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He was taken from prison and from testament is, there must also of judgment. And He. Behold how. necessity be the death of the testator.

For a testament is of force after men THIRD NOCTURN.

are dead: otherwise it is of no strength Ant. God is My helper, the LORD is at all while the testator liveth. with them that uphold my soul. Ps. Whereupon neither the first testament liv. Deus, in nomine tuo, p. clxxiii. was dedicated without blood.

Ant. At Salem is His tabernacle, Ry. I am counted as one of them and His dwelling in Sion. Ps. lxxvi. that go down into the pit;

* I have Notus in Judæa, p. 43.

been even as a man that hath no Ant. I have been even as a man that strength, free among the dead. Y. hath no strength: free among the They laid Me in the lowest pit, in a dead. Ps. lxxxviii. Domine Deus, place of darkness, and in the deep.

I have been. y. At Salem is His tabernacle.

Lesson IX. Ry. And His dwelling in Sion. Of the Epistle of S. Paul the Apostle FOR when Moses had spoken every

precept to all the people according to the Hebrews.

to the law, he took the blood of calves Lesson VII. Chap. ix. and of goats, with water, and scarlet

p. 51.

Priest of good things to come, by a the book, and all the people, saying, greater and more perfect tabernacle, This is the blood of the testament not made with hands, that is to say, which God hath enjoined unto you. not of this building ; neither by the Moreover he sprinkled with blood both biood of goats and calves, but by his the tabernacle, and all the vessels of own blood he entered in once into the the ministry. And almost all things holy place, having obtained eternal are by the law purged with blood; and redemption for us. For if the blood without shedding of blood is no reof bulls and of goats, and the ashes of mission. an heifer sprinkling the unclean Ry. When the LORD was buried, the sanctifieth to the purifying of the tomb was sealed, and they rolled & flesh : how much more shall the stone to the door of the sepulchre: blood of CHRIST, who through the and the soldiers were set to watch it. eternal SPIRIT offered himself without y. The chief priests came to Pilate and spot to God, purge your conscience besought him. And the soldiers. from dead works to serve the living When. GOD?

EASTER DAY. Ry. The kings of the earth stood up, Matins are begun as in the Psalter, and the rulers took counsel together: * against the LORD and against His Inv. The LORD is risen indeed. * Anointed. V. Why do the heathen Alleluia. Ps. Venite, p. 3. so furiously rage together, and why do

Neither Hymn nor Chapter is said the people imagine a vain thing? till Low Sunday, nor Y. except in the Against.

Lesson VIII.

Ant. I am That I am: * and My AND for this cause He is the Me: counsel is not with the wicked, but

diator of the new testament, that My delight is in the law of the LORD, by means of death, for the redemption Alleluia. Ps. i. Beatus vir. p. 5. of the transgressions that were under Ant. I desired * My FATHER. Al. the first testament, they which are And He gave me the heathen. called might receive the promise of For Mine heritage. Al. Ps. ii. eternal inheritance. For where a Quare fremuerunt. p. 5.

p. 3.


Ant. I laid Me down * and slept : j to y. Then is said: y. Sir, pray and rose up again, for the LORD sus- for a blessing. Ben. The Divine tained Me. "Al. Al. Ps. iii. Domine, help. quid multiplicati. p. 6.

Lesson II. . The LORD hath risen from the ¡ THEY ran both together; but John grave. Al. Ry. Who hung upon the ran on more quickly than Peter. Cross for us. Al.

He came first to the sepulchre, and Our FATHER. Abs. Hear, LORD ventured not to enter in. Peter thereJESU CHRIST, ¥. Sir, pray for a fore came after and entered in. What, blessing. Ben. The evangelical brethren, what signifies this running ? lection.

Is. this subtle description of the

Evangelist to be supposed void of Lesson of the Holy Gospel according mystery? Not in the least. For to S. John.

surely John would not have said that Lesson I. Chap. 20.

he came first, and would not enter in, T that time: On the first day of had not been mystery. What then is

if in that very shrinking of his there A'

the week cometh Mary Magdalene signified by John, but the synagogue ? early, when it was yet dark, unto the What by Peter, but the Church ? sepulchre. And that which follows.

Ry. These are the tender lambs A Homily of S. Gregory the Pope. which declared the word. Al. Now

Homily 22 on the Gospels. they have come to the fountains, * and The lesson from the Holy Gospel are filled with glory, Al. Al. y. In which ye have already heard, my

the sight of the Lamb they are clothed brethren, is plain enough as far as the in white raiment, and palms are in

their hands. And. Glory. And. y. mere history is concerned: but it also contains mysteries into which it is Sir, pray. Ben. The King of Angels. meet that we should briefly inquire.

Lesson III. Mary Magdalene, when it was yet NOR should it seem strange that

the is The history records the hour, but the signified by the younger, but the mystical meaning shows us the state Church by the elder ; for, although as of mind of her who sought. Mary far as the worship of God is conindeed sought in the sepulchre the cerned, the synagogue is before the Author of all things, Whom she had Church of the Gentiles, yet, as seen dead according to the flesh;

and regards the use of this world, the because she in no wise found Him, multitude of the Gentiles is before she believed Him to have been stolen the synagogue, as Paul beareth witaway.

It was therefore yet dark, ness, when he saitb : For that is not when she came to the sepulchre. She first which is spiritual, but that which ran quickly and told the disciples ; is natural. By Peter, the elder, therebut those ran before the rest, who had fore, is signified the Church of the loved beyond the rest; namely, Peter Gentiles; but by John, the younger, and John.

the synagogue of the Jews. They ran RY. CHRIST being raised from the both together, because from their dead, dieth no more: death hath no rising even to their setting, the more dominion over Him : for in that Gentiles ran with the synagogue a He died, He died unto sin once : way which to both was one and the But in that He liveth, He liveth unto same, nevertheless not in one and God. Al. Al. y. He died for our sins, the same

The synagogue and rose again for our justification. came first to the sepulchre, yet by no But. Glory. Repeat from CHRIST, down means entered in; because, although




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she understood the commandments of the week, they came to the sepul. the law, and heard the prophecies of chre at the rising of the sun : and the LORD's Incarnation and Passion, entering in, they saw a young man, yet would she not believe in Him sitting on the right side, who said unto Who died.

them. JESUS. Ben. The Divine help. Te Deum, p. 15.

Lesson II.

conversed with them in words, Inv., Ants., and Pss., are said rebuked the dulness of their un. through the Octave as on Easter derstanding, opened unto them the Day.

mysteries of the sacred Scriptures . The LORD is risen from the grave. concerning Himself: yet nevertheless, Al. Ry. Who hung on the Cross because He was as yet a stranger to for us. Al. Our FATHER. Abs. Hear, faith in their hearts, He made as LORD JESUS CHRIST. Ben. The evan- though He would have gone farther. gelical lection.

He who was sincere truth did nothing Lesson of the Holy Gospel according by double-dealing: but nevertheless to S. Luke.

shewed Himself unto them in body Lesson I. Chap. xxiv.

such as He was unto them in heart. Tthat time: Two of the disciples of they who as yet loved Him not as God, A

For they were to be tried, whether Jesus went that same day to a would at least love Him as a stranger. village, called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem about threescore

Ry. The Good Shepherd hath arisen, furlongs. And that which follows.

who laid down His life for the sheep,

and vouchsafed to die for His flock. A Homily of S. Gregory the Pope.

Al. Al. Al. Y. For CHRIST our Pass. Homily 23 on the Gospels. over is sacrificed for us.

Al. Glory. Dearly beloved brethren, ye have Al. Ben. The King of Angels. heard how that the LORD appeared to two of His disciples, as they walked

Lesson III. in the way, not indeed thoroughly BUT since those with whom the believing, yet nevertheless speaking of Truth was could not Him: but He showed not unto them be far from love: they invite Him to the Form which they would recognise. entertainment as a stranger. But why The LORD therefore did thatoutwardly, say we, invite, when it is written here with regard to the eyes of their bodies, that they constrained Him? From which was being done nwardly with which example it may well indeed be regard to the eyes of their hearts. concluded, that strangers are not to be For they, within themselves, inwardly merely asked, but persuaded to accept loved, yet doubted; and so to them the entertainment. They spread, thereLORD drew nigh and was present fore, the table, and offer Him bread outwardly, yet Who He was He showed and meat, and God, Whom they knew not. He showed His presence to them not in the expounding of the Scripthat spake concerning Him, but from tures, they knew in the breaking of them that doubted concerning Him, bread. By hearing God's commandHe hid the Form which they knew. ments therefore, their eyes are not

Ry. Mary Magdalene and the other opened, but they are opened in the Mary went early to the sepulchre: * doing of them; because it is written: JESUS Whom ye seek is not here: He Not the hearers of the law are just is risen, as He said ; He shall go before God, but the doers of the law before you into Galilee: there shall shall be justified. Whoever therefore ye see Him. Al. Al. y. And very would understand that which he hears, early in the morning, the first day of let him hasten to fulfil in deed, those things which already he is able to as yet embedded in the things which hear. Behold, the LORD is not known accompany this earthy degradation. when He speaketh, but is pleased, For how could it be not a body which when He is entertained, to be known. the LORD presented to be handled, Te Deum. p. 15.

when there yet remained in it the

marks of the wounds, the traces of EASTER TUESDAY.

the stripes? Whereby not only doth Ý. The LORD is risen indeed. Al. He strengthen our faith, but also Ry. And hath appeared unto Simon. exciteth our devotion : because He Al. Our FATHER. Abs. His

chooseth to bear into Heaven the

mercy. Ben. The evangelical lection.

wounds for us received; He refuseth

to do away with them, so that He Lesson of the Holy Gospel according may show unto God the Father the to S. Luke.

price of our freedom. This is He Lesson I. Chap. xxiv. Whom the FATHER seateth at His own AT that time : Jesus Himself stood right hand, thus receiving the tri

in the midst of the disciples, and umphant token of our salvation. saith unto them, Peace be unto you. And there the crown of their scars And that which follows.

will shew us the Martyrs in like

fashion. A Homily of S. Ambrose the Bishop.

Ry. From the mouth of the wise B. 10, Com. on S. Luke, e. 24.

proceedeth honey. Al. The sweetness It is truly marvellous how His of honey is under His tongue. Al. * bodily nature made itself a

way His lips drop honeycomb. Al. Al. through an impenetrable body, by any. Wisdom abideth in His heart, and invisible entrance, yet visible to the prudence in the word of His mouth. gaze, easy to be touched, hard to be His lips. Glory. His lips. Ben. The comprehended. Then were the dis- King. ciples troubled, and thought they saw a spirit. And therefore, that He might

Lesson III. show us the manner of His Resur: AND now, since our discourse hath and see, for a spirit hath not flesh what cause, according to S. John, the and bones, as ye see Me have. It was apostles believe and are glad : acnot therefore by means of a bodiless cording to S. Luke, are rebuked as nature, but by means of the fashion unbelieving; according to the former, of His Resurrection, that He passed they receive the Holy Ghost: acthrough the fast shut enclosure. cording to the latter, they are comFor what is touched is a body, what manded to tarry in the city until is handled is a body.

they be endued with power from on Ry. The apostles gave with great high. And it seemeth unto me as power a testimony of the Resur- though the one apostle touched rection of JESUS CHRIST our LORD. greater and higher things; the other, Ý. They were filled with the Holy consequences, and things nearer unto Ghost, and spake with boldness the men; this useth the longer historical Word of God. A testimony. Ben. method, that an abridgement; for it The Divine help.

is not possible to doubt what he

sayeth who bare witness of events in Lesson II.

which he himself took part, and his AND we too shall rise in our bodies. testimony is true; and from him also,

For it is sown a natural body, who deserved to be an evangelist, it and rises a spiritual body; the latter is but just that all suspicion of caremore subtle, the former more gross, lessness or of falsehood should be


banished. And therefore we esteem Judah, the Root of David, hath preboth as true, differing from each vailed to open the book, and to loose the other neither by variations in what seven seals thereof. * Al. Al. Al. Ý. they relate, nor by divergencies as to Worthy is the Lamb Which was slain, the persons. For even though Luke to receive virtue, power, and riches, at first sayeth that they believed not, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, nevertheless he afterwards sheweth and glory, and blessing. Al. Al. Al. that they believed; and so, if we take Ben. The Divine help. into account only what is said at first,

Lesson II. the statements are contrary; if, the consequences that followed, they cer- FOR we know that Peter was a fisher,

but Matthew was a receiver of tainly agree.

custom: and after his conversion Te Deum. p. 15.

Peter returned to his fishing: but WEDNESDAY.

Matthew sat not again at the receipt Ý. Then were the disciples glad. of custom; because it is one thing to Al. Ry. When they saw the LORD. Al. seek sustenance by fishing, but quite

Vur FATHER. Abs. The Almighty another to board up money by the and merciful LORD. Ben. The evan- gains of custom. For there are several gelical lection,

businesses which can hardly or not at Lesson of the Holy Gospel according be pursued without sin. Those to S. John.

then which draw one into sin, to them Lesson I. Chap. xxi.

it is necessary that the soul return not A T that time: JESUS shewed Him after conversion.

self again to the disciples at the Ry. I am the True Vine, ye are sea of Tiberias. And on this wise the branches. * He that abideth in Me, shewed He Himself. There were

and I in him, the same bringeth forth together Simon Peter and Thomas much fruit. Al.

Al. V. As the called Didymus. And that which FATHER hath loved Me, so have I loved follows.

you. He that. Glory. He that. A Homily of S. Gregory the Pope.

Lesson III. Hom. 24 on the Gospels. IT might also be inquired why the The lesson of the holy Gospel LORD stood on the shore while the which has just been read in your disciples were toiling on the sea after ears, my brethren, striketh the mind His resurrection, when before His with a question, but by its striking resurrection He walked upon the marks the power of discernment. waves of the sea in the presence of For it may well be asked why His disciples. The reason of this may Peter, who was a fisher before his be quickly perceived, if the case, as it conversion, after his conversion re- then stood, be duly weighed. For turneth to fishing : and since the what signifieth the sea, save this Truth saith: No man putting his present time, which dasheth about hand to the plough, and looking back, with the surges of chances, and the is, fit for the kingdom of God; why waves of this corruptible life? What doth he turn again to that which he is figured by the firmness of the shore had forsaken? But if the power of dis- save the eternity of everlasting rest? cernment is regarded, it is very quickly Therefore, because the disciples were seen how this is : because, without all yet amid the surges of this mortal. life, doubt, any business, which was pursued they toiled on the sea. But because before conversion without sin, might our Redeemer but already laid aside without fault be returned to after the corruption of the flesh, after His conversion.

resurrectiou fle stood upon the shore. Rz. Behold, the Lion of the Tribe of

Te Deum. p. 15.

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