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3 Consider this, ye though:less men! 12 Could sacrifice atone, My vengeance shall not fall in vain, Whole flocks and herds should die; And none will dare your cause to But on such off rings thou disdain'st own:

To cast a gracious eye. Who praises mc due honor gives,

13 A broken spirit is And to the man that justly lives

By God most highly prized; My strong salvation shall be shown.

By him a broken, contrite heart,

Shall never be despised.
PSALM 44. S. M.

14 Let Sion favor find, From the li. Psalm of David.

Of thy good will assured

And thy own city flourish long, I HAVE mercy, Lord, on me,

By lofty walls secured. As thou wert ever kind;

15 The just shall then attend, Let me, oppress'd with loads of guilt, And pleasing tribute pay ;. Thy wonted mercy find.

And sacrifice of choicest kind 2 Wash off my foul offence,

Upon thy altar 'ay.
And cleanse ine from my sin:

PSALM 45. C. M.
For I confess my crime, and see
How great my guil. has been.

From the ly. Psalm of David. 3 Against thee, Lord, alune,

1 GIVE ear, thou Judge of all 1:9 And only in thy sight,

earth, Have I transgress'd; and though con. Nor from thy humble suppliant turn

And listen when I pray ; demn'd, Must own thy judgment right.

Thy glorious face away. 4 In guilt each part was form'd

2 My heart is pain'd; the shades R Of all this sinful frame;

death In guilt I was conceived, and born

Their terrors round me spread; The heir of sin and shame.

While fearful tremblings seize my

breast, 5 Yet, Lord, thy searching eye

llorrors o'erwhelm my head. Does inward truth require; And secretly with wisdom's laws

3 And thus I breathe my heavy sigh

To Him who hears above; My soul thou wilt inspire.

“O that my soul on wings could fly, 6 With hyssop purge me, Lord,

And emulate the dove !
And so I clean shall be:
I shall with snow in whiteness vie,

4"Swift I'd escape, and fiee afar,

Some secret place to find, When purified by thee.

Hide from the world's distracting care, 7 Make me to hear with joy

And rest my weary mind. Thy kind forgiving voice;

5."1'd wing my everlasting flighi, That so the bones which thou hast

Bidding the world farewell, broke

From sin and strife, to realms of light, May with fresh strength rejoice.

Where peace and quiet dwell." 8 Blot out my crying sins,

6 Thus will I call on God, who still Nor ne in anger view:

Shall in my aid appear; Create in me a heart that's clean, At morn, at noon, at night I 'll pray An upright mind renew.

And he my voice shall hear. 9 Withdraw not thou thy help, Nor cast me from thy sight;

PSALM 46. C. M. Nor let thy Holy Spirit take

From the lvi. Psalm of David. His everlasting flight.

1 LORD I though at times surprised by 10 The joy tly favor gives

fear, Let me, O Lord, regain,

On danger's first alarm, And thy free Spirit's firm support Yet still for en scor I depend My fainting soul sustain.

On thy almighty arm. 1 So I thy righteous ways

2 God's faithful promise I shall prx'ya To sinners will impart;

On which I now rely ;
Whilst my advice shall wicked men In God I trust, and, trnsting hin.
To thy just laws convert

The arm of flesh lefy.

5 I'll trust Goa's world, and 80 despise

PSALM 49. II. 2 The force that man can raise ;

From the lxiii. Psalın of David. To thee, O God, my vous are due, To thee I 'll render praise.

1 O GOD, my gracious God, to thee 4 Thou hast retrieved my soul from My morning prayers shall offer'd be, Ceath,

For thee my thirsty soul does pant; And thou wilt still secure

My fainting flesh implores thy grace, The life thon hast so oft preserved, As in a dry and bairen place, And make my footsteps sure :

Where I refreshing waters want. 5 That thos, protected by thy power,

20! to my longing eyes, once more, I may this light enjoy ;

That view of glorious power resiore, And in the service of my God

Which thy majestic house displays: My lengthen'd days employ.

Because to me thy wondrous love

'Than life itself does dearer prove, PSALM 47. L. M.

My lips shall always speak thy From the lvii. Psalm of David.

praise. O GOD, my heart is fix’d, 'I is bent, 3 My life, while I that life enjoy, Jis thankful tribute to present;

In blessing God I will employ, And, with my heart, my voice I 'll

With lifted hands adore his name: raise

As with its choicest food supplied, To thee, my God, in songs of praise.

My soul shall be full satisfied

While I with joy his praise proclaim 2 Awake, my glory ; harp and lute, No longer let your strings be mute :

4 When down I lie, sweet sleep to find And I, my tuneful part to take,

Thou, Lord, art present to my mind, Will with the early dawn awake.

And when I wake in dead of night;

Because thou still dost succor bring, 3 Thy praises, Lord, I will resound

Beneath the shadow of thy wing
To all the list ning nations round:

I rest with safety and delight.
Thy meroy highest heaven !ranscends,
Thy truth beyond the clouds extende.

4 Be thou, O God, exalted high ;
And as thy glory fills the sky,

From the lxv. Psalın op David. So let it be on earth display'd, Till thou art here, as there, ohey'd

PART I. L. M. PSALM 48. L. M. I FOR thee, O God, our constant From the Ixii. Psalm of David.


In Sion waits, thy chosen seat; I MY soul, for help on God rely,

Our promised altars there we 'raise, On him alone thy trust repose; My rock and health will strength sup, 2 Thon! who to every humble prayer,

Aud all our zealous vows complete. ply, To bear the shock of all my foes,

Dost always bend thy list'ning ear,

To thee shall all mankind repair, 2 God does his saving health dispense,

And at thy gracious throne appear And flowing biessings daily send : He is my fortress and defence,

3 Our sins, though numberless, in vain On him my soul shall still depend.

To stop thy flowing mercy try;

Whilst thou o'erlook'st the guilty stain 8 In him, ye people, always trust; Before' his throne pour out your

And washest ont the crimson dye. hearts:

4 Blest is the man, who, near thee For God, the merciful and just,

placed, His timely aid to us iinparts.

Within thy sacred dwellings lives!

'T is there abundantly we taste 4 The Lord has oft his will expresa'd, And I this truth have fully known

The vast delights thy temple gives. To be of boundless power possess'd, Belongs of right to God alone.

PART II. L. M. 5 Though mercy is his darling grace, 1 Lord I from thy unexhausted store,

In which he chiefly takes delight Thy rain relieves the thirsty grond, Yetic wil all the human race

Makes lands, that barren were hefore, According to their works reqnite. With corn and useful fruits abrand.

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2 On rising ridges down it,

3 As I before his aid implored, And every furrow'd valley fills: So now I praise his Name Thou mak'st them soft with gentle But, if my heart to sin incline, showers,

My prayer will God disclaim. In which a blest increase distils.

4 Bit God to me, where'er I cried, 3 Thy goodness does the circling year His gracious ear did bend,

With fresh returns of plenty crown; And to the voice of my request And where thy glorious paths appear,

With constant love attend. The fruitful clouds drop fatness 5 Then bless for ever be my God, down.

Who never, when I pray,
4 They drop on barren deserts, changed Withholds his mercy from my soul,
By them to pastures fresh and green:

Nor turns his face away.
The hills about, in order ranged,
In beauteous robes of joy are seen.

PSALM 52 S. M.
6 Large flocks with fleecy wool adorn From the lxvii. Psalm of David
The cheerful downs; the valleys 1 to bless thy chosen race,

In mercy, Lord, incline;
A plenteous crop of full ear'd corn,
And seem, for joy, to shout and sing. And cause the brightness of thy face

Oa all thy saints to shine:

2 That so thy wondrous way From the lxvi. Psalm of David.

May through the world be known

While distant lands their tribute pay.

And thy salvation own.
I LET all the lands, with shouts of 3 Let diffring nations join

To celebrate thy fame To God their voices raise ;

Let all the world, O Lord, combine Sing psalms in honor of his name, To praise thy glorious Name. And spread his glorious praise.

4 let them shout and sing, 2 And let them say, How dreadful, With joy and pious mirth : Lord,

For thou, the righteous Judge and In all thy works, art thou !

King, To thy great power thy stubborn foes

Shalt govern all the earth. Shall all be forced to bow.

5 Let diff'ring nations join 3 Through all the earth, the nations To celebrate thy fame; round

Let all the world, O Lord, combine Shall thee, their God, confess;

To praise thy glorious Name. And, with glad hymns, their awful dread

6 Then God upon our land Of thy great Name express.

Shall constant blessings shower ;

And all the world in awe shall stand 4 O come! behold the works of God, Of his resistless power.

And then with me you'll own That he to all the sons of men

PSALM 53. L. M. Has wondrous judginent shown.

From the lxviii. Psalm of Daud. 10 all ye nations, bless our God, And loudly speak his praise ;

1 THE servants of Jehovali's will Vho keeps our souls alive, and still

His favor's gentle beams enjoy : Confirms our steadfast ways.

Their upright hearts let gladness fil,

And cheerful songs their tongue PART II. C. M.

employ. My off rings to God's house 1 '11 2 To him your voice in anthems raise, bring,

Jehovah's awful name be beans;
And there my vows will pay,

In him rejoice, extol his praise,
Which I with solemn zeal did make Who rides upon high-rolling spheres
In trouble's dismal day.

| 3 His chariots numberless, his powers 2 O come, all ye that fear the Lord, Are heavenly hosts, that wait his Attend with heedful care,

will; Whilst I what God for me has done His presence now fills Sion's towers, With gratefus joy declare.

As once honor'd Sinai's hill.

4 Ascending high, in triumph thou 2 Our God shall this more highly prize Captivity hast captive led,

Than herds or flocks in sacrifice; And on thy people didst bestow

Which humble saints with joy shall see, Thy gifts and graces freely shed. And hope for like redress with me. 5 Even rebels shall partake thy grace, 3 For God regards the poor's comAnd humble proselytes repair

plaint, To worship at thy dwelling-place, And frees the cap‘ive from restraint;

And all the world pay homage there. Let heaven, earth, sea, their voices 6 For benefits each day bestow'd,

raise, Be daily his great Name adored, And all the world resound his praise. Who is our Saviour and our God, Of life and death the sovereign Lord. PSALM 55. C. M. PSALM 54.

From the lxxi. Psalm of Daril From the Ixix. Psalm of David.

1 IN thee I put my steadfast trast,

Defend me, Lord, from shame :

Incline thine ear, and save my soul,

For righteous is thy Name. I SAVE me, O God, from waves that 2 Be thou my strong abiding-place, roll

To which I may resort: And press to overwhelm my soul ;

T'hy promise, Lord, is my defence With painful steps in mire I tread,

Thou art my rock and fort. And deluges o'erflow my bad.

3 My steadfast and unchanging hope 20 Lord, to thee I will repair For help, with humble, timely prayer ;

Shall on thy power depend;

And I in grateful songs of praise Relieve me from thy mercy's store,

My time to come will spend. Display thy truth's preserving power. 3 From threat'ning dangers me relieve, 4 Thy righteous acts and saving health And from the mire my feet retrieve;

My mouth shall still declare; From all my foes in safety keep,

Unable yet to count them all, And suatch me from the raging deep.

Though samm'd with utmost care. 4 Lord, hear the humble prayer 1

5 While God vouchsafes me his support, make,

P'll in his strength go on; For thy transcending goodness' sake;

All other righteousness disclaim, Relieve thy supplicant once more

And mention his alone. From thy abounding mercy's store. 6 Thou, Lord, hast taught me from my 5 Reproach and grief have broke my youth heart,

To praise thy glorions Name; I look'd for some to take my part,

And ever since, thy wondrons works To pity, or relieve my pain;

Have been my constant theme. But look'd, alas ! for both in vain.

7 Therefore, with psaltery and hary, 6 With hunger pined, for food I call, Thy truth, O Lord, I'll praise ; Instead of food they give me gall;

To thee the God of Jacob's race, And when with thirst my spirits sink, My voice in anthems raise. They give me vinegar to drink. 8 Then joy shall fill my mouth, and 7 For new afflictions they procured

songs For him who had thy stripes endured ; Employ my cheerful voice; And made the wounds thy scourge had My grateful soul, by thee redeemid, torn

Shall in thy strength rejoice.
To bleed afresh with sharper scorn.

PSALM 56. C. M.

from the lxxii. Psalm of David , My soul, howe'er distress'd and poor,

I LO! hills and mountains shall bring Thy strong salvation shall restore;

forth Thy power with songs I'll then pro- The happy fruits of peace; claim,

Which all the land ehall own to be And celebrate with thanks thy Name. The work of righteoʻtmess :

2 While David's Son our needy race 15 Let earth be with his glory fill'd, Shall rule with gentle sway;

For ever bless his Name; And from their huinble neck shall take Whilst to his praise the lisi'ning world Oppressive yokes away.

Their glad assent proclaim. 3 In every heart thy awful fear

PSALM 57. Shall then be rooted fast,

L. M. As long as sun and moon endure,

From the lxxiii. Psalm of David. Or time itself shall last. 4 He shall descend like rain, that 1 THY presence, Lord, hath me sup cheers

plied, The meadow's second birth;

Thou my right hand support dost Or like warm showers whose gentle

give : drops

Thou first shalt with thy counsel guide, Refresh the thirsty earth.

And then to glory me receive. In his blest days the just and good 2 Whom then in heaven, but thee Shall spring up all around;

alone, The happy land shall every where Have I, whose favor I require ? With endless peace abound.

Throughout the spacious earth there's

none, 6 His incontrollid dominion shall

Compared with thee, that I desirc. From sea to sea extend; Begin at proud Euphrates' stream, 3 My trembling flesh and aching hear At nature's limits end.

May often fail to succor ine; 7 To hin the savage nations round But God shall inward strength impart, Shall how their servile heads;

And my eternal portion be.
His vanquish'd foes shall lick the dust,
Where he his conquest spreads.

4 For they that far from thee remove

Shall into sudden ruin fall; 8 The kings of Tarshish and the isles If after other gods they rove, Shall costly presents bring;

Thy vengeance shall destroy them From spicy Sheba gifts shall come,

all. And wealthy Saba's king.

5 But as for me, 't is good and just 9 To him shall every king on earth

That I should still to God repair ; His humble homage pay;

In him I always put my trust, And difføring nations gladly join

And will his wondrous works decları To own his "..eous sway.

PSALM 53. C. M. 10 For he sha. set the needy free, When they for succor cry;

From the lxxiv. Psalm of David Shall save the helpless and the poor, I THINE is the cheerful day, O Lord And all their wants supply.

Thine the return of night; 11 For bim shall constant prayer he Thou hast prepared the glorious sun, made

And every feebler light. Through all his prosp'rous days:

2 By thee the borders of the earth Jis just dominion shall afford

In perfect order stand ; A lasting theme of praise.

The summer's warmth and winter's 2 The mem'ry of his glorious Name

cold, Through endless years shall run;

Attend on thy command. lis spotless fame shall shine as bright And lasting as the sun.

PSALM 59. IV. 1. 3 In him the nations of the world From the lxxvi. Psalm of David.

Shall be completely bless'd, .nd his unbounded happiness

1 THE Name of our Goa

In Israel is known; By every longue confess'd.

His mansion beloved I Then bless'd be God, the mighty Is Sion alone; Lord,

There bruke he the arrows The God whom Israel fears;

The enemy hurl'd, Vho only wondrous in his works

And honor'd his mountain Beyond compare, appears.

Above all the world.

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