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Dependence Logic: A New Approach to Independence Friendly Logic

Jouko Väänänen - 2007
Dependence is a common phenomenon, wherever one looks: ecological systems, astronomy, human history, stock markets - but what is the logic of dependence? This book is the first ...
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Logic Colloquium '03: Lecture Notes in Logic 24

Viggo Stoltenberg-Hansen, Jouko Väänänen - 2006 - 408 Seiten
This book is a compilation of papers resented at the 2003 European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic. It includes tutorials and research articles from some ...

Dependence Logic: Theory and Applications

Samson Abramsky, Juha Kontinen, Jouko Väänänen, Heribert Vollmer - 2016 - 276 Seiten
In this volume, different aspects of logics for dependence and independence are discussed, including both the logical and computational aspects of dependence logic, and also ...
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Logic, Language, Information, and Computation: 23rd International Workshop ...

Jouko Väänänen, Åsa Hirvonen, Ruy de Queiroz - 2016 - 447 Seiten
Edited in collaboration with FoLLI, the Association of Logic, Language and Information this book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 23rd Workshop on Logic, Language ...
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Building Models by Games

Wilfrid Hodges - 2006 - 318 Seiten
This volume introduces a general method for building infinite mathematical structures and surveys applications in algebra and model theory. It covers basic model theory and ...
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Model Theory : An Introduction

David Marker - 2002 - 342 Seiten
"Model theory is the branch of mathematical logic that examines what it means for a first-order sentence... to be true in a particular structure....This is a text for graduate ...
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Lectures on Infinitary Model Theory

David Marker - 2016
Infinitary logic, the logic of languages with infinitely long conjunctions, plays an important role in model theory, recursion theory and descriptive set theory. This book is ...
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Mathematical Logic in the 20th Century

Gerald E. Sacks - 2003 - 693 Seiten
This invaluable book is a collection of 31 important both inideas and results papers published by mathematical logicians inthe 20th Century. The papers have been selected by ...
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A Shorter Model Theory

Wilfrid Hodges - 1997 - 310 Seiten
This is an up-to-date textbook of model theory taking the reader from first definitions to Morley's theorem and the elementary parts of stability theory. Besides standard ...
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