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Dependence Logic: A New Approach to Independence Friendly Logic

Jouko Väänänen - 2007 - 225 Seiten
Dependence is a common phenomenon, wherever one looks: ecological systems, astronomy, human history, stock markets - but what is the logic of dependence? This book is the first ...
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Generalized Quantifiers and Computation: 9th European Summer School in Logic ...

Jouko Väänänen - 2003 - 139 Seiten
This book comprises revised full versions of lectures given during the 9th European Summer School in Logic, Languages, and Information, ESSLLI'97, held in Aix-en-Provence ...
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Valued Fields

Antonio J. Engler, Alexander Prestel - 2005 - 208 Seiten
Absolute values and their completions – such as the p-adic number fields – play an important role in number theory. Krull's generalization of absolute values to valuations made ...
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Set Theory: Centre de Recerca Matemàtica Barcelona, 2003-2004

Joan Bagaria, Stevo Todorcevic - 2006 - 406 Seiten
This is a collection of articles on set theory written by some of the participants in theResearchProgrammeonSetTheoryanditsApplicationsthattookplaceatthe Centre de Recerca ...
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Proceedings of the 10Th Asian Logic Conference

Toshiyasu Arai - 2009 - 405 Seiten
The 10th Asian Logic Conference is part of the series of logic conferences inaugurated in Singapore in 1981. This meeting is held every three years and rotates among countries ...
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Finite Model Theory and Its Applications

Erich Grädel, Phokion G. Kolaitis, Leonid Libkin, Maarten Marx, Joel Spencer, Moshe Y. Vardi, Yde Venema, Scott Weinstein - 2007 - 437 Seiten
Finite model theory,as understoodhere, is an areaof mathematicallogic that has developed in close connection with applications to computer science, in particular the theory of ...
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Interactive Logic: Selected Papers from the 7th Augustus de Morgan Workshop ...

J. F. A. K. van Benthem, Johan van Benthem, Dov Gabbay, Benedikt Löwe - 2007 - 362 Seiten
Traditionally, logic has dealt with notions of truth and reasoning. In the past several decades, however, research focus in logic has shifted to the vast field of interactive ...
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Model Theory and Applications: Lectures given at a Summer School of the ...

P. Mangani - 2011 - 150 Seiten
Lectures: G.E. Sacks: Model theory and applications.- H.J. Keisler: Constructions in model theory.- Seminars: M. Servi: SH formulas and generalized exponential.- J.A. Makowski ...
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A Concise Introduction to Mathematical Logic

Wolfgang Rautenberg - 2006 - 274 Seiten
Traditional logic as a part of philosophy is one of the oldest scientific disciplines. Mathematical logic, however, is a relatively young discipline and arose from the ...
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