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Dale.-The Domestic Liturgy and Family

Chaplain, in Two Parts : The First Part being Church Services adapted for Domestic Use, with Prayers for every day of the week, selected exclusively from the Book of Common Prayer ; Part II. comprising an appropriate Sermon for every Sunday in the year. By the Rev. Thomas DALE, M.A., Canon Reai. dentiary of St. Paul's. Sccond Edition. Post 4to. price 21s. cloth ; 3ls. 6d. calf ; or £2. 10s. morocco,

| THE FAMILY CHAPLAIN, 12s. Separately


Eastlake.- Materials for a History of Oil

Painting. By Sir CHARLES Lock EASTLAKE, F.R.S., F.S.A., President of the Royal

Academy. 8vo. price 16s. The Eclipse of Faith; or, a Visit to a

Religious Sceptic. 7th Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. A Defence of The Eclipse of Faith, by its

Author: Being a Rejoinder to Protessor Newman's Reply: Including a full Examination of that Writer's Criticism on the Character of Christ; and a Chapter on the Aspects and Pretensions of Modern Deism. Second Edition, revised. Post 8vo. 59. 60.


The Englishman's Greek Concordance of

the New Testament: Being an Attempt at a Verbal Connexion between the Greek and the English Texts ; including a Concordance to the Proper Names, with Indexes, GreekEnglish and English Greek. New Edition,

with a new Index. Royal 8vo. price 42s. The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Con

cordance of the Old Testament: Being an Attempt at a Verbal Connection between the Original and the English Translations ; with Indexes, a List of the Proper Names and their Occurrences, &c. 2 vols. royal 8vo. £3. 13s. 6d. ; large paper, £4. 14s. 6d.

Davy (Dr. J.) — The Angler and his

Friend; or, Piscatory Colloquies and Fishing Excursions. By John Davy, M.D.,

F.R.S., &c. Fcp. 8vv. price 6s. Delabeche. — The Geological Observer.

By Sir Henry T. DELABECHE, F.R.S., late Director-General of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom. New Edition ; with

numerous Woodcuts. 8vo. price 18s. Delabeche.- Report on the Geology of

Cornwall, Devon, and West Somerset. By
Director-General of the Geological Survey.
With Maps, Woodcuts, and 12 Plates. 8vo.

price 14s. De la Rive.- A Treatise on Electricity,

in Theory and Practice. By A. DE LA RIVE, Professor in the Academy of Geneva. With numerous Wood Engravings. Vol. I. 8vo. price 189.

* The Second Volume is nearly ready. Dennistoun. – Memoirs of Sir Robert

Strange, Knight, Engraver, Member of several Foreign Academies of Design ; and of his Brother-in-law, Andrew Lumisden, Private Secretary to the Stuart Princes, and Author of The Antiquities of Rome.

Ву JAMES DENNISTOUN, of Dennistoun. 2 vole.

post 8vo. with Illustrations, 213. Desprez.-The Apocalypse Fulfilled in

the Consumination of the Mosaic Economy and the Coming of the Son of Man: An Answer to the Apocalyptic Skelch's and The End, by Dr. Cumming. By the Rev. P. S. DESPREZ, B.D. Second Edition, enlarged.

8vo. price 12s. Discipline. By the Author of "Letters

to my Unknown Friends,” &c. Second

Edition, enlarged. 18mo. price 29. 6d. Duberly.- A Journal kept during the

Russian War, from the Departure of the Army froin England in April 1854.

By Mrs. HENRY DUBERLY. Post 8vo. [Just ready.

Ephemera. - A Handbook of Angling;

Teaching Fly-fishing, Trolling, Bottomfishing, Salmon-fishing; with the Natural History of River Fish, and the best modes of Catching them. By EPHEMERA. Third and cheaper Edition, corrected and im

proved; with Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. Ephemera. – The Book of the Salmon: Com

prising the Theory, Principles, and Practice of Fly-fishing for Salmon : Lists of good Salmon Flies for every good River in the Empire ; the Natural History of the Salmon, all its known Habits described, and the best way of artificially Breeding it ex. plained. With numerous coloured Engravings. By EPHEMERA ; aseisted by ANDREW Young. Fcp. 8vo. with coloured Plates, price 14s.

W. Erskine, Esq. — History of India

under Báber and Humáyun, the First Two Sovereigns of the House of Taimur. By

WILLIAM ERSKINE, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 323. Faraday (Professor). – The Subject .

Matter of Six Lectures on the Non-Metallio Elements, delivered before the Members of the Royal Institution, by Professor FARADAY, D.C.L., F.R S., &c. Arranged by permission from the Lecturer's Notes by J. SCOFFERN, M.B. Fcp. 8vo. price 5s. 6d.

[blocks in formation]

Harry Hieover.-The Pocket and the Stud; or,

Practical Hints on the Management of the Stable. By HARRY HIEOVER. Second Edition ; with Portrait of the Author. Fcp. 8vo. price 5s. half-bound.

Mr. W. R. Greg's Contributions to The

Edinburgh Review,- Essays on Political and
Social Science. Contributed chiefly to the
Edinburgh Review. By WILLIAM R. GREG.

2 vols. 8vo. price 248. Gurney.--Historical Sketches ; illustrat

ing some Memorable Events and Epochs, from A.D. 1,400 to A.D. 1,546. By the Rev. J. HAMPDEN GURNEY, M.A. Fcp. 8vo.

price 78. 6d. Gurney.- St. Louis and Henry IV.: Being a

Second Series of Historical Sketches.
Fcp. 8vo. 6s.

Hassall (Dr.)-Food and its Adultera

tions : Comprising the Reports of the Analytical Sanitary Commission of The Lancet for the Years 1851 to 1854 inclusive, revised and extended. By ARTHUR HILL HASSALL, M.D., &c., Chief Analyst of the Commission; Author of The Microscopical Anatomy of the Human Body. 8vo. with 159 Woodcuts, price 28s.

Gwilt.-An Encyclopædia of Architecture,

Historical, Theoretical, and Practical. By JOSEPH GWILT. With more than 1,000 Wood Engravings, from Designs by J. S. GWILT. Third Edition. 8vo. 42s.

Col. Hawker's Instructions to Young

Sportsmen in all that relates to Guns and Shooting. 10th Edition, revised and brought down to the Present Time, by the Author's Son, Major P. W. L. HAWKER. With a New Portrait of the Author, from a Bust by W. Belies, Esq. ; and numerous explanatory Plates and Woodouts. 8vo. 21s.

Hamilton. - Discussions in Philosophy

and Literature, Education and University Reform. Chiefly from the Edinburgh Review; corrected, vindicated, enlarged, in Notes and Appendices. By Sir WILLIAM HAMILTON, Bart. Second Edition. 8vo. price 21s.

Hare (Archdeacon).–The Life of Luther,

in Forty-eight Historical Engravings. By GUSTAV KÖNIG. With Explanations by Archdeacon HARE and SUSANNA WINK. WORTH. Fcp. 4to. price 28s. cloth, gilt top.

Haydon.-The Life of Benjamin Robert

Haydon, Historical Painter, from his Autobiography and Journals. Edited and compiled by Tom TAYLOR, M.A., of the Inner Temple, Esq. ; late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; and late Professor of the English Language and Literature in University Col. lege, London. 3 vols. post 8vo. 31s. 6d.



Haydn's Book of Dignities: Containing | Hooker.-Museum of Economic Botany;

Rolls of the Official Personages of the British or a Popular Guide to the Useful and ReEmpire, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Judicial, Mili markable Vegetable Products of the Museum tary, Naval, and Municipal, from the Earliest in the Royal Gardens of Kew. By Sir W.J. Periods to the Present Time; Compiled HOOKER, K.H., D.C.L. Oxon, F.R.A. and chiefly from the Records of the Public L.S. &c., Director. With 29 Woodcuts. Offices. Together with the Sovereigns of 16mo. price ls. Europe, from the foundation of their respective States; the Peerage and Nobility of Hooker and Arnott. - The British Flora; Great Britain, and numerous other Lists. Being a New Edition, improved and conti.

Comprising the Phænogamous or Flowering

Plants, and the Ferns. Seventh Edition, nued, of Beatson's Political Index. By

with Additions and Corrections ; and nuJOSEPH HAYDN. 8vo. price 25s. half-bound.

merous Figures illustrative of the Umbelli.

ferous Plants, the Composite Plants, the Sir John Herschel.-Outlines of Astro

Grasses, and the Ferns. By Sir W. J. nomy. By Sir John F. W. HERSCHEL, HOOKER, F.R.A. and L.S., &c., and G. A. Bart. &c. New Edition ; with Plates and

WALKER-A1 NOTT, LL.D., F.L.S. 12mo. Wood Engravings. 8vo. price 188.

with 12 Plates, price 148. ; with the Plates

coloured, price 21s. Hill.–Travels in Siberia. By S. S. Hill, Esq., Author of Travels on the shores of

Horne's Introduction to the Critical the Ballic. With a large coloured Map of European and Asiatic Russia. 2 vols. post

Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scrip8vo. price 24s.

tures. A New Edition, revised, corrected, and brought down to the present time, by

T. HARTWELL HORNE, B.D. (the Author); Hints on Etiquette and the Usages of

the Rev. SAMUEL DAVIDSON, D.D., of the Society: With a Glance at Bad Habits.

University of Halle, and LL.D.; and S. New Edition, revised (with Additions) by a

PBIDEAUX TREGELLES, LL.D. 4 vols. 8vo. Lady of Rank. Fcp. 8vo. price Half-a-Crown.

[In the press.

Lord Holland's Memoirs.-Memoirs of

the Whig Party during my Time. By HENRY RICHARD LORD HOLLAND. Edited by his Son, HENRY EDWARD LORD HOLLAND. Vols. I. and II. post 8vo. price 9s. 6d. each.

Horne. - A Compendious Introduction to the

Study of the Bible. By the Rev. T. Hart. WELL HORNE, B.D. Being an Analysis of his Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. New Edition, with Maps and other Engravings. 12mo. 9s.

Holland.-Medical Notes and Reflec

tions. By Sir Henry HOLLAND, Bart., M.D., F.R.S., &c., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Physician in Ordinary to Her Majesty the Queen and to His Royal Highness Prince Albert.

Third Edition, with Alterations and Additions. 8vo. 183. Holland.- Chapters on Mental Physiology. By

Sir Henry HOLLAND, Bart., F.R.S., &c. Founded chiefly on Chapters contained in the First and Second Editions of Medical Notes and Reflections by the same Author. 8vo. price 10s. 60.

Horne. - The Communicant's Companion: Com

prising an Historical Essay on the Lord's Supper; Meditations and Prayers for the use of Communicants ; and the Order of the Administration of the Lord's Supper or Holy Cominunion. By the Rev. T. HARTWELL HORNE, B.D. Royal 32mo. 28. 6d.; morocco, 4s. 6d.

How to Nurse Sick Children: Intended

especially as a Help to the Nurses in the Hospital for Sick Children ; but containing Directions of service to all who have the charge of the Young. Fcp. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

Hook.- The Last Days of Our Lord's

Ministry: A Course of Lectures on the principal Events of Passion Week. By the Rev. W. F. Hook, D.D. New Edition. Fcp. 8vo. price 6s.

Howitt (A. M.) – An Art-Student in

Munich. By Anna Mary Howitt. 2 vols. post 8vo. price 14s.

Hooker.-Kew Gardens; or, a Popular

Guide to the Royal Botanic Gardens of
K.H., D.C.L., F.R.A., and L.S., &c. &c.
Director. New Edition ; with numero'is
Wood Engravings. 16mo. price Sixpence.

Howitt. - The Children's Year. By Mary

HowІтт. . With Four Illustrations, from Designs by Anna Mary Howitt. Square 16mo. 59.


[blocks in formation]



Mrs. Jameson. - Sisters of Charity, , Kemble.--The Saxons in England: A

Catholic and Protestant, Abroad and at History of the English Commonwealth till Home. By Mrs. JAMESON, Author of Sacred the period of the Norman Conquest. By and Legendary Art. Second Edition, with JOHN MITCHELL KEMBLE, M.A., F.C.P.S, a new Preface. Fcp. 8vo. 4s.

&c. 2 vols. 8vo. price 28s. Jaquemet.-A Compendium of Chrono

Kemp.-The Phasis of Matter : Being logy : Containing the most important Dates

an Outline of the Discoveries and Applicaof General History, Political, Ecclesiastical,

tions of Modern Chemistry. By T. LINDand Literary, from the Creation of the

LEY KEMP, M.D., Author of The Natural World to the end of the year 1854. By

History of Creation, Indications of Instinct,"

&c. With 148 Woodcuts. 2 vols. crown F. H. JAQUEMET. Edited by the Rev. JOHN ALCORN, M.A. Post 8vo. 7s. 6d.

8vo. 21s.

Kennard. - Eastern Experiences colLord Jeffrey's Contributions to The

lected during a Winter Tour in Egypt and Edinburgh Review. A New Edition, com

the Holy Land. By ADAM STEINMETZ plete in One Volume, with a Portrait on

KENNARD. Post 8vo. 10s. 6d. graved by Henry Robinson, and a Vignette. Square crown 8vo. 21s. cloth; or 30s. calf : Kesteven.-A Manual of Domestic PracOr in 3 vols. 8vo. price 42s.

tice of Medicine, &c. By W. B. KESTEVEN,

F.R.C.S. Square post 8vo. [In the press. Bishop Jeremy Taylor's Entire Works : With Life by Bishop HEBER. Revised and

Kippis's Collection of Hymns and Psalms corrected by the Rev. CHARLES PAGE EDEN, for Public and Private Worship. New Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. Now Edition ; including a New Supplement by complete in 10 vols. 8vo. 10s. 6d. each.

the Rev. EDMUND KELL, M.A. 18mo.

price 4s. cloth ; or 4s. 60. roan. Johns and Nicolas.- The Calendar of Victory : Being a Record of British Valuur

Kirby and Spence's Introduction to and Conquest by Sea and Land, on Every Entomology ; or, Elements of the Natural Day in the Year, from the Earliest Period History of Insects : Comprising an account to the Battle of Inkerman Project and of noxious and useful Insects, of their Metacommenced by the late Major Jouns, R.M.; morphoses, Food, Stratagems, Habitations, continued and completed by Lieutenant Societies, Motions, Noises, Hybernation, P. H. NICOLAS, R.M. Fcp. 8vo. 12s. 6d. Instinct, &c. New Edition. 2 vols. 8vo.

with Plates, price 31s. 6d. Johnston.-A Dictionary of Geography, Descriptive, Physical, Statistical, and Histori

Laing's (S.) Observations on the Social cal: Forming a complete General Gazetteer

and Political State of Denmark and the of the World. By A. KEITH JOHNSTON,

Duchics of Sleswick and Holstein in 1851 : F.R.S.E., F.R.G.S., F.G.S., Geographer at

Being the Third Series of Notes of a Traveller. Edinburgh in Ordinary to Her Majesty.

8vo. price 12s. Second Edition, brought down to May 1855; in 1 vol. of 1,360 pages, comprising

Laing's (S.) Observations on the social and

Political State of the European People in about 50,000 Names of Places. Dro.price 36s.

1848 and 1849: Being the Second Series cloth; or lialf-bound in russia, 41s.

of Notes of a Traveller. 8vo. price 148. Jones (Owen).-Flowers and their Kin

The First Series, in 16mo. price 2s.6d. dred Thoughts: A Series of Stanzis. By MARY ANNE Bacon. With beautiful Illus.

Dr. Latham on Diseases of the Heart. trations of Flowers, designed and executed Lectures on Subjects connected with Clinical in illuminated printing by Owen JONES. Medicine: Diseases of the Heart. By P. M. Reprinted. Imperial 8vo. price 31s. 6d. calf. LATHAM, M.D., Physician Extraordinary to

the Queen, New Edition. 2 vols. 12mo. Kalisch.-Historical and Critical Com.

price 16s. mentary on the Old Testament. By Dr. Mrs. R. Lee's Elements of Natural HisM. Kalisch, M.A. First Portion-Exodus : in Hebrew and English, with copious Notes,

tory; or, First Principles of Zoology : Coin. Critical, Philological, and Explanatory.

prising the Principles of Classification, inter

spersed with amusing and instructive Ac. 8vo. 15s.

counts of the most remarkable Animals. ... An Edition of the Exodus, as above (for the use of English New Edition, enlarged, with numerous addi. readers, comprising the English Translation, and an abridged Commentary. bro. price 12s.

tional Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. price 7s. 6d.

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