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SIXTY YEARS of fair dealing, resulting in the largest fire insurance company in America, should mean something to every insurer

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The annual output of breweries in the Empire State is 14,000,000 bbls., 10,000,000 of which are brewed in Greater New York.

The sale of beer in the last ten years in New York State showed an increase of nearly 4,000,000 bbls. The sale of bottled beer has shown a remarkable increase in both urban and rural districts.

A marked decrease in drunkenness has been noted as a result of the increased sales of beer.

150 Breweries, representing an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, are in operation throughout the State.

There are nearly 24,000 hotels and saloons in the State.

The traffic in alcoholic beverages pays an annual direct tax of nearly $20,000,000 to the State of New York in addition to other taxes; more than one-third of the entire State Budget.

The present Liquor Tax Law in the State of New York went into effect March 26, 1896.

The Excise Department came into existence May 1st of the same year. The receipts from the liquor traffic for the

period ending September 30, 1896, amounted to.

$10,961,150.95 From October 1, 1896, to September 30, 1897.. 12,268,341.14 While for the year ending September 30, 1913, the sum collected was...

18,142,557.69 The total revenue derived from the traffic for

the period commencing May 1, 1896, and

ending September 30, 1913, was... . $276,536,528.39 During all this time the total expense of the department was...

5,711,463.26 Leaving a balance to the credit of the State of..$270,825,065.13

The total number of drinking places for the year ending September 30, 1913, was 23,473.

Prohibition has gained little or no headway in New York State notwithstanding the persistent and continued activities on the part of the various prohibition organizations.

At present less than 3% of the population of the Empire State lives in “DRY” territory, the “DRYtowns being confined almost exclusively to rural communities. (Signed) NEW YORK STATE BREWERS' ASSOCIATION 109-111 East 15th St., New York City

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Write for Illustrated Catalog


Manufacturer of Pennants 358 W. Madison Street Dept. 11 Chicago, Ill., U, S, A,

Acetylene Ranges for Quick Cooking

in Country Kitchens

You housewives in the country who | date this convenience-Acetylene for labor over hot stoves cooking big Lighting-Acetylene for Cooking-has meals for hungry families—how would been supplied to over 250,000 country

homes. you like this convenience, which every

Pilot Acetylene generators are woman enjoys?

day the most widely sold light and How would you like to do your fuel plants in the world. cooking on a gas range?

The Pilot is extremely simple to

operate. You simply fill the generHow would you like to turn on your ator with water and Union Carbide eas with a twist of your wrist-turn about once a month. The machine it up or down just as hot as you want then works automatically without it?

funther attention. If you have ever been in a city

It feeds the gas it makes-genuine

Acetylene - direct to your kitchen kitchen you know how much such a range will shorten your cooking hours range, and to stationary light fixtures,

yielding handsome, brilliant, white and relieve you of the trouble and light throughout your house and all work of handling kindling, coal and the barns and outbuildings as well. ashes.

For full information, estimates, etc.,

address Yom also know what pleasure and comfort your household will derive Oxweld Acetylene Company from brilliant Acetylene lights 600 Frelinghuysen Avenue, Newark, N. J. throughout your house and barns. To


Los Angeles

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Life Preserver


Special high-class ma with 12 Blades

terial: Series of hol.

low aluminum ribs, $1.00

water - proof covering,

safety valve, double fasteners, Extra Star Cru-Steel Blades

Self-inflating on adjust

ment, Weighs 1 lb. 6 FOR 250

Folds 4x5 in.
Fit Star, Gem, Everready Frames, Etc.

Sustains wearer in deep. rough

water for any length of time, At Any Dealer, or

Protects lovers of aquatics and KAMPFE BROTHERS

sea travelers from drowning.

Don't risk cheap, 8% Reade St.

flimsy devices! New York

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AUTO-PNEUMATIC Sample Blade Sent Free on Request

Carrying Case SWIMMING BELT, Inc.,

309 Broadway, New York City




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