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The next Presidential election will take place on Tuesday, November 7, 1916.

The President and Vice-President of the United States are chosen by officials termed "Electors' in each State, who are, under existing State laws, chosen by the qualified voters thereof by ballot, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November in every fourth year preceding the year in which the Presidential term expires.

The Constitution of the United States prescribes that each State shall "appoint," in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors equal to the whole numberor Senatorsand Representatives to which the State may be eutitled in Cougress; but no Senator or Representative or person holding an office of trust or pront under the United States shall be an elector. The Constitution requires that the day when electors are chosen shall be the same throughout the United States. At the heginning of our Government most of the electors were chosen by the Legislatures of their respective States, the people having no direct participation in their choice; and one State, South Carolina, continued that practice down to the breaking out of the civil war. But in all the States now the electors are, under the direction of State laws, chosen by the people on a general State ticket.

The manner in which the chosen electors meet and ballot sor a President and Vice-President of the United States is provided for in Article XII, of the Constitution, and is as follows:

'The electors shall meet in their respective States, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, sball not be an inhabitant of the same State with themselves; they shall name in their ballots the person voted for us President, and in distinct ballots the person voted for 29 Vice-President; and they shall make distinct lists of all persons vole i for ssl'resident, and of all persons voted for as Vice-l'resident, and of the number of votes for each,which lists they hall sign and certify, and transmit, sealed, to the seat of government of the United States, directed to the l'resident of the Senate.

The same article then prescribes the mode in which the Congress shall count the ballots of the electors, and announce the result thereof, which is as follows:

The President of the Benate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates, and the votes shall then be counted; the person having the greatest number of votes for President shall be President, if such pun ber bor a majority of the whole number of electors appointer; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers, not exceeding three, on the list of those voted for as l’resident, the blouse of Representatives shal choose immediately, by ballot, the l’resident. But in choosing the President the votes shall be taken by States, the representation from each State having one yote; n quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the States, and a majority of all the States shall be necessary to a choice. And if the House of Representatives shall not choo-a President, whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then th fire-l'resident shall act as President, ay in the case of the death or other constitutional disability of the l'resident. The person having the greatest number of votes as Vice-President shall be the Vice-President, if such number be a majority of the whole uumber of electors appointed; nod if no person have a majority, then from the two highest numbers on the list the Senate shall choose the Vice-President; n quorum for the purpose shall consist of two-thirds of the whole number of Senators, and a majority of the whole number shall be necessary to a choice.

The procedure of the two houses, in case the returns of the election of electors from any State are disputed, is provided in the Electoral Count" act, passed by the Forty-vinth Congress. The act directs that the Presidential electors shall meet and give their votes ou the second Monday in January nextiotlowing their election. It fixes the time when Congress shall be in session to count the ballots as the second Wednesday in February succeeding the meeting of the electors.

The Constitution also defines who is eligible for President of the United States, as follows:

No person except a natural-born citizen or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that otfice who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years.

The qualifications for Vice-President are the same.


WAS AS FOLLOWS: Feb. 12, 1913, the two houses being assembled in the Hall of the House of Representatives for the count of the electoral vote, and the count having been duly made and certified to, and the announcement thereof made to the two houses assembled, the statement of the Tellers closed in these words:

"This announcement of the state of the vote by the President of the Senate shall be deemed a SUFFICIENT DECLARATION OF THE PERSONS ELECTED PRESIDENT AND VICEPRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, each for the term beginning March 4, 1913, and shall be entered, together with a list of the votes, on the Journals of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

**The count of the electoral vote having been completed, and the result announced, the joint meeting of the two houses was dissolved, and

"The Senate returned to Its Chamber."

SALARY OF THE PRESIDENT. The salary of the President of the United States was the cause of discussion in the First Congress, in view of the fact that the Constitution declared that the President should receive compensation for his services. Washington had notified his fellow citizens that he desired no salary. The limits siiggested in Congress ranged from $15,000 to $70,000. The salary was finally placed at $25,000 and this remained the compensation until President Grant's second term (March 3, 1873), when it was increased to $50,000. Chapter 2918 of the Laws of the Second Session of the Fifty-ninth Congress, approved March 4, 1907, appropriated "for travelling expenses of the President of the United States, to be expended at his discretion and accounted for by his certificate solely, $25,000." In the Second Session of the Sixtieth Congress the matter of increasing the President's salary was again considered, and it was decided that the President's salary be fixed at $75,000 a year.

REFERENCE NOTES TO THE TWO FOLLOWING PAGES. * The candidates #larrel were electel. (1) The first Republican Party is claimed ly the present Deinocratic Party as its progenitor. (b) No candidate having a majority of the electoral vote, the House of Representatives elected Adams. (c) Candidate of the Anti-Masonic Party. (1) There being no choice, the Senate elected Johnson. (c) Eleven Southern States, being within the belligerent territory, did not vote. (f) Three Southern States disfranchised. (g) Horace Greeley died after the election, and Democratic electors scattered their votes. (h) There being a dispute over the electoral vote of Florida, Louisians, Oregon, and South Carolina, they were referred by Congress to an electoral commission composed of eight Republicing and seven Democrats, which, by a strict party vote, awarded 185 electoral votes to Heyes and 184 to tildea. (!) Free Democrat. (j) Free Silver Prohibition Party. (k) In Singarchusetts. There was also a Native American ticket in that cate, which received 184 votes. (m) Middle of the Road or Anti-Fusion People's Party. (n) United Christian Party. (o) Union Reform Party.

Presidential Elections. Note. There is, properly speaking, no popular vote for President and Vice-President,

the people vote for electors, sed those chosen in each stato meet therein and vote for the candidates for President and Vice-President. The record of sy popular vote for electors prior to 1828 18 80 meagre and imperfect that a compliation would be neslese. In most of the States for more than a quarter century following the establishment of the Goverument, the State Lagtalatares " appointed" the Presiilential electors, and the people therefore voted only indirectly for them, their choice being erpressed by their votes fer members of the Legislature. In this tabulation only the aggregate electoral votes for candidates for Presideat sad Vice Press dent in the first ten quadrennial elections appear.

ELECTORAL VOTES. 1789. Previous to 1304, each elector voted for two can didates for President. The one who received the largest number of votes was declared President, and the one who received the next largest number of votes was declared Vice President. The electoral votes for the first President of the United States were : George Washtugtog, 69;

John Adams, of Massackesetta, 24; John Jay, of New York, 9; B. H. Harrison, of Maryland, 6; John Rntledge, of ath Carolina, 6; John Hancock, of M chusetts, di, George Clinton, of New York, 3; Samuel Hantingdon, of Connecticut, 2; Jolin Milton, of Georgia, ? ; James Ara strong, of dieorgia; Benjamin Lincoln, of Massachusetts, and Edward Telfair, of Georgia, 1 voto each. Vacancies (votes Bet cast), 4. George Washington was chosen President and John Adams Vice-President.

1792. George Washington, Fedoralist, received 132 votes; John Adams, Federalist, 77; George Clinton, of New York, Republican (a), 50 ; Thomas Jefferson, of Virginia, Republicau, 4; Aaron Burr, of Sew York, Repablican, 1 vote, Vacancies, 3. George Wasbington was chosen President and Joba Adans Vice-President.

1796. John Adams, Federalist, 71 ; Thomas Jefferson, Republican, 68; Thomas Pinckney, of South Carolina, Federalist, 59 ; Aaron Burr, of New York, Republican, 30; Samuel Adams, of Massachusetts, Kepablican, 16; Oliver Ellsworth, of coo necticut, Jodependent, 11 i George Clinton, of New York, Republica D, 7; John Jay, of New York, Federalist, 5; James Ireded, of North Carolina, Federalisi, 3; George Washington, of Virginia; John Henry, of Maryland, and B. Johnson, of North Caron lina, all Federalista, 2 votes each ; Charles Cotesworth Pinckney,' of South Carolina, Federalist, 1 vote. John Adams was chosen President and Thomas Jefferson Vice-President.

1800. Thomas Jefferson, Republicau, 73 ; Aaron Burr, Republican, 73; John Adams, Federalist, 65; Charles C. Pinch ney, Federalist, 64; John Jay Federalist, 1 vote. There being & tie vote for Jefferson and Bart, the choice de volved upon the House of Representatives. Jefferson received the votes of ten States, which, being the largest vote cast for a candidsie, elected him President. Burr received the votes of four States, which, being the next largest vote, elected him Vice-Presideas There were 2 blank votes.

1804. The Constitution of the United States having been amended, the electors at this election voted for a President sed a Vice-President, instend of for two candidates for President. The result was as follow&: Bor President, Thomas Jefferson, Republican, 162; Charles C. Pinckney, Federalist, 14. For Vice-President, George Chaton, Repablican, 169; Rafus King, o New York, Federalist, 14. Jefferson was chosen President and Cunton Vice-President,

1808. For President, James Madison, of Virginia, Republican, 192 ; Charles C. Pinckney, of Seath Carolles, Federalist, 47; George Chinton, of New York, Repabhican, 6. For Vice-President, George Clinton, Republican, 118; Rafus Kite of Sex York, Federalist. 47; John Langdon, of New Hampshire, 9 ; James Madison, 3 ; James Monroe, 3. Vacancy, l. Madison was chosen President and Clinton Vice-President.

1812. For President, James Madison, Republican, 198; De Witt Clinton, of New York, Federalist, 69. For Vlee-Presi dent, Elbridge Gerry, of Massachusetts, 131; Jared Ingersoll, of Pennsylvania, Federalist, 86, Vacancy, I. Madison was chosen President and Gerry Vice-President.

1916. For President, James Monroe, of Virginia, Republican, 183; Rofus King, of New York, Federalist, 54. For Vies President, Daniel D. Tompleins, of New York, Republican, 183; John Eager Howard, of Maryland, Federalist, 92; Jampes Ross, of Pennsylvania, 6; John Marshall, of Virginia, 4; Robert G. Harper, of Maryland, 3. Vacancies, 4. Monroe was choses President and Tompkins Vice-President.

1820. For President, James Monroe, of Virginia, Republican, 231; Joha Q. Adams, of Massachusetts, Republicaa, 1. For Vice President, Daniel D. Tompkins, Bepublican, 218; Richard Stockton, of New Jersey, 8; Daniel Rodney, of Delaware, 4; Robert G. Harper, of Maryland, and Roard Rash, of Pennsylvania, 1 vote each. Vaenpoies, 3. James Monroe vas chosen President and Daniel D. 'Pompkins Vice President.

1824. For President, Andrew Jackson, of Tennessee, Ropublican, 99; John Qaincy Adams, of Massachusetts, Repablican, 84; Henry Clary, of Kentucky, Republican, 37; William H. Crawford, of Georgia, Republican, 41. No candidate having a majority of the electoral vote, jolta Quincy

Adams was elected by the House of Representativer. For Vice-President, John C. Calhoun, of South Carolina, Republican, 182; Nathan Sanford, of New York, Republican, 30; Nathaniel Macon, of North Carolina, Republican, 94; Andrew Jackson, of Tennessee, Republican, 13; Martin Van Buren, of New York, Republican, R; Henry Clay, of Kentucky, Republican, 2; Calhoun was chosen Vice-President.


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Polit- Elet. States.

ical tor

Party. Soll. S. C... Dein ..

Pa Nat. R.
S. C... Dem ..
s, Yen 189

Nat. R.

Anti-M 1



Andrew Jackson
Henry Chay..
John Flord.
William Wirt (c)...


Dein ..


N, Y. Whig..

Ala ... Dem..

Martin Van Buren
W. H. Harrison,
Hugh L. White...
Daniel Webster..
Wille P. Mangem...
W. A. Harrison
Martin Van Burea.
Jarnes G. Bárasy.


Tenn.. Dem .. 647,931 138,134 178 John C. Calhonn
Mass.. Nat. R. 309,097

83 Richard Hush,

WTuism Sraith
Tenn.. Dem..

687.502 157,313 219/M. Van Buren
Ky.... Nat. R. 580, 189

49 John Sergeant..

11 Henry Lee...
Md.... Anti-M

Amos Eltmaker (c).

Wm. Wilkjas..
NY.. Dein ..

761,549 9,893 170R. M. Johnson (d)
10..... Whig..

73 Francis Granger
Tenn.. Whig.

26 John Tyler.
M8 Whig..

14 William Smith,
N, C.. Whig..

0. Whig.. 1,275,019 146,315 234 John Tyler.
N, Y.. Demn ..

6UR, M. Johnson
NY.. Lib

L, W, Tazewell.
James K. Polk.

Thomas Earle
Tenn.. Dem 1,237,913 38,175 170 George M. Dallas
Ky Whig.. 1,999,068

105 T. Frelinghuysen..
IN, Y..]Lib 62,300

Thomas Morria 1,860,191 139,557

163 Millard Fillmore Blich. Denn 1,290,544

127 Willian O. Butler.
N. Y. F. Soil, 291,963

Charles F. Adams.
IN, H.. Det 1,601,474 929,8901 254 William R. King *
N. J.. Whig 1,280,576

49 Wulliam A, Graham.
N. H..F.D (1) 136,149

George W. Julina,
Mass.. Whig..



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Jannes K. Polk.
Henry Clay
Junes G. Birnev..
Pachary Taylor
Lewis Cars
Martin Van Buren.
Franklin Pierce
Wmtield Scout.
John P. Nue...
Daniel Webster (k)...



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Dem ..


Tenn.. Rep





Dem ..

Dem .. Dem. Dem..














Candidates for

Polite Elec.

ical States.

Candidates for




ical rality. Vote.

toral Party.

Party. Vote, James Buchanan

Pa Dem .. 1,838, 169 496,905 174 J.C. Breckinridge Ky.... Dem .. 174 John C. Fremont.... Cal.... Rep... 1,341,264

114 William L. Dayton.

NJ... Rep
Millard Fillmore. N. Y.. Amer.. 874,539

8A, J. Donelson Teon.. Amer..

8 Abraham Lincoln Rep... 1,866,358 491,195 180 Hannibal Hamlin

Me.... Rep...

180 Stephen A. Donglas 111 Dem 1,315,157

12 H, V. Johnson.

Ga....Dem.. 12
J.C. Breckinridge.. ky.

19 Joseph Lane.

Ore,... Dem..

72 John Bell

Tenn.. Union.

39 Edward Everett. Mass.. Union. 39
Abrahain Lincoln
Rep... 2,216,067 407,312 e 212 Andrew Johnson

212 George B. McClellan.. N.J... Dein .. 1,408,725

21 George H. Pendleton... O...... Dem.. 21 Ulysses S. Grant 11 Rep... 3,015,071 306,456 1214 Schuyler Colfax

Ind.... Rep

214 Horatio Seymour. N. Y.. Demn

SO F. P. Blair, Jr..

Mo.... Dein

80 Ulysses S. Grant*.

762,991 295 Henry Wilson. Mass.. Rep

286 Horace Greeley. N, Y..D.& L. 2,834,079

B. Gratz Brown.

Mo.... D.& L. Charles O'Conor. N, Y. Dem .. 19,408

John Q. Adams,

Mass.. Dem..
Jarnes Black.

Joba Rossell...

Mich.. Temp.
Thomas A. Hendricks.. Ind.... Dem..

42 George W. Julian.. Ind....Lib....

5 B. Gratz Brown.

18 A, H. Colquitt..

Charles J. Jenkins..... Ga

2 John M. Palmer.


3 David Davis.. Ind,...

1T. E. Brainlette.


3 W. S. Groesbeck.. O

Willis B. Machen.

1 V. P. Banks.

Mass.. Lib....

1 Samuel J. Tilden... NÀY.. Den ..] 4,284,885 50,935 184 T. A. Hendricks...

Tud.... Demi..

Rutherford B. Hayes* .. O. Rep... 4,333,950 h 185 William A. Wheeler".. N. Y.. Rep 185
Peter Cooper..
N, Y. Greinb 81,7-10

Samuel F. Cary.

0 Greinib
Green Clay Smith.. Ку.

Gideon T, Stewart 0
James B. Walker..

D. Kirkpatrick.

N. Y. Ainer.
James A. Gartield"
0 Rep... 4,419,053

911 Chester A. Arthur.

N. Y.. Rep..

214 W.S, Hancock.. Pa Dem.. 4,149,035

155 William H. English. Ind.... Dern 155 James B. Weaver...

Iowa... Gre'nb

B. J. Chambers... Tex... Greinb
Neal Dow
Me.... Proh.. 10,305

H. A, Thompson.

0 John W. Phelps..


S, C. Pomeroy

Grover (leveland. N, Y..Dem..] 4,911,017 62,683 219 T. A. Hendricks


219 James G. Blaine... Me.... Rep... 4,919,331

182 John A. Logan.

11 Ren 182 John P. St. John. Kan... Proh. 151,502

William Daniel.

Mil.... Proh
Benjamin F, Butler... Mass.. Gre'nb 133,825

A, M, West..

Miss... Gre'ob ..
P. D. Wigginton.

Cal... Amer..
Grover Cleveland,.. N. Y..Dem. 5,533.33 98,017 169 Allen G. Thurman...

Benjamin Harrison
... Ind... Rep... 5,440,216
233 Levi P. Morton

933 Clinton B, Fisk.. NJ... Proh.. 249,907

John A, Brooke.. Mo.... Proh..
Alson J. Streeter.... II

U. L..

C, E, Cunningham.. Ark ...U.L...
R. H, Cowdry...

U' L.

W. H. T. Wakefield... Kan... O'L
James L, Curtis.
N. Y.. Amer.. 1,591

James B. Greer.. Tenn. Amer..
Grover Cleveland N, Y.. em..| 5,556,918 380,810 277 Adlai E, Stevenson lll .... Dern. 977
Benjamin Harrison.. Ind... Rep... 5,176,109

145 Whitelaw Reid.

N. Y.. Rep

1.15 James B. Weaver. lowa... Peop.. 1,041,028

29 James G. Field

Va..... Peop.

92 John Bixwell.... Cal

James B. Crantill

Tex.... Proh
Sinon Wimg.....
Mass.. Soc. L. 21.161

Charles H. Matchett N. Y.soc, L.
Willian Mckinley 0..... Rep.... 7,104,779 601,854 971 Garret A. Hobart.

N. J... Rep...
Willisin J. Bryan. Neb... Dem. ?

1761 Arthur Sevall.

Me.... Dein 149 Willian J. Bryan...

Thomas E. Watson.....

27 Joshun Levering.

Hale Johnson.

Ill..... Prob..
John M. Palmer.. Ill N. Den 133,148

Simon B. Buckner. Ky....v.JPen Charles H. Matchett.. N. ..Soc, L.


Matthew Maguire.......N. J... Soc. I..
Charles E. Bentlev..... Neb... Nat. (j) 13.969

James H. Southgate

NC.. Nat, (i) William McKinley*...0...... Rep... 7,207,923

292 Theodore Roosevelt ...

292 William J. Bryan.. Xeb... Dem.P 6,358,133

155 Adlai E. Stevenson.. 111..... Dem." 155 John G, Woolley.


Henry B. Metcalf. 0...
Wharton Barker... Pa..... MP(m) 50,373

Ignatius Donnelly, Minn.. MIN)
Eugene V. Debe. Ind.... Soc. D. 87,814

lob llarriman..... Cal... Soc.D. Jos. F. Malloney Mass.. Soc. L. 39,739

Valentine Remmel... Pa So . I..
J.P.R. Leonard..

John G. Woolley.

11. U C(n)
Seth II. Ellis
0......UR (0) 5,698

Samuel T. Nicholson.. Ра UR(0)
Theodor Roosvelt*.

N. Y.. Rep.... 7,653,486 2,545,515 336 Charles W. Fairbanks ind.
Alton B. Parker. N. Y.. Dein .. 5,077,911

140 Henry G. Davis........ W.Un. Dein
Eugene V. Debs.

Ind.... Soc....

Benjimin Hanford....N. Y.. Soc...
Silas C. Swallow... Ps


George W. Carroll... Tex.... Proh.. Thorn « E. Watson.. Ga..... Peop.. 117,163

Thomas H. Tibbles

Xeb... Peop.. Charles H. Corrigan... X. Y. Soc. 1. 31.219

William W. Cox..... 01.... Soc. L. William H. Taft. 0...... Rep... 7.679,909 1,269,804 321James S. Sherman

N. Y.. Rep...

391 William J. Bryan.. Neh.... Dem.. 6,409,104

162 John W. Kern..

Ind.... Dem...

162 Eugene V. Debs.. Ind.... Soc.... 420,19:3

Benjamin Hanford.

N. Y.. Soc....
Eugene W. Chafin...
Ariz... Proh.. 953,840

Aaron S. Watkins... 0...
Thos. E. Watson...
Ga..... Peo 29,100

Samuel Williams..... Id....Peo....
August Gillhaus... NÀY... Soc. L. 13,893

Donald L. Munro...... Va.... Soc. L. Thos. L. Hisgen Mass.. Ind.... 82,872

John Temple Graves... Ga....lad....
Woodrow Wilson. N.J... Dem... 6,993,019 9,173,512 435 Thomas R. Marshall*.. Ind.... Dem... 435
Willinn H. Taft....

Rep... 3,484,956

8 Nicholas MButler.... N. Y.. Rep... 8
Theodore Roosevelt.
N. Y... Prog... 4,119,507
88 Hi-am W. Johnson...

83 Eugene V. Debs ...... Ind... Soc.... 901,873

Emil Seidel.

Wis... Soc.
Eugene W. Chafin..... Arix. Proh.. 20: 998

Aaron S. Watkins.... 0...... Proh..
Arthur E. Reimet...... Mass., Boc. L. 29,239

August Gullhaus.. N. Ý.. Soc.L.

Dem.. N. Y.. Rep...

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Father's Vocation,
Paternal Ancestry.

George Washington.


Augustine Washington 1


Mary Ball. John Adams......

English John Adams.......

Farmer ..........

Susanna Boylston. Thomas Jefferson.


Peter Jefferson 3.

Planter .............

Jane Randolph.
James Madison.

James Madison

Planter .......

Nelly Conway.
James Monroe
Spence Monroe

Eliza Jones.

John Quincy Adams,
John Adams....

Abigail Smith,

7.. Andrew Jackson
Scotch-Irish... Andrew Jackson..


Elizabeth Hutchinson.
8. Martin Van Buren..

Abraham Van Buren

Maria Hoes.

William Henry Harrison

Benjamin Harrison.

Elizabeth Bassett.


John Tyler

10. John Tyler

Mary Armistead.
11. James Knox Polk
Scotch-Irish.. Samuel Polk


Jane Knox,
12. Zachary Taylor

Richard Taylor


Sarah Strother.
Nathaniel Fillmore


Phebe Millard.
13 Millard Fillmore

Franklin Pierce,
Benjamin Pierce.

Anna Kendrick.

Scotch-Irish James Buchanan.

15 James Buchanan

Elizabeth Speer.
16. Abraham Lincoln......

Thomas Lincoln....

Nancy Hanks.

17.. Andrew Johnson

Jacob Johnson.....

Sexton and Constable. Mary McDonough.
18.. Ulysses Simpson Grant.

Jesse Root Grant.


Harriet Simpson,
19 Rutherford Birchard Hayes,

Sophia Birchard.
Rutherford Hayes.

Merchant. ......
20.. James Abram Garfield..

Abram Garfield.

Eliza Ballon.

Farmer... 21.. Chester Alan Arthur Scotch-Irish. William Arthur,

Malvina Stone.

22, 24 Grover Cleveland.

Anna Neal.

Richard Falley Cleveland. Clergy man
23.. Benjamin Harrison,

John Scott Harrison.

Elizabeth F. Irwin.

Farmer.. 25.. William McKinley Scotch-Irish. William McKinley

Iron Manufacturer

Nancy 0. Allison.
26.. Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt.


Martha Bullock.
William Howard Taft.

Alphonso Taft.

Louise M. Torrey.

28.. Woodrow Wilson

Joseph R. Wilson

Jessie Woodrow


Year of Grad.

Birth .

1.. Washington.. February 22, 1732 Near Bridges Creek, Westmoreland Co., Va.. Surveyor Planter.. None.
2.. J. Adams

Quincy, Norfolk County, Mass
October 30, 1735.,


Lawyer ..

Shad well, Albemarle County, Va...
3.. Jefferson..... April 13, 1743

William and Mary.

4.. Madison. .... March 16, 1751.

Port Conway, King George County, Va. Lawyer .. Lawyer ..

Head of Monroe's Creek, Westmoreland Co., Va Lawyer

St'sman William and Mary.
5. Monroe April 28, 1758

6..J. Q. Adams. July 11, 1767
Quincy, Norfolk County, Mass.

Lawyer ..
Lawyer ..

7.. Jackson.. March 15, 1767. Near Cureton's Pond, Union County, N. 0.1... Lawyer.. Lawyer ..

None....... 8.. Van Buren.. December 5, 1782. Kinderhook, Columbia County, N. Y

Lawyer.. Lawyer

None.... 9. Harrison February 9, 1773. Berkeley, Charles City County, Va.

Soldier. Farmer ..

Hampden-Sydney. 1790 10.. Tyler......... March 29, 1790. Greenway, Charles City County, Va........ Lawyer Lawyer


William and Mary.
11.. Polk......

Near Pineville, Mecklenburg Co., N. O...
November 2, 1795

Uni. of N. Carolina 1818

November 24, 1784.

Near Orange C. H., Orange County, Va.. Soldier. Soldier None.... 13. Fillmore..... January 7, 1800.. Summerhill, Cayuga County, N. Y

Tailor.. Lawyer

None........... 14.. Pierce November 23, 1804. Hillsborough, Hillsborough County, N. H. Lawyers

1824 Lawyer

Bowdoin........ 15.. Buchanan, April 23, 1791 Cove Gap. Franklin County, Pa.


1809 Lawyer

Dickinson...... 16. . Lincoln ...... February 12, 1809. Near Hodgenville, Larue County, Ky......... F'm-ha'd Lawyers

17.. Johnson...... December 29, 1808. Raleigh, Wake County, N. 0.......

Tailor ....

18.. Grant ......
Point Pleasant, Clermont County, O .......... Soldier...

West Point........
April 27, 1822.......


19. Hnyes ... October 4, 1822 Delaware, Delaware County, O

Lawyer ..


Kenyon............ 20.. Garfield.. November 19, 1831... Orange Township, Cuya hoga County, 0........ Teacher.. Lawyer


21.. Arthur. October 5, 1830
Fairfield, Franklin County, Vt. .............. Teacher.. Lawyer

Union ............

1848 22, 24.. Cleveland, March 18, 1837. Caldwell, Essex County, N J..................

Teacher.. Lawyer

None........ 23. B Harrison. August 20, 1833

North Bend, Hamilton County, 0.............. Lawyer Lawyer Miami University. 1853 25. MoKinley... January 29, 1843. Niles, Trumbull County, O

Lawyer. Lawyer

None....... ***** 28. Roosevelt. October 27, 1868. 28 E 20th St., Now York City, NY

Publiejut. Pab, offi'! Harvard.

1880 27.. Taft........... Beptember 16, 1867.. Cinoinnati, O. Lawyer. Yale,..........

1878 28.. Wilson. December 28, 1886 Staunton, Va...

Teacher, l'aman.. ) Princeton,,........

will be found on second following page.)

spondence with the families of the ex-Presidents. The references (Compiled for THE WORLD ALMANAC from published memoirs, newspaper records, and personal corre THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES-THEIR BIOGRAPHIES IN BRIEF.




Wife's Name.

WifeBorn. Wife Died. Bons. Dau. Home When Electe i, 1.. Washington.... 1759... Martha (Dandridge) Custiss. 1782 1809,

Mount Vernon, Va. ...J. Adams 1761.... Abigail Smith...

1744. 1818.

2 Quincy, Mass. 3.. Jefferson.. 1772.. Martha (Wayles) Skeltong. 1743. 1782,

5 Monticello, Va. 4.. Madison 1794.... Dolly (Payne) Todds..

1772. 1849.

Montpelier, Va. 5.. Monroe 1786.. Eliza kortwright,


Oak Hill, Va. 6.. J.Q. Adams. 1797... Louise Catherine Johnson..

1775, 1852.

Quincy, Mass. 7.. Jackson, 1791 Rachel (Donelson) Robards]

1767. 1898.

Hermitage, Tenn. 8..Van Buren... 1807 Ilannah lloes...

1793.. 1819.

Kinderhook, N. Y. 9..Ilarrison 1795... Anna Symines...

1715. 1864.

North Bend, O. 10.. Tyler 1813. Letitia Christian...


Williamsburg, Va. 1814... Julia Gardiner.....

1820. 1899.. 11.. Polk.. 1894.. Sarah Childress.

1803. 1891,

Nashville, Tenn. 19. Taylor. 1810.... Margaret Smith.


Baton Rouge, La. 13.. Filimore... 1526.... Abigail Powers...


Buffalo, X. Y. 1838.. Caroline (Carmichael McIntoshs. 1813 1881. 14.. Pierce...... 1634.. Jane Means Appleton..


Concord, N. H. 15. Buchanan..

Wheatland, l'a. 16.. Linco'n... 1842.... Mary Todd.


Springfield, 111. 17.. Johnson 1827.. Eliza McCardle..

1810. 1516.

Greenville, Tenn. 18.. Grant. 1848.. Julia Dent.....

1826. 1902.

Washington, D. C. 19.. Hayes 1839... Lucy Ware Webb.

1831. 1889.

Fremont, O. 20..Garfield. 19.8.. Lucretia Budolph

1839. 1909.

Mentor, O. 21.. Arthur.. 1859 Ellen Lewis Herndon.

1837 1880.

1 New York City, 92.. Cleveland.. 1866... Frances Folson....


3 Buffalo, N. Y. 23.. B. Harrison.... 1853.... Caroline Lavinia Scott....... 18.2. 1892

1 Indianapolis, Ind. 1896.... Mary Scott (L.ord) Dimmick$. 1838.

1 94.. Cleveland. (See above.)

New York City 25 McKinley 1871, . Ida Saxton..

1844. 1907

9 Canton, o. 26.. loosevelt 168. Alice Lee......


Oyster Bay, N. Y. 1886. Edith Kermit Carow.

1861. 27.. Taft.... 1986. Helen Herron


Cincinnati, o. 28.. Wilson..

Ellen Louise Axsen..


3 l'rinceton, N.J.

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67 90 83 65 73 80


1 mo.



No. PRESIDENT. Politics.

1.. Washington... Federalist.
2. J. Adams. Federalist..
3.. Vefferson Republican (a).
4.. Madison....... Republican.
5. Monroe

Republican, 6..J.Q. Adams.. Republican (b). 1.. Jack4011

Democrat... 8.. Van Buren Democrat.. 9., Harrison Whig 10.. Tyler

Democrat. 11.. Polk

Docrat... 12.. 'Tavlor

Whig.... 13. Millmore 14.. Pierce..

Democrat.. 15.. Buchanan Democrat.. 16.. Lincoln

Republican 17.. Johnson.. Republican. 18..Grunt..

Republican. 19.. Hayes,

Republican. 20.. Garfield

Republica 21.. Arthur

Republican 22.. Clevelanit

Democrat. 93..B. Harrison Republican., 24.. Cleveland. Democrat.. 25.. McKinley Republican. 96. Roosevelt Republiean. 27.. Taft.... Republican. 28.. Wil on.


Insug. Age Years Served. Religious Connection
1769 57 7 y. 10 no. 4 d. Episcopalian..
1797 61


Unitarian. 1801 57


Liberal (c)... 1809 57


Episcopalian.. 1817 58


Episcopalian.. 1825 57


Unitarian 1829 61


Presbyterian... 1837 54


Reformed Dutch.. 1841 68

Episcopalian... 1841 51 3 y. 11 mo. Episcopalian. 1845


1849 64 1 y. 4 mo. 5 d. Episcopalian...
1850 50 2 y. 7 mo. 26 d. Unitarian.
1853 49

1957 65


Presbyterian... 1861 52 4 y. 1 mo. 11 d. Presbyterian.... 1665 56 3 y. 10 mo. 19 d. Methodist (d). 1869 46


Methodist... 1877 54


Methodist. 1881 49

6%mo, Disciples... 1881 50 3 y. 6ymo. Episcopalian.. 1885 17

Presbyterian. 1889

Presbyterian. 1893 55


1897 5+ 4 y. 6 mo. 101. Methodist, ..
1901 42 7 y. 5 mo, 18 d. Reforme: Dutch..
1909 51


Preslyt. rian

December 14, 1799..
July 4, 1826
July 4, 1826
June 28, 1836
July 4, 1831..
February 23, 1848..
June 8, 1845.
July 24, 1862.
April 4, 1841
January 17, 1869.
June 15, 1849
July 9, 1850
March 8, 1674
October 8, 1869.
June 1, 1869.
April 15, 1865
July 31, 1875..
July 23, 1883
January 17, 1893..
September 19, 1881.
November 18, 1886..
June 24, 1908.
March 13, 1901
June 24, 1908...
September 14, 1901..

65 74 64 77 56 66 63 70

56 71 67 71 58



Cause of Death,

Place of Death.

Place of Burial.

1.. Washington.... Pneumonia

Mount Vernon, Va... 9.. J. Adams Debility

Quincy, Mass. 3.. Jefferson.... Chronic Diarrhea. Monticello, V&.. 4.. Madison... Debility

Montpelier, Va. 5..Monroe.. Debility

New York City. 6..J. Q. Adams. Paralysis

Washington, D. C., 1.. Jackson Consumption

Hermitage, Tenn. 8.. Van Burer.... Asthmic Catarrh Lindenwold, N.Y.

9.. Harrison Bilious Pluurisy.. Washington, D.C..
10.. Tyler
Bilioug Attack

Richmond, Va.. 11.. Polk..... Chronic Diarrhea

Nashville, Tenn..... 12.. Taylor... Bilious Fever..

Washington, D. C... 13.. Fillmore.. Debility

Buffalo, N. Y.. 14.. Pierce.

Inflammation of Stomach. Concord, N. H.. 15.. Buchanan, Rheumatic Gout..

Wheatland, Pa..... 16.. Llocoln Assassination.

Washington, D.C... 17.. Johason. Paralysis

Carter'. Depot, Tena.. 18.. Grant. Cancer

Mt. McGregor, N.Y. 19.. Haves

Paralysis of the Heart.. Fremont, 0...... 20.. Garfield. Assassination

Long Branch X.J.. 21. Arthur Bright's Disease..

New York City 99-94.. Cleveland. Debility....

Princeton, NJ... 93. B. Harrison. Pneumonis

Indianapolis, Ind. 25.. McKinley Assassination

Buffalo, N. Y.. Rosevelt 97.. Taft 28.. Wilson.

Mount Vernon, Va.
First Congregational Church, Quincy, Mass.
Monticello, Albemarle Co., Va.
Montpelier, Orange Co., Va.
Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.
First Congregational Church, Quincy, Mase,
Herinitage, near Nashville, Tenn.
Cemetery, Kinderhook, N.Y.
North Bend, Hamilton Co., 0.
Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.

Pulk Place, Nashville, Ten'.
Springfield, Dear Louisville, Ky.
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, N. Y.
Minot Lot, Old Cemetery, Concord, N. H.
Woodward Hul Cerbetery, Lancaster, Pa.
Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, ill.
Green ville, Greene Co., Tenn.
Riverside Park, New York City.
ermelery, Fremont, o.

Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, 0.
Rural Cemetery, Albany, NY.
Cemetery, Princeton, N.J.
Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Iad.
Cenuetery, Canton, o.


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