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[No. 1.] Annual message of the governor. Fellow citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives:

The period has again arrived, when, by our organic law, the representatives of the people of Michigan are required to assemble. The great design of this constitutional requisition is, that after examining into the condition of public affairs, we may, in all things practicable, ameliorate their condition; that we may correct the errors, and supply the deficiencies of former legislation; that we may increase the extension of useful knowledge, and elevate the public morals; that we may advance the principles of justice, foster the great interests of the state, sustain the public faith, and promote the public prospe. rity. And happy will be our lot, if, when again we separate, we may be permitted to return to our constituents, with a consciousness, ihat in any material degree we shall have been the instruments, in the hands of an overruling Providence, in give ing effect to purposes of so hallowed a character.

In furtherance of this general design of the constitution, it is made mandatory upon the governor, that he “communicate 10 you the condition of the state," and "recommend to you such matters as he shall deem expedient.” Who would enter upon the execution of such a duty, except with feelings subdued by a consciousness of his own inability to perform it in a manner the most conducive to the public good? But it is our duty and our happiness to remember that our destinies are in the hand of a benevolent and an Almighty Power, who shapes our ends according to his will, and without whose favor, we can realize nothing good-for fceble and short sighted is the wisdom of man!

In any attempt to review “the condition of the state," the attention of the observer is first, very properly, directed to the consideration of the moral and intellectual character, actual and prospective, of its people. Civil commotions and wars Vol. I.


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