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the very least, for the menace joined to or two wi' that thayer stick; and let the mischief, she would, under the sta- that be it!". Mr. Donneger was so tute, have been regaled with bread and much pleased with the boy's judicious water for three months, and, to keep choice, that he let him go with a, her digestive faculties in play, she “There, go along, you young dog; but, would have had a dance on the tread- if ever I catch you here again, I'll take mill eight hours out of the twenty-four, you before the justice." or, if that had been pleasanter to her, a This Smith appears to be an Irishlittle tickling on her shoulders now and man; and his lies were brought out just then ; and this, too, without any trial at about the same time that Big O was

Aye, but then, there would have putting forth much about the same sort been the sentence of a justice of the of lies, at a meeting of a branch Anpeace !" Great comfort, no doubt, to TI-SLAVERY Society” in Dublin, that Mrs. Mary's belly and back! How grand mart of intense” ignorance, gladly would our offenders in this way folly, hypocrisy, and imposture. But compound for Mrs. Mary's punishment! even this Smith is no more than a pupil A year or two ago, there was a boy, of Old Stephen; and here, my friends, who, on a Sunday, was got into a little do admire the genuine brass of this Hidingle of a Mr. Donneger, at Swan- bernian comptroller, whose letter, called more, in Hampshire, hunting his rab- that of an "EYE-WITNESS," consists, bits. The owner, having hidden him- in great part, of extracts from STEself behind some underwood, with a phen's lying book, PUBLISHED SIX stick in his hand, darted out upon YEARS AĞO! Take the following him, and, seizing him by the collar, specimens, which do not form more said, Now, you rascal, I'll take you than the half of what I could insert, if I before the justice !“Noa," said the had room. boy, “ doon't do that : gea me a vlick

SMITH, in 1829.

STEPHEN, in 1824. The attorney, to save himself as much I pass by the attorneys of absent proprietors, trouble as possible (as many of them have the ordinary description of these planters charge of nine or ten estates), and to ensure whose incomes enable them to live in Europe, their grinding all the labour possible out of because the attorney, as such, does not, exthe wretched slaves, commits the discipline of cept in extraordinary cases, exercise his delethe estate to the resident manager or over seer, gated authority in punishing the slaves, but and his other subordinate agents. These, many commits the discipline of the estate to the resi. in number, all possess and Evercise the tremen- dent manager or overseer, and his subordinale dous power, for such it truly is, of inflicting on agents. But these, hou ever many in number, the slaves under their government, whether possess and exercise the tremendous power, for male or female, the punishment of the cart. such it truly is, of inflicting on the slaves unwhip. These inferior agents are, for the most der their government, whether male or female, part, free Creoles of the worst description, or the punishment of the cart-whip? of the low est class of whites. It would, how When it is considered that these inferior ever, be comparatively well for the wretched agents are, for the most part, either Creoles slaves if the delegation ended here. It descends of the worst description, or the lowest class of still lower, to what are desigoated drivers, whites, pursed in the lap of colonial prejuwho are always themselves negro slaves. dice, &c.

The slaves on an estate are divided into But it would be well, comparatively, for what they call gangs, each of which has one plantation slaves if the delegation eniled here, of these drivers, and, in cases where they are It descends also to the drivers, who are genenumerous, two or three; these are entrusted rally, if not universally, Negro slaves ; and yet, with the power of the whip over their unfortu- as a necessary incident of the opprobrions drivnate brethren while working in the field. These ing system, are entrusted with the power of the drivers are the most athletic slaves belonging whip over their brethren, while working under to the estate ; and as using the whip is the their superintendence in the field. These men only work allotted to them, their plump and are selected from among the most intelligent

robust appearance forms a striking contrast to and the most athletic of the slaves belonging to the poor labourers whom they drive !!! the estate, and present in their plump and

robust appearance, a striking contrast to the ge

nerality of the poor labourers whom they drive !!! The most disgusting sights that any part of We fell in with a party of negro women the world can produce are to be witnessed washing linen in the opening of a river, near here daily! by a few miles drive out in this the sea, and a more disgusting sight I do not dreadful country. The roads are frequently recollect to have ever beheld, &c. Their bodies intersected by narrow shallow rivers, at which were naked, save a bit of blue cloth folded parties of negro women are at almost all times round the loins, and brought between the legs to be seen washiag clothes, their bodies quite from behind to fasten before. As they stooped naked, mith merely something wrapped round down to dip the linen in the river many of their loins, and thus stand exposed to full view them exposed the crowded AND CALLOUS THE CROWDED AND CALLOUS SCARS OF RE SCARS OF REPEATED PUNISHMENT !!! PEATED PUNISHMENT !!!

Now for a piece of brass ; now for any fact, referred to; the thing is defalsehood more infamous than even the cided on, and they must and will have man of nine millions ever put forth. it at once ! This last passage of Old STEPHEN, is a To attempt to reason with them is, quotation from letters of DR. PINCK: therefore, useless ; but to men who are ARD, written from BARBADOES in 1796 ! sincere; to men who are just; to men And the “ EYE-WITNESS," Smith, coolly takes it out, and applies it to who wish not to be duped; to men who coolly takes it out, and applies it to wish for the power of England to be JAMAICA in 1829! There, Satan! There, Father of lies ! beat that, if you preserved, and that of her foes not to be can! Blush, blush, and back to your augmented, I might address myself on infernal abode ; for the “ friends of the these topics ; namely, whether the aboblacks" have supplanted you upon lition would be productive of good to earth. Bellowing Big O, at the phi- the blacks themselves; whether we lanthropic meeting aforesaid, exclaimed, have any right to ruin our fellow citiTalk of the colour of the skin of the zens who have estates in the West In“ slave ! Look at the heart of his mas- dies; whether, if we abolish slavery, “ter, and you will find it of a much the islands will not fall into the hands “deeper die." What, Bico, deeper than of our enemies; and, lastly, whether that of the heart of the man who first the schemes of these friends of the suggested the disfranchisement of three blacks have not already cost this burhundred thousand of his own poor, de dened people of England more than fenceless white countrymen ! no; and seven millions of money. But, for these if he had done the like to as many ne- matters I have not now room : they groes, they would never have cheered must wait until the week after next'; him and bawled for him again, degrad- and, in the meanwhile, let me hope, ed as he says they are.

that you, my friends, will think well and Well, now, what effect have these soberly on the subject before you again detections and exposures had upon the put your hands to BROUGHAM's circular"Anti-Slavery "crew, the Massa Wil. petitions. To be a dupe is not, perhaps, bys, the Broughams, the Fowel Bux- positively a crime: but, between pertons, the Allens, M'Cauleys, and the severing in error, when the error is like? Have they silenced them? Have seen ; between this and being a hypothey made them more modest ? Have crite, the difference is but a shade, and they made them hesitate ? No: made that a very faint shade too. You are them more noisy, more impudent, more now enabled to judge of the credit due hasty than ever; for now, as Brougham to this “Anti-Slavery.” combination ; told the last meeting in London, they it is at the suggestion of this combinamust demand immediate and uncondition that you have petitioned on the tional abolition ; and not be trifled with subject; and, if you still listen to it, any longer! There is now to be no still act upon its suggestions, you must longer any argument, any reasoning, not think the world uncharitable if it

ascribe your conduct to something more | Ist of every succeeding month. It will dishonourable than folly.

be in the Duodecimo form; and the War. COBBETT.

twelve Numbers of the year will make

a nice little book, to be read by the N. B. I shall republish this address scholars in the Lancaster and National directly in a pamphlet, price 6d. But Schools. Better far than Allen's any body else may do the same without tracts! my deeming it unfair ; for, the “ Anti

Slaverycrew are putting forth their calumnies in all forms and sizes of pub

THE LANCET. lications. I have to thank a bookseller in London for sending me Smith's Let

No. 356, published this day, contains :ter and the “ West India Reporter,” THREE LECTURES, delivered at St. Barwhich he was induced to do, I dare say, tholomew's Hospital on Dislocations and by seeing my remarks on BROUGHAM Diseases of the Joints. and Wilby's last meeting at the Free-Two Clinical Lectures delivered at St. Thomason's Tavern. The “ West-India mas's, June 7 and 14, on the Hospital Reporter,” which every body ought to Cases. read, is published by Mr. Ridgway, Case of Stone successfully treated by the LiPiccadilly, and by Mr. Wilson at the thontritic Process. By Dr. Heurtelour. Royal Exchange. Let every one re- Papers on Hydrophobia. member, that it is now a question, whe-Interesting Cases in the French Hospitals. ther the West Indies are to be lost, or The King's Health. not.

Meeting of British Naturalists. Next WEEK I must notice the pro- Dissensions at the London Universily. ceedings of the “ EMIGRATION-Soci- Review of Clarke on Climate. ETY," who have combined for the pur- Typhus Fever. pose of sending honest whites to Bolany The late Western Hospital. Bay, Sưun-River, or to the rocks and “ General Practitioners." swamps of Nova Scotia and Canadu. Medicinal Use of Tobacco. Ah! if we had the seven millions, ex- Abuses at Hospitals. pended out of the taxes to humour the

London : Published at the Onice of T116 AMS DES noirs," it might keep, for 2 while, the poor souls, destined to this

LANCET, No. 210, Strand. species of transportation! When I get back to London, I'm no true man if I do not call a meeting, at the City of

BELL's LIFE IN LONDON of Sunday London Tavern, to form a Society of next, the 27th of June, will contain a spirited amis des blancs," or " friends of the bis poniy chaise, as he was seen driving in

Full-length Sketch of his Majesty, seated in whites;” and then Master BROUGHAM Windsor Park shortly before his recent indisshall see, that black is not “ your only position. This Print can be sent, post free, colour!"

to all parts of the Kingdom, and will form an admirable companion to the l'ortrait of his Majesty, published in Bell's Life in London,

on the 6th of June. Bell's Life in London, COBBLTT'S

price Seven-pence, containing this Print of

The King, will be kept on sale on Monday, the TWO-PENNY TRASH ;

28th, and Tuesday, the 29ıb, at the Office, No. 169, Strand, where frauks may be bad

(gratis) to send it to any part of England, POLITICS FOR WORKING PEOPLE, Scotland, and Ireland, free of postage. Bell's

Life in London of Sunday, the 27th of June,

will, in addition to the print of the King, conIlow it is that the People are made Poor. tain a second priut, “A bird's-eye View of

Algiers.” The first No. (price 2d, of course) will be published on the 1st of July, and

Printed by William Cobbett, Johnson's court; and cne Number will be published on the pablished by him, at 183, Fleet-street.



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( 1830.

No. 1.–To the Prince of Waterloo.—Big O's To the People of Botley.--Gold.-Mr.

Proclamation.--To Daniel O'Connell, Tennyson.– Mr. Wakley. - The Belgians. Esq.-Death of George IV.-Mr. Cob- No. 15.–To Talleyrand Perigord, Letter 2.bett's Tour in the West.

Marquis of Exeter.- Subscriptioos for the No. 2.-History of George IV.-Dissolution of Parisian Sufferers.-State of France. Parliament.-- State of Ireland.'

No. 16.-To the Readers of the Register on. No. 3.-Letter to King William the Fourth. the preseut state of the Boroughmongers

-Seat in Parliament for Mr. Cobbett. and Loan-Jobbers.-Letter 1. to TalleyBurdett and Birmingham.-History of rand.-Subscriptions for the Brave Pa. England. - Advice to Young Men,-Mr. risians. To the Brave People of Belgium. Cobbett's Lecturing-Next Register. No. 17.-To the Newsmen. -To Friends at Sernion

Chichester, Portsmouth, and the Isle of No. 4.-To the Readers of the Register. To Wight.- To the Boroughmongers, on the

Mr. O'Conuell.-Sir James Grabam, Political State and Prospects of England. History of England.-Advice to young No. 18. Plan of Parliamentary Refurm. The Men.

Register.- Poreign Affairs : Letter from No. 5.-To the Reformers of Lancashire and Mr. William Cobbett. - Aux Braves

Yorkshire.-French Revolution, No. 2. Ouvriers de Paris.- Parliamentary AfKing's speech.

fairs.-Domestic Affairs. No. 6.—Letier 2nd to the King of England. No. 19. — Cohbett- Lectures. - To the Prince

- Report to the King.- Dinner of the of Waterloo.-To the King of the French. Reformers of England.-Subscriptions Subscriptions for the relief of the Pafor the Parisians.-To Mr. Attwood, of risians.--Letter accompanying the SubBirmingham.-History of England.

scription from Birmiogham. - To the No. 7.-To the Readers of the Register. whole of the Subscribers.Foreign Af

No, 1. State of England in 1830; or, fairs : from Mr. William Cobbett.
Tableau de l'Angleterre en 1830.-No 2. No. 20.- To the Readers of the Register, on
Tableau de l'Angleterre.— Fall of Bur the Lord Mayor's Day Affair.-To the
dett.-Ireland.-History of England.

Old Lady.-Leiter II. to Louis-Philippe. No, 8.-To the Readers of the Register, on - Fires.--Foreign Affairs.

the Dioner at the London Tavern.- No, 21.-Last Words to Lords.-Change of Dinner of the Shoyhoys.-Subscription Ministry.- Foreign Affairs : from Mr. for the brave Parisians.-No. 3. Tableau Wm. Cobbett.-Parliament.— Widows' de l'Angleterre.

Pensions.—Belgium.—Union.-Fires in No. 9.–To the Duke of Wellington, Letter I. Keni.-Distress.-Civil List.

-Tableau de l'Angleterre, No. 4.-TO No. 22.–To the Reformers, and especially the Young Men of Nottingham.- Polig those who were Dungeoved in 1817.nac Plut.-Sham Reformers.-Gold. Advice to the farmers. -. Lord Brougham. Waterloo-Affair.

-Foreign Affairs : Letter 5, from Mr. No. 10.-To the Duke of Welliogton, on Wm. Cobbett.-To the Author of · La

Affairs connected with the French Revo Revolution,' at Paris. - Parliament : lution, Belgium, and the Bank in Log Reform; the Ballot.-Slavery.-Salaries. don.-Tableau de l'Angleterre, No. 5.--| - State of the Country: Fires. To the Conductors of the Jouruals of No. 23.-Rural War.-State of England; a Paris.—Sketch.-To the Reformers who Warning to France, in Letter Ist, to La dined at the London Taveru.

Revolution at Paris.-Letter 2d.-Letter No. 11.–Tableau de l'Angleterre, No. 6. 3d.--Recent Events of Rural War.

To the Prince of Waierloo.-To the Re Foreign Affairs : from Mr. Wm. Cobbett,
formers.-Speech of Sir T. Beevor to the Letter 6.
Prefect of the Seine. Speech of Mr. No. 24.–Rural War; Special Commissions,
James Cobbett.- Petitioning the King. --Petition of Wm. Cobbett. Plagiarism;
Gold:-The Shoyboys.-Fight at Oxford. London Common Council.-Parson's

-Cobbett-Lectures.-Whig Manifesto. Petitivo to the Labourers.- Parliament. No. 12.-Errors in last Register . Apology: - Domestic Affairs; Rural War.

Tableau de l'Angleterre, No. 7.-Mani- No. 25.-'To the People of Preston.-TO festo of the industrious classes. To Alexander Baring, Loan-Mopger.-The Daniel Stuart.-To Lord Wilton.-Ad Preston Election,-Ministerial Projects.

dresses to the Parisiaus.-Mr. O'Conuell. -Cobbett's Farming.-Middlesex MeetNo. 13.-Removal of the Register Office. ing.- Parliament: Distress of the Coun

Whig Manifesto against the Prince of try; Slavery ; Church ; Jews.-Middle-
Waterloo.–Tableau de l'Angleterre, No. sex Meeting.
7.—Press-Printers.- Mr. Tennyson.- No. 26.-To the Readers.-Case of the La-
To the People of Botley.--Mr. Çübbett's bourers.-Preston Election.-Domestic

Affairs ; Bread and Meat against acNo. 14.-A Musical Bishop.-To the Re cursed Potatoes.-Vestry Meeting at

formers 'of Worcester.-Letter 1. To Stoke Holy Cross.-- Daddy Coke. FuTalleyraud Perigordo--Cat out of the reign Affrairs : from Mr. Wm. Cobbett. Bag.-France and ber Relationship with -Trevor and Potatoes.-Trials at Winother Countries.-Subscription for the chester.-Preston Election. The Appeal. relief of the Brave Parisian Sufferers.

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