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Joe Louis and His Record in 55 Ring Contests



9—Jorge Brescia, New York. K.O. 3 July 4-Jack Kracken, Chicago

K.O. 1 Dec. 14- Eddie Simms, Cleveland.. K.O. 1 July 11-Willie Davies, Chicago.

K.O. 3 July 29 Larry Udall, Chicago.

K.O. 2

1937 Aug. 13 -Jack Kranz, Chicago.

Won 8
Jan 11-Stanley Ketchell, Buffalo. K.O.

2 Aug. 27 Buck Everett, Chicago.


Jan, 27-Bob Pastor, New York,

Won 10 Sept. 11 Otto Barchek, Detroit.


Feb. 17--Natie Brown, Kansas City K.O. Sept. 25-Adolph Wiater, Chicago. ?.. Won 10 June 22 James J. Braddock, Chicago. K.O. 8 Oct. 24Art Sykes, Chicago. K.O. 8 Aug. 30—Tommy Farr, New York.


15 Oct. 30-Jack O'Dowd, Detroit

K.O. 2

1938 Nov. 14 Stanley Poreda, Chicago. K.O.

Feb. 23-Nathan Mann, New York. K.O. 3 Nov. 30-Charley Massera, Chicago. K.O. 3

Apr. 1-Harry Thomas, Chicago K.O. 5 Dec. 14-Lee Ramage, Chicago

K.O. 8

June 22--Max Schmeling, New York...K.O. 1 1935 Jan. 4- Patsy Perroni, Detroit. Won 10

1939 Jan. 11-Hans Birkie, Pittsburgh K.O. 10 Jan. 25-John Henry Lewis, New York K.O. 1 Feb. 21--Lee Ramage, Los Angeles K.O. 2 Apr. 17-Jack Roper, Los Angeles... K.O. 1 Mar. 8 Red Barry. San Francisco. K.O.

3 June 27- Tony Galento, New York.. K.O. 4 Mar. 29 Natie Brown, Detroit. Won 10 Sept. 20-Bob Pastor, Detroit..

K.O. 11 Apr. 12 Roy Lozier, Chicago..

K.O. 3

1940 Apr. 22 Bi Bennett, Dayton, O. K.O.

Feb. 9

Arturo Godoy, New York,

15 Apr. 25 Roscoe Toies, Flint, Mich. K.O. 6 May

2 3 Willie Davies, Peoria, Ill.

Mar. 29-Johnny Paychek, New York..K.O.
K.O. 2

June 20--Arturo Godoy, New York.. K.O. 8 May 7 -Gene Stanton, K'l'm'zoo, Mich. K.O. 3

Dec. 16-AI McCoy, Boston...

6 June 25 Primo Caruera, New York. K.O. 6 Aug. 7 King Levinsky, Chicago. K.O. 1

1941 Sept. 24-Max Baer, New York

KO. 4 Jan. 31-Red Burman, New York. K.O. 5 Dec. 13- Paulino Uzcudun, N. Y. C.....K.O. 4 Feb. 17-Guy Dorzzio, Philadelphia K.O. 2 1936 Mar. 21--Abe Simon, Detroit.

K.O. 13 Jan. 17-Charley Retzlaff, Chicago K.D. 1 Apr. 8-Tony Musto, St. Louis

K.O. 9 June 19 Max schmeling. New York K.O. by 12 May 23 Buddy Baer, Washington КО. 8 Aug 17- Jack Sharkey, New York. K.O. 3 June 18-Bully Conn, New York

K.O. 13 Sept. 22-- Al Ettore, Poiladelphia.... K.O. 5 Sept. 29-Lou Nova, New York.:. K.O. 6

Louis was born May 13, 1914, in Lexington, Alabama.
Recapitulation---Bouts, 55; knockouts, 47; won, 7; knocked out by, 1.

! HISTORY OF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BOUTS 1889-July 8-John L. Sullivan beat Jake Kil- 1923-Sept. 14Jack Dempsey knocked out Luis rain, 75 rounds, Richbourg, Miss. (Last champion- Firpo, 2 rounds, New York City. ship bare knuckle bout.)

*1926-Sept. 23--Gene Tunney beat Jack Demp*1892-Sept. 7-James J. Corbett defeated John sey, 10 rounds, decision, Philadelphia. L. Sullivan, 21 rounds, New Orleans. (Used big 1927-September 22-Gene Tunney beat Jack gloves.)

Dempsey, 10 rounds, decision, Chicago. 1894-Jan. 25-James J. Corbett beat Charley 1928—July 26—Gene Tunney knocked out Tom Mitchell, 3 rounds, Jacksonville, Fla.

Heeney, 11 rounds, Yankee Stadium, New York; * 1897—March 17-Bob Fitzsimmons defeated

he announced, shortly after that, his retirement James J. Corbett, 14 rounds, Carson City, Nev.

from the ring. *1899-June 9-James J. Jeffries beat Bob Fitz

1930 June 12--Max Schmeling of Germany de

feated Jack Sharkey, Boston, in fourth round when simmons, 11 rounds, Coney Island, N. Y. 1899--Nov. 2-James J. Jeffries beat Tom Shar.

Sharkey fouled Schmeling in a bout which was

generally considered to have resulted in the eleckey, 25 rounds, Coney Island, N. Y.

tion of a successor to Gene Tunney. 1900-James J. Jeffries knocked out James J.

*1932-June 21-Jack Sharkey defeated Max Corbett, 23 rounds, May 11, Coney Island, N. Y. 1902-July 25--James J. Jeffries knocked out

Schmeling, 15 rounds, decision, New York.

*1933-June 29—Primo Carnera knocked out Jack Bob Fitzsimmons, 8 rounds, San Francisco, Cal. Sharkey, six rounds, New York, N. Y. 1903-Aug. 14James J. Jeffries knocked out

* 1934-June 14-Max Baer knocked out Primo James J. Corbett, 10 rounds, San Francisco. Cal.

Carnera, eleven rounds, New York, N. Y. 1904-Aug. 26-James J. Jeffries knocked out

#1935-June 13-James J. Braddock defeated Jack Munroe, 2 rounds, San Francisco, Cal.

Max Baer, in 15 rounds, at New York City. (Judge's 1905 James J. Jeffries retired, July 3 Marvin decision.) Hart knocked out Jack Root, 12 rounds, Reno. *1937---June 22-Joe Louis knocked out James J. Jeffries refereed and presented the title to the Braddock, 8 rounds, Chicago, vicior, Jack O'Brien also claimed the title.

1937-Aug. 30—Joe Louis defeated Tommy Farr, 1906-Feb. 23— Tommy Burns defeated Marvin

15 rounds (Judge's decision), New York. Hart 20 rounds, Los Angeles, Cal.

1938-June 22-Joe Louis knocked out Max 1907-May 7- Tommy Burns knocked out Bill Schmeling, one round, New York City. Squires, 1 round, Colma, Cal.

1939-January 25-Joe Louis knocked out John **1908-Dec. 25-Jack Johnson stopped Tommy H. Lewis, 1 round, New York. Burns, 14 rounds, Sydney, Australia. Police halted 1939-April 17-Joe Louis knocked out Jack contest.

Roper, 1 round, Los Angeles. 1909-July 4-Jack Johnson knocked out Stanley 1939-June 27-Joe Louis knocked out Tony GaKetchell, 13 rounds, Colma, Cal. 1910—July 4—Jack Johnson knocked out Jim

lento, 4 rounds, New York.

1939-September 20—Joe Louis knocked out Bob Jeffries, 15 rounds, Reno, Nev. (Jeffries came back Pastor, 11 rounds, Detroit. from retirement).

1940-February 9-Joe Louis defeated Arturo 1912-July 4Jack Johnson won on points from Godoy in fifteen-round bout by decision, New York. Jim Flynn, 9 rounds, Las Vegas, N. M., (contest 1940-March 29-Joe Louis knocked out Johnny stopped by police).

Paycheck, 2 rounds, New York. 1914-June 27-Jack Johnson won from Frank 1940-June 20—Joe Louis knocked out Arturo Moran, 20 rounds, Paris. *1915-April 5-Jess Willard knocked out Jack

Godoy, 8 rounds, New York.

1940-Dec. 16-Joe Louis knocked out Al McCoy. Johnson, 26 rounds, Havana, Cuba. 1916 March 25—Jess Willard beat Frank Moran,

6 rounds, Boston.

1941-Jan. 31--Joe Louis knocked out Red 10 rounds (no decision), New York City.

Burman, 5 rounds, New York. * 1919-July 4Jack Dempsey knocked out Jess

1941-Feb. 17-Joe Louis knocked out Willard, Toledo (Willard failed to answer bell for Dorazio, 2 rounds, Philadelphia.

Gus fourth round).

1941-March 21-Joe Louis knocked out Abe 1920-Sept. 6—Jack Dempsey knocked out Billy Simon, 13 rounds, Detroit. Miske, 3 rounds, Benton Harbor, Mich.

1941-April 8-Joe Louis knocked out Tony 1920-Dec. 14Jack Dempsey knocked out Bill Musto, 9 rounds. St. Louis. Brennan, 12. rounds, New York City.

1941-May 23-Joe Louis knocked out Buddy 1921-July 2-Jack Dempsey knocked out Georges Baer, 8 rounds**, Washington, D. C. Carpentier, 4 rounds, Boyle's Thirty Acres, Jersey 1941-June 18-Joe Louis knocked out Billy City.

Conn, 13 rounds. New York. 1923-July 4- Jack Dempsey won on points from 1941-Sept. 29-Joe Louis knocked out Lou Nova, Tom Gibbons, 15 rounds, Shelby, Mont.

6 rounds, New York. • Title changed hands. **Referee disqualified Baer because seconds refused to leave ring at start of eighth round.

Boxing Results in 1941 Space permits the recording of only the more important bouts. The results are as appearing in public prints and the Almanac assumes no responsibility for the data. Date Winner Loser Rds. Place

Date Winner Loser Rds. Place Jan. 3 B. Soose F: Kaurlello...12 New York May 2: R: Loose.

B. Knox., .. 8 Pittsburgh Jan. 7 S. Belloise

A. Hostak. 2 Chicago Jan. 10 T. Zale. S. Manakos...10 Chicago June 9 A. Simon P. Tamalonis, 2 New York Jan. 10 L. Nova. P. Comiskey .10 New York June 9K. Overlia E. Charles 10 Cincinnati Jan. 11 D. Day N. Castiglione. 1 Chicago June 9B. Ivy.

J. Archibald 10 Providence Jan. 13 L. Salica. T. Forte.. 15 Philadel. June 16 L. Salica.. T. Forte.. 15 Philadel Jan. 14 A. Christ'dis M. Bettina. . 15 Cleveland June 16 A. Simon D. Turner 6 New York Jan. 17 F. Zivic C. Armstrong.12 New York June 16 P. Comiskey. B. Ritchie. 1 Pittsburgh Jan. 21 K. Overlin T. Cisco. 10 Washingt. June 18 J. Louis B. Conn 13 New York Jan. 26 W. Nausel A. Hauser 9 Berlin, G. June 24 S. Angott. H. Hurst 10 Toronto Jan. 27 E. Petrin. A. MacCul- Toronto. July 1R. Lemos. P. Scalzo 5 Los Angeles


5 Canada July 2F. Zivic A. Davis 10 New York Jan. 31 J. Louis

C. Burman 5 New York July 9 T. Mauriello. S. Manakos. 9 New York Feb. 3K. Overlin J. Munley 10 Allentown July 11 B. Soose. T. Celli

2 Cleveland Feb. 3 D. Day B. Marquart 10 Chicago July 11 J. Louis. J. Robinson. 1 Minneapol Feb. 3 J. Thompson A. Simon.. 10 Baltimore July 14 F, Zivic. J. Barbara.. 12 Philadel. Feb. 7B. Soose.. E. Vigh.. 10 New York July 21 R. Robinson S. Angott.. 10 Philadel. Feb. 14 G. Serean. P. Scalzo. 8 Hollywood July 22 M. Bettina. . C. Burman 10 New York Feb. 17 M. Belloise. E. Rightmire.. 10 Baltimore July 22 P. Comiskey.H. Cooper. 10 New York Feb. 17 J. Louis G. Dorozio 2 Philadel. July 22 L. Savold. S. Krieger. 10 New York Feb. 21 T. Zale. S. Manakos... 14 Chicago July 23 T. Zale. 0. Harris 1 Chicago Feb. 21 A. Hostak. G. Burnette... 1 Chicago July 23 B. Pastor. T. Thompson. 10 Hollywood Feb. 21 J. Webb. T. Tucker 9 New York July 29 F. Cochrane. F. Zivic, 15 New York Feb. 21 B. Conn. J. Hughes 4 Clarksburg July 29 M. Brown.. J. Webb.

2 Pittsburgh Feb. 28 L. Jenkins. L, Ambers 7 New York July 30 G. Abrams... B. Soose. 10 New York Mar. 3 B. Pastor M. Allano 6 Newark Aug 4 J. Brady... J. Patterson... 15 Glasgow, Mar. 5 T. Yarosz. J. Bivins 10 Cleveland

Scotland Mar. 7 B. Conn D. Hassett. 5 Washingt. Aug. 4L. Jenkins. J. Lodda

3 New York Mar. 7L. Trans

Aug. 8L. Salica.. H. Hook 10 New York parenti L. Salica. 10 Baltimore Aug. 12 H. Bobo L. Savold. 2 Pittsburgh Mar. 8 B. Soose E. Vigh. 12 New York Aug. 18 K. Overlin J. Marmon. 3 Augusta Mar. 9 M. Bettino... B. Knox. 5 Miami Aug. 20 D, Castil

Montreal Mar. 9 P. Comiskey D. Valin. 1 Mlamni


M. Berger 10 Canada Mar. 14 T. Mauriello. S. Belloise 1 New York Aug. 21 F. Apostoll. B. MacDowell. 2 Norfolk Mar.16 T. Morgan.. R. Mc Laugh- Melbourne Aug. 26 G. Lesvneich. T. Mauriello.. 15 New York


15| Aust. Aug. 26 R. Lemos. J. Archibald..10 Los Angeles Mar.18 B. Ruffin. M. Belloise 8 New York Aug. 27 K. Overlin. J. Young... 8 Bridgeport Mar. 18 F. Zivic. S. Turiello. 10 Pittsburgh Aug. 27 B. Beckwith C. Burman 10 Chicago Mar. 20 F. Zivic

F. Garcia.. 2 Baltimore Aug. 27 M. Bettina... P. Valentino..10 San Franc. Mar.21 Joe Louis A. Simon. 13 Detroit Sept. 11 K. Overlin... Y. Crawford.. 3 WinstonMar.28 K. Overlin L. Kellum 4 Barre, Vt.

Salem Apr. 1K. Overlin H. Massey 10 Lancaster Sept. 11C. Wright. J. Archibald. .11 Washingt. Apr. 1A. Hostak. B. Brown.. 3 Seattle Sept. 13 Y. Hurtado. M. Sanchez... 10 Balboa, Apr. 4 L. Nova.. M. Baer. 8 New York

C. z. Apr. 4B. Conn. G. Barland 8 Chicago Sept.15 F. Zivic. M. Aron. 5 Pittsburgh Apr. 8 J. Louis T. Musto. 9 St. Louis Sept. 15 B. Soose C. Garcia.. 8 Los Angeles Apr. 8 T. Mauriello. W. O'Conner.. 6 New York Sept.15 H. Jeffra.. L. TransApr. 8 B. Baer...... T. Galento... 7 Washingt.


12 Baltlmore Apr. 8 A. Christ'dis. S. Colonello... 5 Baltimore Sept. 17 L. Savold. L. Brookes. 6 Wilmingt Apr. 8 P. Comiskey. J. Merritt. 3 Atlanta Sept. 19 S. Angott. L. Sheppard 1 Akron Apr. 18 M. Kaplan... F. Zivic. .10 Boston Sept.29 J. Louis L. Nova

6 New York Apr. 25 L. Salica... L. Trans

Oct. 6 F. Cochrane. L. Jenkins. 10 New York parenti 15 Baltimore Oct. 20 L. Franklin A. Simon. 5 Cleveland May 2F. Zivic. T. Martellano.10 New York Oct. 31 R. Robinson. F. Živic 10 New York May 6 A. Hostak. A. Sabatino... 1 Seattle Nov. 3D. Young.... L. Salica. 10 Honolulu May 9 B. Soose K. Overlin....15 New York

H. I. May 12 J. Archibald. H. Jeffra. 15 Washingt. Nov. 3 S. Belloise. J. Florello... 8 White May 16 B. Mont

Plains gomery J. Jenkins 10 New York Nov. 4 P. Scalzo. N. Liftin

8 New York May 22 G. Lesnevich. A. Christo'dis. 15 New York Nov. 14 G. Lesnevich. T. Mauriello.. 15 New York May 23 J. Louis. B. Baer

7 Washingt. Nov. 18 J. Wilson. Richie Femos. 12 Lo Angeles May 25 E. Roderick. . R. McIntyre Liverpool Nov. 21 K. Overlin. Al Hostak....10 New York

England Nov. 28 T. Zale. IG. Abrains....15 New York

Largest Championship Battle Gate Receipts


Gate Receipts September 22, 1927... Gene Tunney.

J. Dempsey

$2,650,000 September 23, 1926. Gene Tunney

J. Dempsey
Philadelphia, Pa..

1,895,723 July 2, 1921

Jersey City, N. J.

1,626,580 July 21. 1927.

Jack Sharkey
New York City.

September 14, 1923.
New York City

1,082.590 Joe Louis Max Baer.

New York City. Sept. 24, 1935

948,352 Joe Louis June 22, 1938. Max Schmeling. New York City

940,096 Gene Tunney. Tom Heeney

New York City. July 26, 1928

691,014 June 22, 1937

Joe Louis
J. Braddock
Chicago, Ill.

640.420 September 29, 1941. Joe Louis

Louis Nova
New York City

583.821 June 21, 1936. Max Schmeling Joe Louis.

New York City

547.372 September 11, 1924. Wills.. Firpo ... Jersey City, N. J.

462,850 July 23, 1923. Benny Leonard. Lew Tendler.

New York City.

452.618 July 4, 1919 Dempsey. Willard. Toledo. Ohio.

452.522 June 18, 1941.

Joe Louis
Billy Conn.
New York City

451,743 Firpo .

Willard. July 12, 1923

Jersey City, N. J.

434,269 June 21, 1932. Sharkey

New York City

429.000 June 14, 1934.

Max Baer..
Primo Carnera. New York City

417.630 July 2, 1925

New York City

400,000 February 27, 1929 Jack Sharkey. Young Stribling Miami Beach, Fla

395.369 July 27, 1922 Benny Leonard Lew Tendler

Jersey City, N. J..

367.862 May 12. 1923. Heavyweight charity bouts

New York City.

350,000 Sept. 20. 1939. Joe Louis. Bob Pastor. Detroit, Mich.

347.870 June 25, 1935.

Joe Louis
New York City.

328,655 September 26, 1929. Jack Sharkey. Tom Loughran. New York City.



Golden Gloves Championships, 1941

Inter-City Championships, Chicago vs. New York knocked out Robert Satterfield. Chicago. in first Chicago, n., March 26, won by Chicago, 10 bouts round. to 6, including alternates contests.

Championship-Charles Hayes, Ferndale, Mich..

defeated Berlie Lanier, Philadelphia. 112-POUND CLASS Alternate Eugene Joyce, Gary. Ind.. defeated


Alternate-Danny Cox, New York, defeated Ray Gus Levine, Dublin, Ga.

Championship--Diogenes Leon, San Juan, Puerto Sandifer. Wichita, Kan. Rico, defeated Harold Dade, Chicago.

Championship-Hezzie Williams, Chicago, de

feated Louis Brooks, Wilmington, Del. 118-POUND CLASS Alternate-Ray Brown, Chicago, defeated Johnny

HEAVYWEIGHT CLASS Aiello, Wilmington, Del.

Alternate-Al Jordan, Kansas City, defeated Championship--Richard Menchaca, Port Arthur.

John Vetcher, New York. Texas, defeated Lester McGowan, Buffalo, N. Y.

Championship -Timothy Still, Newark, N. J..

defeated Clayton Worlds, Chicago. 126-POUND CLASS Alternate-Phil Brown, Gillespie, Ill., defeated

Eastern Championships, New York City, March 3. Robert McQuillan, Buffalo, N, Y.

112 lbs. -Diogenes Leon, New York, klocked out Championship-Jack Haley. Kansas City, de- Ralph McNeil, Newark, in 2:50 of the first round. feated Charles Davis, New York.

118 lbs.--Lester McGowan, Buffalo, defeated

Warren Dean, Richmond.. 135-POUND CLASS

126 lbs.-Charles Davis, New York, defeated Alternate_Willie Smith. New York, defeated Robert McQuillan, Buffalo. Emmett Grier, Detroit.

135 lbs.-Johnny Green, Buffalo, knocked out Championship-Johnny Green, Buffalo, N. Y.. Joseph (Red) Vernon, Washington, in 1:43 of the defeated Tommy Campbell, Moline, Ill.

second round. 147-POUND CLASS

147 lbs. --Charley Burley, Philadelphia, defeated Alternate-Morris Corona, Port Arthur, Texas,

Nick Latsios, Washington. defeated Eddie Saunders, New York.

160 lbs. Berlie Lanier, Philadelphia, defeated Championship--Robert Burns, Fort Wayne. Ind..

Eddie Pagan, Syracuse. defeated Charles Burley, Wilmington, Del.

175 lbs.-Louis Brooks, Philadelphia, defeated

Danny Cox, New York. 160-POUND CLASS

Hravyweirht-Henry Allen, Philadelphia, defeated Alternate-Al Tribuani, Wilmington, Dei. Tim Sill, Newark.

Amateur Boxing in 1941 National A. A. U. Championships, Boston, Mass., 145 lbs.--E. Tobiasson, California A. & M. March 31-April 2.

155 lbs.--R. Belaire, Louisiana S. U. 112 lbs.-L. Torpey, Philadelphia, Pa.

166 lbs.-L. Erickson, Idaho. 118 lbs.-R. Brown, Chicago, Ill.

175 lbs.-P. Scally, Penn State. 126 lbs.-F. Leonard, Taunton, Mass.

Heavyweight-L. Campbell, Southwestern L. 1 135 lbs.-T. Moyer, Portland, Ore. 147 lbs.--D. Andrews. Lowell Mass.

Eastern Intercollegiate Boxing Association Cham160 lbs.-J. Mulligan, Lowell, Mass.

pionships, Syracuse, N. Y., March 7-8. 175 lbs.--S. Bell, Wilberforce, o

120 lbs.-J. Roland, Syracuse.

127 lbs.-M. Fahey, Syracuse. Heavyweight-R. Kinney, Hartman, Ark.

135 lbs.-R. Pedan, Army. National Collegiate A. A. Championships, State 145 lbs.-L. Schoff, Syracuse. College, Pa., March 27-29.

155 lbs.-M. McGarity. Coast Guard. 120 lbs. T. Kara, Idaho.

165 lbs.-F. Somerville, Virginia. 127 lbs.-F. Kara, Idaho.

175 lbs. --A. Woyeisjes, Syracuse. 135 lbs.-G. Rankin, Wisconsin.

Heavyweight-S. Maribito. Syracuse.

Contract Bridge Championships, 1941


Mixed Pairs--Mrs. R. C. Young. Bywood, Pa.; Masters' Pairs--Howard Schenken, M. D. Maier. Sidney Silidor, Oakmont, Pa. New York

Women's Teams-Mrs. Adelaide Neuwirth, Mrs. Masters' Teams-Edward Hymes, Sam Fry, Jr., Lottie Zetosch, New York; Mrs. Helen Levy, Jersey Waldemar von Zedtwitz, New York; A. M. Barnes, City; Mrs. Wilkinson Wagar, Atlanta. Atlanta.

Amateur Teams Mr. and Mrs. William Cheeks, Masters' Individual--Lee Hazen, New York. Washington, D. C.; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wallen

dorf, Coral Gables, Fla.; H. L. Zacks, New York. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

Amateur Pairs-Mrs. Sara Gross, Harrisburg Open Pairs-Mrs. A. M. Sobel. New York: Pa.; Mrs. A. D. Campbell, Grantham, Pa. Charles H. Goren, Philadelphia. Vanderbilt Cup Knockout Teams---Myron Fuchs,

EASTERN STATES CHAMPIONSHIPS Robert McPherran, Sherman Stearns, New York: Open Pairy-Mrs. A. M. Sobel, New York: John Crawford, Philadelphia.

Charles H. Goren, Philadelphia. Open Teams -- Morry Glick Harry Feinberg, Open Teams--Mrs. Stuyvesant Wainwright, OsCleveland: Jeff Glick. Miami; Louis Newman, wald Jacoby, Charles Lochridge, Sherman Stearns. Washington, D. C.

New York; John Crawford, Philadelphia. Men's Pairs-Joseph E. Low, Simon Rossant, Mixed Pairs-Mrs. Phyllis Gardner, H. D. Hal. New York.

stead, Brooklyn, Women's Pairs--Mrs. M. P. Rosen, Mrs. Erwin Mixed Teams-Mrs. Stuyvesant Wainright, Mrs. Seligman, New York.

William A. Tucker, Walter Malowan. Sherman Mixed Teams-Mrs. A. M. Sobel, New York; Mrs. Stearns, New York. R. C. Young. Bywood, Pa.; Charles H. Goren, Women's Pairs-Mrs. Barbara Cook, Mrs. Erwin Philadelphia: Sidney Silidor, Oakmont, Pa. Seligman, New York.

United States Soft Ball Champions

1933-J. L. Gill Boosters, Chicago.
1934-Ke-Nash-A Club, Kenosha, Wis.
1935-Crimson Coaches, Toledo, O.
1936- Kodak Park, Rochester, N. Y.
1937--Briggs Mfg.Co., Detroit.
1938-Pohlaris, Cincinnati.
1939-Boosters, Covington, Ky.
1940--Kodak Parks, Rochester, N. Y.
1941--Bendix Brakes, South Bend, Ind.

1933-Great Northerns, Chicago.
1934-Hart Motors, Chicago.
1935—Bloomer Girls, Cleveland, O.
1936-National Mfg.Co., Cleveland.
1937-National Mig. Co., Cleveland.
1938-Kriegs, Alameda, Calif.
1939-Kriegs, Alameda, Calif.
1940-Ramblers, Phoenix, Ariz.
1941--Higgins Midgets, Tulsa, Okla.

Chess Play and Developments in 1941

Source: Hermann Helms, Publisher American Chess Bulletin Outstanding among the chess activities during | Palestine; Misva Feigin, Latvia; and Carlos 1941 were & challenge match for the national Guimard, Argentina, 913-743: Julio Bolbochan, championship, a tournament for the open cham- Argentina, 9-8. pionship of the United States Chess Federation in

Eastern Intercollegiate Chess League Individual St. Louis, the New York State championship meet

Championship-Won by Herbert Seidman, Brooklyn ing at Colgate University, and the third of the 5-2; Leo Levine, c. C. N. Y., 42, 412-243; Abe A

College, '42, 7-0; Louis Levy, N. Y. University, 41. series of invitation tournaments in Ventnor City, Bakst, Brooklyn College, '42, and Stephen Shas, N. J. Samuel Reshevsky successfully defended his State Teachers, 42, 312-312. title against Israel A. Horowitz, but had to play U. s. Championship Match-Samuel Reshevsky second fiddle to Reuben Fine, open champion, when (title-holder), 3; Israel A. Horowitz (challenger), they met in the State Tournament in Hamilton. 0; drawn, 13 In addition to the state title, Fine annexed toe Marshall Chess Club Championship-Won by championship of the Marshall Chess Club and Reuben Fine, 14-1: Frank J. Marshall, 11-32; finished first in St. Louis. Thus Fine fairly Sidney Bernstein and Fred Reinfeld, 11-4; Herbert monopolized the center of the stage for the past Seldman, 1092-492; Edward Lasker and Harold twelve months. At Ventnor City, the honors went Sussman, 812-612; Matthew Green and Louis Levy, to Jacob Levin of Philadelphia.

8-7. A total of 525 players in 75 sections entered the Metropolitan Chess League Championship Won Continental Jubilee Correspondence Tournament, by the Marshall Chess Club, 792-12: Manhattan open to North American players, and conducted Chess Club, 7-1; Steinitz Chess Club, 6-2. Decidby the American Chess Bulletin of New York.

ing match on 18 boards; Marshall' o. c. 972; The results of the leading tournaments follow: Manhattan C. C., 872.

H. Y. P. D. College Chess League Championship U. S. Open Championship, St. Louis, Mo.-Won won by Yale, 742-12; Harvard, 412-312; Princeton, by Reuben Fine, New York, 8-1; Herman Steiner, 0-8; Dartmouth, not represented.

Los Angeles, 612-243; Weaver W. Adams, Boston, Eastern Intercollegiate Chess League Champion- 6-3; Boris Blumin, New York, 556-318. Class Aship won by Brooklyn College, 2312-412: City Col- Charles M. Burton, St. Louis, Mo., and Ward lege, 23-5; Cooper Union, and State Teachers, M. P. Mitchell, Brookline, Mass., 616-312 (tie not 19-9; N. Y. University, 12-16; St. John's, 5452-226; played off); David Ehrlich, St. Louis, 6-4. Queens and Union (Schenectady), 5-23.

Southern Championship-(Atlanta, Ga.)--Won Interscholastic Chess League Championship: tie by Louis Russell Chauvenet, Esmont, Va., 115-13: between Joseph Hidalgo, Jr., H. S. of Commerce, Nestor Hernandez, Tampa, Fla., and A. T. Henderand Julius Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, 412-13 (not son, Lynchburg, Va., 612-212; W. W. Gibbs, Staunplayed off); Class A-A, Rubin, James Monroe, ton, Va., and W. N. Woodbury, Birmingham, Ala., 6-0; W. Ballenbach, Flushing, and J. Singer, 5-4; L. Walter Stephens, New York, 412-412. Eastern District, 4-2. Consolation Class-K. Invitation Masters Tournament (Ventnor City, Domovs, New Utrecht, 513-15; Alfred Reichenthal, N. J.)Won by Jacob Levin, Philadelphia, 612-242; Eastern District, 5-1.

Fred Reinfeld, New York, 6-3; Albert S. Pinkus, C. C. N. Y. Championship_Triple tie, at 442-213, New York, and Anthony E, Santasiere, New York, among Milton Finkelstein, 42; F. Grobman, '43: 5'2-34; Weaver W. Adams, Boston; Sidney Bernand L. Levine, '42.

stein, New York; and Ariel Mengarini, Washington, Manhattan Chess Club Championship-Won by D. C., 412-416. Albert S. Pinkus, 612-112: Arnold S. Denker, N. Y. State Championship (Colgate University, 58-212; Jack Feldman and Jack Soudakoff, 5-3; Hamilton, N. Y.)-Won by Reuben Fine, New York L. H. Greene, 414-312.

8-2; Arnold S. Denker, Isaac I. Kashdan and Women's Championship, Marshall c. c.-Hazel Samuel Reshevsky, all of New York, 7-3; Robert Allen trophy won by Miss N. May Karfr. 7-1; Mrs. Willman, New York, 614-34. Experts Tournament Mary Bain, 612-112: Mrs. Gisel K. Gresser, 6-2. Sven Almgren, New York, and Abe Yanofsky.

Commercial Chess League Championship won Winnipeg, 716-113: Dr. Bruno Schmidt, Detroit, by Consolidated Edison, 32-8; Bell Telephone

Labo- 7-2; Dr. Max Herzberger, Rochester, 6-3. Class A ratories, 28-12; Chase National Bank, 2614-1372: Frank Valvo, Albany, 84-112: Julius Parlos, Real Estate Board, 22-18; N. Y. Times, 25-15; Corona, and Paul Rosenzweig, New York, 76-212; Central Hanover Bank, 20-20; N. Y. Telephone, Steven Shaw, Albany, 7-3; Ben McCready. Jackson 16-24; Postal Telegraph, 17-23; American Tele- Heights, 512-412. Class B-Fred Eckstrom, Brook phone, 1312-2612; Bankers Trust, 132-2676; Stock lyn, and Louis Persinger, New York, 719-112: Mrs. Exchange, 692-3312.

Nanny Roos, New York, 512-316; Walter Froelich, Soviet Championship (Leningrad and Moscow)- Syracuse, 5-4. Class 4Sidney Ross, Brookville, Won by Mikhali Botwinnik, 1372-614: Paul Keres, 814-5; George Cheney, Syracuse, 612-21: Henry 11-9; Vassily Smyslov, 10-10; N. Boleslavsky, 9-11. Greenfield and Maurice Wertheim, New York, 6-3;

Mar Del Plata International Tournament (Ar- P. Kingsland-Smith, skaneateles, 51-312. Special gentina)-Won by Gideon Stahlberg, Sweden, 13-4; Class-William Cogswell, Hamilton, and Gerald Molshe Najdorf, Poland, 122-415; Erich Eliskases King, Oneida, 2-1. Genessee Cup--Won by Queens. Germany, 1112-512; Ludwig Engels, Germany, and 974-22; Monroe, 613-512; Oneida. 5-3; Broome, Paul Frydman, Poland, 11-6; Miguel Czerniak, 1415-313: Schenectady, 25-57; Onondaga, 0-8. Four-suit and Five-suit Card Chances

Actual Pct. of

Actual Pet. et
Number Total

Number Total Royal flush 4 .00015 Three of a kind

54.912 Straight fush

.0014 Two pairs.

123.552 Four of a kind

.024 One pair

1,098,240 42.3 Full house 3.744 .144 Nothing

1.302.540 50.1 Flush

5,108 .197 Straight

10,200 .39

2,598,960 100.0 FIVE-SUIT POKER

5 Royal eagle spread.

.00006 Three of a kind

214.500 2.6 Five of a kind. 13 .00016 Two pairs.

429.000 5.2 Straight flush. 45 .00055 One pair

3.575.000 43.3 Four of a kind.

3.900 .047

3,984,240 48.2 Flush

6.385 .077 Full house 15.600 .189 Total

8,259,888 100.0 Straight



FIVE-SUIT POKER WITH 6 CARDS Six-card royal eagle spread 5 .000006 Three pair

286,000 .346 Six-card straight flush

.00005 Five-card flush.

331,300 .40 Five-card royal spread. 295 .0004 Three and two

858,000 1.0 Five of a kind 780 .0009 Five-card straight

1,278,700 1.5 Five-card straight flush 2.615 .003 Three of a kind

3.575.000 Four and two 7,800 .009 Two pairs

10,725,000 13.0 Three and three.

7.800 .009
One pair

39,778.550 48.2 Six-card flush

8,225 .010

25,491,300 30.9 Four of a kind


.130 Six-card straight.

140,220 .170

82,598,880 100.0


Football Coach of the Year Source: The New York World-Telegram, a Scripps-Howard newspaper, conducts each year a poll to determine the outstanding football coach of the year. Under the supervision of the World - Telegram, football coaches of the country choose from their ranks the one they consider entitled to the national ranking as the football coach of the year. In 1941, 274 coaches cast their ballots. The poll has attained national standing and recognition. Year Coach School Year

Coach 1935.

School Lynn Waldorf...

Northwestern 1939.. Dr. Edward Anderson.. Iowa 1936 Richard Harlow.

.1. Hardvard

1940. Clark D. Shaughnessy Stanford
Edward E. Mylin.

1941. ... Frank W. Leahy.

Notre Dame 1938.... William F. Kern, ..... Carnegie Tech The standing of the first ten choices with the point ratings in 1941 follows: Coach and College 1st 2nd 3rd Pts. Coach and College

1st 2nd 3rd Pts. Frank Leahy, Notre Dame.. 58 26 22 390 Dick Harlow, Harvard.

12 18

11 Bernie Bierman, Minnesota, 54 35

125 23 398 Dana X. Bible, Texas.

12 15 Earl Blalk, Army

116 27 10 18 201 Wallace Wade, Duke

9 Paul E. Brown, Ohio State

7 18 18 15 159 Babe Hollingbery, Wash. State 9 5 3 Homer Norton, Texas A&M.

63 15 21 17 155 Don Faurot, Missouri.

6 8 11 65 Only first place ballots count. In case of tie for first, second and third place votes are counted.

Conference Football Standings for 1941


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Points For Agst. 123

33 98 56 114 80 91

62 108 76 58 56 120 46 23 7 06




W. L. T. Minnesota


0 Michigan


1 Ohio State


1 Northwestern

0 Wisconsin


0 Iowa.

2 Purdue.

1 3 0 Indiana.

1 3 O Illinois


BIG SIX Missouri

5 0 0 Oklahoma

3 2 0 Nebraska.

3 2 0 Kansas

2 3 0 Kansas State

1 3 1 Iowa State.

O 4 1



0) South Carolina

1 Clemson

5 1 0 William and Mary

1 V. M. I.

2 0 Virginia Tech.

Wake Forest
No. Carolina State

North Carolina
Washington and Le

1 Citadel

0 George Washington

0 Richmond.



4 0 2 Denver..

3 1 2 Brigham Young

3 1 2 Colorado State

3 2 Colorado

3 Wyoming

1 Utah State.


For Agst.

L. T.
32 Oregon State

7 2 0
60 34 Washington State

5 3 0
101 89

116 57 Stanford.
153 Oregon


0 53 77 California.

3 21 42 U. C. L. A..

3 4 1 53 60 Southern California

1 13 114 *Montana.

3 0

*Do not play round-robin schedule.
115 35

59 24
39 131 Mississippi State.

4 0 1
40 89 Tennessee.

3 1 0 25 133 Georgia

3 1 1 Alabama,

2 0 Mississippi

1 1 224 20 Vanderbilt

0 76 40 L. S. U..

159 37

118 23 Georgia Tech.

87 81 Florida
47 Kentucky

0 4 0
134 91 Auburn..

70 123
83 143

61 59

6 77

0 0 Oklahoma A. and M




2 0

1 3 1

1 3 0
6 122

0 3 1
17 133

SOUTHWEST 171 52 Texas A. and M

5 1 0 94 25 Texas

4 1 1 90 55 Texas Christian

1 1 88 71 Rice,

3 2 1 85 106 Southern Methodist

0 25 183 Baylor...

1 46 107 | Arkansas

O 6 0

40 61 75 105 47 81 54 93 62 24 35 28

51 45 82 40 72 96 42 109 88

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169 St. Louis,
50 Washington

[blocks in formation]

All-America Football Teams for 1941


Associated Press

United Press






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