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anto Thee. The LORD be with you. the arm of Thy heavenly help : that Ry. And with thy spirit.

they may both seek Thee with their whole heart; and also that they may

obtain from Thee such things as they Collect.

ask. Through CHRIST our LORD. Stretch forth, 0 LORD, to Thy Ry. Amon. servants and to Thine bandmaidens,

Let us pray.


proper of Saints.

JUNE 10.

Lesson II.
VIGIL OF S. BARNABAS. AND when the Gentiles heard

this, Office as in the Common, p. 65; but word of the LORD : and as many as

they were glad, and glorified the if the Office of S. Margaret of Scot

were ordained to eternal life believed. land be used, the latter supersedes the And the word of the LORD was pubCommon.

lished throughout all the region. But JUNE 11.

the Jews stirred up the devout and FESTIVAL OF S. BARNABAS, APOSTLE.

honourable women, and the chief men

of the city, and raised persecution Greater Double.

against Paul and Barnabas, and exAll of the Common of Apostles, p. pelled them out of their coasts. But 66, except what follows.

they shook off the dust of their feet

against them, and came unto Iconium. FIRST NOCTURN.

And the disciples were filled with joy, Of the Acts of the Apostles.

and with the HOLY GHOST.

Ry. Take My yoke. p. 68.
Lesson I. Chap. xiii.

Lesson III.

when the congregation was broken

up, many of the Jews and AND it came to pass in Iconium proselytes followed Paul and Bar- that they went both together into nabas? who, speaking to them, per- the synagogue of the Jews, and so suaded them to continue in the spake, that a great multitude both of grace of God. And the next sabbath the Jews and also of the Greeks beday came almost the whole city to lieved. But the unbelieving Jews gether to hear the word of God. But stirred up the Gentiles, and made when the Jews saw the multitudes, their minds evil affected against the they were filled with envy, and brethren. Long time therefore abode spake against those things which were they speaking boldly in the LORD, spoken by Paul, contradicting and which gave testimony unto the word blaspheming. Then Paul and Bar- of his grace, and granted signs and nabas waxed bold, and said, It was wonders to be done by their hands. necessary that the word of God should Ry. When ye stand. p. 69. first have been spoken to you: but seeing ye put it from you, and judge

SECOND NOCTURN. yourselves unworthy of everlasting

Lesson IV. life, lo, we turn to the

Gentiles. For BARNABAS the Levite, a Cypriote

, saying, I have set thee to be a light of ordained together with Paul the Apostle the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be of the Gentiles, to preach the Gospel for salvation unto the ends of the of Jesus CHRIST. He, selling the earth.

land which he possessed, brought the Rz. Behold, I send. p. 68.

apostles the money acquired thereby.


Sent to Antioch for the purpose of breast was the gospel of Matthew, preaching, and exceedingly rejoiced at written in Barnabas's own hand. finding many there converted to the

Ry. These are they. p. 71. faith of CHRIST the LORD, he exhorted them to abide in the faith of CHRIST,

THIRD NOCTURN. in which exhortation he was very Lesson of the Holy Gospel according successful, because he was accounted

to S. Matthew. by all to be a good man, and full of Lesson VII. Chap. X. the Holy Ghost.


T that time: JESUS said unto His Ry. I saw. p. 70.

disciples : Behold, I send you Lesson V.

forth as sheep in the midst of wolves.

And that which follows. JOURNEYING thence to Tarsus, to seek Paul, he came with him to

A Homily of S. John Chrysostom. Antioch. Remaining a year in the Homily 34 on S. Matthew. church of that city, they taught the When the LORD had cast out all precepts of Christian faith and life anxiety from the hearts of His disto those people; and there, moreover, ciples, and armed them by shewing the worshippers of JESUS CHRIST were them signs, and parted them from all first called Christians. And the dis- secular concerns, and freed them from ciples of Paul and Barnabas supported all care of temporal things, and made at their own expense the Christians of them, as it were, iron and adamant, Judæa, sending money to them by He then at length foretells them the Paul and Barnabas. They discharged evils to come. For many advantages that charitable office, taking with them followed this foretelling of things to John, whose surname was Mark, and come. First of all, that they should returned to Antioch.

thoroughly learn His power of fore- ; Ry. Blessed are ye. p. 70.

knowledge. Next, that no one might

imagine that such heavy disasters had Lesson VI.

come upon them by reason of their BUT when, in the church of Antiobh; Master's weakness. Further, lest they prophets and doctors, were serving should be troubled by the sudden and the LORD with fasting and prayer, the unexpected issue of events. Finally, Holy Ghost said unto them, Separate lest they should be too much moved Me Paul and Barnabas for the work to by hearing of these things a little which I have called them. Then laying before the time of His own Passion. their hands upon them and fasting and praying, they sent them away.

Ry. These be they. p. 72. Therefore they came to Seleucia, and

Lesson VIII. thence into Cyprus, and traversed BOT now, that they might under: preaching the gospel to the great war, and an unwonted method of profit of their hearers. At the last, combat, in that He was sending them Barnabas, along with John, whose forth unarmed, clothed in one coat, surname was Mark, parting from Paul, without sandals, without a staff, and sailed into Cyprus, and there, about without a belt and scrip, and directed the seventh year of Nero, on the third that they should be nourished by them day before the ides of June, he added who received them, He did not make the crown of martyrdom to the dignity an end of His discourse here, of apostolic office. His body was but, putting forth his unsearchable found in the island of Cyprus, in the power, He saith, Even so going, reign of the emperor Zeno, and on his exhibit as it were the meekness of

sheep; though you are about to go to duct of those who are fit topics for wolves, and not only to wolves, but preaching, but their parents too : into the very midst of wolves, (and He that the heritage, as it were, of spotdid not order them merely the meek- less purity, handed down from them, ness of the sheep, but also the simpli- may be conspicuous in those whom city of the dove,) for so I shall most we desire to praise. For what other perfectly prove My power when the could have been the intent of the holy wolves shall be overcome by the sheep; evangelist, in this place, save that and although they be in the midst of S. John Baptist should be counted wolves, and torn with countless bitings, noble for his parents, his wonderful they shall not only escape being de- works, his conduct, his office, his pasvoured, but shall change the wolves sion? So too, Hannah, mother of into the same nature as themselves. holy Samuel, is praised : so Isaac reRy. These are holy men. p. 73.

ceived from his parents that rank in

piety which he bequeathed to his deLesson IX.

scendants : therefore, too, Zacharias IT is doubtless a greater and more was a priest, and, not merely a priest,

wonderful thing to change the was also of the course of Abia, that is, feelings of our adversaries, and to noble amongst the higher families. turn their mind in an opposite direc

RyRy. of the feria. tion, than to slay them, especially when there are only twelve to do it,

Lesson II. and the whole world is full of wolves. AND his wife was of the daughters

, in & very unlike manner, rush like S. John is derived not merely from wolves against our adversaries. For, his parents, but even from his anso long as we are sheep, we conquer; cestors : a rank not august in worldly even though there were a thousand power, but venerable in religious dewolves around us, we get the better, scent. It was right that CHRIST'S and are conquerors.

But if we be- forerunner should have such ancome wolves, we are conquered. For cestors : that he might appear to in that case we lose the help of the preach faith in the LORD's coming, Shepherd, Who feeds not wolves but not as a sudden thought of his own, sheep.

but as one received from his anTe Deum. p. 15.

cestors, and implanted in him by JUNE 23.

natural right. They were both, saith

he, righteous before God: walking in VIGIL OF S. JOHN BAPTIST.

all the commandments and statutes Lesson of the Holy Gospel according of the LORD blameless. What reply to S. Luke.

can they make to this, who offer any Lesson I. Chap. i.

excuses for their sins, think that man T

HERE was in the days of Herod, cannot live without constant sins,

the king of Judæa, a certain priest and cite the verse which is written in named Zacharias, of the course of Job: What is man that he should be Abia : and his wife was of the clean? and he which is born of a daughters of Aaron, and her name woman that he should be righteous ? was Elisabeth. And that which

Lesson III. follows. A Homily of S. Ambrose the Bishop. IT E answer should be given to

them: they should first define Book 1 on S. Luke.

what is the meaning of a man's being The holy Scripture teaches us, that without sin : whether it is that he we should not merely praise the con- should never have sinned at all, or

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