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At Burton Overy, Mr. Judd, one of the At Ladbrooke, Mrs. Palmer, widow of C. high constables of the Hundred of Gastrec, Palmer, esq. wbich office he held near 52 years.

At Birmingham, in the 85th year of hisage, At Asfordby, Mrs. Green, 80.

Richard Hobbs, B. M. many years ago a ceAt Sapcote, the Rev. James Knight Moore, lebrated character in the musical world, and sector of that parish. He was a gyod scholar formerly organist of St. Martin's church, in and an able divine, a faithful minister of the this town.--Edward Jackson, third son of Mr. church of England, laborious and persevering Robert Wheeler, 17.-Mrs. Sarah Wilson. in the discharge of all the duties of his sacred Mr. John Baldwin, eldest son of Mr. Samuel office, insomuch as to affect his constitution, B. 23.-Mr. John Nevill, sen: of Coleshill, which was not very robust. His excellent 66.-Mr. William Wright, jun. wife, of the sare pious and charitable dispo. At the Soho, where he was employed as a sition as himself, was his willing assistant in medal engraver, Conrad Henry Cuchler, naattention to he poor, and in the instruction of tive of Hesse-Darmstadt, 64. In this too children. They maintained an evening school much neglected branch of the fine arts, the for this purpose, besides a Sundry school, in variety and perfection of his works have given which about 70 children were taught their this gentleman a just claim to a distinguished duty to God and their neighbour ; besides reputation. wbich, on all great festivals, they were enter At Hatton, near Warwick, aged 38, Mrs. tained with a plentiful repast.

Sarah Ance Wynne, the only remain. At Hog's Hall, near Burbage, Joseph, son ing daughter of the Rev. Dr. Parr. The of Mr. Joseph Warner, 23.

brilliancy of her imagery in conversation and At Orton Hall, Mrs. Perkins, widow of writing, the readiness, gaiety, and fertility S.S. Perkins, esq.

of her wit, the acuteness of her observations At Welham, Mr. Warren.

upon men and things, and the variety of her At Hinckley, Elizabeth, youngest daugh- knowledge upon the most familiar and most ter of Mrs. Seller, 23.

profound subjects, were very extraordinary. STAFFORDSHIRE.

They who lived with her in the closest inMarried.] Ac Stafford, Mr. Hawkins, to timacy were again and again struck with adMiss Sarah Daniel.

miration at the rapidity, ease, vivacity, and John Blakesly, esq. banker, of Hinckley, elegance, of her epistolary compositions, to Miss T. Wamley, of Castle Bromwich. Whether upon lively or serious topics, they

Died.] At Betton, near Market Drayton, were always adapted to the occasion; they Mrs. Harper,

were always free from the slightest taint of At Weeford, near Lichfield, Mr. John affected phraseology and foreign idiom; they

were always distinguished by a peculiar felje At Wassel, Mr. Thomas James, jun. 33. city and originality of conception and expres.

At Lichfield, Mr. G. T. Pape, son of the sion; and the genius displayed in them would Late Rev. Dr. P. of Penne

most undoubtedly bave placed the writer in At Wolverhampion, Miss Norton.

the very highest class of her female contemAt Tettephall, where she resided for near poraries, if she had employed her ped upon a century, Elizabeth Prittic, spinster, aged 106. any work with a deliberate view to publica. She retained her faculties, and could walk tion. Her reading is the most approved auabout, till within a few days of her death. thors, boch French and English, was diver

As Stafford, Mrs. Kent 47.-Mrs. Hill,75. sified and extensive, her memory was prompt

At New-Chapel, Mr. R. Humphrys, son and correct, and her judgment upon all ques. of the late Mr. H. schoolmaster, of Shrews- tions of taste and literature, morality and rebury.

ligion, evidently marked the powers with At Newcastle, Mrs. Watkin, of that place. which she had been gifted by nature, and the Being informed that her son was fighting in advantages, which she had enjoyed for cultithe street, she ran to the place pointed out, vating those powers under the direction of her and on seeing one of the men fall, she ex enlightened parents, and in the society of claimed: " Oh my son!" and expired imme. learned and ingenious men, to which she had diately.

access from her earliest infancy. Wich beAt Brocton Grange, Mr, York, 77. coming resignation to the will of Heaven she WARWICKSHIRE.

endured a long and painful illness, which had Married At Scaunton upon Arrow, Mr. been brought upon her by the pressure of do- . C..llis, of Birmingham, to Miss Murcott, mestic sorrows on a constitution naturally only daughter of John M. esg. of Burcher, weak. Her virtues as a friend, a child, a Herefordshire.

wife, and a mother, were most exemplary, At Coventry, Mr. Charles Price Tite, of and her piety, being sincere, rational, and ha. London, to Miss Mary Ann Porier.

bitual, gave additional value to the great faDicd] At Coventry, Mis Clay, relict of culties of her understanding, and the gene. T. C. esq.-Mrs. Cratern, relict of Mr. Tho- rous feelings of her heart. mas C. attorney, 79.- Mrs. Wilson, Jace of In the 74th year of bis age, the Rev. Peter the Hare and Squirrel Tavern, 7%.

Eolas, thirty-three years pastor of the dissent,

Moteley, 26.

ing congregation, High-street, Coventry. In the smallest degradation of exterior appear. this truly amiable and estimable man, it is ance or manners, seened to throw a veil over difficult to say whether all the great, or all the many shining excellencies of his characthe good qualities, which can raise and adorn ter, which prevented some from fully dis. human nature, shone with the more resplen- cerning, and others from duly honouring dent lustre. An understanding of high power, them. He was born at London, educated at and large comprehension, assiduously culti- Mile-end academy; and, after various suc. vated, vigorously exercised; a judgment truly, cessive settlements, at Dorking, Ipswich, almost severely, correct; learning, various, Nottingham, and other places, he finally fixed extensive, accurate, and to a considerable de. at Coventry. Through his long life, he had gree, in some of its branches, even profound; never once lain on che bed of sickness; till, piety, rational and fervent, unostentatious on a visit at the house of his friend, the Rev. but deep-felt; morals as pure almost as the J. H. Bransby, in Dudley, he was suddenly frailty of our common nature will admit; be. sezied with a painfal disorder; from which, nevo ence which breathed its fervent spirit however, probably he might have found, from in the fondest affection to his friends, in the surgical aid, effectual relief. But another most feeling compassion to the distressed, in discase, the angina pectoris, unfortunately the most enlarged and generous regards to the not rare at this time, discovered its alarming whole race of man, and even in the tenderest' progress and fatal power; and, amidst the humanity towards the inferior creation; these kind, attentive, unremitted, but alas! un. were the great and predominating qualities, ace availing cares of weeping friendship, and of companied by the exactest attention to all the medical skill, with all the perfect resigna little proprieties and decencies, and kind of. tion, and calm tranquility, which nothing but fices of civilized life, and recommended by religious principle and Christian hope can inall the fascinating charms of a gay and a spire, he died, not leaving one surviving cheerful, even playful temper; of various, relation, near or distant, to lament his loss; entertaining, improving, animated conversa. but followed to his grave by the deep and tion; and of easy, unassuming, pleasing, and lasting regrets of all who had the happineas even polished marners; which, combined to to know him. form and to present to the world, a charac

SHROPSHIRE. ter of uncommon excellence and dignity. Married.] T. Moore, esq. of Liverpool, As a Christian, his faith was the effect of sin- to Mary Ann, second daughter of the late cere conviction, the fruit of long and learned Rev. W. Nicholls, of Chełmarsh Hall. investigation; not unaffected by the difficulo , At Marbury, Mr. E. Prince, of Whit; ties and objections which his own unfettered church, to Miss Massey, daughter of the Rev. thought or a careful study of all the deistical Mr. M. writings might create, but serenely confident M. R. Taylor, of the Moore, to Miss in the superior strength of that evidence, Baxter, only daughter of E. Baxter, esq. of which proves the truth of the religion, he professed, be preached, he practised. Though At Bridgnorth, John Coley, esq. to Miss his views of Christian doctrine differed, in Lewis, daughter of the late John L. esg. many important articles, from those of the The Rev. Devereux Mytton, rector of Lan. prevailing creed, yer, while he disdained con. dyssil, to Elizabeth Sarah, youngest daughter cealment, he abhorred bigotry; and while of Mr Francis Lloyd, of Ellesmere. he thought freely, and spoke freely, where Died.] At Cressage, Sir John Dutton Colt, occasion demanded, yet he was never forward bart. to question the opinions, or to oppose the pre- At Shrewsbury, Henry, second son of judices, of others. As a preacher, his sermons Mr. Edward Tipton, jun. 17 Mr. were generally well-arranged and well digest. Thomas Parker.-Mr. Charles Williams. ed; usually directed, if not exclusively con- Mrs. Braym.-Mr. James Smith Mrs. Eli. fined, to the great objects of practical religion; zabeth Howath.-Mr. Moses Ellidge..Mr. always judicious, sometimes ingenious, and Thomas Minshull, 49. ever instructive; devoid of any high claims At Market Drayton, Mrs. Clegg. to originality; somewhat deficient in anima. Ac Whitchurch, Mrs. Liversage. tion and pachos ; 'but distinguished by seri. At Barchurch, Elizabeth, third daughter of ousness of thoughc, justness if not force of the late Mr. Richard Brown. reasooing, great perspicuity and correctness AtAllport, near Church Stoke, Mr. Heardley. of style, and considerable vigour of expresa At Onslow, near Shrewsbury, Mrs.Vaughan. sion. In the earlier part of his life, this ex

WORCESTERSHIRE cellent man was known and received with Murried] At Dudley, John Randles, esq. honourable distinction, in a wide circle of ac- of the Twith, near Bangor, to Mi:s Phillips. quaintance and friends ; some, of the higher Ac Tardebige, Mr. Samuel Chapman, of orders of society, and some, of the greatest Upton, Leicestershire, to Miss Heaming, eminence in literature. But during the late daughter of Mr. H. of Foxlidiate House, in ter part, straitened circumstances and an oba this county, scure situation, though una tended with the AC Worcester, Mr. John Bowen, of Co. slightest querulousuess of temper, or with ventry, to Mrs. Longmore, of Harilebury,




Died.) At Dudley, where he was attend. having finished his travels, returned to Loning an annual meeting of dissenting ministers, don, where for a time he resided among his the Rev. Peter Emmans, during thirty three acquainrance, in superior life, which Christ minister of the presbyterian congregation in Church and Westminster School had rendere Coventry.

ed extensive An opportunity of being acAi Powick, Mr. Watton.

tively useful to his country occurring, by the Al Claines, near Worcester, Mr. Yarnold, offer of the mjority of the South Gloucester 78.

militia from the Earl of Berkeley, he, for a At Worcester, Miss Mary Smith, youngest considerable period, became exemplary in his danghter of che late Mr. S. accorney, 17.- discharge of the duties of the situation. Mrs. Hopkiss.

Alter quitting the corps, he married Catha. At Newland's Green, Mrs. Ann Popple. rine, eltest Jaughter of Robert Dobyns Yate, well,75.

esq. of Bromsberrow-place; and, some years Ac Bromsgrove, Mrs Bourn.

after her death, Sarah, only child of Dr. At Upton upon Severn, Mrs. Pearce. Adams, master of Pembroke College, Oxford.

At Waresley, Miss Wheeler, daughter of He many years acted as a magistrate and dethe late Mr. W. apothecary, of Worcester. puty-lieutenant of this county, where he was, "At Woodfields, near Powick, Mrs. Mason, through life, held in the highest degree of Ac Shellesly, Mis. Holt.

estimation and respect. Mr. Hyett having At Wriobenhall, Bewdley, Mr. Joseph died without issue, the ample possessions, Hill, son of Mr. William H.

which had given scope to the liberality and William, eldest son of the Rev. T. Clarke, benevolence of his disposition, have, it is said, rector of St. Michael's in Bedwardine. by will, devolved to a family nearly related to HERE FORDSHIR L.

his last lady. Married At Hereford, Mr. Isaac David At Gloucester, Mrs. Jones, wife of Mr. Joa's, surgeon, of Aberystwith, to Miss Mar. Samuel J. of Bridgenorth.-Mrs. Middleton, cha Maria Thack way, youngest daughter of of the Ship Inn.-Mr. Blizarte supervisor of Mr. T.

excise. At Leominster, Mr. Charles Lomax, sur. At Bourton-on-the-hill, Mrs. Warneford, gon, of Weobly, to Miss Poppleton. selict of Dr. W. of Warneford-place, Wills,

Died,] At Kington, R. Whitcombe, esg. 80.

Ac Siretton Sugwas, Mary, wife of che At Forrest green, Mary, eldest daughter R v. Rubert Hathway, rector of that pa. of the Rev. C. Pain. rish.

Ac Hyde, Margaret, third daughter of the At Linton, John Rober's, esq. lieutenant late Thomas Clutierbuck, esq. of Avening. in the royal navy, son of the Rev. Mr. R. of At Park End Lodge, near Gloucester, Mr. that place, 26.

Nathaniel Hawkins. At Russ, Mrs. Dee.

At Quedgley, Mrs. Bevan, wife of Mr. At Hereford, in the 84th year of his age, Isaac B. 26. Mr. G. Bradford. To a con iverable mecha. Ac Stroud, Mrs. Hughes, wife of Mr. H. nical genius, he joined a taste for experimen- surgeon. tal philosophy, and a vigour of understanding, Al Cheltenham, Mrs. Woollett, wife of that justly entitled him to the respect of all Mr. W. attorney, of Rye, Sussex.-Aged 21, who new bim. Mr. William Price, at the Mr. James Morris, musician, who lost his Elephant and Castle, 63.

sight by the small.pox in his infancy. He is GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

supposed to have caught cold from sleeping in The collateral branch of the Gloucester and a damp bed, as lie is the third of the same Cheltenham rail-soad, from Leckhampton. party who have died, probably from that hill to the latter place, being completed, was cause, within a few weeks.--Colonel James opened in form on the 2d of July; when Berkeley, 50. ten of the tram-carts, laden wich stone, were AC Tetbury, J. F. Byan, esg. brou;ht down in procession, accompanied by At Marshfield, Mrs. Shaxland. a bund of music, &c.

At Lassington, Mr. William Newman, 65. Married. At lewnliam, Mr. Joseph Har. At Dursley, Mrs. Wall. ris, of Lady-Wood, to Miss Thatcher, daugh.

At Westbury.upon. Severn, Miss Wintle, ics of Job T. esq.

only daughter of Mr. Thomas W. A: Gloucester, Mr. Thomas Jones, jun. of Ac Elmore, near Glouces:er, Mr. Daniel S-uchwask, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Vick. Mr. John Wheeler.a-Mr Hanes, surgeon, of

OXFORDSHIRE. Ar ington, to Miss Jane Masters.

Married.) At Charlbury, Mr. Brueton do Tewkisbury, Mr. Stanley, of Glouces. Gibbins, of Birmingham, to Miss Sarala ter, to Miss Willian. s.

Bowly. Died.) Al lainswick, in the 68th year of At Henley upon Thames, Mr. John Piper his ans, Benjamin Hyeit, esq. in whom were Ive, to Miss Lucy Paine. voilea the edegant schular, the man of the At Oxford, Mr. Siephen Quarterman, ta world, and the polished gentleman. On bis Ann, third daughter of Mr. Shepherd. leaving the waiversity he went abroad; and, Died.) At Burford, the Rev. John De la

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Bere, M.A. rector of Great Barrington and At Northampton, Mr. Brownsgrave, 76. Teyrton, in Gloucestershire. He was the

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. last male heir of the ancient and highly re- greeably to a new arrangement, a mail spectable family of that name.

coach will in future run inom Huntingdon to I consequence of being thrown from a gig, Newmarket, in order to facilitate the com. Mrs Stone, wife of Mr. R. Stone.

munication between the counties of Suffolk A: Ox ord, Mr. John Morrison. -Mr. T. and Norfolk, and the west and northern parts Glascow,- Mr. John Batchelor, 71.-Mrs. of the kingdom, Collingwowi, wife of Mr. Thomas C. of Lon Married. Mr. William Sharpe, of Islecon.

ham, to Miss Martin, only daughter of the At Charlgrove, Mr. Charles Halt, 18. late Edward M. esq. of Godmanchester.

At Headington Alley, eldest daughter of Died.] At St. Neots, Mr. Thomas Smith, Mr. John Freeman.

56. At Witney, in the 81st year of her age,

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Mrs. Gray, rehat of James Gray, esq. an emic The four annual prizes given by the reprenent attorney. With a mind replete with Silecives of this university, value fifteen gui. every moral and religious ritue, she was ac neas each, are this year adjudged as follow : tive and regular inte ser 'se of every duty Messrs. Hughes, of St. John's, and Cham. which couie acoriale christian. Her nume. bers, sen. of Trinity College, senior bacherous charities will render for loss severely lors, on the following subject: "Utrum mafelt by the poor, to whom she was a liberal be- jori prudentia, eloquentia, fortitudine, patri. beractress, for, being tenderly susceptible to æque amore, M. T. Cicero an Come: Clarenthe tear of woe, she was happy in che em- donirus, temporibus gravissimis, Rempubliployment of enquiring out the wretched, and cain administrasit ?” - Middle bachelors, alleviating their distresses by her unlimited Messrs. Smedley, of Trinity college, and Albenevolence.--Mr. Thomas Hudson, eldest derson, sen. Caius College ; subject, “ Utrum son of Mr. H. of Oakley, Bucks.

in optima Republicæ forms instituenda plus BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

vascat ingenium, an experientia?"-Sir WilMarried.] At Stony Stratford, Mr. Tho. liam Browne's gold medals for the Latin and mas Moses, to Miss Lydia Carr.

Greek odes are both adjudged to Mr. Edward Died.) At Wycombe, Miss Casemore, only Valentine Blomfield, of Caius College; and daughter of Mr. C.

that for the Greek and Latin epigrams to Mr. HERTFORDSHIRE.

William Sheepshanks, of Trinity College. Married. At Cheshunt, Mr. J. C. Har. Married.] At Sawston, Francis Canning, ris, of Bucklersbury, to Elizabeth, eldest esq. of Foxcote,, Warwickshire, to Jane, daeghcer of Mr. S. Twycross, of Waltham daughter of the late Ferdinand Huddleston, Cross,

esq. Died.] At East Barnes, W. A. Smith, se. At Cambridge, the Rev. James Wilding, cond son of the late Rev. Dr. Hugh S. of liead master of the Grammar School, at Trevor Park.

Cheam, Surry, to Miss Hovel. At Broxbourn, Mrs. Rogers.

At Thorney Abbey, T. Girdlestone, ésq. of At Buutingford, W. Drage, esq. 64. Walpole Oak Farm, Norfolk, to Sarah, youngBEDFORDSHIRE.

est daughter of John Bagley, esq. Married 1 At Biggleswade, William Hogg - The Rev. John William Butt, B. A. of esq. roerchant and banker, to Eliza, second Sidney College, to Charlotte, youngest dauglidaughter of S. Wells, es brewer and banker. 'ter of the late Mr. Humphreys, of Trum

Died.] At Biggleswade, Mr. Knight, mas- pington. ter of the Sun Inn. '

Di:d.) At Cambridge, Mrs. Hollick, wife NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

of William H. esą. Married.] Ac Wilton, Robert Marriott, At March, Mrs. Ingersole, wife of -- I. esq. of Brockhall, to Dororhea, second daugh- esq. late of Thetford. ter of George Uppleby, esq. of Barrow, Lin- At Stretham, Mr. Edward Dimock. colnshire.

NORFOLK. Died. At Peterborough, Mrs. Thacker, Sunday, July 1, during a violent tempest, 86 - Mrs. Elizabeth Merrichall. Mr. King' at Wheatacre All Saints, in this county, a ston-fane, youngest daughter of Toomas phenomenon, perhaps deserving of some atGoodman, esg, Wright Thomas Syuire, esq. tention, wis observed. The severity of che 26.-Mrs. Wat kins, of London.-Mr. J. W. storm having, ia sonie degree abated, a sound Weston, miniature painter.

like the ringing of distant bells was distinctly At Eilon, the infant son of H. Brett, esq. beard for about seven minutes, when it graAt Welton, Mr. Thomas Lingham, 63.' dually died away as the electric cloud ap

At Cransley, Jane, second daughter of the proached the sea. Rev. George Anderson.

Married.] At South Lopham, Edward At Hinton-in-the Hedges, Ann, wife of Bridgman, jun. esq. of Coney Weston, SufMr. John Weston, 32.

folk, to Frances, only daughter of Thomas At Wakerley, Mrs. Jackson, wife of Wil. Fox, esq.--Mr. John Forster, of Norwich, liam J. esq.banker, of Stamtord, 35. tu Miss Mary Bishop, of Ketteringham. -Mr. AloxTHLY Mag. No. 202.


Samuel Davy, of Erpingham, to Mrs. Lee. wright, esq. for a Devon cow. The sheep good, if the Red Lion Inn, Ayisham.--Lieu- stock consisted of the fine wool breed, viz. tenant Edward Cole, of the royal navy, to Southdowns, and some Merino, and a cross Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Watts, between the two breeds, all of which have of Belaugh,

been much improved. The medals for a ram At Norwich, W. L. Robinson, ese of Car- and ewe hoggets, were adjudged to C. C. bronke, to Miss Anne Scort, daughter of the Western, esq for Southdowns. Those of w. late Rev. Mr. S. of Walton.

Honeywood, esq. were equal in carcass; but Died.] At Necton, Miss Young, eldest upon the whole the judges gave the prefer. daughter of the late Rev. William Y. rector ence to Mr. Western's. The medal for a fat of that place

wether was adjudged to W. Honey woud, esq. Ai Norwich, Mrs. Pretyman, wife of Dr. There were not any candidates for long wool P. prebendary of Norwich, and archdeacon and sheep, nor for boars. P. Wright, esq. had a precentor of Lincoln.-Mrs. Doe.- Mr. Bry- very fat wether, but it was over age. C. C. ant Allen, 53.---Sophia, relict of Mr. S. Pal. Western, esq. had three sine (wo-year-old mer, 35. Mrs. Gunton, 43.-The Rev. wethers, but being unshorn at the time, they John Corbould, of Braconash, 42.--Mrs. Ar could not be admitted M Burgoyne, esq. tis. -Mrs. Drake, relict of Mr. D. governor had three neat ewe hoggets, but not entered of the Great Hospital. --Miss Bond, eldest in time. C. H. Kortwright, esq. had a pen daughter of the Rev Mr. B. rector of wheat. of very good wethers, between Merino and acre All Saints, 13.-Miss Hannah Mack. Southdown, besides some ewe hoggets. P.

At Yarmouth, Mrs. Elizabeth Hunter, Du Cane, esq. had a couple of twin hogget widow of the late Mr. Edward H. She lived rams of the Merino breed. Mr. Mason's to the advanced age of 102 years, always en ram hogget, and Messrs. Simson and Lee'), joyed a good state of health, and her faculties were considered very good in carcass. The were perfect to the last.

premiums for labourers, &c. were given as At Ingbam, Robert Postle, gent. 81. usual, according to merit. After the busin

ness of the day, the company dined at the Sa. SUFFOLK. Married. 1 Al Bury, Mr. W. Brown, ar"

racen's Head, C. H. Kortwright, esq. (stew.

aid) in the chair. chitect, to Miss Jermyn, eldest daughter of

On Monday, June 4th, a fire broke out in the late Mr. J. bookseller.

a granary at Maldon, containing 300 quarters Died.] Ac Tudenham, Mr. and Mrs.

of malt, in sacks, a quantity of bariey, also Wicks.

300 quarters of beans, and some flour, which At Bury, William Green, gent. 66. --Mr

were nearly all consumed before it was exJohn Clark. -Mrs. Mann, widow of the late

tinguished. The granary and malt belonged parish clerk of St. James's, 98.--Mr.

to Mr. Bright, of Braintree, and the beans to William White, formerly an eminent dancing

Mr. Drake, of Maldon. The loss is estima. master, 79.-Mr. Thomas Chaplin, late of

ted at 20001. no part of which was insured. Bilderton-ball, 75.

Married.) At Rochford, Henry Comyrrs At East Bergholt, Mr. Gospall, 64.

Berkeley, esq. of Gray's Inn Square, to CharAt Ipswich, Thomas Kennedy, esq. captain lotte Matilda, daughter of Thomas Swaine, and adjutant in the Colneis battalion of local

esq. militia.--Mr. Popplewell, commissary of

; At Manningtree, Mr. B. King, of Stow. stores in the garrison here.-Mr. James New

market, merchant, to Miss Goodwin. man, 60.

At Rayleigh, Mr. Joseph Markwell, land . At Stowmarket, Mr. John Earthy, of the

surveyor, of Billericay, to Miss Totman. post-office, 69.

Died. At Mosford Lodge, Barking, R. At Eriswell, Mr. James Fuller, jun. 75; Ineram his father is just completing his 100th year. **

At Bocking, Mrs. Nottidge, wife of Josias At Edwardstone Grove, Mrs. Lee, wife of

N. esp. 71. Major L. of the royal marines.

Ac Castle Hedingham, Mrs M. E. Cheve. At Moorhouse, Boxted, Mrs. Rose West

to ley, wife of Mr. George C. 49. rup, 88.

At Colchester, Benjamin Smith, esq. one This 30th year, the Rev. Thomas Nor of the aldermen of that corporation, 74.--Mr gate, M. A. of Gonville and Caius College, Thomas Dixon. Cambridge, and eldest son of Dr. Norgate,

The Rev. James Wilbert Kilner, curate of of Great Ashfield, in this county.

Hockley and South Fambridge, 33.

At Sheering, Mr. Richard Poole, officer of The annual meeting for the exhibition of excise. stock of the Essex Agricultural Society, was In Lendon, Mr. William Darby, of Chelmse held on the 25th of May, at Chelmsford. ford. Although not so large a show as expected, At Ingatestone, Mrs. Petrit, relict of Mr. the stock entered were, in general, good. There P. of the Bell. --Sarah, the wife of the Rev. were six cart stallions. The medal was ad. W. W. Bowskil, vicar of Mount Hessing, 6%. judged to a very fine chesnut horse, the pro At Brandon, Mr. Sewell, of the Ram Inn. perty of R. M. Robinson, Esq. ; to J. Wrighe, At Chelmsford, Mr. William Stebbing, 71. esq. for a Suffolk bull; and C. H. Korte At Stock, Mr. William Hitchcock, 59


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