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[blocks in formation]

Vernon, Admiral, ii, 265

Wellesley, Hon. Rev. G., i, 76

Wellesley Sir Henry, i, 76

Weymouth, Lord, i, 234

Vinceslaus, King of Bohemia, iii, Winceslaus King of Bohemia, iii,


Virgil, iii, 4

Uladislaus the First, King of Poland,
iii, xxxi

Uladislaus the Second, King of Po-
land, iii, xxxvii

Uladislaus, Duke of Opolen, iii,
xlv, lxxi

Waldegrave, Colonel John, i, 184
Wales, Frederick, Prince of, i, 21,

Wales, Prince of, i, 165

Wales, Frederick, Prince of, his
Character, i, 241
Wales, Princess of, i, 130
Walker, Kitty, i, 131

Walker, Kitty, account of her, ii, 6
Waller, ii, 16

Waller, ii, 83, 96, 112
Waller, Mr., ii, 178
Walmod, Baroness, i, 130
Walmoole, Baron, ii, 201

Walpole, Sir R. i, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 16,
18, 20, 21, 22, 42

Walpole, Sir R. i, 52, 64, 65
Walpole, Sir R. i, 144

Walpole, i, 157, 158

Walpole, Sir Robert, his Character

by Sir Charles Hanbury Williams,
i, 206

Walpole, i, 192, 223, 234

Walpole, ii, 52, 60, 63, 73

Walpole, Sir R., ii, 121

Walpole, ii, 140

Walpole, ii, 194

Walpole, iii, 21, 29, 44, 51

Walpole, Robert, Second Earl of
Orford, i, 180

Walpole, Horace, First Lord Wal-
pole, elder Brother of Sir Robert,
bis adulation to Sir Richard

Elly, i, 48


Winchelsea, Earl of, i, 143

Winchelsea, Earl of, ii, 81

Winchelsea, Earl of, ii, 196
Winchelsea, Lord, iii, 36

Windham, Mr. Thomas, iii, 87, 106
William Third, i, 51, 80

Williams, Sir Charles Hanbury, an
account of his Wit and Poetry, i,

Williams, Sir Charles, his reply to
Mrs. Bindon, ii, 20

Williams, Sir Charles Hanbury, an
Ode to him, ii, 26, do. ii, 30
Williams, Sir Charles Hanbury, goes
to the King of Poland, ii, 208,

Williams, Sir Charles, reconciles the
Court of Vienna and Petersburgh,
goes to Berlin, where he is
coldly received by the King of
Prussia, ii, 209

Williams, Sir Charles Hanbury,
concludes a subsidiary treaty with
the Court of Russia, ii, 211
Wilmington, Spencer Compton, Earl
of, curious anecdotes respecting
him, i, 45

Wilmington, Earl of, i, 139
Wilmington, i, 147

Wilmington, i, 223

Wilmington, Lord, i, 239

Wilmington, Lord, ii, 55

Wilmington, Lord, ii, 103, 115

Wilmington, ii, 140

Wilmington, Lord, ii, 199

Wilmington, iii, 35

Winnington, Thomas, Esq., one of
the Lords of the Treasury, remark-
able for his wit, i, 22
Winnington, i, 130
Winnington, Mr., i, 167
Winnington, ii, 60

[blocks in formation]

Wyndham, Sir William, i, 213
Wyndham Sir William, i, 224
Wyndham, Sir W., i, 226

Xavier, Prince, ii, 218

Yarmouth, Lady, ii, 135
Yarmouth, Countess of, ii, 201
Yarmouth, Lady, ii, 253
Yarmouth, Lady, iii, 41, 42
York, Duke of, i, 52

Yorke, Hon. Philip, Ode to, i, 178
Young, Sir William, Secretary of
War, recommended to bang Mr.
Doddington in the House of Com-
mons, i, 27
Yonge, ii, 84

Young, Sir W., iii, 26

Young, Dr., i, 46

Young, Dr., ii, 102

Zemislaus, King of Poland, iii, xvii.


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