" Considerations on the Question whether Tenants by Copy of Court Roll, according to the Custom of the Manor... "
A Catalogue of the Library of the Corporation of London - Seite 488
von Guildhall Library (London, England) - 1859 - 658 Seiten
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Sibton Abbey Cartularies and Charters, Teil 4

Sibton Abbey - 1985 - 173 Seiten
...Dukett of Sibton, his heirs and assigns; whereas John Duckett of Sibton, the grantee's father, held by copy of court roll according to the custom of the manor from the grantors as from their manor of Sibton one messuage called Clerk' in Sibton with 10 acres...
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The William Blackstone Collection in the Yale Law Library: A Bibliographical ...

Catherine Spicer Eller, Yale Law Library - 1938 - 113 Seiten
...caption title on which the author's name is stated thus: "By the Right Honourable Jeremiah Dyson." Considerations on the question, whether tenants by...of the lord, are freeholders qualified to vote in elections for knights of the shire. London, Printed for R. Baldwin, MDCCLVIIL [232] I p. L, ii, 52...
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Agrarian Problems in the Sixteenth Century and After

Eric Kerridge - 2005 - 216 Seiten
...copyhold lands' (Doc. n).102 The similarity of leases for lives by indenture at the common law and by copy of court roll according to the custom of the manor is shown by the incidents that were generally common to both: entry fine, heriot, suit of court and...
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The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure ..., Band 22

...d. Considerations on the Queftion, Whether Tenants, by Copy of Couit Roll, according to the Cuftom of the Manor, though not at the Will of the Lord, are Freeholders qualified to vote in Elections ? Baldwin, i s. An Ode to the Country Gentlemen of England ; by Dr. Akenfide. Dodfley. The...
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