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nities--lessened nerve strain, preferred jobs, better pay-in the field of Stenotypy. It discusses simply, briefly, what employers want from their secretaries and stenographers. And it tells how Stenotypy helps you meet their wants-makes your work faster, better, easier.

Along with it we will send full details about our spare time training in Stenotypy for busy people (at low cost and on easy terms). If you are really ambitious and earnest, you will find this booklet interesting and valuable.


Only $1 a month is all you ever have to pay
for this low cost Triple Cash Benefit “Amer-
ican Family” Life Insurance Policy with
cash benefits up to $3,000.00 for the entire
family. Each and every member of your
family may be insured by this old reliable
company. One policy covers all. In the
event of one death, the rest of your family
remain insured as long as you continue your
low monthly payment.
Each and every member of your family
from baby to grandparents—may be includ-
ed in your application--no medical examina-
tion for anyone. We take your word regard-
ing their good health. The Interstate Reserve
Life Insurance Company is an old reliable com-
pany writing insurance continuously for 33 years.
Over $100,000.00 on deposit with the Illinois
Insurance Department at Springfield for
the protection of the policy-holders. Only
a dollar a month is all you ever have to
pay for all this life insurance for your
entire family. Send coupon today and see
for yourself how your family is protected.
The generous provisions of the "American
Family". policy pays for natural death,
double benefits for accidental automobile
death, and triple benefits for travel acci-
dental death.

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The "American Family" Life Insurance
Policy is probably the most amazing
policy ever written at such a low cost.
That is why we want to send you this

policy on our 10 day

free "read it in your own home" offer. Then you decide for yourself. No agents or collectors will bother you at any time.

Send No Money


| Interstate Reserve Lifeinsurance Co. We want every reader of the Almanac to carefully examine the "American Family" group 10 East Pearson Street, Dept. 51


WILL CALL You are under no obligation to keep it. If you do Chicago, Illinois policy on our 10 days free examination offer. not agree that it is the best insurance ever written for your entire family then you send

| Please send me without obligation 10-day Free it back at our expense on our written guar

Examination Offer and full details of "American antee. You decide for yourself. Only a limited

Family" Group Life Policy. Send No Money. number of these policies will be issued. Act now. Send coupon today while this offer lasts.



1 No agents or collectors will call on you, and you have 10 full days to decide. You are the

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State sole judge. Send coupon now.

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Do You Make These Mistakes in English?

Sherwin Cody's remarkable invention has en-
abled more than 115,000 people to correct their
mistakes in English. Only 15 minutes a day

required to improve your speech and writing. MANY persons say, "Did you hear

these habit. from him today?” They should forming practice say, "Have you heard from him today?" drills can be Some spell "calendar" "calender" or carried out. You "calander." Still others say "between can write the you and I” instead of "between you and answers to fifty me." It is astonishing how often "who" questions in 15 is used for "whom,” and how frequently minutes and the simplest words are mispronounced. correct your Few know whether to spell certain words work in 5 minwith one or two “c's" or "m's" or "r's," utes more. The or with "ie" or "ei.” Most persons use drudgery and only common words—colorless, flat, or- work of copying dinary. Their speech and their letters have been ended SHERWIN CODY are lifeless, monotonous, humdrum. by Mr. Cody!

Every time they talk or write they You concentrate always on your own show themselves lacking in the essential mistakes until it becomes "second napoints of English.

ture" to speak and write correctly. Wonderful Invention

FREE-Book On English For many years Mr. Cody studied the A new book explaining Mr. Cody's problem of creating instinctive habits of remarkable method is ready. If you are using good English. After countless ex- ever embarrassed by mistakes in gramperiments he finally invented a simple mar, spelling, punctuation, pronunciamethod by which you can acquire a bet- tion, or if you cannot instantly comter command of the English language in mand the exact words with which to only 15 minutes a day. Now you can express your ideas, this new free book, stop making the mistakes which have "How You Can Master Good Englishbeen hurting you. Mr. Cody's students in 15 Minutes a Day," will prove a revhave secured more improvement in five elation to you. Send the coupon or a weeks than previously had been ob- letter or postal card for it now, No tained by other pupils in two years! agent will call. SHERWIN CODY

SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, 62 Searle Learn by Habit-Not by Rules

Building, Rochester, N. Y. Under old methods rules are memorized, but correct habits are not formed.


62 Searle Building, Rochester, N. Y. Finally the rules themselves are forgot

Flease send me, without any obligation on my part, ten. The new Sherwin Cody method your new free book, "How You Can Master Good Eng.

lish--in 15 Minutes a Day."
provides for the formation of correct
habits by calling to your attention con-
stantly only the mistakes you yourself

One of the wonderful things about Mr.
Cody's course is the speed with which

OT 18 years or under check here for Booklet A.




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THROUGH four generations Webster's Dic

tionary has earned and maintained first place among reference books. When you are confronted with any question of fact, whenever you need to know, you think of Webster, as the utmost in authority, the court of last appeal. That confidence is warranted only it you use the MERRIAM-Webster.

Why the Only Genuine Webster

Is the MERRIAM-Webster

At the death of Noah Webster in 1843, the G. & C. Merriam Company bought and paid for the exclusive rights to publish the only genuine Webster's dictionary.

In an effort to preserve the integrity of the Webster name on dictionaries, the G. & C. Merriam Company obtained a Federal Court Injunction directing that the following statement appear plainly on the so-called “Webster” dictionaries there under consideration: “This dictionary is not published by the original publishers of Webster's Dictionary, or by their successors."

Look for the Merriam-Webster trade-mark. Ask your bookdealer to show you the Webster's Dictionary with the circle on the cover.

Look for this circu. lar trademark and the NW' mono gram on the cover

WEBSTER'S GET THE BEST The Merriam-Web (NEW INTERNATIONAL ster is the standard of schools and DICTIONARY colleges; State Supreme Courts; the Second Edition Government Printing Office; professional and business

UNABRIDGED ofices everywhere.

600,000 Entries -122,000 MORE ENTRIES than in any other dictionary. 12,000 terms illustrated. 3,350 Pages. The unabridged Merriam-Webster is not sold at cut prices nor at fictitious bargain" prices. Don't be duped!

Be sure you get the Merriam-Webster-the "Supreme Authority." P-MAIL THIS COUPON FOR FREE ROOKLET

G. & C. MARRIAM Co., Dept. W.A. - 42,
Springfield, Mass.

Please send me free illustrated booklet describing Webster's Nety International Dictionary, Second Edition - The New Merriam-Webster: What It Will Do For You.

Name ....


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Then here is a

valuable tip for you...

The problem of winning promotion-of achieving yourself expert in it. Then you can compel the better job and better pay-is not easy. Com- success. petition is keen and the demands are high. But it, For 34 years, LaSalle has been helping amis much easier-simpler—if you understand one bitious men and women prepare for advanceimportant fact.

ment. Scores of thousands now in good jobs and Business and industry always need men and on the way up to better ones, owe their success women who can take on larger responsibilities - to LaSalle training. give more valuable service. Those who step up into the bigger jobs are those who have

an ob- Investigate -Then Decide jective and definitely prepare for it-who not only give their best to today's job, but who also Out of that long and wide experience we have plan and prepare for the jobs on ahead and train compiled a wealth of knowledge about various themselves to meet the greater responsibilities of fields of business. That knowledge is freely at the bigger job.

your disposal. Tell us-in a letter or in the cou

pon below—what you want to be. We will tell Pick Some Growing Field you-without cost or obligation-of the oppor

tunities and requirements in that field. We will and Prepare

tell you also of our complete training program

for that job. Then you can decide. If you really want to get ahead, pick some field of The coupon below lists a number of opporopportunity-either your present field or some tunity jobs. Check the one in which you are other. Find out its opportunities, and its require interested--or write in some other job on the ments-decide whether you are fitted for it- blank line. Then mail the coupon today. It can then get busy. Train thoroughly for it. Make be your first step toward the success you want.


A Correspondence Institution

Department 1316-R

Chicago, Illinois I am interested in winning to the career I have checked below. Please send me the facts about the opportunities in that field and about your training for that job. Business Manager


Collection Correspondent Industrial Manager

Cost Accountant

Collection Manager Factory Superintendent Statistician

Credit Manager Production Manager


o Rate Clerk Foreman


Shipping Clerk Inspector


Ō Traffic Manager Certified Public

Sales Manager

O Export Manager Accountant


o Legal Counsellor Comptroller


Ü Office Manager Chief Accountant

Sales Correspondent Secretary

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