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E. P. BRYAN, President.

H. M. FISHER, Secretary.

D. W. MCWILLIAMS, Treasurer.
FRANK HEDLEY, General Manager,

GEO. H. PEGRAM, Chief Engineer.

Fare, Five Cents. Children under five years of age, free.

Fare, including transfer on the Manhattan Elevated and Third Avenue surface systems, Eight Cents.

Trains will run between South Ferry and 129th Street daily and Sunday at intervals of 2 to 6 minutes from 4.37 A.M. to 12.43 A.M. midnight. Time, 35 minutes. Transfer to and from Third Avenue Line at 123th Street and Chatham Square. Through trains between Canal and 161st Streets 6.31 and 8.41 A. M. and 4.51 and 6.21 P. M. South Ferry to 129th Street, 8.81 miles.


South Ferry.
1st St. and 1st Ave.
Hanover Square.
8th St. and 1st Ave.
Fulton and Pearl Sts. 14th St. and 1st Ave.
Franklin Square.
19th St. and 1st Ave.
Chatham Square.
23d St. bet.1st and 2d Aves.
Canal and Allen Sts. 34th St. & 2d Ave., branch
Grand and Allen Sts. to 34th St. Ferry, E. R.
Rivington and Allen Sts.[42d St. and 2d Ave.

150th St. and 2d Ave. 57th St. and 2d Ave. 65th St. and 2d Ave. 724 St. and 2d Ave. 80th St. and 2d Ave. 86th St, and 2d Ave. 192d St. and 2d Ave. 199th St. and 2d Ave. THIRD AVENUE LINE.

111th St. and 2d Ave.
117th St. and 2d Ave.
121st St. and 2d Ave.
127th St. and 2d Ave.
129th St. (see stations on
3d Ave. and Subway
Division north of 129th

Trains will run daily and Sunday between City Hall and Bronx Park at intervals of 1 to 4 minutes from 5.30 A. M. to 12.45 A.M., then every 20 minutes to 5.30 A.M. Trains will run daily and Sunday between South Ferry and 129th Street at intervals of 6 minutes from 5.19 A. M. to 12 midnight, then every 20 minutes to 5.14 A. M. Branch to Grand Central Depot every few minutes from 6 A. M. to 12 midnight daily. Branch to 34th Street Ferry every few minutes from 5.30 A.M. to 12 midnight daily. Time between City Hall and Bronx Park, F1 minutes; Chatham Square to 129th Street, 28 minutes; South Ferry to 129th Street, 34 minutes. Transfer to and from Second Avenue Line at Chatham Square and 129th St. Trains will run daily and Sunday between 129th Street and Bronx Park at an interval of 2 to 6 minutes from 5 A. M. to 12.45 A.M., then every 10 minutes until 5 A.M. Running time, 21 minutes from 129th Street (Second or Third Avenue) to Bronx Park.

129th Street and Third Avenue to Bronx Park and Third Avenre, 5.15 miles.

Express trains leave Bronx Park for City Hall 6.32 to 8.29 A. M., and from City Hall 5.00 to 6.24 P. M. South Ferry to 129th St. and Third Ave., 8.53 miles; City Hall to 129th St, and Third Ave, 7.57 miles

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Trains will run daily and Sunday between South Ferry and 155th Street at intervals of 1% to 4 minutes from 5.30 A.M. to 12 midnight to 155th Street, and from 12 midnight to 5.30 A. M. every 10 minutes to 155th Street; Rector Street to 58th Street from 7.03 A. M. to 6.44 P.M., 6 minutes interval. The 58th Street station closes at midnight. A shuttle train is run between 58th Street and 50th Street station from 6.30 P.M. to 12 midnight, all main line trains after 6.46 P.M. from South Ferry going to 155th Street. The through time from Rector Street to 58th Street is 181⁄2 minutes; to 155th Street, 40 minutes. Passengers transferred at 59th Street to Ninth Avenue Line without extra charge. Crosstown (surface) cars run from Grand Central to 42d Street station.

South Ferry to 155th Street and Eighth Avenue, 10.76 miles; Rector Street to 58th Street and Sixth Avenue, 4.67 miles.

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59th St. and 9th Ave. 125th St. and 8th Ave.
66th St. & Columbus Ave. 130th St. and 8th Ave.
72d St.and Columbus Ave. (down track only).
81st St. & Columbus Ave. 135th St. and 8th Ave.
93d St, and Columbus Ave. 140th St. and 8th Ave.
104th St. & Columbus Ave, 145th St, and 8th Ave.
110th St., between 8th and 155th St. & 8th Ave.,con-
Columbus Aves.
nects with New York
& Putnam Railway.

116th St. and 8th Ave.


Trains will run daily and Sunday from South Ferry to 135th St, every 2 to 6 minutes, and from 135th St. to South Ferry every 2 to 6 minutes between 5.04 A. M. and 11.55 P.M.; 11.55 P.M. to 5.04 A.M., every 10 minutes, Time, 35 minutes to 135th Street.

Passengers transferred at 59th Street to Sixth Avenue Line without extra charge.

Express trains leave 155th Street for Rector Street 6.59 to 9.09 A. M., and Rector Street for 155th Street 2.21 to 6.30 P. M.

South Ferry to 155th Street ar. 1 Eighth Avenue, 10.07 miles; South Ferry to 59th Street and Ninth Avenue, 5.08 miles. South Ferry to 135th Street 9.07 miles.

South Ferry,

Battery Place.


Warren & Greenwich Sts. (Christopher& Greenwich. Franklin & Greenwich Sts 14th St. and 9th Ave. Rector & Greenwich Sts. Desbrosses& Gr'nwich Sts/234 St. and 9th Ave. Cortlandt & Gr'nwich St Houston & Greenwich Sts 30th St. and 9th Ave. Barclay & Greenwich Sts

34th St. and 9th Ave. 42d St. and 9th Ave 50th St. and 9th Ave. 59th St. and 9th Ave.



MAIN LINE. South Ferry. Bowling Green. Wall Street. Fulton Street. City Hall Loop. Brooklyn Bridge. Worth and Elm Sts. Canal and Elm Sts. Spring and Elm Sts. Bleecker and Elm Sts. Astor Pl. and 4th Ave. 14th St. and 4th Ave. 18th St. and 4th Ave. 23d St. and, 4th Ave. 28th St. and 4th Ave. 33d St. and 4th Ave. 42d St. and Park Ave.

Times Station (42d st.
and Broadway).
50th St. & Broadway.
Columbus Circle (60th

66th St. & Broadway.
72d St. and Broadway.
79th St. & Broadway.
86th St. & Broadway.
91st St. and Broadway.
96th St. & Broadway.


145th St. & Broadway., 145th St. and Lenox
157th St. & Broadway.
168th St. & Proadway.
181st St. & Broad way.
Dyckman St. & B' way.
207th St. & Broadway.
215th St. & Broadway.
225th St. & Broadway.
230th St. & Broadway.


EAST BRANCH. 110th St. and Lenox


116th St. and Lenox

125th St. and Lenox

135th St. and Lenox

Mott Av. and 149th St. 149th St. and 3d Ave. Jackson and Westches

ter Aves.

Prospect and West

chester Aves. Simpson St. and South Boulevard.

103d St. & Broadway.
110th St. & Broadway.
116th St. & Broadway.
Manhattan St. & B' way
137th St. & Broadway.
Children under five years of age, free. N

Fare, five cents.
Trains will run daily between City Hall, South Ferry, Brooklyn Bridge, 137th Street,
Dyckman and 230th Streets and Broadway, and 145th Street and Lenox Avenue, and 180th
Street and Boston Road.

Trains from the East and West Branches meet at 96th Street Junction, making the interval between that point and Brooklyn Bridge as follows:

Local trains, 12 midnight to 8.30 A. M., 7% to 2 minutes, and from 8.30 A. M. to 12 midnight, 2 to 3 minutes. Express trains from 6.37 A. M. to 8.25 A. M., 3 to 2 minutes, and from 8.25 A. M. to 12.24 A. M., 2 to 4 minutes.

Running time, Local trains: 137th street and Broadway to City Hall, 34 minutes; 180th Street and Boston Road to City Hall, 51 minutes.

Running time, Express trains: 230th Street to South Ferry, 45 minutes; Dyckman Street to South Ferry, 38% minutes; 180th Street to South Ferry, 45 minutes.

Brooklyn Bridge to 230th Street and Broadway, 14. 14. miles.
Brooklyn Bridge to 145th Street and Lenox Avenue, 9.46 miles.
Brooklyn Bridge to 180th St. and Boston Road, 13.50 miles.

Freeman St. and South
174th St. and Boston

177th St. and Boston

180th St. and Boston Road.

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FOX-BORDEN MFG. CO. 27 Thames Street, New York City Telephone 5655 Cortlandt

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THE DODGE COMPANY, Manufacturers

312-314 South Warren St.



N none of the arts is the advance of the beautiful more pronounced than in that of the art preservative of arts. And it is by a return to the past, idealizing the typography of the Fifteenth Century, that the highest form of the beautiful has been attained. Within ten years the greatest changes for the better have been made. William Morris, of the noted Kelmscott Press, is quoted as saying in 1890 that no good book printing has been done since the middle of the Sixteenth Century, and that the degradation of the art had been largely due to mean types. He urged the use of better types, a tolerance of quaintness, and the revival of medieval methods.

The adverse criticism of 1890 does not hold good now. A revolution has taken place from the over-ornate to the attractive and restful in typography. America has not been behind in this regard. The Jenson type is, perhaps, the best-known illustration. Between Nicholas Jenson and the American Type Founders' Company stretch nearly 450 years. It was in 1458 that Jenson, an engraver of the Paris mint, was sent to Mainz by Charles VII., King of France, to learn the new art of printing He studied for three years and returned to Paris. In 1471 Jenson printed four books in Venice. He remained in that romantic city to the end of his life, in 1481. It is said that he was not the first printer to make Roman types, but that he made them better than did his rivals.

In honor of this old typemaker the Jenson type of to-day is named. Like the French pioneer of the craft, the American type founders excel in their time in making the best faced type. On reflection, however, it seems strange that this handsome Roman letter, used in Venice in the Fifteenth Century. reached in the highest degree the necessary qualities of legibility and purity of line, and that the Twentieth Century can do no better than borrow its beauties for to-day's readers.

From the inception of printing from movable types, the masters who have handed down the honorable calling have taken pride in their work, like all true artists. Pierre-Simon Fournier, in his Manual Typographique, wrote:

"Type-founding is not like other arts, in which imperfect workmanship may find a use proportionate to its relative value. Printing should tolerate nothing that is bad, nor even that which is mediocre, since it costs as much to found and print bad types as it does to found and print perfect ones."

It is safe to say that the time will never come when the handicraft of the type-founder will be a lost art. The demand for the artistic in type, as well as in the other finer fancies of the age, is growing, and is being met by the founders," by which appellation the printers of the entire country designate the American Type Founders' Company, embracing the best-known and oldest-established concerns of a dozen cities.

This Company is the originator of all the leading type designs, and has unequalled facilities for supplying everything required in printing offices. It has lately issued very attractive specimen books, which cover the widest range in type faces in both plain and original designs. Among the new faces are the Cloister Black, Tabard, and the extensive Cheltenham family.

Additional specimen sheets are constantly being issued from the office, corner of Rose and Duane Streets, New York City, showing the new faces as soon as they are brought out for the public verdict.

Measures and mixes perfectly 2 to 3 dont yards per hour by hand; 3 to 6 yards

per hour by power. Price with 12 H. P. gasolene engine, $260.


Dykema Brick Machines, face down, $35 up.


Dykema Stone Ma-
chines, face down,
$70 up.
Sewer Pipe Moulds,
Ornamental Moulds,
Concrete Appliances
of all kinds.

Send for Catalog.


SKEPTICS Dr. Baird's Air Cushion Pessary

Are you ruptured, discouraged and with no faith in trusses? You will be converted if you get The Huston Automatic Truss

Five Distinct Points of Excellence

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First-Patient can adjust it herself.


Second-It will not Irritate, Cause Soreness nor Tenderuessi ban Third-Will give Perfect Relief in cases of Cystocele and Rectocele. A1-9

Fourth-Modified forms can be furnished for Versions and Proci dentia.

Fifth-Can be adjusted each morning, worn with comfort during the day, and removed at bedtime.

Send for Booklet to

Patented 1907

DR. W. T. BAIRD, Inventor and Prop.,



Makers of Trusses, Abdominal Supporters, Deformi y Apparatus, etc., etc. 35 RANDOLPH STREET, CHICAGO, ILL., U. SAU Established 1887.

Incorporated 1903,


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