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I will tell you gladly and willingly. Why should any woman neglect an opportunity to escape the pain and heartache of being skinny, scrawny, angular and unattractive in body? Misery is not our heritage. Nature planned that you-a woman-should have the rich, pulsing lines of warm, living flesh. Why should there be that pitiful aspect-the face of a woman and the form of a man?

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A New, Simple, Easy Home Method ous injections—I want to tell you of
That Gives Quick, Permanent

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I don't care how thin, or fallen, or flaccid your bust is now-I want to tell you of a new, simple, easy home method that gives quick and permanent success—I want to tell you how you can gain perfect developmentone ounce a day. No physical culture-no massage, foolish baths or paste--no plasters, masks or injuri

an absolutely new method, never before offered or told about-insuring immediate

and permanent

beauty-without disappointment. Judge from my picture as to the truth of what I say to you-that the crowning glory of womanhood is a Just write me a letter-address it figure of beautiful proportions and to me personally, that's all. I will exquisite development. Then ask answer it by return mail-and you yourself how much you would like to can have a perfect bust and figurehave such a photograph of yourself, one ounce daily -- you can be just showing the feminine lines of infinite what you want to be. You may becharm and grace. It would be worth lieve me when I say that you will more to you than a 2c stamp, so let bless me through years of happiness me tell you of what I have learned- for pointing the way to you, and let me show you recent pictures of telling you what I know. Please myself to prove what I say-for if send your letter today to the followyou will write me today

ing address:

MRS. LOUISE INGRAM Suite 1104, 408 Adams St., Toledo, Ohio

50c Box Free

We Want to Prove at Our Own Expense That It Is No Longer Necessary to Be Thin,

Scrawny and Undeveloped


"Gee! Look at that pair of skinny scarecrows! Why don't they try Sargol?” This is a generous offer to every thin man or a thoroughly scientific principle, this Sargol for woman reader. We positively guarantee to in- building up the thin, weak and debilitated with crease your weight to your own satisfaction or no out any nauseous dosing. In many conditions it pay. Think this over-think what it means. At is better than cod liver oil and certainly is much OUT own risk, we offer to put 10, 15, yes, 30 pleasanter to take. pounds of good, solid "stay there" 'flesh on your Send for the 50-cent box to-day. Convince us bones to fill out hollows in cheeks, neck or bust, by your prompt acceptance of this offer that you to get rid of that "peaked" look, to rejuvenate are writing in good faith and really desire to gain and to reritalize your whole body until it tingles in weight. The 50 cent package which we will send with vibrant energy; to do this without drastic you free will be an eye-opener to you. We send diet, "tonics,' severe physical culture 'stunts,"

it that you may see the simple, harmless pature detention from business or any irksome require- of our new discovery, how easy it is to take, how ment-if we fail it costs you nothing.

you gain flesh privately without knowledge of We particularly wish to hear from the excessive-friends or family until you astonish them by the ly thin, those who know the humiliation and prompt and unmistakable results. embarrassment which only skinny people have to We could not publish this offer if we were not suffer in silence, We want to send a free 50- prepared to live up to it. It is only the astoundcent package of our new discovery to the people ing results of new method of treatment who are called "slats" and "bean

to that make such an offer and such a guarantee bony women whose clothes never look 'anyhow, possible on our part. So cut off the coupon today no matter how expensively dressed, to the skinny and mail it at once to The Sargol Company, Dept men who fail to gain social or business recognition 200. Herald Building, Binghamton, N. Y. and on account of their starved appearance. We care please inclose 10c with your letter to help pay not whether you have been thin from birth, distribution expenses. Take word, you'll whether you have lost flesh through sickness, how never regret it. many flesh builders you have experimented with. We take the risk and assume it cheerfully. If we cannot put pounds and pounds of healthy flesh on your frame we don't want your muney.

The new treatment is used to increase the red This certificate, with ten cents to help pay corpusoles in the blood, strengthon the nerves postage and distribution expenses, entitles the and put the digestive tract into such shape that holder to one 50c package of Sargol. The your food is assimilated and turned into good, Sargol Co., Dept. 200, Herald Bldg., Bingsolid, healthy flesh instead of passing through hamton, N. Y. the system undigested and unassimilated. It is




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You should take immediate steps to check the progress of these symptoms. The longer you allow them to advance and develop, the more deep seated and serious your condition becomes.

We Stand Ready to Prove to You

absolute’y that Lung Germine, the German treatment, has cured completely and
permanently case after case of Tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, Catarrh of the
Lungs, Catarrh of the Bronchial Tubes and other lung troubles. Many sufferers
who had lost all hope and who had been given up by physicians have been per-
manently cured by Lung Germine. If your lungs are merely weak and the disease
has not yet manifested itself, you can prevent its development, you can build up
your lungs and system to their normal strength and capacity. Lung Germine has
cured advanced Tuberculosis, in many cases over five years ago, and the patients
remain strong and in splendid health to-day.
Let Us Send You the Proof---Proof That Will Convince

Any Judge or Jury on Earth
We will gladly send you the proof of many remarkable cures, also a FREE TRIAL
of Lung Germine together with our new 40-page book (in colors) on the treat-
ment and care of Tuberculosis and lung trouble.


LUNG GERMINE CO., 21 Rae Block, Jackson, Mich.

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No. 6903 No. 6900

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No. 6961 No. 6980 Cat. No. Description. Net Price. Extra Batteries.

Extra Lamps. į 2627 Enameled Metal, complete. $1.10 No. 705...400 No. 1193...200 2633 Nickel plated.

2.40 No. 705...400 No. 1193. 20c 2624 Black cloth

1.10 No. 790...300 No. 1198. 20c 2631 Nickel plated. 1942x612


No. 790.. 300 No. 1198... 20c 6903 Black cloth, 2% x3 42

1.15 No. 703...400 No. 1190... 20c 6900 Nickel plated, 14x2 43

No. 700...30c No. 1179... 20c 6962 Nickel plated, 2x3

1.00 No. 751...400 No. 1181... 20c 6961 Nickel plated. 14x3.

No.750...300 No. 1180...200 6980 Silver plated, 144 X2 42.

1.25 No. 700...300 No. 1179... 20c We guarantee the above Flashlights to be highest class made, and will replace any showing defects. All prices are net cash, delivered in any part of the world, postage or express prepaid. Telephone

4 MURRAY ST. 6350 Barclay.

E. B.


ALL TRADES, PROFESSIONS Manufacturers, Social, Farmers, Financial, Etc. Our guarantee means that we refund postage on all mail matter returned by the postoffice for any cause, over and above a

very small percentage for non-delivery.

Ask for estimates on addressing, folding, fac-simile letters.

United States Addressing & Printing Company

26 Murray Street, New York


just what SHORTHAND ought to be a short, simple system. You have only to learn 26 simple strokes, 26 brief word-signs, 6 prefix abbreviations and ONE rule of contraction. THAT IS ALL.

Then you will have a system of shorthand with which can be written ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in the language, from the simplest business letter to the most difficult scientific terms. The LONGEST words in the language can be written faster than they can be spoken.

Paragon Shorthand

is being used in the service of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, and in the offices of the largest corporations--such as the Westinghouse Co., The Standard Oil Co., the big railroads, etc. Also in COURT REPORTING. The public schools of Atlanta, Ga., and other cities are now teaching this system.

It Will Raise Your Earning Power Quickly Men and Women, boys and girls, have only to scan the Help Wanted columns of any city paper to see how steady the demand is for stenographers.

LEARN PARAGON SHORTHAND AT HOME -during spare-time. Our correspondence course makes this possible. Send a dollar bill for FIRST LESSON and FULL PARTICULARS. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Any bank will tell you this school is absolutely reliable. PARAGON SHORTHAND INSTITUTE 1134-1136 Camp St., New Orleans, La.

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