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41st American Bowling Congress Championships


St. Paul, Minn., March 13-May 6, 1941

Pins Prize

Pins Prtie 1. Vogel Brothers, Forest Park, Ill. 3,065 $1,500 1. William Lee-Ray Farness, Madi2. Rheingolds, Chicago

3,054 1,200
son, Wis

1,346 $600.00 3. Joseph L. Gills, Chicago

3,034 1,000 2. Harry'Ledene, Jr.-William Flesch, 4. Chapin and Gore, Chicago

3,033 875

1,338 550.00 5. Eastsiders, Los Angeles

3,029 800 3. Carl Dech-Roy Thompson, Min6. Budweisers, Kansas City

3,027 725

1,321 500.00 7. St. Paul House, Shakopee, Minn 3,027


4. Ed Augustus-Harold Levan, Hazle8. Dean Rubber, Kansas City

3,022 640
ton, Pa

1,314 460.00 9. Koenigs, Chicago


5. William Kenet Joseph Bodis, 10. Hermann Undertakers, St. Louis. .3,019 590


1,313 420.00 The Vogel Brothers' winning total:

6. William Hoar - Raymond Fliger,
Cicero, III

1.308 400.00 John Erben

193 236 224 653 7. Donald Bowdish-Joseph Pauline, Jim Frane 182 191 223 596 Clinton, Iowa

1,307 372.50 George Vogel

190 234 220 644 8. Elmer Koch-Ned Day, Milwaukee 1,307 372 50 Stan Kosobucki.

205 203 195 603 9. John Bagley - George Gardner, Jim Veverka 161 194 214 569 Bayonne, N. J

1,306 345.00

10. George Bobmeyer-Nelson Burton, Total 931 1,058 1,076 3.065 St. Louis

1.306 345.00 SINGLES

Pins Prize

Pins Prize 1. Fred Ruff, Jr., Belleville, Ill. 745 $300.00 1. Harold Kelly, South Bend, Ind...2,013 $200.00 2. Ed Mady, Minneapolis 740 280.00 2. Eddie Koepp, Cleveland

.. 1.972 175.00 3. Tony Sparando, New York City 738

270.00 3. Bernard Frees, Kansas City, Mo.. 1,968 150.00 4. Eddie Hitch, Erie, Pa 735 260.00 4. Nelson Burton, St. Louis

1,965 135.00 5. Martin Carlson, Rockford, Ill 730 250.00 5. George Tishock, Milwaukee 1,961 122.50 6. Hilla Kallas, Milwaukee,

727 240.00 6. John Erben, Forest Park, III. .1,961 122.50 7. Victor Bucholz, Mankato, Minn... 720 230.00 7. Ray Farness, Madison, Wis .1,951 115.00 8. Mike Malouf, Milwaukee

716 220.00 8. Henry Zeutzius, Green Bay, Wis. .1,950 110.00 9. Harold Kelly, South Bend, Ind 714 210.00 9. Fred Ruff, Jr., Belleville, ini 1,947 105.00 10. Vern Anderson, Jefferson, Wis.. 712 200.00 10. Ned Day, West Allis, Wis., .1,944 100.00

HOLDERS OF 300 A. B. C. GAMES William J. Knox, Philadelphia, 1913.

William McGeorge, Kent, O., 1939. Charles Reinlie, Racine, Wis., 1926.

George Pallage, Akron, O., 1940. Jack Karstens, Fort Sheridan, ul., 1933.

Angelo Domenico, Canton, o., 1940. Carl Mensenberg, Scranton. Pa., 1935.

William Hoar, Chicago, 1941. Michael Blazek, Conneaut, O., 1938.

Three all-time A. B. C. records were broken in the second ever bowled in a five-man event and the 1941 tourney. A new attendance record above the tenth ever bowled in any event. Ray Farness, the 150.000 mark and new marks of 25 singles Madison, Wis., was the individual star with the totals of 700 or better and 1,952 totals of 600 or highest series in the classic and the fifth highest better were established. William Hoar, Chicago, in A. B. C. history when he contributed 767, leadrolled the ninth perfect game of 300 in A. B. C. ing himself and his partner in the doubles title annals and William Caskey, Canton, O., rolled 299, with a combined total of 1.346.

All Events

Two-Men Teams Five-Men Teams 1925 A. Green, Chic .706 C. Long, Bufl., 1,977 Schupp-Karich, Chio.. 1,318 Buffalo. .3,00 1926 E.Votel, Brad'k, Pa..731 C. Gertoski, Det...1,981 Aston-Young, Akron. .1,233 Chicago....3,063 1927 W. Eggars, Chio... ..706 B. Spinella. N. Y...2,014 Flick-Snyder Erie, Pa... 1,317 Milwaukee. 3.190 1928 H. Summers, St. L...705 P. Woll, Chicago, 1,937 Hrudek Bros., Cicero, Ili... 1,363 Ch (Oh Hy's) 3.075 1929 A. Unke. Milwauk...728 O. Stein, Jr., St. L. 1,974 Klecz-Butler, Chicago 1.353 Hub R.Joliet 3,063 1930 L. Shotwell, Cov., Ky..774 G. Morrison, Chic. 1,985 Devine-Heup, Beloit. ..1.339 Grafts, Kal., 3.100 1931 W Clack, Erie, Pa, 712 M. Mauser, Y'ngst 'n, 1,966 Rafferty-Reilly, Phil......1.316 S.& L.M.,Ch.3,013 1932 O. Nitschke, Cleve...731 H, Stewart, Cinn... 1,980 Daw-Benkovic, Milw. 1,358 Jett. CI. D'tn 3.168 1933 E. Hewitt, Erie, Pa..724G, Zunker, Milw..,2,060 Zunker-F. Benkovic, Milw 1,415 Optic'ns, Cov.3,021 1934 J. Vidro, Gr. Rapids..721 W Reppenhagen, G. Rudolph-J.Ryan, Wauk. 1,321 Bohem, Beer


Detroit...3,089 1935 D. Brokaw, Canton, .733 C, Mayar, San

C. Sumerix-H. Souers,

Wolfe, T. S.
2,022 Akron.

1,344 Niazare . 3,029 1936\C, Warren,

J. Murphy
A. Slanina-M. Straka,

Falls City HI Bru.
Springfield, III.... 735 Indianapolis


1,347 Indianapolis, 3,089 1937 G. Gagliardi, Mt. Ver- M. Stein, Bellville, V. Gibbs, Kansas City, Mo. Krakow Furnon, NY 749 II.

2,070 N. Burton, Dallas, Tex. 1,350 nitureC. Det 3,118 1938 K Anderson, Moline, D. Beatty, Jackson, Johnson-Snyder,


Birk Bros.. NI 746 Mich 1,978 apolis

1,337Brew Co Chỉ 3,2 1939 James Danek, Forest Joe Wilman, Chica- Murray Fowler · Philip File Electric Park, III


2,028 Ieuss, Steubenville, 0... 1,405 Detroit... 3,151 1910 Ray Brown, Terre Fred Fisher, Buf Herb Freitag, Joe Sinke, Monarch Haute, Ind. 742 falo


1,346 Beer, Chi.3.047

... 2,006

1941 WOMEN BOWLING CONGRESS WINNERS Singles--Nancy Huff, 622, Doubles-Mary Hogan, Josephine Pittinger, 1155.

| All Events--Mrs. S. Twyford, 1799.

14th Annual Duck Pin Championship

Atlanta, Ga., April 19-27, 1941

WOMEN All Events-Nick Tronsky, Willimantic, Conn., All Events--Drusilla Kellum, Baltimore, Md. 1.198.

1,034. Singles--Julian Easterday. Annapolis, Md., 459. Singles-Carolyn McGinn, Baltimore, Md., 398.

Doubles-Mike Dziadik-Pete Motyl, Derby, Conn., Doubles-Helen Starron-Nellie Urban, Bridge793

port. Conn., 695. Team Title--Newfield Men, Bridgeport, Conn., Team Title -- Rendezvous Girls, Washington. 1,919.

D. C., 1,651.
Mixed Doubles-Ida Simmons, Norfolk, V&., and Alan Liebler, Atlanta, Ga., 802.

Duck Pin Bowling Records

Source: National Duck Pin Bowling Congress


Game-767, Black Rock Team, Bridgeport, ton, D. C., 1938-1939 season.
Conn., Feb. 2, 1941.

Season average (84 games)-629-52, Rossylon Three game set--2,068, United Aircraft, Hart- team, Washington, D. C., 1939-1940. ford, Conn., Jan. 15. 1941.



game__475, Middletown All-Stars, Five game set-3,348, Kelly-Buick, Baltimore, Middletown, Conn., Nov., 1937. Md.

Three men set-1,240, Middletown All-Stars, Ten game set--6,460, Park Circle team, Balti- Middletown, Conn., Nov., 1937. more, Md., Jan. 11-12, 1941.

Three men four game set-1,524, Brozey, Hran15 game set-9,420, Popular Club, Baltimore, icke, Weinberger, Baltimore, Md., Sept. 9, 1939. Md., May, 1940.

Three men five game set-1,957, Hildebrand, Consecutive wins-33, Franks Tavern, Washing- | Pickus, Hamilton, Baltimore, Md., Sept. 17, 1939.

Single game-341, Jake Hanson and Gordon Guerke, Baltimore, Md., Feb., 1940.
Caldwell, Richmond, Va., July 1, 1933.

Ten game set-2,720, Nova Hamilton and Winnie
Three game set--918, Ray Haines and Art. Felter, Guerke, Baltimore, Md., Dec. 21, 1940.
Baltimore, Md., April, 1939.

15 game set-3,808, Tony Santini and Ed Five game set-1,416, Ev Gardner and Nick Paye, Blakeney, Washington, D. C., Dec. 3, 1939 Baltimore, Md., Dec. 22, 1940.

20 game set--4,813, Red Neblett and Ray Barnes. Six game set-1,624, Nova Hamilton and Winnie Richmond, Va., Sept., 1939. Guerke, Baltimore, Md., Feb., 1940.

25 game set--6,072, Red Neblett and Ray Barnes, Eight game set-2,053, Tony Santini and Ed Richmond, Va., Sept., 1939. Blakeney, Washington, D. C., April 4, 1940.

Season average--245-10, Paul Harrison and Max Nine game set--2,431, Nova Hamilton and Winnie' Rosenberg, Washington, D. C. 1928-1929.

INDIVIDUALS Single game--239, Eddie Funaro, New Haven, 15 game set-2,116, Steve Dyak, Willimantic, Conn., Jan, 11, 1941,

Conn., Jan. 6, 1940. Three game set-518, Wally Pipp, Hartford,

20 game set-2,757, Astor Clarke, Washington, Conn., April, 1934.

D. C., Feb., 1934. Four game set-610, Johnny Miller, Baltimore,

25 game set-3,406. Jack White, New Haven, Md., Feb. 22, 1941.

Conn., April-May, 1938. Five game set-782, Astor Clarke, Washington, Jan., 1941.

30 game set--3,946, Willie Stitz, Baltimore, Md.. D. C., April 5, 1941. Six game set--912, Mike Dziadik, Derby, Conn.,

35 game set-4,764, Mike Bogino, Hartford,

Conn. April, 1939.

40 game set-5,251, Jack White, Hartford, BridgeSeven game set-1,053, Joe LaMastra, Bridge- port, Willimantic and New Haven, Conn., March, port, Conn., April 17, 1940.

1939 Eight game set, 1,160, Steve Witowski, Middle

50 game set-6,725, Jack White, New Haven, town, Conn., March, 1941.

Conn. Nine game set (all events)-1,318, Wally Pipp, 100 game set--12,446, Gordon McIlwee, WinHartford, Conn., April, 1934.

chester, Va., Dec. 18. 1940. Ten game set--1,482, Winnie Guerke, Baltimore, Season average-(90 games). 131-70, Ray Md., Dec. 21, 1940.

Northan, Hartford, Conn., 1939-1940 season.

Game-677, West Haven Girls, New Haven, Washington, D. C., Feb. 9-11, 1934.
Conn., Nov. 30, 1940.

Season average (36 games)-557-20, Recreation
Three game set-1,830, Newfield Girls, New Girls, Baltimore, Md., 1935-1936.
Haven, Conn., Jan. 25. 1941.

Consecutive wins-37, Bookies Team, Richmond, Five game set-2.896, Health Center Girls, Nor- Va., 1938-1939. folk, Va., April 5, 1936.

Three women seven game set--2,433, Simmons, Ten game set-5,438, Evening Star Champions, White, Lieb, Baltimore, Md., Oct., 1939.

Doubles Single game__310 (tie) Ardrey Mullaney and Oeschler, Baltimore, Md., May 4, 1940. Minerva Linthicum, Baltimore, Md., Nov. 11. Eight game set--1,905, Thelma McDonough and 1939; Betty James and Ethel Harris, Baltimore, Evelyn Brose, Baltimore, Md., April 14, 1940. Md., Nov., 1940.

Ten game set--2,259, Anne Crubbs and Polly Three game set-798, Ann Levy and Doris Smith, Dozier, Richmond, Va., April, 1932, Norfolk, Va., March 1. 1941.

15 game set--3,397, Naomi Zimmerman and Ruth Five game set-1.252, Ardrey Mullaney and Alice Zentz, Baltimore, Md., Feb., 1939. Lucas, Baltimore, Md., Nov. 26, 1936.

20 game set-4,500, Dorothy O'Brien and Ida Six game set-1,417, Ethel Brewer and Dot Wool- Simmons, Norfolk, Va., April, 1934. ford, Baltimore, Md., Feb. 9, 1941.

Season average.-217, Naomi Zimmerman and Seven game set--1,659, Sue Miller and Frances Mildred Tuckey, Baltimore, Md., 1934-1935

High game-201, Peggy Vreeland, New Haven, Md., April 14, 1940.
Conn., Nov. 30, 1940.

Nine game set-1,202, Ida Simmons, Norfolk, Va.,
Three game set-443, Ida Simmons, Norfolk, May 29, 1940.
Va., March 2, 1935.

Ten game set-1,355, Ida Simmons, Norfolk, Va., Four game set--551, Lucille Young, Washington, Oct 25. 1936. D. C., Dec. 1, 1940,

15 game set-1.942, Ida Simmons, Norfolk, Va.. Five game set--694, Ida Simmons, Norfolk, Va., Dec. 29, 1939. April 17, 1936.

20 game set-2,486, Ida Simmons, Norfolk, Va.. Six game set-835, Ida Simmons, Norfolk, Va., Dec 29-30. 1935. March 13, 1937.

25 game set-3,015, Ethel Brewer, Baltimore, Seven game set-862, Ida Simmons, Norfolk, Va., Md., Jan., 1940. May 4, 1940.

30 game set-3,581, Evelyn Brose, Baltimore, Elght game set--988, Ida Simmons, Norfolk, Va., Md., Jan., 1941, April 14, 1940, Tie.

Season average (93 games)-121-16, Ida SimEight game set-988, Evelyn Brose, Baltimore,

mons, Norfolk, Va., 1939-1940.

Mixed Doubles High game-337 Minevra Weisenborn and Nine game set-2,174, Ida Simmons and Hugh Clarence Blake, Baltimore, Md., March 21, 1941.

Arbaugh, Miami, Fla., Feb. 15, 1939. Three game set--835, Ida Simmons, Bill Bradley,

Ten game set-2,567, Ida Simmons and Ray Von Hagerstown, Md., Nov. 23, 1939.

Dreele, Washington, D. C.. Dec. 26, 1936.
Four game set-1,095, Ethel Brewer and Johnny
Miller, Baltimore, Md., Feb. 22, 1941.

15 game set-3,637, Katherine Vick and Bill Five game set--1,340, Ida Simmons and Bob Gauer, Norfolk, Va., Sept., 1939. Fisher, Baltimore, Md., Jan. 10, 1941.

20 game set-4,830, Katherine Vick and Bill Six game set---1,523, Ethel Brewer and Johnny Gauer, Norfolk, Va., and Richmond, Va., Sept.. Miller, Baltimore, Md., March 30, 1940.


1941 Listing of Ski Champions

Source: Harold A. Grinden, Historian, National Ski Association


[blocks in formation]


Champion and Home Club Place of Event Class A jumping. Torger Tokle, Norway Ski Club.. Seattle, Wash.. Class B jumping.. Robert Riley. Itaska Ski Club. Seattle, Wash. Class C jumping. Ralph Bietila, Ishping. Mich.. Seattle, Wash Senior jumping

Helge Sather, Spokane, Wash.. Seattle, Wash.
Four events.

All Engen, Sun Valley, Idaho. Sun Valley, Idaho
Cross Country 3-slalom 4-downhill

5-jumping ist
Men's downhill (open) Toni Matt, North Conway, N. H. . Aspen, Colo...
Men's downhill (amat.) William Redlin, Wash. Ski Club... Aspen, Colo.
Men's slalom (open).. Dick Durrance, Alta, Utah. Aspen, Colo.......

[blocks in formation]

Men's slalom (Amat.). William Redlin, Wash. Skl Club.... Aspen, Colo.......
Men's combined slalom

and downhill (open). Toni Matt, North Conway, N. H... Aspen, Colo. Men's combined slalom

and downhill (amat.) William Redlin, Wash. Ski Club. Aspen, Colo.
Women's slalom.... Marilyn Shaw, Mt. Mansfield Ski

Aspen, Colo.
Women's Downhill
Gretchen Frazer, Sun Valley

Aspen, Colo.....
Women's Downhill Nancy Reynolds, Amateur Ski Club
of N. Y.

Aspen, Colo. Women's comb. (open) Gretchen Frazer

Aspen, Colo. Women's comb (amnat.) Nancy Reynolds.

Aspen, Colo.




187 194

AMERICAN SKI TROPHY 1939, Dick Durrance; 1940, Alf Engen; 1941, Charles M. Dole.

Official American Ski Jumping Records 1941, Alf Engen, Sun Valley at Iron Mt., Mich., 267 feet; 1941, Torger Tokle, Norway Ski Club at Seattle, Wash., 288 feet; 1941, Torger Tokle at Leavenworth, Wash., 273 feet. *American record.



Feet or
Time Meters


Champion and Home Club

Place of Event


[blocks in formation]

Clasa A jumping.. Torger Tokle, Norway Ski Club.. Gilford, N. H..
Claxy B jumping.. George Sherwood, Snow Birds.. Gilford, N. H.
Class C Jumping. None held.
Junior class jumping. None held.
Senior class jumping. None held.
Cross country

Ralph Townsend, U. of N. I Gilford, N. H. 1:05.47
Combined jump and
cross country.

Ralph Townsend, U. of N. H. Gilford, NH Slalom (men)

C. McLahe, Dartmouth Outing Club Cannon Mt., N. H. 2:06.0 Downhill (inen)

Sel Hannah, Franconia Ski Club.... Cannon Mt., N. H..5:30,4 Combined slalom and downhill

Charles McLane, Dartmouth Cannon Mt., V. H Slalom (women) Dorothy Hoyt, Schenectady, Winter Waterville Valley, N. Sports Club..


1:34.1 Downhill (women).... Dorothy Hoyt, Schenectady, Winter Waterville Valley, N. Sports Club

1:38.2 Combined slalom and Dorothy Hoyt, Schenectady, Winter Waterville Valley, N.

downhill (women).!. Sports Club





149-140 226.2 147-139 224.0

123-132 214.5 116-117 216.5



Class A jumping Torger Tokle, Norway Ski Club New London, Wisc..
Class C Jumping. James Running, Beloit Ski Club, New London, Wise..
Class C juinping Milton Lockery, New London Ski

New London, Wisc.
Sr. class jumping Jorgen Johansen, Rockford Ski Club New London, Wisc..
Cross country

No race held... (ob. Cross country and jumping

No competition held.. Four events, slalom,

downhill, cross cun

try, and jumping Dave Bradley, Wisconsin Hoofers... Iron Mt. Mich.. Slalom (men)

Gust Peterson, Moon Valley Ski Club Wausau, Wisc,
Downhill (men)

William Running, Kiwanis Ski Club Wausau, Wisc.
Slalom, downhill comb. Jerry Flatten, Moon Valley Ski Club Wausau. Wisc..
Slalom (women). Karen Sundness, Milw. Ocono. Ski

Marquette, Mich...
Downhill (women).... Bar. Nunnemacher, Marquette Skil

Marquette, Mich...
Slalom and downhill Bar Vunnemacher, Marquette Ski

Marquette, Mich.

Junior class A

Archie Walker, Eau Claire W. S.

Eau Claire, Wisc...,
Junior class B. Oscar Severson. Eau Claire wis

Eau Claire, Wisc.
Junior class C........M. Peterson, Eau Claire W. S. Club Eau Claire, Wisc,

385.42 101.4

97.0 166.3



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

134-139 222.1 81- 97 201.1 69. 69 206.0 63- 56 198.1

Class A jurnping.. Roy Mikkelsen,.Auburn Ski Club. Mt. Shasta, Calil.
Class B jumping. Byron Johnson, Auburn Ski Club... Mt. Shasta, Calit,
Class C Jumping. Billy Bechdolt, Tahoe Ski Club. Mt. Shasta, Calil.
Junior Clase jumping Pete Vanni, Tahoe Ski Club.

Mt. Shasta, Calif.
Slalom (men)

Bob Blatt, Stanford U. Ski Club Sugar Bowl.
Downhill (Men) Bill Robinson, Tyre Ski Club.. Sugar Bowl.
Combined slalom and

Bob Blatt, Stanford U. Ski Club. Sugar Bowl.
Slalom (women). Yvonne Blossom, Pasadena Ski Club Sugar Bowl
Downhill (women) Catherine Henck, unattached...... Sugar Bowl.
Combined slalom and

Gertrude Nepsola, Tyre Ski Club...Sugar Bowl..





146 -47 11492 40 -38% 145.8 2047-21 142.3 188-194 147.0

Class A jumping.. Helge Sather, Spokane, Wash. Bozeman, Mont.
Class B jumping. Kenneth Christianson, Minot, N. D. Bozeman, Mont.
Class BB juinping.

Thomas Hune, Bozeman, Mont... Bozeman, Mont.
Class C jumping.. Ross Van Sickle, Minot, N. D. Bozeman, Mont.

PACIFIC NORTHWESTERN SKI ASSOCIATION Class A jumping.. (Olav Ulland, Cascade Ski Club ..... Government Camp,

Oreg. Class B jumping.. Raymond Zoberski, 15th U. 8. In-Government Camp, fantry

Oreg Senior class jump.. Sven Ramsey, CSA..

Government Camp,

Oreg ... Junior (boys) jump... Karl Stingl, $SC.

Government Camp,

Oreg. Class C (boys) jump.. George Brummer, Osc....

Government Camp,


[blocks in formation]

Class A Jumping.. (Barney McLean, Hot Sulphur Spgs. Steamboat Springs,

Class B jumping.. Ronald Anderson, Steamboat W. S. Steamboat Springs,

Class BB jumping .... Bob Kellog, Steamboat W. 8. Club. Steamboat Springs,

Cross country (men) Franklin Blackmer, Estes Park S. C., Steamboat Springs,
8 inlle course.


67.10 Junior class jumping. . Leonard McLean, Hot Sulphur Spring Ski Club.

Winter Park, Colo...
Slalom (men)

Barney McLean, Hot Sulphur Springs Winter Park, Colo... 2:54.4
Downhill (men) Barney McLean, Hot Sulphur Springs Winter Park, Colo... 2:55.4
Combined slalom and

Barney Mclean, Hot Sulphur Springs Winter Park, Colo..
Slalom (women) Barbara Kidder, Colo. Mt. Club.... Winter Park, Colo... 4.03.2
Downhill (women) Betty Timm, Col, Women's Ski Assn. Winter Park, Colo... 4:05.0
Combined slalom and

Betty Timm, Col. Women's Ski Assn. Winter Park, Colo..

[blocks in formation]

Long Jumps Made During 1941 Ski Jumping Season






Torger Tokle at Seattle, Washington..
*288 | George Kotlarek at Iron Mr, Michigan..

254 All Engen at Iron Mt. Washington.. **267 Ted Zoberski at Iron Mt., Michigan..

252 Torger Tokle at Seattle, Washington. 266 Ray Larimle at Iron Mt., Michigan

256 Torger Tokle at Leavenworth, Washington. **273 Eugene Wilson at Iron Mt., Michigan.

252 All Engen at Seattle, Washington. 262 Roy Bietila at Iron Mt., Michigan

252 Walter Bletila at Seattle, Washington. 260 Ted Zoberski at Ishpeming, Michigan.

225 Arthur Devlin at Seattle, Washington, 250 Eugene Wilson at Ishpeming. Michigan

225 Roy Mikkelsen at Seattle, Washington,

255 Ingvar Arneson at Ishpeming, Michigan Roy Larimle at Seattle. Washington.. 258 Roy Bietila at Ironwood, Michigan..

200) John Leed at Seattle, Washington..

251 Kenneth Fysch at Berlin, New Hampshire. Roy Bietila at Ishpeming, Michigan. **236 | Torger Tokle at Brattleboro, Vermont.

224 Torger Tokle at Duluth, Minnesota.

**203 Torger Tokle at Laconia, New Hampshire. 221 Walter Bietila at Iron Mt. Michigan.

256 * American hill record. (Official longest jump in America.) **Hill record · The National Ski Association passed some years ago a resolution that long jumps would be considered as official records only for the specific hill on which the jump was made.

Bobsledding in 1941 National A, A. U. Junior Championships, Lake Lake B. C. (T. Latour and P. Dupree) 4:56,57. Placid, N. Y., February 1-2. Two-man team, Keene Four-man team, Republic Miners B. C. (W. Linney. Valley A. C. (W. Washbond and A. Aubin); total J. Kerr, W. Staca vich. A. Clain) 4:27.71. time 4 runs, 4:52.06.

National A. A. U. Senior Championships, Lake Four-man team, Saranac Lake B. C. (C. Keough, P. Buckley, H. Murphy,

Placid, N. Y., February 22-23. Two man team,

Saranac Lake B. C. (T. Latour_and P. Dupree) R. McKillip) 4:41.73.

4:55.68. Four man team. Sno Birds Club, Lake North American Championships, Lake Placid, Placid (F. Tyler, E. H. Varno. W. D'Amico, P. N. Y., February 9-12. Two-man team, Saranac Martin) 4:37.58.

Eastern Lawn Bowling Championships The James S. Weir rink of Detroit, Mich., cap- The Detroit bowlers captured the McGuire-Lockie tured the Eastern Division championship of the Trophy by deieating the Edward J. Leinert rink national tournament of the American Lawn Bowl. of Buffalo in a 16-15 match. ing Association (Aug. 5, 1941) in Buffalo, N. Y.

U. S. Tennis Championships

Year. Champion. Final Opponent.


Final Opponent. 1902 W, A. Larned

R. F. Doherty
1922 Wm. T. Tilden

Wm. M. Johnston 1903 H. L. Doherty

W. A. Larned
1923 Wm. T. Tilden

Wm. M. Johnston +1004 Holcombe Ward W. J. Clothier

1924 Wm. T. Tilden

Wm. M. Johnston 1005 B. C. Wright

Holcombe Ward
1925 Wm. T. Tilden

Wm. M. Johnston 1906 W. J. Clothier

B. C. Wright
1926 Rene Lacoste

Jean Borotra +1007 W. A. Larned

Robert LeRoy
1927 Rene Lacoste

Wm. T. Tilden 1908 W. A. Larned

B. C. Wright
1928 Henri Cochet

Francis T. Hunter 1 1909 W, A. Larned

W. J. Clothier
1929 Wm. T. Tilden

Francis T. Hunter 1910 W. A. Larned

T. C. Bundy
1930 John H. Doeg

Francis X. Shields 1911 W. A. Larned

M. E. McLoughlin 1931 H. Ellsworth Vines, Jr. George M. Lott, Jr. 11912 M. E. McLoughlin W. F. Johnson

1932 H, Ellsworth Vines, Jr. Henri Cochet 1913 M. E. McLoughlin R. N. Williams

1933 Frederick J. Perry John H. Crawford 1914 R. N. Williams

M. E. McLoughlin 1934 Frederick J. Perry Wilmer L. Allison 1915 Wm. M. Johnston M. E. McLoughlin 1935 Wilmer L. Allison Sidney B. Wood. 1916 R. N. Williams

Wm. M. Johnston 1936 Frederick J. Perry J. Donald Budge *1917 R. L. Murray

N. W. Niles

1937 J. Donald Budge Baron G. Von Cram 1918 R. L. Murray

Wm. T. Tilden


J. Donald Budge C. Gene Mako 1919 Wm. M. Johnston Wm. T. Tilden

R. L. Riggs

W. Van Horn 1920 Wm. T. Tilden

Wm. M. Johnston
1940 D. McNeill

R. L. Riggs 1921 Wm. T. Tilden

W. F. Johnson
1941 R. L. Riggs

F. L. Kovacs
*National Patriotic Tournament. †No challenge round played. Challenge round abolished.


Doubles Champions

Mixed Doubles Champions 1920 Mrs. F. I. Mallory..

Misses E. Goss & M. Zinderstein. Mrs. GW Wightm'n&W.F.Johns'n. 1921 Mrs. F. I. Mallory.

Miss M. Brown & Mrs. L. R. Williams Miss M. Browne & W.M. Johnston 1922 Mrs. F. I. Mallory.

Mrs. M. Z. Jessup & Miss H. Wills Mrs. F. Mallory & W.T.Tilden, 2d. 1923 Miss Helen Wills..

Mrs. B.C.Covell & Miss K. McKane Mrs. F. Mallory & W.T.Tilden, 2d. 1924 Miss Helen Wills.

Virs. G.W.Wightman & Helen Wills. Miss Helen wills & V. Richards. 1925 Miss Helen Wills..

Helen Wills & Mary Browne..... Miss K. McKane & J. B. Hawkes. 1926 Mrs. F. I. Mallory Misses E. Ryan & E. Goss.

Miss E. Ryan & J. Borotra. 1927 Miss Helen Wills..

Mrs. K. McK. Godfrey & Miss E.

Miss E. Bennett & H. Cochet. 1928 Miss Helen Wills

Miss Wills & Mrs. Wightman Miss Wills & J. B. Hawkes. 1929 Miss Helen Wills,

Mrs. M, Watson & Mrs. L. R. C.

Mias B. Nuthall & G. M. Lott. 1930 Miss Betty Nuthall. Miss Nuthall & Miss Palfrey

Miss Edith Cross & W. Allison. 1931 Mrs. Helen Wills Moody. Mrs. E. B. Whittingstall & Miss

Betty Nuthall.

Miss Betty Nuthall & G. M. Lott. 1932 Miss Helen Jacobs. Miss H. Jacobs & Miss S. Palfrey. Miss Sarah Paltrey & E. J. Perry. 1933 M1-5 Helen Jacobs.

11133 F. James & Miss B, Nuthall.. Miss E. Ryan & H. E. Vines, Jr. 1934 Miss Helen Jacobs.

Miss H. Jacobs & Miss S. Palfrey. Miss H Jacobs & G. M. Lott. 1935 Miss Helen Jacobs

Miss H. Jacobs, Mrs. Palfrey Fabyan Mrs. Palfrey Fabyan, E. Maier. 1936 Miss Alice Marble.

Miss C. Babcock & Mrs. J. Van Ryn Miss A. Marble & C. G. Mako. 1937 Senorita A. Lizina (Chile) MISS A. Marble & Mrs. S. P. Fabyan. Mrs. S. P. Fabyan & J. D. Budge 1933 Miss Alice Marble

Miss A Marble & Mrs. S. P. Fabyan Miss A. Marble & J. D. Budge 1939 Miss Alice Marble

Miss A. Marble & S. P. Fabyan... Miss Alice Marble & H. C. Hopman, 1910 Miss Alice Warble

Miss A. Marble & Miss S. Paltrey, Miss Alice Marble & R. L. Riggs. 1941 Mrs. E. T Cooke

Mrs. E T. Cooke & Miss M. Osborne Mrs. E. T. Cooke & J. A. Kramer.

Doubles Champions


Doubles Champions 1920). W. M. Johnston and C. J. Gritin

1932 H E, Vines, Jr., and Keith Gledhill 1921-22 W. T. Tilden. 2d and Vincent Kichards


GM, Lott and Lester Stoeten 1923... W. T. Tilden, 2d and B. I. C. Norton

1934 G. M. Lott and Lester Stoefen 1024 H. 0. Kinsev and R. G. Kinsey

1935 W. Allison, J. Van Ryn 1925-26 R. N. Williams and Vincent Richards

1936. J. D. Budge and C. G. Mako 1927. W. T. Tilden 2d and F. T. Hunter

1937 H. Henkle and Baron G. Von Cramm (Ger.) 1928. G. M. Lott, Jr., and John Hennessey

1938 J. D. Budge and C. G. Mako 1929 G. M. Lott. Jr. and John H. Doeg


A. K. Quist & J. E. Bromwich (Aust.) 1930. G. M. Lott, Jr., and John H. Doeg

1940 J. A Krainer and F. R. Schroeder, Jr. 1931, John Van Ryn and liner Allison

1941. J. A. Kramer and F. R. Schroeder, Jr. *Patriotic tournament without championships.

CLAY COURT CHAMPIONS Yr. Champions Doubles Champions


Champion Doubles Champions 1920 Roland Roberts. R Roberts V. Richards. 1932 G. M. Lott, Jr...G.M. Lott. Jr., B. M.Grant, Jr. 1921 W. T. Hayes.. W. T. Hayes-C. B. Herd. 1933 F, Parker. G. Mako-J. P. Tidball, 1922 W. T. Tilden, 2d R Burdick-F. Bastian.

1931 B. M, Grant, Jr. J. D. Budge-C. G. Mako. 1923 W. T. Tilden. 2d R Kinsey-H. Kinsey.

1935 B. M. Grant, Jr. B Bell, J. G. Hall 1931 W. T. Tilden, 20 R. Kinsey-H. Kingey.

1936 R. L. Riggs... R. L. Riggs and W. Sabin 1925 W. T. Tilen. 2d W. Westbrook-H, Snodgrass. 1937 R. L. Riggs.. J. McDiarmid and E. H. 1026 W. T. Tilden, 20 L. White-L. Tbalhelmer.

MoCaulitt 1927

W. T. Tiden, 20 J. Hennessey-L. Williams. 1938 R. L. Riggs J. R Hunt and L. Wothere! 1928 Vot Held

1939 Frank A Parker.C. G. Mako & F. A. Parker 1929 Emmett Pare J. G. Hall-Fritz Mercur. 1910 D. McNeill R. L. Harton, R.C. Peacock 130 B M. Grunt, Jr. F. Mercur J. G. Hall.

1911 Frank A, Parker, J.AKramer & F. R. Schroe 1931 H. Ellsworth

der, Jr. Vines, Jr... H. E. Vines, Jr.-K. Gledhil.

Fly Casting in 1941 Thirty-fourth annual championship of the National Association of Angling and Casting Clubs, St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 26-30.

Women's All-Around--Miss A. Crusey, Sidney, Men's Three-eighths Ounce Accuracy-H. HitO., with victories in three-eighths and five-eighths

tenberger, San Francisco, Calif. accuracy tests.

Men's Salmon Fly Championship-R. G. Miller, Men's Three-eighths Ounce Distance-C. Marshall, East Liverpool, O.

Huntington Beach, Calif. Men's Five eighths Ounce Distance C. Mar- Women's Wet Fly Championship-Mrs. M. Reis shall, East Liverpool, O.

man, Kansas City, Mo.

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