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the Concernment of the World) if a Man spent his Reputation all at once, and ventur'd it at one Throw: But if he be to continue in the World, and would have the Advantage of Conversation whilft he is in it; let him make use of Truth and Sincerity in all his Words and Actions; for nothing but this will last and hold out to the End. All other Arts will fail, but Truth and Integrity will carry a Man thro', and bear him out to the latt. It's Solomon's Observation, that the Lip of Truth is efta. blished, but a lying Tongue but for a Moment.

Every Man will readily grant, that Truth and Sincerity are great Virtues, and Arguments of a generous Miud; but that there is so much of true Wisdom in them, and that they really serve to profit our Interest in this World, seems a great Paradox to the Generality of Men, and yet I doubt not but it is undoubtedly true, and generally found to be so in the Experience of Mankind

Lastly, To what Purpose should one be so cunning when our abode in this world is so short and uncertain? Why should any Man, by dissembling his Judgment or acting contrary to it, incur at once the Displeasure of God, and the Discontent of his own Mind; especially, if we consider, that all our Dissimulation shall one Day be made manifest, and published on the open Theatre of the World, before God, Angels and Men, to our everlasting Shame and Confusion?

Let us then be now what we would be glad to be found in that Day, when all Pretences


shall be examined, and the clofest Hypocrify of Men shall be laid open, and dafh'd out of Countenance; when the Secrets of all Hearts shall be disclosed, and all the hidden Works of Darkness shall be revealed ; and all our Thoughts, Words and Actions, shall be brought to a strict and severe Trial, and be censured by that impartial and infallible Judgment of God, which is according to Truth in the Day when God shall judge the Secrets of Men by: Jesus Christ.

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Just Published, perused and

approved by several Eminent


An Effay for a general Regulation of the Law, and the more eafy and speedy Advancement of Justice, in which the great Corruptions and Expences of Law Controversies are exposed, and effectual Methods proposed to redress such great National Grievances, 'addresled to the Right Honourable the Lord King, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, and humbly referr’d to the Confideration of the Parliament. By a Gentleman of the West Riding of the County of York. Pr. 3 s. 6 d.

Printed for Stephen AUTSEN in St. Paul's


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PLATS fold by STEPHEN AUSTEN At the Angel,

over against the North Door of St. Pauls.



Jane Shore, All for Love, Jane Gray, Anatomift,

Inconftant, Ambitious Stepmother, Iland Princess, Artful Husband, King Lear, Artful Wife,

London Cuckolds, Beaux's Stratagem,

Love and a Bottle, Beggar's Bush,

Love for Money, Boarding School,

Love makes a Man; Bold Strike for a Wife, Love's last Shift, Briton,

Mariamne, Buły Body,

Measure for Measure, Caius Marius, Merry Wives of Windsor, Campaign,

Northern Lass, Careless Husband, Oroonoko, Cato,

Orphan, Chances,


Phædra and Hippolitus,
Conscious Lovers, Recruiting Officer,
Country Wife, Rehearsal and Chances,
Sir Courtly Nice, Revenge,
Cruel Gift,

Royal Convert,
Devil of a Wife, Refural,
Diftress'd Mother, Rule a Wife,
Don Sabastian, She Gallants,
Double Gallant, She wou'd and the wou'dn't,

She would, if she could,
Duke of Gloucester, Siege of Damascus,
Earl of Ellex,

Spartan Dame,

'Squire of Alsatia, Fair Penitent,

Tamerlanes Fair Quaker of Deal, Theodofius, Fall of Saguntum,

Twin-Rivals, Fatal Marriage,

Venice preserv'd, Gamester,

Ulyffes, Hamlet,

Sir Walter Raleigh, Humorous Lieutenant, Wife's Excuse.

With great Variety of Novels, History, &c.

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