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Verbal, verbose.

Wappened, decayed, diseased. Witch, to bewitch.
Verify, to bear witness.
Warder, a sentinel

Withy, judicious, cunning.
Venew, a bout (in fencing.) Warp, to change from the natural state. Wits, senses.
Vengeance, mischief.
Wee, very little.

Wittol, knowing, conscious
Veneys, hits.
Weeds, clothing.

Wittol, a contented cuckold.
Veronese, a ship from Verona. Ween, to imagine.

Woe, to be sorry
Versing, writing verses.
Weigh, to value or esteem.

Woman, to affect deeply.
Very, immediate.
Weird, prophetic.

Woman-tired, henpecked.
Via, a cant phrase of exultation. Welkin, the sky.

Wondered, able to perform wonders. Vice, the fool of the old moralities. Welkin-eye, blue eye.

Wood, crazy, frantic.
Vice, grasp
Well-a-near! lack-a-day!

Wooden thing, awkward business.
Vie, to brag.
Well-liking, plump.

World to see, wonderful.
Viewless, invisible.
Wend, to go.

Woodman, an attendant on the forester
Villain, a worthless fellow, a servant. Westward hoe, the name of a play acted Woolward, wearing wool.
Vild, vile.

in Shakspeare's time.

Work, fortification. Violenteth, rageth.

Wether, used for a ram.

Workings, thoughts.
Virginal, a kind of spinnet.
Wear, the fashion.

Worm, a serpent.
Virtue, valour.

Whelked, varied with protuberances. Worth, wealth.
Virtuous, healthy.
Whe'r, whether.

Worship, dignity.
Virtuous, well-bred.
Where, whereas.

Wreak, to revenge ; resentment.
Vixen, or Fixen, a female fox. Whiffler, an officer in processions. Wrest, an instrument for tuning the
Vizament, advisement.
Whiles, until.

Vox, tone or voice.
Whinidst, mouldy.

Wrested, obtained by force.
Vulgar, common.
Whip, the crack, the best.

Wretch, a term of fondness.
Vulgarly, commonly.

Whipstock, the carter's whip. Writ, writing.
Whirring, hurrying.

Write, to pronounce confidently,
Whist, being silent.

Writhled, wrinkled. Waft, to beckon.

White, the white mark in the target. Wry, to deviate. Wagé, to combat.

White-death, the green sickness. Wrong, hurt. Wages, is equal to.

Whiting-time, bleaching time. Wroth, misfortune. Waist, that part of a ship between the Whitsters, linen bleachers.

Wrought, agitated. quarter deck and the forecastle. Whittle, a pocket knife.

Wrung, pressed, strained.
Waist, the middle.

Whooping, measure and reckoning,
Walk, a district in a forest.
Wide, remote from.

Wanned, pale.
Wilderness, wildness,

Yare, nimble, handy.
Wannion, vengeance.
Will, wilfulness.

Yarely, nimbly, adroitly.
Ward, posture of defence.
Wimple, a hood or veil.

Yearn, to grieve or vex.
Ward, guardianship.

Winchester Goose, a strumpet Yeild, to inform of. Warden, a pear

Winking-gates, gates hastily closed Yellowness, jealousy Warn, summon.

from fear of danger.

Yeoman, a bailiff's follower Wassel candle, candle used at festivals. Winnowed, examined.

Yerk, to kick. Wassels, rustic revelry.

Winter-ground, to protect against win. Yesty, foaming, frothy Watch, á watch-light.


Young, early. Water-work, water-colours. Wis, to know

z. Wax, to grow.

Wise woman, a witch, a fortune-teller. Zany, a buffoon.
Waxen, increase.
Wish, to recommend

Zealous, pious.
Waxen, soft, yielding
Wit, to know

Zed, a term of contempt.
Wanton, a feeble or effem’nate man.


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