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Ye hosts of his, this tribute pay, 13 God builds on liquid air, and Who still what he ordains fulfil. forms

His palace chambers in the 13 Let ev'ry creature jointly bless

skies; The mighty Lord; and thou, my The clouds his chariots are, and heart,

storms With grateful joy thy thanks ex.

The swift-wing'd steeds with press,

which he flies. And in this concert bear thy art.

4 As bright as flame, as swift as

wind, PSALM 82. (S. M.) His ininisters heaven's palace From the ciii. Psalm of David. They have their sundry tasks as

sign'd, O His grace to thee proclaim;

All prompt to do their SoveAnd all that is within me, join

reign's will. To bless his holy name. 5 In praising God while he pro2 O bless the Lord, my soul,

longs His mercies bear in inind;

My breath, I will that breath Forget not all his benefits,

employ: Who is to thee so kind.

And join devotion to my songs,

Sincere, as in him is my joy. 3 He pardons all thy sins,

PART II. Prolongs thy feeble breath;

(L. M.) He healeth thine infirmities, 1 HOW various, Lord, thy works And ransoms thee from death. are found,

For which thy wisdom we 4 He feeds thee with his love, adore !

Upholds thee with his truth; The earth is with thy treasure And, like the eagle's, he renews crown'd, The vigour of thy youth.

'Till nature's hand can grasp

no more. 5 Then bless the Lord, my soul,

His grace, his love proclaim: 2 All creatures, both of sea and Let all that is within me, join

land, To bless his holy Name.

In sense of common want agree; PSALM 83.

All wait on thy dispensing hand,

And have their daily alms from From the civ. Psalm of David. thee. PART I.

(L. M.)

3 They gather what thy stores

disperse, Lord, alone

Without their trouble to proPossessest empire without

vide; bounds

Thou op'st thy hand, the universe, With honour thou art crown'd, The craving world, is all sup. thy throne

plied. Eternal majesty surrounds.

4 Thou for a moment hidest thy 2 With light thou dost thyself en. face. robe,

The numerous ranks of creaAnd glory for a garment take; tures mourn; Heaven's curtains stretch beyond Thou takest their breath, all nathe globe,

ture's race Thy canopy of state to make.

Decay, and to their dust return.

BLESSO God, my soul; thou,

Ho Womanifold thy works, o

5 Again thou send'st thy spirit2 Sing to his praise in lofty hymns, forth,

His wondrous works rehearse; Inspiring vital energies; Make them the theme of your Nature's restored; replenish'd discourse, earth,

And subject of your verse. Joyous, her new creation sees. 3 Rejoice in bis Almighty Name, 6 Thus through successive ages Alone to be adored ; stands

And let their hearts o'erflow with Firm fix'd thy providential care; joy Pleased with the work of thine Thai humbly seek the Lord. own hands,

4 Seek ye the Lord, his saving Thou dost the waste of time


Devoutly still implore;
PSALM 84. (II. 3.)

And, where he's ever present,

seek From the civ. Psalm of Darid. His face for evermore.

5 The wonders that his hands

have wrought In wisdom, power, and goodness wrought!

Keep thankfully in mind; The earth is with thy riches

The righteous statutes of his stored,


And laws to us assign'd. And ocean with thy wonders fraught:

PSALM 86. (L. M.) Unfathom'd caves beneath the From the cvi. Psalm of David.

deep For thee their hidden treasures

above, keep.

The fountain of eternal love; 2 By thee alone the living live, Whose mercy firm through ages Hide but thy face, their com. past forts fly;

Has stood, and shall for ever last. They gather what thy seasons 2 Who can his mighty deeds exgive,

press, Take thou away their breath, Not only vast, but numberless ? they die;

What inortal eloquence can raise But send again thy spirit forth, His tribute of immortal praise ? And life renews the gladden'd|3 Happy are they, and only they earth.

Who from thy judgments never 3 Joy in his works Jehovah takes,

stray ; Yet to destruction they return; Who know what's right; nor only He looks uponthe earth, it quakes, so, To:iches the mountains, and But always practise what they they burn:

know. But God for ever is the same; Glory to his eternal Name !

4 Extend to me that favour, Lord,

Thou to thy chosen dost afford; PSALM 85. (C. M.)

When thou return'st to set them
From the cv. Psalm of David. free,

RENDER thanks, and bless Let thy salvation visit me.
the Lord,

5 O may I worthy prove to see Invoke his sacred Name; Thy saints in full prosperity; Acquaint the nations with his That I the joyful choir may join, deeds,

And count thy people's triumph His matchless deeds proclaim. mine.

O RENVEER thanks to God

6 Let Israel's God be ever bless’d,|3 Dismay’dthey climb the watery
His Name eternally confess'd; bills,
Let all his saints, with full accord, Dismay'd they plunge again ;
Sing loud Amens-praise ye the Each like a tottering drunkard


And finds his courage vain.

4 Then to the Lord they raise From the cvii. Psalm of David. their cries, PART I. (III. 1.) He hears their loud request,

He calms the fierce tempestuous MAGor his mercies ever sure,

skies, From eternity the same,

And lays the floods to rest. To eternity endure.

5 Rejoicing, they forget their

fears, 2 Let his ransom'd flock rejoice, They see the storm allay'd: Gather'd out of ev'ry land,

The wish'd for haven now ap. As the people of his choice,

pears; Pluck'd from the destroyer's There, let their vows be paid ! hand.

16 O that the sons of men would 3 In the wilderness astray,

praise In the lonely wastes they roam, And those who see his wondrous

The goodness of the Lord ! Hungry, fainting by the way,

ways Far from refuge, shelter, home:

His wondrous love record! 4 To the Lord their God they cry; PSALM 88. (C. M.)

He inclines a gracious ear, Sends deliverance from on high, From the cviii. Psalm of David. Rescues them from all their O GOD, my heart is fully bent

My tongue with cheerful songs 5 Them to pleasant lands he

of praise brings,

Shall celebrate thy fame. Where the vine and olive grow; 2 Awake, my lute; nor thou, my Where, from verdant hills, the

harp, springs Through luxuriant valleys flow. Whilst I with early hymns of joy

Thy warbling notes delay; 6 Othat men would praise the

Prevent the dawning day.

3 To all the listening tribes, 0
For his goodness to their race; Lord,
For the wonders of his word, Thy wonders I will tell,
And the riches of his grace!

And to those nations sing thy

praise PART II. (C. M.) That round about us dwell; 1 THY wondrous power, Al. 4 Because thy mercy's boundless mighty Lord,

height That rules the boist'rous sea, The highest heaven transcends, The bold adventurers record, And far beyond the aspiring

Who tempt that dangerous way. clouds 2 At thy command the winds Thy faithful truth extends. arise,

5 Be thou, O God, exalted high And swell the towering waves; Above the starry frame; While they astonish'd mount the And let the world, with one con skies,

sent, And sink in gaping graves. Confess thy glorious Name.


(II. 2.)

His truth, confirm'd through ages From the cx. Psalm of David. Shall to 'eternal ages last. THE THE Lord unto my Lord thus spake :

4 By precepts he hath us enjoin'd “Till I thy foes thy footstool To keep his wondrous works in make,

mind; Sit thou in state at my right That good anú gracious is our

And to posterity record hand; Supreme in Sion thou shalt be,

Lord. And all thy proud opposers see 5 His bouniy, like a flowing tide,

Subjected to thy just command. Has all his servant's wants sup2 “Thee, in thy power's triumph.

plied; ant day,

And he will ever keep in mind Thy willing people shall obey ;

His covenant with our fathers And, when thy rising beams sign'd.

they view, Shall all, (redeemed from error's

6 Just are the dealings of his

hands, night,)

Immutable are his commands, Appear more numerous and bright

By truth and equity sustain'd,

And for eternal rules ordain'd. Than crystal drops of morning dew."

7 He set his saints from bondage 3 The Lord hath sworn,


nor And then establish'd his decree, sworn in vain,

For ever to remain the same : That, like Melchisedec's, thy Holy and reverend is his Name.

reign And priesthood shall no period 8 Who wisdom's sacred prize see:

would win Anointed Prince! thou, bending Must with the fear of God begin; low,

Immortal praise and heavenly Shall drink where darkest tor

skill rents flow,

Have they who know and do his Then raise thy head in victory !

will. PSALM 90. (L, M.)

PSALM 91. (L. M.) From the cxi. Psalm of David. From the cxii. Psalm of David. PRAISE ye the Lord ! our God

man is bless'd, who

stands in awe My soul' her utmost power shall of God, and loves bis sacred law; raise ;

His seed on earth shall be reWith private friends, and in the

nown'd, throng

And with successive honours Of saints, his praise shall be my

crown'd. song 2 His works, for greatness though 2 The soul that's fill'd with vir. renown'd,

tue's light, His wondrous works with ease Shines brighiestin affliction's

night; are found By those who seek for them To pity the distress'd inclin'd, aright,

As well as just to all mankind. And in the pious search delight. 3 His liberal favours he extends, 3 His works are all of matchless To some he gives, to others lends; faine,

Yet what his charity impairs And universal glory claim He saves by prudence in affairs.



4 Beset with threatening dangers|3 O Israel, make the Lord your round,

trust, Unmoved shall he maintain his Who is your help and shield; ground;

Priests, Levites, trust in him The sweet remembrance of the alone, just

Who only help can yield. Shall flourish when he sleeps in 4 Let all who truly fear the Lord dust.

On him they fear rely ; PSALM 92. (II. 2.) Who them in danger can defend, From the cxiii. Psalm of David.

And all their wants supply. YE TE saints and servants of the 5 of us he oft has mindful been, Lord,

And Israel's house will bless; The triumphs of his Name re-Priests, Levites, proselytes, e'en cord;

all His sacred Name for ever Who his great Name confess. bless :

6 On you, and on your heirs, he Where'er the circling sun dis

will plays

Increase of blessings bring : His rising beams or setting rays, Thrice happy you who favourites Due praise to his great Name address.

Of this alrnighty King ! 2 God through the world extends 7 Heaven's highest orb of glory he his sway ;

His empire's seat design'd; The regions of eternal day

And gave this lower globe of But shadows of his glory are:

earth With him whose majesty 'excels,

A portion to mankind. Who made the heaven in which he dwells,

8 They who in death and silence Let no created power compare.


To him no praise afford, 3 Though 'tis beneath his state But we will bless for evermore to view

Our ever-living Lord.
In highest heaven what angels do,
Yet he to earth vouchsafes his

PSALM 94. (C. M.) care; He takes the needy from his cell, From the cxvi. Psalm of David. Advancing him in courts to dwell,


soul with grateful thoughts

of love Companion of the greatest there.

Entirely is possess'd,

Because the Lord vouchsafed to PSALM 93. (C. M.)

hear From the cxv. Psalm of David. The voice of my request. LORD not to us, we claim no 2 Since he has now his ear in

But to thy sacred Name, I never will despair ; Give glory for thy mercy's sake, But still in all the straits of life And truth's eternal fame.

To him address my prayer. 2 Why should the heathen cry, 3 With deadly sorrows "Where's now

pass'd round, The God whom ye adore ?" With pains of hell oppress'd; Convince them that in heaven When troubles seized my aching thou art,

heart, And uncontroll'd thy power. And anguish rack'd my breast :


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