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appropriation, annual, for gradual in- to support constitution, by whom,
crease of, 2422, 2429.

when, and how taken, 567.
ships how to be named, 2431.

may be administered by the officers
vessels to be sold, when, 2432.

and committees of congress, 32.
Organization of,-
p. 865.

if falsely taken, perjury, 32.
purser, how appointed to give bond, of office, congress may exact, p. 13.
art. 2439.

Seamen for, term of enlistment of, 2440. of secretary of senate and clerk of
boys may be enlisted, ib.

house of representatives, art. 90.
Pay and subsistence in, p. 679.

of president, 124; of secretary of state,
Marines, corps of, p. 682.

i36; of officers of treasury depart-
Hospitals, p. 684.

ment, 159.
regulations and government of, p. auditors of treasury may administer,

Navy Pensions, p. 708.

of judges, 478.
pension fund, p. 713.

courts of United States may adminis
NE EXEAT, writs of, may be granted by ter, 482.

judge of supreme court when, art. 493. and see offices, revenue, army, nary.
NEGROES. (See slave trade,)

OBSTRUCTING service of process, how
NETHERLANDS, treaty with, 785.

punished, 2624.
NEUTRALITY act, see Criminal Code, p. OCRACOKE INLET, requisites for ressels

coming in at, 1402.

representatives from, 22.

oath of, to support constitution, art. 7.
circuit court for, 507.

to be removed from office on impeach-
district court for, 540.

ment, 18.
collection districts in, p. 514.

not to accept present, &c. from foreign

state, 76.
representatives from, 22.

in arrears, not to receive compensa-
circuit court for, 509.

tion, 278.
district court for, 547.

proceeding against for debts due U.
collection districts in, p. 522.

S. p. 58.
NEWSPAPERS. (See post office.)

franking privilege of, art. 447.
transportation of, by mail, 425.

how nominated and appointed-com-
opening, stealing, embezzling destroy- mission to, when complete—when
ing, punishment for, 443.

revocable-executive, may be re-
may be carried otherwise than by moved by president, p. 26, note.
mail, 445.

president may increase bonds of, art.
New STATES, admissible into the Union, 129.

register of, to be published biennially,

courts may award when, art. 482. to settle accounts, when, 273.
how applied for-when granted, art. not settling accounts, to be dismissed,


security given by, not impaired by dis-
representatives from, 22.

missal, 275.
circuit court for, 508, 520.

courts, p. 156, 163.
district court for southern district, 545 extortion by, how punished, art. 621.
northern district, 546; to have circuit of congress, 89.

court powers, 520, see Appendix of revenue, p. 540.
A, No. 4.

collection districts in, p. 520.

vacancy in, what, p. 26, note.
NoBility, title of, not to be granted by members of congress not to hold,
congress, 76.

41, &c.

president may remove, when, 132.
representatives from, 22.

circuit court for, 511.

state of, admitted into the Union, 659
district courts for, 556.

representatives from, 22.
collection districts, 529.

circuit court, 513; district court for,
North WESTERN, territory, p. 191.

collection districts in, p. 539.

collection districts in, p. 539.

Land offices in, p. 321.
vessels of, duties on, p. 479.

donations of land for public uses in,
treaty with, p. 237.

appendix A. No. 1.
Oils, duty on, p. 468, 471.

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OIL-CLOTas, duty on, 469.
OLDENBURG, vessels of, duties on, p. 479.
OTTOMAN Porte, treaty with, 290.
PAMPHLETS, carried by mail, 425.
PASSENGERS, (see seamen,) p. 418.

ships, regulation of, p. 418.
PASSPORTS, of vessels, art. 1447, &c. see

shipping, consuls.
Packets, public masters not required

to make report, 1421.
Parties, in suits, may manage their own

causes, 628.
PARTNERS, bonds in name of firm for

duties, to bind, art. 1718.
for land, president may appoint secre-

tary to sign, 311.
whence issued—where recorded, 324.
PATENT, for new and useful inventions,

p. 605.
Par of army, p. 644,-of militia, p. 667,

-of navy, p. 679.
Parmasters, department of, &c. p. 641.

term of office of, 128.
to keep money in bank and make

monthly returns, art. 276.
Parment, priority of, to United States,

congress may provide for, p. 13,

has place, when and where, p. 62, &c.
PENAL LAWS. (See Criminal Code.)
PENALTIES. (See Criminal Code and

offences and prohibitions, passim.)

For breach of revenue Laws, p. 580.
PENNSYLVANIA, representatives from, 22.

PLENIPOTENTIART, minister, compensa-

circuit court for, 509.
district court for eastern district, 548.

For western district, 549. To have
circuit court powers, 520. (See

Appendix A. No. 4.)
collection districts in, p. 524.
Pensions, commissioner of, duties, sa-

lary, art. 339, 340. (See p. 693.)
how appointed-duration of office,

art. 2521.
for revolutionary services, to whom

allowed, &c. p. 694.
Army pensions and half pay, p. 703.
Navy Pensions, to whom granted, &c. p.

Navy Pension Fund, p. 713.
PERJURY, oath falsely taken before offi-

cer or committee of congress, 32.
what-how punished—indictment for,

subornation of, 2633. False oath un-

der revenue laws, 1991.
PERMIT. (See Revenue.)
PERSONATING public creditor, 2614.
Pilots, regulation of, 1613.

exempt from militia duty, 2397.
PILOTAGE, jurisdiction of district court

in cases of, p. 145, note.
Piracy, and piratical misdemeanors, p.


tion to, art. 456.
POLITICAL CODE, objects of, 9, 10.
Pope, dominions of,—vessels and goods

of,-duties on, p. 479.
PORTUGAL, vessels and commerce of,-

duties on, p. 479.
Ports, where foreign vessels may un-

lade, p. 403.
of entry for vessels from foreign

places, ib.
where vessels from Cape of Good

Hope may unlade, ib.
Post-OFFICE, auditor of, 222, &c. Pow.

er of congress relative to, 56.
department of, p. 80. Organization

of, 381. Oath of persons employed
in, 382. To take no fees, or per-

quisites, 383.
revenue of, to be paid into treasury,

postmaster-general annually to report

estimate and expenditures for, 386.
appropriations for, 387,-how paid by

treasurer, 388.
receipts of treasurer for moneys paid

to, 389.
payments for, on warrants of postmas-

ter-general, 390.
accounts to be rendered to auditor of,

how to be kept, 392.
bonds and contracts with, how made,

393, 401 to 408, 413.
suits by, how brought, 393. Duties of

attorneys of the United States, in

relation to, 394.
sums wrongfully paid by, how reco-

vered, 395.
employees in, not to be interested in

contracts with, 396.
offences against post-office regula-

tions, &c. p. 725.
change in the commencement of the

ntract year. (See Appendix, A.
No. 5.)
postmaster-general to report clerks

employel, 143. Power and duties
of, p. 80, 83. Clerks in general
post-office, 432. Postmasters, bond

of, 402. Duties of, 427.
transportation of mail, 411, and seq. to

the court house of any county, 413.
Contracts for, 401, &c. By steam,
414, 415. By whom transported,
417. Obstructions to, 418. By
vessels arriving at ports of United
States, 421. Who may, who may
not carry letters, 424. Way-letters,
424. Beyond seas, 426. Letter

carriers, 412.
rates of postage, 440.
postmasters, office of, 429. Compen.

sation to, 430, 432. Failing to ren-
der accounts, 433, 4. Extortion
by, 431. To publish list of letters,
431. To send dead letters to post-

to, 56.

gress, 399.

gress, 428.

Post-OFFICE. Continued.

master-general, ib. Not to act as shall take care that the laws are exe-
lottery agents, 432. Exempt from cuted, 131.
militia and jury service, 435. Un- may permit the removal of public of

lawfully detaining letter, &c. 436. fices, when, 132.
sureties of, -release of, 438.

to send out exploring expedition, 133.
deputy postmaster, to be appointed, to appoint agent to recover legacy of

I. Smithson, 134.
Post ROADS, power of congress relative may appoint secretary for signing pa-

tents, 311.
unproductive, to be reported to con- to prescribe rules for Indian affairs,

art. 361. To require additional se.
certain waters declared, 427.

curity from Indian agents, 354.
in bad repair to be reported to con- may appoint agents for making public

contracts, 269.
Franks, 437, 447, &c.

original constitutional provision re-
Suits under post-office act, 453, 4.

lating to election of, p. 767.
Practice. Courts may regulate, 483. PRESIDENT, VICE. President of senate,
PRE-EMPTION. (See Domain.)

art. 15.
PRESIDENT OF THE U. S., may convene of senate pro tempore, senate may
congress at a place different from

choose, when, art. 15.
the usual one, when, art. 29.

electors of, 63.
removable from office on impeach- election of, art. 105, &c.
ment and conviction, 18.

qualification of, art. 109. Exercises
electors of,—time, place, &c. of choos- office of president, when, 118.
ing, 63, 105, 106, 107.

vacancy in office of, 118, &c.
assent of, not necessary to amendment evidence of refusal or acceptance of
of constitution, p. 13, note.

office of, art. 121.
powers of, in legislation, 87, 88.

compensation of, art. 123.
election of, 105, &c.

qualification of, 117.

elected, &c. 50.
executive powers of, art, 104.

PRINTING of, how done, 48.
vacancy in office of, how filled, art. price of, 439.
118, 119, 120.

of laws of U. S. 146, &c.
evidence of refusal, or acceptance of PRIORITY, of payment to U. S. from
office of, art. 121.

estates of insolvents, &c. art. 294, and
compensation of, art. 122, 123.

see note p. 62, 63.
duties and powers of, art. 123, &c. PRIVATEER, pensions. (See Pensions.)
oath of, 124.

foreign, entering on board of, 2589.
shall be commander-in-chief of militia, PRIVILEGES, of congress, breach of, 37.
art. 125.

PRIZE Causes, jurisdiction of district
may require the opinion of the princi- court in, p. 144, note.

pal officer of each executive depart. Prizes and salvage, p. 716.
ment, 125.

PROCEDURE, criminal, p. 749.
may grant pardon and reprieves, when, Process, or U. s., may be served in
art. 125.

places ceded to U. S. p12, note.
may propose or accept an armistice,

state, may be served in, ib.
p. 26, note.

form of, p. 163. By whom tested,
may qualify and restrain commissions 622. Seal of courts, p. 164, note.
of privateers, ib.

In name of president, when, ib.
cannot enlarge power of commanders form of, to be same as used in states
of armed vessels, p. 26, note.

respectively, 623.
has power to make treaties, how, 126. regulated by practice of king's bench
has power to nominate and appoint the and chancery, p. 164, note.

officers of the U.S., how, 126, 127. attachment may issue, when, 165, p.
term of office of certain officers ap- note,
pointed by, 128.

to retake possession of property by
appointment to office by, what, p. 26, court, ib.

alterable by courts, ib.
may remove all executive officers, ib. to be served by marshal, art. 610.
may increase bonds of certain officers, service of, what, p. 165, note.
art. 129.

PROFANITY, punished in the army, art.
may give information and recommend 2305.
measures to congress, 131.

PROHIBITION, writ of, to district court,
may convene both houses of congress, when, art. 493.

PROTECTION. (See Seamen.)
may adjourn congress, when, 131. PrussiaN VESSELS, duty on. p. 480.
shall receive ambassadors, 131.

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS. (See Accounts.)


sury, 201.

navy, 2460.

PUBLICATION of the laws. (See Laws.) REPRESENTATIVES.—Continued.
PUBLIC CONTRACTS. (See Contracts.) shall have the sole power of impeach.
DEBT, to be paid by secretary of trea-

ment, 24.

delegates in, 26.
PUBLIC MINISTERS. (See Ambassadors election of members of, when, where,

and how made, art, 27.
PUNISHMENTS. (See Criminal Code, p. speaker of, may administer oaths, 32.

compensation to, art. 39, &c.
PURCHASING DEPARTMENT. (See Army, members, compensation to, art. 30, 38.
p. 639.)

compensation to, how certified, art.
PURSERS OF Navy, 260. To give bond, 47.

270. To keep money in bank, 276. members of, to what office not ap-
To make monthly returns, 276.

pointable, 41.
how appointed,—bond, &c. 2439. no person holding office under U. S.

shall be, 41.
QUARANTINES, established by health shall not hold a contract with U. S.

laws of state-to be observed, 1436. 42, &c.
Entry and report of vessels in case of, clerk of the, p. 18.
1437. Regulations when cargo of ves. Rescue or PRISONERS, 2625. of dead
sel is unladen, 1439. Stores to be pro- body, 2586.
vided by U. S. 1440, 1441. Removal REPRESENTATION, ratio of, how deter-
of custom house in case of epidemic mined, art. 21.
disease, 1442.

REPUBLICAN form of government guar.
QUARTERMASTER'S DEPARTMENT, p. 638. anteed to each state, 68.

REVENUE, bills shall originate, where -
RANGERS. See pensions.

senate may amend, art. 25.
Rations, army, 2284.

no preference to be given to any state

in relation to, 74.
Receivers, of land offices, p. 336. See officers' commissions, where made out

and recorded, 130.
term of office of, 128.

collection of, secretary of treasury to

superintend, 185.
Receipts and expenditures of U. S. to be officers, proceedings against when in-
published, art. 75.

debted to U. S. art. 284, &c.
Records, state and judicial proceedings Duties on Imports, p. 465, &c.
of courts-how authenticated, 65, On articles ad valorem,


466, 472.

Specific duties on articles by weight, per
RECORDING, of vessels, p. 391, &c.

1b. p. 460.
RECORDER, of land office, 309.

On articles per

Cwt. p. 467.
RECRUITING, army, p. 643.

On articles per ton,-

per gall.- per bushel,

p. 468, 470.
of land office p. 334.

on cotton manufactures, floor-cloths,
to report to commissioner, art. 314. oil-cloths-iron, and manufacures of,
term of office of, 128.
of officers, &c. 151, 152.

on steel, japanned, plated, brass wares,
of the treasury, p. 50, see Treasury De-

on wool and woollen goods, p. 468.
REGISTRY, of ships, p. 391. See ship- on glass, p. 471.

reduction of duties, p. 473.
RELIGION, congress to make no laws re. Articles not dutiable, p. 475.
specting, 77.

On goods imported in a foreign vessel,
REPORTER, of supreme court, art. 607. 1686; when no discrimination shall be
REPRESENTATIVES, house of (see con- made, 1687; on certain foreign vessels

gress) how composed, art. 19. and goods imported therein, 1689.
members of, how chosen, art. 19. Importations on which duties attach, p.
electors of, how qualified, art. 19. 482, note.
how qualified, art. 30.

Estimation and payment of duties, p. 483;
how apportioned, art. 21.

ad valorem rates of duty, how estimated,
each state shall have one member in, art. 1708; invoice, how made out, 1710;
art. 21.

computation in foreign moneys, 1712;
ratio of population, for election of, duties, how paid or secured, credit on,
art, 22.

1703; teas, wines and spirits may be
number of, from the several states, stored-bonds for duties on, 1714; may
art. 22.

be sold for duties not paid, when, 1716;
vacancy in, how filled, art. 23.

embezzled or fraudulently removed
shall choose speaker, &c. 24.

from depot, 1717.
revenue bill shall originate in, 25. bond for duties, binds firm, 1718; who

p. 469,

p. 470.

P. 552.

P. 545.

p. 547.

P. 494.


REVENUE.- Continued.
may not give bond, 1719; discount on 1933; oath of, 1935; not to own res
duties paid in cash, 1720; goods may sels or act as agent or consignee-re.
be deposited in lieu of securities given, ceiving bribe, 1986; custom-house
1721; bonds lying over credits not al- oaths, by whom administered, 1935;
lowed, 1722; goods imported deemed compensation to certain officers, 1936,
the property of consignee, 1723; duties
and fees, in what manner payable, collector, his powers and duties, p. 541.
1724; suits on duty bonds to be brought, Naval Officer, powers and duties of, &c.
when, 1725; sureties or representa-
tives of obligors paying duty bonds, to Surveyor, powers and duties of, &c. p.
have preference, what, 1726; judg- 546.
ment at first term, 1727; interest on inspectors powers and duties, &c.
duty bonds, 1728.
Frauds on the customs, p. 530.

Collector, naval officer, surveyor, inspector,
Drawback of duties—when allowed, p. &c. certain duties of, &c. p. 548.

491; not unless goods be exported by Weighers, gaugers, and measurers, duties
sea, &c. 1733; conditions when allowed, of, p. 553.
1730-1; amount to be retained in case Revenue Cutters, Boats, p. 556.
of drawback, 1733; in case of export Appraisers of goods, p. 334; how appoint-
of foreign goods, 1734; on goods ex- ed-duties of-penalty on persons re-
ported from Mississippi district, 1731; fusing to serve-compensation to, 554.
notice to collector of exportation, 1742; Entry of vessels, p. 406; vessels of United
proof of importation of articles on States to have manifests—how made,
which drawback is claimed, 1743; per- art. 1404; form of, p. 407; when goods
mit to export, 1744; from what ports intended for different districts, 1406;
goods claiming drawback must be ex- manifest for foreign vessels, 1415; no
ported, 1740.

manifest on board-penalty, 1405;
General provisions relative to drawback, manifest to be produced-to be en-

dorsed by officer, 1408; when not en-
Goods exported from a district other than dorsed, oath of master, 1409; penalty
that in which imported p. 499.

on master refusing manifest, or ac-
Goods transported coastwise claiming count of destination, 1410; penalty on
drawback, p. 499.

officer refusing to certify, 1411.
Drawback on exportation of articles manu- officer to report to collector, 1412.
factured in United States, p. 503; sugar

Unlading vessels before arrival at port,
refined, p. 503; bounty on pickled fish, 1413; receiving goods so unladen,
503, 505; on distilled spirits, p. 503,


vessels departing without entry or re-
Duties on tonnage, p. 508; on Ameri-

port, 1442.
can vessels, p. 508; on foreign vessels, vessel arriving from foreign port, to

report when, 1418; additional re.
payment and estimate of tonnage du. port in case of distilled spirits, 1419;
ties, p. 511.

masters of public packets excused,
port duties on tonnage in the indivi. 1421; vessels bound to foreign places
dual states, p. 516.

may proceed on giving bond, 1426;
Collection districts, general provisions in bond when not required, 1427; to

relation to, p. 511; in Maine, p. 512; be sued, when, 1428; vessels des
in New Hampshire, 514; Rhode Island, tined for several districts may de-
518; Vermont, 515; Massachusetts, part, 1429; proceedings on arrival
515; Connecticut, 517; New York, from one district at another, 1431;
520; New Jersey, 522; Pennsylvania, bond of master, how cancelled,
524; Delaware, 525; Maryland, 525; 1432; vessel having spirits on board
Columbia, 526; Virginia, 527; North designed to be transported from one
Carolina, 529; South Carolina, 531; district to another, 1434; report of
Georgia, 531; Florida, 533; Alabama, domestic goods exported and re-
534; Mississippi, 534; Louisiana, 535; turned, 2035.
in Ohio and North West Territory, Entry of goods with collector, when and

how made-form of entry-verifica-
Ports of entry for vessels from foreign tion, p. 558, 567.

places, p. 403; ports at which foreign Special manner of importing beer, lamp
vessels may enter, ib.; ports at which and loaf sugar, and distilled spirits, p.
vessels from the Cape of Good Hope, 566.
may enter, p. 404.

of landing, inspection and delivery of
vessels bound to ports of delivery only, goods, p. 571.

allowance for draft, tare and leakage,
Officers of the customs--term of office,

p. 510.

p. 404.

p. 567-8.

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