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science ; and not as busy bodies, preachers in general ; their duty and

or evil-doers



Thirdly. The duties of others; Sect. I. What the gospel is ; and its

and how we ought to behave



toward such as are afflicted and Sect. ii. Of gospel preachers, their


317 duty and recompense


To sympathize with them, visit, See more of church officers, chap. xxv.

help, comfort, and pray for them;

Chap. XXV. Of the church of Christ,

and take heed we add not to their

onder the several notions thereof,



and the things belonging thereto, in

Chap. XXI. Of public or common ca. general; and also with regard to

lamities and judgments, whence they particular churches


S19 First. The several acceptations of the

Sect. 1. That they are of God's ap-

church mentioned in scripture ib.

pointment, and none can guard

1. General, or universal


against them

ib. II. Universal, visible


See alsa looking to God in affliction,

III. Particular visible churches of

chap. xx.

believers, who are joined toge-

Sect. II. The privileges of the ser-

ther as one body, and usually
vants of God in such a time 320

meet together in one place, for
See more in saints' privileges in general,

the participation of the same or-

chap. xii.

dinances, and exercising duties

Sect. int. The duties of the righteous

as a church, and one to another

in such times of distress


as members thereof

CHAP. XXII. Of magistrales and ma-

Secondly. The dignity, privileges, and



blessings belonging to the church,

Sect. 1. That magistracy is an ordi.

of Jesus Christ in general, as such S40
nance of God : that by him magis-

See union and relation between Christ and
trates are advanced to office; the

his church, chap. xiv.
titles given to them

ib. Thirdly. Of the qualifications of mem-
Sect. II. What they are in the sight of

bers of the church of God; what

God, and considered as men 324

they should be


Sect. 11. What are the duties of ma- Fourthly. Of the property that parti-
gistrates : what they should not be ;

cular chorches had in their members,
and what they should be

and of others joining themselves to

Sect. iv. The duties of subjects to ma.



gistrates, with respect both to their Fifthly, Of letters commendatory, and

persons and decrees

329 the churches receiving of such as

First. What they may not do: when

were recommended to them by word

and wherein they may not obey

or letter



ib. Sixthly. Of the order of the charches

Secondly. What they ought to do,

in their assemblies and meetings:

or wherein they should acknow-

their stated regulations in constant

ledge and obey them




1. To submit to, and obey them Seventbly. Of the gifts of prayer, pro-
in things lawful

ib. phesying, psalms, tongues, &c.which
II. To give them due honour and

the members of churches received:
respect. Not contemn their per-

how they used them in the church
sons, or speak evil of them 330 assemblies, and elsewhere, for the

III. To pray for them

331 edification one of another, and in-

IV. To endeavour to get good

struction of others : the order how


ib. they should be used, directed : such

V. To discover treasons

gifts to be desired for this end.

VI. To submit to lawful magis- Eighthly. Of other acts done in and by

trates which God hath set up,

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these particular churches, in sending

although they be not such as

messengers to other churches; and,

they should be

ib. upon occasion, determining contro-

See also the kings of Isruel and Judah,

versies, writing and sending epistles
and other affairs, of their meeting

together in order thereto, and hearing

Chap. XXIII. Ofan oath for testimony,

such epistles: the epistles directed

confirmation, and ending of contro-

to the whole body


versies, and other occasions; and evil See Church discipline in this chapter,


sect. xii.

Chap. XXIV. Of the gospel; gospel Ninthly. Of the ending of controversies

chap. xlii.

. ib.


• 376





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arising between the members of the ceivers, and seducers. The descrip-
charcb; to avoid going to law before tion of them

the infidels

348 Sect. 1. Of Satan, the devil himself ib.

Tenthly. Of the relief of the poor of See more, sinners' bondage, chap. iv.

the churches, and their contribution Sect. II. The instruments of Satan;

to the necessity of other churches,

seducers, deceivers, &c.

and the order of it

349 Chap. XXIX. Of consideration, medi-
See distributing to the poor at large,

tation, pondering upon, and serious

chap. xvii.

weighing of the things of God, bis

Eleventhly, of the officers of particular word and works, &c.

charches; their power, duty, and Chap. XXX. Of the thoughts, mind,
recompense: how they should be

and affections.

. 384
qualified for their office; and of the Caap. XXXI. Of repentance in the ge-
charches' duty to them as such 350 neral : in what sense God cannot re-
I. Of the officers' power, duty, qua- pent, and how he is said to repent: ro-
lification, and recompense


pentance in man, and of his turning to

See more of gospel preachers in general,

God from sin


chap. xxiv.

Sect. 1. In what sense God cannot re-

11. Complaints of, and threatenings

pent; and how he is said to repentib.

against evil officers or ministers

Sect. 1. Repentance in man, and his

of the church



III. Of the churches' duty toward

turning to God

See God's reasonings with sinners, ch. xiv.
their officers and those who labour

Chap. XXXII. Of death; or the laying

amongst them.


down of these tabernacles


IV. Of the ordination of officers in



CHAP. XXXIII. Of the resurrection of

Twelftbly. Of laying on of hands upon

the dead


the several occasions, and to the

Chap. XXXIV. Of Christ's second com-

several ends in scripture mentioned 354

ing to the judgment; and rendering

Thirteenthly. Of the several ordinances unto every man according to his deeds

of Christ to be observed in and by

done in the body, whether good or

the churches of Christ, and else-




ib. See waiting for Christ's corning, ch. xiv.

Ord. I. Prayers

355 Chap. XXXV. Of the glory prepared

See more in prayers and praising at large,

and reserved for believers, at the ap-

chap. xiv.

pearing of the Lord Jesus Christ 402

Ord. II. Reading, teaching, preach- See the end of the wicked, chap. iv,

ing of the word of God, prophe- Chap. XXXVI. Of knowledge and an-

ib. derstanding in divine things, and of
See more of ministers in general, and of the want thereof: ignorance about such
gifts of church members, chap. xxiv.

things, and the evil thereof
See of the word of God, chap. i.

See more of the sottish nature of man,

Ord. IIl. Baptism.


chap. iv.

Ord. IV. Breaking of bread, or See also the giver of knowledge, ch. xviii.

the Lord's supper

359 Chap. XXXVII. Of this present world,

Ord. V. Discipline, church cen- and the titles, honours, pleasures, and

sures, or removing of scandals . 360

other things in this world: the use of

See more of rebuking one another,chap. xv. them; the snares and temptations in

Cup. XXVI. Of hypocrites and bypo-

them; our duty in relation to them


crisy: the spirit and practices of soch, Chap. XXXVIII. Ofidolatry, setting up

who are very formal and earnest in and and worshipping strange gods, graven

about the external parts of worship and

images, &c.


profession, and in a show for God; yet See worshipping the true God, chap. xiv.

high in their opposition of Christ, the Chap. XXXIX. Of angels; their ap-

truth of the gospel, and power of god. pearing to men; what they are, and do 428

liness in others

563 Chap. XL. Of the parables and simili-

See more of their persecuting temper, ch. xx. tudes which Christ spake


Sect. 1. The great danger of hypocrisy, CHAP. XLI. Of the miracles, and won-

and formality, and the end of hypo-

derful things which were done by



Christ and his apostles


See Sincerity, chap. xiv.

CHAP. XLII. Of the kings of Israel and

Crap. XXVII. Of conscience

371 Judah; their appointment and esta-
Caap. XXVIII. Of the devil : of his

blishment divine

subtilty by himself, and by his instru- See magistrates at large, chap. xxii.
ments, wicked men, false teachers, de- CHAP. XLIII. Of sacrifices and altars,

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and calling upon the name of the Lord, CHAP. LXIV. Of theft


before the giving of the law

457 Chap. LXV. Of lying and equivocating 469

CHAP. XLIV. The importance of Chris- CHAP. LXVI. of tempting God; or

tianity, and difficulty of being a Chris- wherein men may be said to tempt him ib.

tian indeed

438 Chap. LXVII. Of witchcraft: or dealing

Chap. XLV. Of time or opportunity for with familiar spirits .


spiritual improvement; not to be neg-

CHAP. LXVIII. of a hardened heart,


440 and God's giving men up to hardness

CHAP. XLVI. of the signs of the end of of heart


the world

449 Chap. LXIX. Of vain curiosity, or being

CHAP. XLVII. Encouragements to hope wise above what is written


in, and cry to God, when our case CHAP. LXX. Of God's providence in the

seems desperate

ib. disposal of all events


CHAP. XLVIII. God takes notice of the Chap. LXXI. Of resignation to, and

first dawnings of amendment

413 contentment with, all God's dispensa-

Chap. XLIX. Of vows and promises to tions



444 CHAP. LXXII. Of men truly wise, or of

Chap. L. Of blasphemies

445 religious wisdom; and folly as its op-

Chap. LI, Of Israel's murmurings 447 posite


Chap. LII. Of diligence in our callings 449 Chap. LXXIII. Of Antichrist


CHAP. LIII. Of voices, dreams, and vi- CHAP. LXXIV. Neither external privi-

sions, by which God declared his mind leges, nor our righteousness alone, can
of old

450 be our security against judgments here,

Cuap.LIV, Of the call and commission or damnation hereafter; no cause of

of the apostles, equal

452 boasting in these only


CHAP. LV. Of Israel's return from the CHAP. LXXV. Of words and actions

countries into which they are scat- that are neither true nor good, spoken

454 or undertaken on the politic views of

Chap. LVI. Of the seventh day, and the compassing our designs, or avoiding

Jaws about it; and the change to the dangers


first day of the week

457 Chap. LXXVI. Of words or sayings ex-

Chap. LVII. Of usury

459 pressing choice, but not binding us to

CHAP. LVIII. Of envy, hatred, emula- their observance


tion, discontent, strife

ib. CHAP. LXXVII. Of awakened sinners,

Chap. LIX. Of murder, and the taking &c. such whom Christ came to seek

away of the life of man

461 and heal


CHAP. LX. Of adulterios

463 Chap. LXXVIII. Of man's ignorance of

CHAP. LXI. Of fornication and lascivi- the men and things of this world after

465 his departure hence


Char. LXII. Of drunkenness 466 CHAP. LXXIX. Of our Lord's kindred

Cuap. LXIII. Of covetousness

467 according to the flesh


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