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The National Protective Insurance Co.. 437 Pickwick Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.. has especially prepared a new Old-Age accident policy with Hospital and General Coverage benefits to be issued exclusively to men and women-ages 70 to 90, who are prevented on account of their advanced age from getting insurance from other companies.

This new policy pyys maximum benefits of $2,000, increasing to $3,000. Maximum monthly benefits of $150, including Hospital care. Large cash sums for fractures, dialocations, etc. Doctor bills. Liberal benefits paid for any and every accident.

The Company is the oldest and largest of its kind and has promptly paid Over Tro Million Dollars in cash benefits to its polleyholders.

The entire cost is $3.65 for a whole year365 days—Only One-Cent-a-Day.

Simply send name, age and address of person to be insured, and the name and relationship of the beneficiary—that is all you do-ihen the Company will send a policy for 10 days' FREE INSPECTION. without obligation. 30 days' insurance will be added free when $3.65 is sent with request for policy. Offer is limited, so write today.

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At Home! EARS money, working at home or in studio coloring photos and

. Method' in few weeks. Work done by this method is beautiful and in demand. NO

previous experience needed. Many make money full or spare lime this easy way. Send for free booklet, "Make Money at Home" and requirements,

NATIONAL ART SCHOOL, Inc. 1315 Michigan Avenue, Dept. 4362, Chicago, Illinois

Joint-Ease For
Aching Joints



Banishi the craving for to-

as thousands have.
Make yourself free and happy
with Tobacco Redeemer. Not
a substitute, not habit forming.
Write for free booklet telling
o! injurious effect
of tobacco and of FREE
treatment which has
relieved many men.

The Newell Company, 166 Clayton Sta., St. Louis, Mo.

When less effective methods fail, try Joint-Ease for success! It's for joint misery and relleves pain. throbbing and distress in accessible localities.

It helps ease-up the agony of inflamed, paintortured joints so quickly it's astonishing! With only a few seconds' rubbing, it begins to work and gets right down to business-that's why it has had such success in relieving the pains of Arthritis Rheumatism, Neuritis and Neuralgia. Ask for Joint-Ease at any live drug store in America. NOTE: For free sample send Post Card to JointEase, 26 B St., Hallowell, Maine.


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it defines all the most commonly used words, selected

from WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY, Second Edition--the "Supreme Authority" in courts, schools, editoriai ottices

-and is edited with the same careful scholarship. 1,300 pages: $3.50 to $8.50, depending on bindings. At your bookdealer, or order

| Coupon for full information, Quiz & Picture Game FREE

| G. & C. MERRIAM CO., Springfield, Mass. from the publishers. New Quiz

! Please send me free the New Quiz and Picture and Picture Game sent FREE.


Game; also full information on Webster's Collegiate

Dictionary, Fifth Edition. Mail coupon now.



| | Address Springfield, Mass.


(World Almanac-42)

| City

New York Pencil Co. Used Home-Study Books

Make More Money

70 Fulton St., New York City FREE 76-PAGE ILLUSTRATED

BOOK telling about our valuCreators of all styles of fine Pencils for

able service and describing thousands of advertising and office use!

our amazing bargains. Good used correspondence co rses and educational books on nearly every subject bought for

cash, sold, rented and exchanged. 100% by advertising your business in a con- satisfaction guaranteed on every transstant and visible reminder. Compare the action. Mail a penny post card today for low cost of this direct method with other one of the world's most interesting catamediums!

logs. It's unique! FREE! No obligation. For further details consult us

NELSON COMPANY 500 Sherman St.

Dept. 251, Chicago Agents Wanted


Cards, stationery, cir. tulurs, advertising. movie and photo titles, etc. Save money and time. Print for others. Big Profits. Easy rules sent. Junior Out. firs $8.95, Senior $17. up.

Raised printing like engraving done with any outfit. Sold from factory only. Write for free details. KELSEY PRESSES U-10.Meriden, Conn.

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"Triple XXX"

3 boxes $5

No C.O.D.'s

TWA, New Richmond, Ohio.


Scales and crusts are often mistaken
for ECZEMA. PIXACOL has brought re-
sults to psoriasis sufferers when every-
thing else failed. A liquid, it is applied
externally, dries quickly, is non-greasy,
convenient to use. You can try a regu-
lar $1 bottle of PIXACOL without spend -
ing a cent. Write for FREE details.

Dept. W-1, Box 3583, Cleveland, Ohio




II. H Bromley of Shelburne. V., writes: 'I suffered for years with acid stomach trouble. My doctors told me I had acid stomach ulcers and would have to diet the rest of my life. Before taking your treatment I lost a lot of weight and could eat nothing but soft foods and milk. After taking Von's Tablets I felt perfectly well,

ate almost anything and guined back the weight I had lost." If you suffer from indigestion, gastritis, heartburn, bloating or any other stomach trouble due to gastrie hyperacidity, you too, should try Von's for prompt relief. Send for FREE Samples of this remarkable treatment and details of trial offer with money back guarantee. Instructive Booklet is included. Write PHILADELPHIA VON CO., Dept. 254.J

Fox Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.

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AUDELS NEW AUTOMOBILE GUIDE IS NEW from cover to cover. Explaining the Theory. Construction and Servicing of modern motor cars, trucks and buses; and the application of auto type Diesel Engines.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION IN HANDY FORM, 1540 PAGES COVERING ... AUTO REPAIRS & SERVICE HELPS All the parts of an Automobile Automotive Physics - The Gas Engine-How a Gas Engine Works Gas Engine Principles - Multi-Cylinder

Engines - Horse Power-Automobile Engines - Engines: Stationary Parts-Engines:

Moving Parts-Pistons-Piston Rings Connecting Rods - Crank Shafts The Valves - The Valve Gear -Cams and Cam Action-Valve Timing-Cooling Systems-Gaso

line - Fuel Feed Systems - The Mixture-Carburetors - Automatic Choke-Super-Chargers-Transmissions

-Synchro-Mesh – Clutches - Universals and Propeller Shafts-The Differential-Rear

Axles — The Running Gear - Brakes - Wheel Alignment-Knee Action -Steering Gear-Tires

Lubricants and Lubrication-Automotive Electricity - Ignition Systems-Magneto Ignition-Spark Plugs-Ignition Coils --Distributors--Automatic Spark Control - Ignition Timing--Generators--Starters --Generator and Starter Testing:-Lighting Systems--Storage Batteries--Battery

Charging -- Battery Testing Troubles. Automotive Diesel Engines.
Inside Views of all Automobile Parts Fully Illustrated. To Get This
Assistance for Yourself Simply Fill In and Mail Coupon Today,

COMPLETE • PAY ONLY $1. A 'MONTH THEO. AUDEL & co., 49 WEST 23rd STREET, NEW YORK Please send me postpaid AUDELS NEW AUTOMOBILE GUIDE ($4) for free examination. If I decide to keep it, I will send you $1 within 7 days;thenremit$1 month. ly until purchase price of $4 is paid. Otherwise, I will return it to you promptly. Name.Address

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