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Gives the various public Acts, accompanied by free marginal notes, and an extensive Index; likely to be of especial service to railway officers. - The Times, City Article.

Also an Introduction, containing a vast amount of statistical and financial information ; and a copious Analytical Index. To all who are interested in the law of railways, we most strongly recommend this work.—Morning Herald.

Excellently arranged and indexed, and an introductory chapter in which we find a good history of railways. Railway Directors, officers, and shareholders, as well as professional men, will find this work of assistance to them.—Herapath's Railroay Journal. Has long been felt as a want, alike by solicitors, managers, and all others interested in

. A manual for ready and useful reference.-- Railway Times. The work is obviously the result of much industry and talent; it is, moreover, admirably printed, and appears to supply a desideratum long felt by the railway interest. --Slaughter's Railway Intelligence, vol. x., Secretary of Stock Exchange, London.

Cannot fail to be of inestimable value to all officially connected with railways, or shareholders generally.-Bradshaw, Shareholders' Guide and Railway Manual, &c., 1860, p. 380.

Will prove exceedingly serviceable to those for whose use it is intended : ... a good working copy of the General Acts . . . some interesting statistics connected with railways

reliable for reference ... enriched with a most copious Analytical Index.- Railway Record.

One of the best performances of its kind... We recommend it to all parties interested in railway law,-in other words, to the bulk of the professional and mercantile public. -Railway Advertiser.

More especially for those immediately and practically connected with Railways, and a guide to their statutory duties, obligations, and responsibilities. To persons interested, and their name is legion, the volume is of great utility. ... We cordially recommend the volume to the profession and the public.--Leader.

This book will effect an immense saving of time and labour to those concerned in the management of railways. . . . Some statistical statements, which are interesting, and may here meet the eyes of many who will not search for them elsewhere.- Athenaeum.

to railways, with very useful Notes ... is admirably arranged ... a valuable Index, which is in fact an abstract of the whole of the general statutes relating to railways, including the Consolidation Acts.... Much valuable information as to the Statistics of the railways of the United Kingdom. ... The work must, we think, be of great value to all persons connected with railways.--Saunders' News-Letter.

A manual of railway legislation of a highly valuable and practical character. ... In the Introduction, a lucid summary of railway statistics ... Will prove valuable to those for whom it has been compiled. -- Daily Express.

A useful guide to all who are professionally interested in the subject. . . . All legislation on railways is comprised in one moderate volume, accompanied by a well-written Introduction about the origin and progress of railways, their statistics, and financial statements, comprising a vast deal of valuable knowledge, and especially valuable to railway directors and officers. - Freeman's Journal.

The work must prove of the utmost value to all those interested in railway property. either pecuniarily or professionally. The introduction contains a large amount of statistical and financial information.-- Dublin Evening Post

e.... It is evident that the author is thoroughly conversant with the subject. ... his work is eminently practical. - Advertising Gazette.

Supplies what was long a desideratum among those concerned in railway management . . an introductory chapter on the history of railways, which may be perused with

unprofessional readers. Its especial value to railway officers has been pointed out by a most competent authority,—the writer of the railway summary in the Times.--Hand-Book for Ireland, 7th Edit.

Compiled in a clear and simple manner. , .. a very interesting sketch of the history and progress of railway legislation ... statistical and financial st

Contains in a portable form all the railway law likely to be looked into by a non-professional man, and from its compactness and facility for reference will save time and trouble to professional men. -Scotsman.


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LIST OF STATUTES contained or cited in this Volume, . . xi, xii

INTRODUCTION, . . . . . . . . . xiii

SKETCH of the HISTORY and PROGRESS of Railway Legislation, . xiii

Earliest Railways in Great Britain and Ireland,

xiii, xiv

Number of Railway Acts for the United Kingdom, in each year

from 1821 to 1858. .

Extent of Railways : Mileage open; Number of Passengers, Cost, &c.,

Capital invested in Railways, . . .


. .
Extent of interests concerned, . .
Representation of Railway interests in Parliament.
Numbers of Persons employed on Railways, . . .


Course of Legislation; general public acts, . . . . . . xvii

DESIGN of the present Publication, . . . .

Its special features, . . . . . . . . xviii, xix



Mileage of Railways authorized, constructed, abandoned, &c. in

Great Britain and Ireland, .


. .

Private Lines, &c.,

. . . . XX

Guage : Number of Miles of each Guage,


Table of persons employed on Railways in the United Kingdom, xxi, xxii

Number and Classification of Passengers in a year,

Proportion of Railway accommodation in United Kingdom to po-

pulation, area, &c.

Receipts of Railways for a year: Mileage Receipts, and proportions

of Receipts from Passengers and from Goods, &c. . , xxiii

Analysis of Passenger and Goods receipts, .


Expenditure of Railways : average Working Expenses,


Analysis of Expenditure, . . .

Fares: Comparative Table of average rates of passenger Fares and

Receipts, in England, Ireland, and Scotland, . . . . xxvii

Post Office mail service, . . . . . . . xxvii-xXx

Accidents : ,


Summary of Railway accidents from all causes, in 1856 and 1857, xxxii

FEES :-Table of Fees under the general Acts, . . . xxxiii

STAMP DUTIES :-Tables of Stamp Duties on Instruments used under

these Acts, . . . . . .

. xxxii-xxxvi

CLEARING HOUSES, England and Ireland; English Clearing House Act, xxxvi

List of Railway Companies associated in the Clearing House in

London, .


List of Railway Companies associated in the Clearing House in

Dublin, · · · · · · · · · xxxvii-viii

INDEX, . . . . . . . . . . xxxix-exvi


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1.-Railway Conveyance of Mails Act, 1838:

1 & 2 Vic. c. 98.-An Act to provide for the Conveyance of the Mails

by Railway, . . .

14 August 1838, 1

11.--Gates at Level Crossings, 1839 :

2 & 3 Vic, c. 45.-An Act to amend an Act of the Fifth and Sixth

Years of the Reign of His late Majesty King William the Fourth,

relating to Highways, · · · · 17 August 1839, 14

III.--- Railways Regulation Act, 1840 :

3 & 4 Vic. c. 97.–An Act for regulating Railways, 10 Aug. 1840, 17

IV.-- Railways Regulation Act, 1842:

5 & 6 Vic. c. 55.-An Act for the better Regulation of Railways, and

for the Conveyance of Troops, . . . . 30 July 1842, 26

V.- Railways Further Regulation Act, 1844 :

7 & 8 Vic. c. 85.-An Act to attach certain Conditions to the Con-

struction of future Railways authorized or to be authorized by any

Act of the present or succeeding Sessions of Parliament, and for

other Purposes in relation to Railways, . . . 9 August 1844, 40

VI. -"The Companies Clauses Consolidation Act, 1945":

8 Vic. c. 16.-An Act for Consolidating in One Act certain Provisions

usually inserted in Acts with respect to the Constitution of Com-

panies incorporated for carrying on Uudertakings of a Public Nature;

8 May 1845,

Construction of this Act, and of Acts incorporated there with,

Distribution of the Capital of the Company into Shares, . .

Transfer or Transmission of Shares, i

Payment of Subscriptions, and Means of enforcing the Payment

of Calls, . .

. . . . . . 68, 116

Forfeiture of Shares, and Non-payment of Calls, . . . 70116

Remedies of Creditors of the Company against the Shareholders, 73

Borrowing of Money by the Company on Mortgage or Bond,

Conversion of the Borrowed Money into Capital,

Consolidation of the Shares into Stock, . .

Application of Capital, . . .

General Meetings of Company, and Voting by Shareholders, .

Appointment and Rotation of Directors,

Powers of the Directors, and Powers of the Company which are to

be exercised only in General Meeting, . .

Proceedings and Liabilities of Directors, .

Appointment and Duties of Auditors, ,

Accountability of Officers of the Company,

Accounts, and Right of Inspection thereof by Shareholders,

Making of Dividends, . .

Making of Bye-Laws,

Settlement of Disputes by Arbitration, . . . .

Giving of Notices, to and by Company, &c. .


Bankruptcy or Insolvency : Proof of Debts,


Damages : Tender of Amends, .


Recovery of Damages not specially provided for, and Penalties, . 108

Appeal, .

. 114

Provision for affording access to the Special Act,

. 115

Schedule of Forms, . . . . .

: 117-119

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