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Steamships from New York City. This table gives the destination of the steamer, then the street from the foot of which the steam. ships sail, and ihe location of the oflice of the agent in Manhattan. Loading berths are liable to be changed from those here shown. Antigua, W. 10th St., Quebec S.S. CO., 29 B'way. Havana, Pier 8, E. R., Compañia Transatlantica, Antwerp, foot Fulton Si., N. R., Red Star Line, 8 E.R. 9 Broadway.

Havre, Barber & Co., Produce Exchange.
Antwerp, 7th St., Hoboken. Phoenix Line, 22 Iavre, Morton St., French Line, 19 State St.

State St.
Australia, Norton & Son, Produce Exchange, and Hayti, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 82 Beaver St.,
U. S. & Australasia S.S. (o,, 11 Broadway.

37 Broadway,
Bahamas, Wall St., N. Y. & Cuba Muil S.S. Co., Hayti, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St.
Pier 14, E. R.

Honolulu, American-Hawaiian S, S. Co., 10 Baltimore, Md., foot Old Slip. New York, and

Bridge St. Baltimore Trans. Co., Pier 11, E. R.

Hull, foot Bethune St., Wilson Line, 22 state St. Barbados, Martin Stores, Brooklyn, Booth S. S. Jacksonville, foot Spring St., Clyde Line, Pier 36, Co., 88 Gold St.

N. R., and 290 Broadway. Barbacios, W. 10th St., Quebec S.S. Co.,29 B'wny. Japan, U.S. & China-Japan Line, 10 Bridge St., Barbados, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 State Nortou & Son, Produce Exchange. St.

Key West, Burling Slip, Mallory Line, So South Barcelona, Pier 8, E. R., Compañia Transat- St. aud 290 Broadway. lantica, 8 E. R.

Kingston, Jamaicu, W. 25th St., Hamburg-Am. Bermuda, W. 10th St., Quebecs.S. Co.,29 B'way.

Line (Atlas Line), 37 Broadway.
Brazil, Lamport & Holt Line, Produce Exchange,
Booth S. S. Co., -8 Gold St.

Kingston & La Guayra, Bethune St., Sanderson & Bremen, 3d St., Hoboken, North German Lloyd,

Son, 22 State St. 5 Broadway.

La Guayra, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St. Bristol, Eng, soot W. 29th St., Bristol City Line, La Guayra, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red “D” Line, 82 23 Whitehall St.

Wall St. Buenos Ayres, Pier 8, Brooklyp, Lamport & Leghorn, Union Stores, Brooklyn, Anchor Line, Holt Line, Produce Exchange.

17 Broadway. Buenos Ayres, Norton Line and Prince Line Liverpool, Jaie St., Cunard Line, 21 State St. Produce Exchange.

Liverpool. W. 11il St., White Star Line, 9 B'war. Cadiz, Compania Transatlantica, 8 E. R.

London, W. Houston St., Atlantic Transport Line, Calcutta, Bush Dock, Brooklyn, American & 9 Broadway Tudian Line, 10 Bridge St.

Manchester. Dock in Brooklyn, Lamport & Holt (allao, Merchants' Line, Hanover Square.

Line, 301 Produce Exchange. Callao, West Coast Line, 31 Broad St.

Manila, American-Asiatic Line, 12 Broadway,and Campeche, N. Y. & (uba Mailss Co., 14 E. R. 1.S., (hina-Japan Line, 10 Bridge St. Cape Town, Union-Clau Line, Prince Line, Pro- Marseilles, Fabre Line, 24 State St., and Anchor duce Exchange.

Line, 17 Broadway. Carthagena, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 37 Broadway Martinique, W.10th St., Quebec S. S. C'0.. 29 B'py. Charleston, S, C., foot of Spring St., Clyde Line, Melbourne, American and Australian Line, ProdPier 36, X.R., and 290 Broadway.

uce Exchange, China, U. S. & China-Japan Line, 10 Bridge St., Melbourne, United States and Australasia Line, Barber & Co., Produce Exchange, American- 11 Broadway. Asiatic Line, 12 Broadway, Norton & Son, Moutevideo, Norton Line, Prince Line, Barber Produce Exchange.

Line, Lamport & Holt Line, Houston Line, all Christiania, 17th St., Hoboken, Scandinavian- in Produce Exchange.

American Line. 10 Bridge St., aud 1 Broadway. Naples, Anchor Line, Fabre Line, North German Colon, foot W. 27th St., Panama R.R. Steamship Lloyd, Hamburg-American, Prince Line, La Line, 24 State St.

Veloce Line, White Star Line, and Cunard Line
Colon, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 State St. all call at Naples,
Colon, W.25th St., Atlas Line, 39 Broadway. Nassau, Wall St., New York and Cuba MailS.S.
Copenbaren, 17th St., Hoboken, Scandinavian- ('o., 14 E. R.

American Line, 10 Bridge St. and 1 Broadway. New Orleans. North Moore St., Southern Pacific
Costa Rica, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 39 B'way. Co., 349 Broadway.
Costa Rica, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 Newport News, Vorfolk, and Old Point Comfort,
State St.

Beach St., Old Dominion S.S. Co., on pier and
Curaçoa, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red "D" Line, 82 81 Reach St.
Wall St.

New Zealand, United Tyser Line, 10 Bridge St.. Curaçoa, Roval Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St.

and U.S. and Australasia Line, 11 Broadway. Demerara, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St. Para, Martin Stores, Brooklyn, Booth S. S. CD., Demerara, Demerara S. S. Line, 106 Wall St. 88 Gold St. Demerara, W. 10th St., Quebec ss.Co., 29 B'way. Pernambuco, Dock in Brooklyn, Lamport & Hoit Dominica,w.10th St., Quebec S.S. Co., 29 B'way. Line, and Prince Live, Produce Exchange, stop Galveston, Burling Slip, Mallory Line, 80 South at this port. St., and 290 Broudway.

Philadelphia, foot Roosevelt St., Clyde Line, on (ialveston, V. Moore St. Morgan Line, 349 B'way. pier. (ienoa and Gibraltar, 1st St., Hoboken, Hamburg. Philippine Islands, see "Manila." America Line, 37 Broadway.

Port au Prince, see "Hayti." Geroa and Gibraltar, 3d St., Hoboken, North Portland, Catharine St., Maine S. S. Line, 290 German Lloyd, 5 Broadway.

Broadway, and on pier. Geroa and Gibráliar, W. Ilth St., White Star Port Limon, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 39 Biwny. Line, 9 Broadway.

Porto Rico, New York and Porto Rico S. S. Line, (ionon, W. 34th St., La Veloce Line, 50 Wall St. 12 Broadway. Gibraltar, Jane St., Cunard Line, 21 State St. Porto Rico, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red "D'' Line, Glasgow, W. 241h' St., Anchor Line, 17 B'way. S2 Wall St. laliditx, Red Cross Line, 17 State St.

Porto Rico, Insular Line, 110 Broad St. Hamburg. Ist St., Loboken, llamburg-American Progreso, Wall St, New York and Cuba Mail Line, 37 Broadwar.

S, S. Co.,14 E. R. Havana, Wall St., New York and Cuba Mall S.S. Puerto Canillo, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red - 'D'Line, Co., Pierl+E.R.

82 Wall St,

STEAMSHIPS FROM NEW YORK CITY-Continued. Puerto Cabello, Royal Dutch Line. 10 Bridge St. Southampton, Fulton St., N. R., American Line, Queenstown, Cunard, and White Star Lines call 9 Broadway, and White Star Line,9 Broadway. here.

Southampton, 3d St., Hoboken, North German Rio de Janeiro, Dock in Brooklyn, Lamport & Lloyd Line, 5 Broadway. Holt Line, Prince Line and Lloyd Brazileiro, all St. John's, N. F., Red Cross Line, 17 State St. in Produce Exchange,

Tampico, Prentice Stores, Brooklyn, New York Rotterdam, 5th St., Hoboken. Holland-Amer. and Cuba Mail Line, Pier 14 E. R.

ica Line, 39 Broadway and 10 Bridge St. Rus- Trinidad, Royal Dutch Line. 10 Bridge St. sian Volunteer Fleet, 33 Broadway.

Trinidad, Trinidad Line, 29 Broadway, Royal San Domingo, Clyde Line, 12 Broadway.

Mail Line, 22 State St. Santiago de Cuba, Prentice Stores, Brooklyn, New Valparaiso, W. R. Grace & Co., Hanover Square, York and (uba Mail Line, Pier 14 E. R.

West Coest Line, 31 Broad St. Savannah, Spring St., Savannah Line, on pler Venezuela, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St., Red and 317 Broadway.

"D' Line, 82 Wall St. Savauilla, w. 25th St., Atlas Line. 39 Broadway: Vera Cruz, Wall St., New York and Cuba Mail Savanilla, Bethupe St., Sanderson & Son, 22 Line, Pier 14 E R. State St.

Wilmington, N. C., Spring St., Clyde Line, foot South Africa, Barber & Co., Produce Exchange. Spring St., and 290 Broadway.

Ferries from and to Manhattan.

To Astoria. From ft. E. 92d St.

To Hoboken.-From ft. W. 238 St. to 14th St.,Ho

boken. “ Bedloe's Isl. (Liberty Island). -From Battery. " Blackwell's Island.-From ft. 28th St., ft. 520

Jersey City.-From ft. Chambers and W. 23d St., st. 70th St., E. R.

Sts. to Pavonia Ave Jersey City.

(Erie, Northern of New Jersey, “ Brooklyn Borough.-From ft. Catharine St. to

and N. J. & N Y. R. R.)
Main St., Brooklyn Boro.
From ft. E. 10th and ft. E.

Fromft. Cortlandt, Desbrosses and

W.230 Sts. to Montgomery St., 2311 St. to Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn Boro.

Jersey City. (Peunsylvania R.

R., Lehigh Valley R. R., and New From ft. E. 230 St. to

York, Susquehanna & Western
B'way, Brooklyn Boro.

R. R.)
From ft. E. 42d St. to s.

From ft. Liberty and W. 230 Sts,
B'way, Brooklyn Boro.

to Communipaw, Jersey City. From ft. E. Houston St. to

(Central R. R. of New Jersey. ) Grand St., B'klyn Boro.

Pennsylvania Annex from ft. FulFrom ft. Fulton St. to Ful

lon St., Brooklyn Borough, to ton St., Brooklyn Boro.

Jersey City', connecting with From ft. Grand St. to

Pennsylvania R.R., Lehigh ValGrand St. and Broadway,

ley R'R., and New York, SusBrooklyn Boro.

quiehanpa & Western R R. From ft. Roosevelt St. to " North Brother Islaud. -From ft. E. 132d St.

Broadway,B'klyn Boro. “ Queens Borough (Long Island City). --From ft. From ft. Wall St. to Mon

E. 34th St, to Borden Ave., tague St., B'klyn Boro.

Long Island City (L. I. R. R.).
From ft. Whitehall St. to
Atlantic and Hamilton

" Randall's Island.-From ft. E. 26th, E. 120th and Aves., Brooklyn Boro.

E. 125th Sts.
From ft. Whitehall St. to

Richmond Borough (Staten Island).--From ft. 39th St., Brooklyn Boro.

Whitehall St. to St. George, College Point (Queens Borough).-From ft. E.

Staten Island. (Staten Isl99th St

and Rapid Transit R.R. and

Trolley lines.) Edgewater. - From W. 130th St.

« Riker's Island-From ft. E. 26th St. * Ellis Island.-From Barge Office, White

4. Ward's Island.-From ft. E. 116th St. hall St.

" Weehawken.-From ft. Desbrosses and ft. W.42d “ Hart's Island. --From ft. 26th St., E. R.

St. (to W. Shore R.R. Depot.). “ Hoboken.-From it. Barclay, Christopher and " West New York. From it. W. 420 S. to Old W.230 Sts. to Newark and Ferry

Sts., Hoboken.

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Subway Systems of New Xork City.

THE existing subway systems consist of: 1-A four-track trunk line from City Hall Park, through Lafayette Street, 4th Avenue, 420 Street,

and Broadway, to 96th Street. 2- A wo-track southern extension, from the City Hall loop, through Broadway to South Ferry,

whence it is to connect with the lunnel under the East River to the Brooklyn subway system now under construction. This extension would now be in operation but for errors in construction in the tunnel under the river.

The Brooklyn subway through Joralemon and Fulton Streets is practically ready. It promises to ruo cars from the Battery to the Flatbush Avenue terninal or he Long Island Railroad by the first of 1908.

The rapid transit authorities of the city have contracted for an extension of the Brooklyn subway system, from Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues along 4th Avenue to 65th Street, Bay Ridge. The next step is to continue the subway on Ath Avenue lo Fort Hamilton, with a spur from Bay Ridge to the West End of Coney Island. Ultimately the 4th Avenue subway will go

under the Narrows to Staten Island. 3 --Three two-track northern extension, as follows:

A- One on Broadway, lo Van Cortlaudi Park. It has been put in operation as far as Kingsbridge at the Harlem Ship Canal.

B-One under Central Park and Lenox Avenue, to the Harlem River at 139th Street. o-one from 135th Street and Lenox Avenue, under the Harlem River, and through 149th Street,

Westchester Avenue, and the Southern Boulevard to Bronx Park.

To the existing subway systems is soon to be added an underground loop in Manhattan, con. necting the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. Bids on this work have been advertised for. The next step will be to connect the Brooklyn ends of the three bridges named with a system of subways reaching out all over that borough.

Extensions to the present subway system have been formally adopted and authorized by the Rapid Transit and Public Service Commissions, as follows: Route 1-1st Avenue, Bronx, beginning at East 138th Street and Alexander Avenue running

southerly, a four-track subway uuder Alexander Avenue and the Harlem River to lst Avenue: continuing under 1st Avenue to 2d Street, to 1st Street, to East Houston, 10 Esses, to Hester (where a two-truck loop will begin--passing through private property, Seward Park, East Broadway, Canal and Essex Streets); from llester continuing two tracks through Esserand Rutgers Streets to Madison Street, to Roosevelt Street and New Bowery; to Pearl, to Water, to Pine Street, to Wall, to Beaver Street and Bowling Green to Battery Park.

Beginning at Alexander Avenue and 138th Street, a four-track subway through Alexander, 311, Melrose and Webster Avenues to 171st Street; a two-track loop througa

Webster Avenue and Claremont Park, returning to Webster Avenue at 171st Street. Route 2-9th Avenne. Beginning at Battery Park, in connection with Route No. 1, a two-track

subway through Battery Park to West Street, to a point between Albany and Cedar Streets; thence a four-track subway through West to Gisevoort to 9th Avenue, to Columbus A venne to West 110th Street, and through Morningside Park to Manhattan Avenue at West 112th Street, through Manhattan and St. Nicholas Avevues, Kingsbridge Road,

Broadway and Sherman Avenue to West 211th Street,
Route 3-3 venne. Beginning at Southern Boulevard, between 3d and Lincoln Avenue, in the

Bronx; thence a two-track subway to Lincoln Avenue, Morris Avenue to East 141st
Street, to Easi 1424 Street to 3d Avenue, to Lincoln Avenue,

Also two spurs running east and two spurs running west, from 3d and Lincoln Avenues, into Eust 138th Street.

A two-truck subway beginning on private property south of Southern Boulevard, between 3d and Lincoln Avenues, to Southern Boulevard, to Willis Avenue, East 1320 Street and Brown Place.

A two-track subway beginning on private property south of Southern Boulevard, between 31 and Lincoln Avenues, thence under Harlem River to 3d Avenue at East 128th Street, a four-track subway through 3d Avenue and the Bowery to Chatham Square: a two-track subway through Vew Bowery, Pearl and Broad Streets to South, to Whitehall Streets and Battery Park, and around present subway loop to terminal under Battery Park. Also a tiro-track spur from 3d Avenue, near 36th Street, through East and West 36th Bireet, to Eighth Avenue.

Also a apur from West 36th Street to Seventh Avenne.
Also a two-track spur from 30 Avenue, near 35th Street to Seventh Avenue.
Also a two-truck subway from Chatham Square through Perk Row, Nassau and Broad

Streets to Pearl Street.
Route 4-7th Avenue. On 7th Avenue a four-track subway from West 25th Street, with connection

between West 434 Street and West 471b Street with present subway, through Seventh Avenue to West 59th Street, to Central Park West, at West 62d Street; thence to Nacomb's Lane; a two-track loop under Macomb's Lane.


a two-truck spur extending up 8th Avenue from West 1530 Street to West 155th Street.

A four-track subway from West 620 Street through 8th Avenue and Hudson Street to Chambers Street.

Also a spur from 8th Avenue and Greenwich Avenue produced, through Greenwich Avenue to Seventh Avente produced.

A four-track subway from West 25th Street through Seventh Avenue to (ireenwich Avenue, crossing under Clinton Place and Washington Square 1o West 4th Street and West Broadway.

A four-track subway from West 4th Street through West Broadway to Chambers Street.

A four-track subway from Chambers Street, through West Broadway and Greenwich Street to Battery Park, with a two-truck loop and terminal under Battery Park.

Also a one-track loop beginning at West Broadway, near Chambers Street, throngh Murray Street, Park Place, Greenwich Street, Barclay Street and West Broadway to a connection with main route.


A two-track subway, from Seventh Avenge through West 25th Street to Broadway, thence a four-track subway through Broadway, 5th Avenue and uuder Washington Square to West 4th Street and West Broadway.

A four-track subway from Brouway and West 25th Street, through Broadway to

West 43d Street, connecting with present subway between 430 Street and 46th Street. Route 5--Lexington Avenue. A four-track subway through Lexington Avenue, from East 129th

Street to near 420 Street, with a connection there with present subway.

A four-track subway north from East 129th Street through Lexington Avenue, under the Harlem; thence through Third and Morris Avenues to East 149th Street, to connect with present subway.

A two-track subway from East 129th Street, through Lexington Avenue, under the Harlem to Park Avenue, to East 158th Street,

Also a two-track subway from East 149th Street and Park Avenue to Mott Avenue and East 1534 Street; thence through East 15:30 Street to East 157th Street; thence under Cromwell's Creek to Exterior Street, to Jerome Avenue,to Sedgwick Avenue, to East 1641h Street, with loops at East 151st Street and East 138th Streets.

A four-track subway from Ea t 42d Street, through Lexington Avenue, to East 371h Street; thence two tracks through East 36th Street and 5th Avenue to East 34th Street,

Also a two-track subway on Lexington Avenue from East 36th Street through East 36th Street and Fifth Avenue to Madison Square, Broadway, Union Square; under Broad. way to Chambers Street; thence a two-track subway under Broadway, Vesey and Church Streets, Trinity Place and Greenwich Street to Battery Park.

Also a one-track loop under City Hall Park from Broalway and Chambers Street. Route 6-(34th Street, 59th Street). A two-track subway throngh 59th Street. from 12th Avenue

to terminus of the Blackwell's Island Bridge; thence crossing bridge to Borough of

A four-track subway from First Avenue through 34th Street to the Hudson River.
A two-track subway in 34th Street, near Second Avenue, thence under the East River

to Borden Avenue and Jackson Avenue in Queens. Route 7-(233d Street, Crosstown, also Manhattan Bridge Route.) A subway from river to river on

23d Street,

A two-track subway from Willoughby Street and Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, through Flatbush Avenue over Manhattụn Bridge to Canal and Chrystie Streets, Manhattan.

Also a spur on Flatbush Avenue to present subway. Route 8--14th Streel.' A crosstown, two-track subway on 14th Street from Hudson River to Ninth


A two-track subway on 14th Street, from 9th Avenue to University Place.

A four-track subway on 14th Street, from University Place to between Avenues B and C, connecting with route under the East River.

A two-truck subway from 14th Street and 9th Avenue to Hudson Street, to Greenwich Street, ļo Charlton, to Washington at Spring, to Liberty, to William, to connect with the line under Liberty Street and Maiden Lane.

Also a one-track spur at Liberty Street, to connect with line on William Street, near Cedar.

A two-track subway from 14th Street and University Place; thence through University Place, Washington Square East, Wooster and Canal Streets to Lasayette, to a connection

with line on Centre Street, south of Canal Street. Fort Lee Ferry Extension

A two-track addition to the present subway, with the right to add a third track, beginping at Broadway near Manhattan Street; thence westerly on Manhatian Street to the

Fort Lee Ferry.
Route 9- Bridge Loop System--Beginning at Brooklyn Terminal of Williamsburg Bridge, thence

crossing Bridge to Delancey Street, thence a four-track subway through Delancey Sireet to
Bowery; thence parallel with Broome Street under private property and intersecting
Streeis to Centre; thence through Centre Street to proposed new terminal of the Brooklyn

Also two two-track spurs in Centre Street, near Grand, running under Centre to unite in
Grand; thence through (irand, Varick, Canal and Desbrosses streets to Iludson River.

Also two two-track spurs in Centre, near Walker, under Ceutre, to unite in Walker Street; thence east on Walker, Harry Howard Square and Canal Street to Chrystie; to connect with Mauhattan Bridge Route.

A four-track subway from Bedford and Lafayette Avenues, Brooklyn, through Bedford Avenue to Broadway, connecting with Broadway route al terminal oi Williamsburg Bridge,

Also suitable spurs to connect ahove lines with Lafayette Avenue line. Also suitable spurs to connect above line with Drings Avenue line.

A two-track subway from Beekman Street, Manhattan, through William Street and Old Slip and under the East River to Montague Street, Brooklyn, and through Montague to Court Street.

Also suitable connections with line under Maiden Lane at William Street.

Beginning at Broadway and Lafayette Avenue. Brooklyn; thence a four-track subway through Broarl way to the Brooklyn ternsinal of the Williamsburg Bridge.

Also a spur at Throop Avenue, to connect with Union Arenne line.

A four-írack subway from Fulton and Joralemon Streets. under Fulton to Myrtle Ave. nue, thence one branch connecting with Montague Sireet and one conuecting with Fulton Street,

Also a spur to connect with present subway on Fulton Street, near Joralemon Street.

A four-track subway from Lafayette Avenue, through Fulton Street. Flatbush Avenue extended, private property, Willoughby Street and private property to Fulton Street.

Two additional'tracks on Fulton Street and Flatbush Avenue, to 4th Avenue.

A two-track subway on Lafayette Avenue, from Fulton Street, to Flatbush Avenue, to connect with present subwar,

Beginning at William and Beekman Streets, Manhattan, a two-truck subway through Beekman and under Easi River to Cranberry Street, Brooklyn; thence to Fulton to Pineapple Street.


Also a two-track subway from William to Beekman, and City Hall Park to City Hall loop of present subway.

Beginning at William and Liberty Streets, Manhattan, a two-track subway through Liberty and Maiden Lane under East River io Pineapple Street, in Brooklyn; theuce through Pineapple Street to Fulton.

Beginning at Pineapple and Fulton, Brooklyn, a two-track subway through Fulton to Court Street,

Beginning at Fulton, a four-track subway through Lafayette Avenue to Stuyvesari Avenue.

Also two spurs fron Lafayette Avenue to connect with line on Bedford Avenue,

A four-track subway on Broadway, from Lafayette Avenue to Fulton Street, to connect with lines under Georgia ann Lafayette Avenues.

A two-track subway on Gates Avenue, from Bedford and Gates Avenues to Broadway.
A two-track subway on Bedford Avenue, from Lafayette Avenue to Quincy Street.

A two-track subway from Bedford Avenue and Quincy Street, on Bedford to Eastern

Parkway, to counect with line under Eastern Parkway. Route 10-(Brooklyn, E. D. Routes). Beginning in North 7th Street, near Union Avenue, Brooklyn,

thence a four-truck subway through North 7th Street and under East River to Easi ltd Street, Manhattan.

Also two spurs from North 7th Street, to connect with line on Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn.

Beginning at Kosciusko Street and Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn; a four-track subway through Stuyvesant, Bushwick aud Meiropolitan Avenues, to North 7th Street, near Union Avenue.

Also a spur from Kosciusko Street and Stuyvesant Avenue to connect with line on Lafayette Avenue.

A two-track subway on Lafayette Avenue, from Stuyvesant Avenue to Broadway, through Kossuth Place to Stauhope Street; to Cypress Avenue to Palmetto Street.

Beginning at Broadway and llavemeyer Street, Brooklyn, thence a four-track subway through the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza; thence through Driggs Avenue to North 7th Street, with spurs connecting with route on North 7th Street; thence a two-track subway through Driggs Avenue and williamsburg Park to Mauhattan Avenue, to Dupont Street, to Manhattan Avenue, to Jackson Avenue, lo Rogers Street and Skillman Avenue, to connect with Blackwell's Island Bridge.

A four-track subway from Union Avenue and Broadway, through Union Avenue to

North 7th Street. Route 11-(Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn). On 4th Avenue a four-track subway from Dean Street

to Fort Hamilton.

Also a two-truck spur from 4th Avenue and Dean Street, to connect with line on Flatbush Avenue.

Also a two-track spur from 37th Street, to connect with South Brooklyn Rallroad Company.

Also a two-track spur from 630 Street, to connect with Sea Beach Railway.

A four-track subway from Dean Street and 4th Avenue, theuce under 4th Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Court Street, to line on Montague Street.

Also a two-track spur from Court and Remsen Streets, to connect with line on Fulton Street,

Also a two-track spur from Atlantic Avenue, between 3d and 4th Avenues, under Atlantic, to connect with line on Flatbush Avenue.

A four-track subway from Dean Street and 4th Avenue, under 4th, Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues through Ashland Place, to connect with line ou Fulton Street,

Almo a two-track spur from Lafayette Avenue and South Elliott Place, through Lafayette Avenue, to connect at Ashlaud Place.

Also suitable oue-truck spurs from 4th Avenue, to connect with lines under Pacific

Street and Dean Street.
Bensonhurst, Bath Beach and Coney Island Route-

A four-track subway from 36th Street and 4th Avenue; on 4th Avenue to 40th Street; to New Utrecht Avenue; to Stith Street; to half way hetween Bay 34th and Bay 35th Streets, where the road emerges from the ground and continues thence on an elevated structure on 86th Street to near Bay 41st Street; to Stillwell Avenue; with a two-track loop

through Stillwell Avenue, West 1515 Street and Surf Avenue, back to Stillwell Avenne. Route 12 - Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. A two-track subway from Flathush Avenue through

Eastern Parkway to Howard Avenue, with a spur connecting with Brighton Beach Ruilroad, and also a spur to Bedford Avenue line.

Beginning at Pitkin and Howard Avenues, a two-track subway through Pitkin Avenue to Alabama Avenue.

Beginning at Pitkin and Alabama Avenues, thence a two-track subway through Georgia Avenue, to Fulton Street at Broadway and Jamaica Avenue.

Beginning at Pitkin Avenue, at East New York Avenue and Howard Avenue. thence a two-track subway to Grafton Street, to Hunterly Road, to Ainboy Street, to Blake Avenue, to Georgia Avenue, to Glenmore Avenue.

A two-track subway on Flatbush A vene, commencing at Prospect Park Plaza, westerly on Flatbush Avenue to between Bergen and Dean Streets; thence one track through Dean Street to 4th Avenue, and one track continuing through Flatbush Avenue and

Pacitic street to Ith Avenue. Route 13 -(Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn.) Beginning at Broadway, Fulton Street and Jamaica Aves

nue; thence a four-track subway, through Jamaica Avenue io Jamaica Village al Graud Route 14- Broadway, Kingsbridge Extension.) An extension of the present road with three tracks

from Kingsbridge through Broadway to Van Cortlandt Park. Route 15–(Jerome Avenue, Bronx.) Beginning at easterly end of railroad bridge of Putnam Division,

of Central Railrond, and connecting with tracks on same; thence continuing two tracks beneath the ridge East to 162d Street, near Ogden Avenue; thence through East 1620 Street to near Jerome Avenue; thence emerging to the surface a three-track elevated road along Jerome Avenue to Clarke Place.


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