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" Hard is the hert that loveth nought In May, whan al this mirth is wrought ; Whan he may on these braunches here... "
The poetical works of Geoffrey Chaucer. To which are appended poems attr. to ... - Seite 190
von Geoffrey Chaucer - 1879
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Chief British Poets of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries

William Allan Neilson, Kenneth Grant Tremayne Webster - 1916 - 442 Seiten
...ay For to ben gay and amorous, The tyme is than so savorous.21 Hard is his herte that lnveth nonght In May, whan al this mirth is wrought; Whan he may on thrse brannches here The smalc briddes singen clere Hir blisfnl swete song pitons; And in this sesoun...
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