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613. night to] night, to Fenton. men] man Bentley conj. 627. 1ks] Ed. 1. walk Ed. 2. 644. beams, on herb] beams; herb Mel. 646. coming on] Hyphened by Keightley. 652. flower] flow'rs Fenton (1727). 657. these?] Fenton. these, Ed. 1. 661. Those] Ed. 1. These Fenton. 667. In nature and all things] And Light in Nature's Realm Bentley conj. And nature in all things Pearce conj. withdrawn. 683. Sole...note,] (Sole...note) Fenton. Sole...note Ed. 1. 684. Creator!] Major. Creator? 1688. Creator: Ed. 1. 693. shade,] Keightley.

shade Ed. 1.

698. jessamine] Jessamin Tickell. Gessamin Ed. 1. 705. shadier] Ed. 1. shadie Ed. 2. 719. stole] stolen Landor conj. 729. thee; and this] Thee; Thou 735. thy gift the gift

702. Broider'd] Border'd 1711. 717. Japhet] Japet Bradshaw conj. 722. both sky] the sky Keightley conj. this Bentley conj. thee in this Pearce conj. Bentley conj. 739. putting off] Hyphened by Masson. 745. place) 756. charities] carities Bentley conj. 777. Half way]

grace Mull.

Hyphened by Keightley. up hill] Hyphened by Masson. up all Mull.

778. ivory] rocky Mull.

Ed. I.

subtile 1688. suttle 798. these] swift Mull 80g. Blown] Blow Fenton. 828. once no mate] once-no 836. undiminish'd

786. subtle] Newton. 796. hither] thither Bentley conj. 807. At least] At last Fenton. 824. prison?] Fenton. prison, Ed. 1. mate Mull. 835. thy shape] by shape Pearce conj. brightness] brightness undiminish'd Bentley conj. in diminished brightnes Mull (Bradshaw conj.). 840. doom obscure] doom—obscure Mull. 856. thee, wicked] Bentley.

843. inviolable] inviolate Bentley conj. thee wicked, Ed. 1. thee, first wicked Bentley conj. thee, thee wicked Pearce conj. doubtfully. 897. us?] us. Keightley (Newton conj.). 904. Heaven to judge of wise.] Heaven—to judge of wise- Mull. 926. thou know'st I stood] thou know'st: I stood Fenton. fiercest] The fiercest Bentley conj. blasting Ed. 2.

927. Thy 928. The blasting] Ed. 1. Thy

937. new-created] Fenton. new created Ed. 1. 952-3. crew?...fiends,] crew, Army of 953. head,] head; Ed. 1. head! Fenton.

944. throne,] throne; Bentley. fiends? Fenton.

962. areed] aread Fenton. arreede Ed. 1. 982-3. ears which...Sways them; the] ears, which...Sways them the Mull. rack Ed. 1. wreck Fenton.

994. wrack] Tickell. 1003. sequel] signal Bentley conj.

1008-9.!] In a parenthesis, Pearce conj. 1008. arms...thine] Strength...thine's Bentley conj.

Ed. 1.

do!] Keightley. do? Fenton. dv,

1013. knew] kenned Mull.

V. 1-9. This passage is reconstructed by Mr Mull thus:
Now Morn, her rosy steps in the eastern clime
Advancing, sowed the earth with orient pearl
And temperate vapours bland, which Aurora's fan
Lightly dispersed-the only sound of leaves

And fuming rills, and the shrill matin song
Of birds on every bough;—so much the more,
When Adam waked, so customed (for his sleep
Was aery light, from pure digestion bred),
His wonder was to find unwakened Eve.
4 aery light] Hyphened by Fenton.
rills, Which th' only sound of leaves Fenton conj.
Hyphened by Tickell.

5-6. which...rills] from fuming
17. soft touching]
19. ever new] Hyphened by Fenton (1727).
25. sweet] sweets Bentley conj.
pleasing] pleasant 1711.

22. tended] tender Newton.
42. Full-
orb'd] Hyphened by Tickell.
45-7. desire,...
gaze?] Bentley. desire?...gaze. Fenton. desire,...gaze. Ed. 1. 60. man?]
Fenton. Man; Ed. 1. 77-8. among the gods Thyself] among the Gods,
Thyself Keightley. 90. exaltation,] Keightley. exaltation; Edd. 1, 2.
137. arborous] arbour's Bentley

118. unapproved] unreprov'd Todd.
conj. roof] Newton (Pearce conj.). roof, Ed. 1.
plains] Put in a parenthesis by Fenton.


139-43. who...

139. up risen] Hyphened by
142. landskip] 1719. Lantskip Ed. 1. landscape Fenton.
148. Their...sung] Their Maker in fit strains, pronounced or sung
Keightley. Their Maker, in fit strains pronounced, or sung Masson.
156. Unspeakable!] Fenton. Unspeakable, Ed. 1.

Heaven;] Heav'n, Ed. 1. Heav'n. Tickell.
Bentley conj.

163. ye in] aye in

164. all ye] all we

172. him thy greater] him creator Bentley conj. thy

creator Thyer conj. (withdrawn).
(Richardson conj.).

175. fliest fly'st, Bentley

176. orb that flies] orbs, that rest Mull.
188. In...rise]

186-7.] Put in a parenthesis by Mull.

Transposed by Mull to follow line 190.
corrected in Errata.
207. gather'd] 1688. gathered Ed. 1.
recov'ring...calm; On Bentley conj.
211. On] Then Newton conj.

229. half] haste Mull.

193. Breathe] Breath Ed. 1,
Heaven gate] Hyphened by Tickell.
210-1. recover'd...calm. On]
recover'd...calm, On Pearce conj.

218. adopted] addorsed Mull.

226. Hath...disturb'd] Hath rais'd; and how in Paradise disturb'd Pearce
242. violence? Tickell. violence,
250. up springing] Hyphened by Fenton.


Ed. I.

257. In
some copies of Ed. I this line begins a paragraph, and there is no
comma after cloud.
257-8. From...sees] Pointed as in Ed. 1.
Fenton marks no cloud...interposed as a parenthesis. Keightley and
Mull continue the parenthesis to small.
hills; as Masson.
appearing, kens Newton.
Todd. steddie Ed. I.
Fenton. 297. art,] Fenton.
Ed. 2. need Ed. I.

261. hills. As] Ed. 1.
265. appearing kens] appeering kenns Ed. 1.
appearing kens, Keightley.
268. steady]
296. virgin fancies] Hyphened by
art; Ed. 1. Art Bentley. 302. needs]
311. mid-noon] Ed. 2. mid-moon Ed. 1.
322. small store] small stores

312. vouchsafe] 1688. voutsafe Ed. 1.

branch Bentley conj.

332. turns, on] turns. On 338-9. yields In】 yields, in

Bentley conj. 326. brake] Tickell. break Ed. 1.
328. Angel guest] Hyphened by Fenton.
Mull, putting lines 333-6 in a parenthesis.
Keightley. 339. shore] shore, Keightley.
rind Fenton. smooth-rined Verity.
348. her] she Bentley conj.

342. smooth rined] smooth

346. must] Fenton. moust Ed. 1.

351. without more] with no more Bentley conj.

361-2. for other.....contain] Put in a parenthesis by Fenton. 365. a while) a-while Fenton. 369. sit] sip Mull.

395. hand in hand] Hyphened by Masson. 1688. perfet Ed. 1.

391. turf] 1688. terf Ed. 1. 399, 442, 524, 568. perfect]

406. of] to Bentley conj.

And corporeal] assimilate, and Corporeal Capell MS. corporal Bentley conj.

427. fruitage] Fenton. frutage Ed. 1.

Put in a parenthesis by Fenton.

455. his world] this world 1688.

412-3. assimilate, 413. corporeal"]

414. fed; of elements] fed of elements: Mull 435-6. the common.......theologians] 447. been] 1688. bin Ed. 1. 457. forms,] Tickell. forms Ed. 1.

469. is] hest Mull, putting from.....good in a parenthesis. 471-2. all Such ...first] all, Each to perfection first—one Mull. breathes] Spirits' odorous breath Mull.


482. Spirits odorous 484. to animal] from animal 528. Inextricable] In

598. Amidst, as] Amidst us

504. happy] earthly Bentley conj. exorable Bentley conj. 536. God enthroned] God, enthron'd Warton conj. 559. Hath] The catchword on the previous page in Ed. 1 is Had. 566. Spirits?] Fenton. Spirits; Ed. 1. 568. stood?] Fenton. stood; Ed. 1. 576. thought!] Keightley. thought? Ed. 1. 589. Standards ...rear] Put in a parenthesis by Fenton. Bentley conj. whose top] whoseop Ed. 1, corrected in Errata. 598-9. as ...invisible] Put in a parenthesis by Fenton. Put in a parenthesis by Fenton. spheres...their...Resemble Bentley conj. 633. flows] Ed. 2. flows: Ed. 1. 636. 637-40. in communion...Excess] Ed. 2. Ed. 1. globose Fenton. who Bentley conj. and... Almighty? Tickell.

620-4. which...seem】 620-2. sphere....her...Resembles] 627. now] Ed. 2. om. Ed. t.'d] Added in Ed. 2. with refection sweet Are fill d

640. all-bounteous] Hyphened by Fenton. 649. globous] 659. in] om. Ed. 1, corrected in Errata. 674 and 674-6. eyelids? and...Almighty.] Ed. 1. eyelids?

674-5. decree, Of yesterday, so late] eyelids, and... Almighty? Fenton. 708. morning star] Hyphened by 711. Eternal eye,] Eternal, He 734. ineffable serene] ineffably-serene or ineffable-serent Capell conj. MS. 770. art] air Bentley conj. 782. unpaid, prostration] unpaid. Prostration Mull. 790. Natives] Native Mull. Heaven possess'd] heav'n; possest Fenton. Heaven, possess'd Bentley. Heaven oppress'd Bentley conj. 796-7. equals, if...equal?] Ed. 1. equals? if...equal Fenton. 797. equal?] equals? Capell conj. MS. 798-9. us,...not?] Newton.

decree Of yesterday so late- Mull.
684. chief] chiefs Bentley conj.
Fenton. 710. the] om. Bentley conj.
Bentley conj.

us,...not, Ed. 1.

Us?...not: Bentley. 799. for this] for this peer Mull. 820-1. reign, One] reign One Mull. 822. God?] 835. Son?] Tickell. son, Ed. 1. 853. then] 861. fatal natal Mull. 868. Address, and to] Address or 880-1. contagion

forethink Bentley conj.
Fenton. God, Ed. 1.
thus Mull.
to Mull.

877. alienate] alienated 1707. spread Both] contagious spread, Both Mull. parenthesis, Landor conj.

889. not...threats] In a

890. devoted, lest] devote; but lest Bentley conj. 896-7. found; Among] found Among Capell мS. 896-8. found; Among...only he; Among] found Among...only he Among Capell conj. Ms.

VI. 2. champain] champaign Keightley.

14. vanish'd] vanquisht 1705. 16. thick embattled] thick-embattl'd Capell Ms. 29. done!] Fenton. done, Ed. 1. 35. care] care- Masson. 38.thee,] theeMasson. 79-84. appear'd From...portray'd,] appeared-From...portrayed— Mull. 90-8. vain In the mid-way. Though...thought.] vain. In the midway (though...thought!)- Mull. 93. hosting] jousting Bentley conj. 96. But] Yet Pearce conj. doubtfully. 106. Presented stood] Ed. 1. 115. reälty]

Presented, stood Fenton. Presented stood, Keightley. Fealty Bentley conj. 116. not] not! Keightley. 120-1. tried Unsound and false;] tried-Unsound and false! Mull. 144. God, though] God. Though Mull. 147. thou seest; now learn] thou seest now! learn Mull. 148. few] one Bentley conj. 151. Of] For Fenton (1725). 165. been] 180. thee,] thee! Mull. 184. blest] blessed Ed. 1, 191. sight] sleight Mull. 198. Half sunk] Hyphened by Fenton. 204. rung] sung Bentley conj. 212. overhead] Keightley. over head Ed. 1. over heard Tickell (a misprint). 212-3. the dismal hiss Of fiery darts] with dismal hiss The fiery darts Bentley conj. 215. So under] Sounder Ed. 1, corrected in Errata. 218. been] 1688.

1688. bin Ed. 1. corrected in Errata.

bin Ed. 1.

219-23. wonder?...regions:] Ed. 1. wonder!...regions. 226. seat!] Fenton. seat;

Keightley. wonder,...regions? Masson.
Ed. 1.

Rebellion? Ed. 1.

271. false!] crew; Ed. 1.

231-2. A numerous.....yet] A numerous host in strength each armed hand A legion led in fight; yet Bentley conj. 231. hand] band Bradshaw conj. 233. single as in chief, expert] single, as in chief expert Mull. 236. ridges] bridges Bentley conj. 241. for] far Bentley conj. 253. Wide-wasting] Hyphened by Fenton. 259. Arch-foe] Hyphened in 1688. 269. rebellion!] Fenton. Fenton. false? 1688. false. Ed. 1. 277. crew!] Fenton. 285-6. flight, or,...Unvanquish'd,] flight? flight? or...Un-vanquish'd; Fenton (1727). Mull. 289. evil hateful Bentley conj. Ed. 1. 308. throng] Throngs Bentley conj. parenthesis by Fenton.


...Unvanquished? Mull. 287. and with] than with 301. power?] 1688. Power: 310-1. to set...small] In a

312. war were] warfare Bentley conj.

317. imminent] eminent Bentley conj.

319. As...once] Put in a

parenthesis by Fenton. power, at once] Edd. 1, 2. power at once Ed. 3. 324. Satan, with...smite] Satan-with...smite- Mull. 327-31. Then... divisible] Put in a parenthesis by Mull. 332. nectarous] ichorous Bentley conj. 334. erewhile] ere while Ed. 1. 345-6. not...reins] Put in a parenthesis by Fenton. 345. not] nor Tickell 352. or] and 1711. 356. ensigns] onset Bentley conj. 357. Moloch] Newton. Molec Ed. 1. 363. his] each his Bentley and Thyer conj. 365. Adrameleck] Newton. Adramelec Ed. 1. Asmadai] Asmodai Tickell. 368. gastly] Ed. L. 371. Arioch] Newton. Arioc Ed. 1. 384. Vainglorious] Hyphened in 1688. 390. charioter] Charioteer 1695. recoil'd] stood recoiled Keightley. advanced entire] advanced—

ghastly 1688.

Chariotiere 1688.

399. cubic] martial Bentley conj.

entire Mull..

391. stood,

421. pretence] 1695.

1711. 430. True is] True 'tis Mull.

Ed. I.

pretense Ed. 1. 425. hod] hath 434. injury] Tickell. injurie,

499. inventor] Fenton. Forthwith] For sin. subtile 1688. suttle Ed. 1.


436-7. heal'd. Of] healed, Of Mull. 447. Nisroch] Newton. Nisroc Ed. 1. 452. gods!] Fenton. Gods; Ed. 1. 456. ensue ;] Ed. 1. ensue! Fenton. 459. mightiest?] Fenton. Mightiest. Ed. 1. 472. bright surface] surface bright Bentley conj. 477-81. grow Deep...light?] 169L. grow: Deep...light? 1695. grow Deep...light. Ed. 1. grow? Deep...light, Mull. 484. hollow] 1688. hallow Ed. 1. inventer Ed. 1. 506-7. For sin, on...bent. bent, Forthwith Mull. 513. subtle] 1705. 516-7. Bentley continues the parenthesis to stone. Ed. 2. day spring Ed. 1. 538-9. pursuit This...flight;] pursuit! This day fear not his flight, Mull. 544. or high] on high or and high Keightley conj. 545. aught] right Fenton conj. 547-8. themselves,...impediment;] Ed. 1. themselves;... impediment, Fenton. themselves,...impediment, Tickell. 550. move] mov'à Newton (1770). 553. Training] Trailing Mull conj. 563. Heaven!]

521. day-spring] 532. halt] Fenton. alt Ed. 1.

Fenton. Heaven, Ed. 1. 572. triple-mounted] Ed. 1.

564. anon!] Fenton.

triple mounted Ed. 2.

the parenthesis at this line.

anon, Ed. 1. 574. Mull begins 575. or mountain] on mountain Pearce

conj. 580. Stood Held Mull (Bentley conj.). Shone Mitford conj. Shook

Dyce conj.


Ed. I.

587. noise] blast or force Bentley conj.
624. many: who] Fenton. many; who Tickell.

597. now] no

many, who

629-30. thoughts beyond...victory;] thoughts-beyond All doubt of 655. arm'd.] armed Mull, putting lines 656-8 in a

victory- Mull. parenthesis.

noise; Ed. 1.

656. bruised] bruised, Masson.
670. wrack] wreck Fenton (1727).

667. noise!] Fenton.

674-5. all, advised,

That] Keightley. all, advis'd: That Ed. r. all advis'd: That Bentley.

all advised That Mull.

681. invisible] the invisible Upton conj.

687. These] Those Keightley conj. gird my sword Anon. conj. (Newton).

713-4. arms...sword] arms; And 727. exaltation] exultation

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