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477. The question of the applicabii. | 501. Cross-examination of experts.

ity of State statutes of limita- 502. Evidence of damages.

tion to rights of action for in 503. Defendant's evidence in chief.

fringements committed after 504. Evidence to sustain the first

June 22, 1874.


478. Replications, rejoinders, and 505. To sustain the second defence.

sur-rejoinders, where licenses or 506. To sustain the third defence,

releases are pleaded.

when based on prior patents.

479. Replications, where the national 507. When based on prior printed

statute of limitation is pleaded. publications.

480. Replications and rejoinders, 508. When based on prior knowl-

wbere a State statute of limita- edge or use.

tion is pleaded.

509. Rebutting evidence to the

481. The similiter.

third defence, when based on

482. Demurrers.

prior knowledge or use.

483. Demurrers to declarations. 510. Rebutting evidence to the

484. Demurrers to pleas.

third defence, however based.

483. Demurrers to replications. 511. Evidence to sustain the fourth

486. Joinders in demurrer.


487. Trial of actions at law for in- 512. To sustain the fifth defence.

fringements of patents.

513. The sixth defence.

488. Trial by jury.

514. The seventh defence.

489. Rules of practice.

515. The eighth defence.

490. Rules of evidence.

516. The ninth defence.

491. Letters patent as evidence. 517. The tenth defence.

492. Reissue letters patent are pri- 518. The eleventh defence.

ma facie evidence of their own 519. The twelfth defence.


520. The thirteenth defence.

493. Extensions of patents are prima 521. The fourteenth defence.

· facie evidence of their own va-

522. The fifteenth defence.


523. The sixteenth defence.

494. Letters patent presumed to be 524. The seventeenth defence.

in force till the end of the term 525. The eighteenth defence.

expressed on their face.

526. The nineteenth defence.

495. Evidence of title.

527. The twentieth defence.

496. Neither licenses; releases, nor 528. The twenty-first defence.

omission to mark “patented 529. The twenty-second defence.

need be negatived in a plain- 530. The twenty-third defence.

tiff's prima facie evidence. 531. The twenty-fourth defence.

497. Evidence of the defendant's 532. The twenty fifth defence.


533. The twenty-sixth defence.

498. Expert evidence of infringe- 534. The twenty-seventh defence.


535. How testimony is taken in ac-

499. Hypothetical questions for ex- tions at law.


536. When the judge may direct the

500. Expert testimony relevant to jury to return a verdict for the

the state of the art.


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