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1 Tim. i. 11.
The glorious Gospel of the blessed God.

W E are all agreed in applying to the

W religion we profefs the character of it given by St. Paul in these words. It is the glorious Gospel of the blessed God. It is a heavenly gift, important and interesting in the highest degree. Nothing, therefore, can be more proper than that we should examine it carefully, and endeavour to understand clearly its nature and contents. All our attachment to it without this must be unmeaning and absurd. My present design is to endeavour

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to give you some assistance in making this examination, by answering in the best manner I can the following enquiries.

What is the Gospel ? What instruction does it convey? What is the information which renders it a GLORIOUS GOSPEL worthy of the blesfed God?

The word Gospel, as you well know, is derived, both in the English and the Greek languages, from two words which signify Good News. The very title given it, therefore, in my text intimates to us its general nature and design. It is a communication of good tidings to mankind from the blessed God.

Before I enter upon an account of the particulars of this information, my views in this and some following discourses require me to observe to you, that there is a great diversity of opinions among christians on this subject. The different accounts which have been given of the Gospel of Christ are indeed numberless ;


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