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T is a pleasure to be able to report to members of the Research

Association that last year's issue of our Bibliography has been received in a friendly, not to say cordial, manner by public and press alike. There has naturally been some pointing out of shortcomings and criticism of detail, but on the whole the verdict was favourable and our publication has taken its place as an indispensable adjunct to English Studies.

In the present issue certain improvements have been effected. An ‘Index' has been added as well as a 'List of Periodicals' searched by our collaborators. The actual text of the Bibliography has been increased by some eighty pages, the entries now numbering over three thousand, exclusive of some hundreds of crossreferences. It is hoped that few books or articles of any value dealing with English Language and Literature from the beginnings up to and inclusive of the nineteenth century have been omitted from this list.

With regard to the twentieth century the need for a thorough sifting of the immense material became a painful though imperative duty. As in all probability no two persons would think alike on the proper way of conducting such an operation, there is little hope of our escaping censure. But may it not be forgotten that we have more than doubled the pages devoted to this period.

We are glad to say that the arrangement of our last issue gained the approval of bibliographical experts. We therefore propose to retain it with some few modifications. Separate lists for ' Addenda and Reviews' have for instance been abandoned, as the existence of two alphabets under one heading led to confusion. On the other hand, a certain amount of grouping has been attempted amongst the mass of entries under ‘General Literature.' In other respects the chronological arrangement for centuries XVI-XX remains unchanged, authors being placed in the century to which the bulk of their writings belong with cross-references in cases of overlapping

The gratitude of the Association is due to the following members for their unselfish and public-spirited work in connection with the Bibliography: Prof. C. S. Northup of Cornell, compiler of the American contribution; Miss Ethel Seaton, M.A., and Miss D. Everett, M.A., responsible for the British entries and for kind

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help with proof-reading; Prof. A. Mawer, Liverpool (Place-names); Prof. A. Koszul, Strasbourg (France); Dr L. Grootaers, Leuven (Belgium); Mr R. W. Zandvoort, Nijmegen (Holland); Prof. V. Mathesius, Prague (Czecho-Slovakia); Profs. O. Jespersen, Copenhagen and R. E. Zachrisson, Upsala (Scandinavian countries and Finland). The German and Austrian contributions have been supplied by the kindness of Privat-Dozent Dr Else von Schaubert, Breslau. For the remaining entries as well as the general planning of the Bibliography the Editor is responsible.

It is important that readers discovering omissions, errors or shortcomings of any kind should communicate these to the Editor so that they may be rectified in the next issue.

In conclusion I should like to record the obligation of the Association to members of the University Press for the kindly interest shown in the Bibliography, and to the Staff for the excellent way in which they have carried out printing and corrections.



June 1923.


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