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A BF.RYSTWfTII, improvements at '268
■»»- Abyssinia, intelligence fiom
Academy, meeting of the Royal
Academies pretended history of
Acts of parliament, new
Arldison, on the style of
Affairs, state of public, 73, 168,2

364, 4J6J 562
African institution, report of the I 54

Agoona cuuutry in Africa, accounts of

the 2I5

Agricultural report 194

■ societies, proceedings of

the, 84, 85, WO, 93, 190, 285, 469,

47 s, 476, 576
Aienton, experiment relative to the 507
Alkalies, on the fixed 439
Alligator, account of a fossil 267
Almonds, ancient account of 544
Aloe in flower, account of an 186
Aloes, where produced 153
Amelia, princess, memoir of 462
America, travels in North 415 post office, establishment of

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Bankruptcies, lists of, 78, 166, 263,

368, 460, 566
Bardolph, on Shakespeare's character

of 9-

Baring, Sir F. memoirs of 463

Barnes, Dr. memoirs of 134

Barometer, an improved mountain 449 >
Bath agricultural society, premiums

of the 93

description of nn eye 155

—— improvemcut at 285

• dreadful ucoident at 587

Baths, inventrcss of hot 2+9

Bavaria, biography of the artist* of 357

Bdellium, descriptionof 132

Beans, method of keeping French 356

vefBeaumaris, gift to lh« church of 283

Bedford, on (he statue of tbc duke of J23
Bell, Dr. his benefaction 187, 35+

Bells, account of electric 449

Belvoir castle, description of 20

Bencoolen, slate of the plantations it 156
Berkshire, walks in 15

i agricultural meeting 2*5

——— and Wilts canal opened 482

■ account of a ri'le in 506

Bethlem hospital, removal of 68, 266

Bible society instituted 82

— known to Virgil 537
Birmingham, report of the dispensary

at SSI, 475

report of the guardians

of the poor at 582

Bishop, account of a Portuguese 565
Bishop Wcarniouth, Bible society at 82
improvement at

Black, an improvement in ivory

Blenheim, a visit to

Blind, on the education of the

an hospital for, at Plymouth
Bohan upas tree, account of the
Bombycine, description of
Books, analvses of scarce, 44,
246, 342,
Booksellers, on Hie conduct of
Botanical reports, 98, 197, 293,

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Bottles, paper stoppers for
Bom Ion, (Dorset) new church at
linurbon, capture or the isle of
Breweries, state of the Loudon
Brewing, an improvement in
Bridge, proposal fir a new
Bridges, improved mode of construct

Biigliton, proposal for supplying it

with water
Bristol, proposed canal at 93, 154

benevolent institution at 190

liritford sheep iair 285

British Mus>cum,on the Townley mar-
bles In the 101, 206
— on the management

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Cambridge, annual prizes at 89

Cannibals, account of a feast of 21

Cannon sure Ih tlio'l of pointing 357

Canterbury, projected canal at 2*3

Caraceas declared independent 77

Cards, nrigiu of 4-54

Carey, Dr. on saving sh:ps 4^8

Carlisle, Mr. his lectures 561
Carriages, improvements m 254, 640

Carter, John, account of 480

Catalogues, on forming book 4-4

Catullus, character of • 31, 1'9

Caves, description o( remarkable 2li

Ceuieterv, discnvety of an ancient l-'l
Cualcograpluc seoeiy vindicated 442

Chalmers, James, account of lf3

Cbampneys, Mr. memoirs of 514

Change, scarcity of small It

Charcoal, on the combustion of 2>'9

—^—accident from burning 6*3

Charles II aecountofthe escape of 1:37
Chatsworth, description of 213

Cheltenham, completion of the rail-
road at *8

letters from 1 IT, C2S, 509

— chalybeate spring at 583



Chemistry, improvements in animal
Chesnuts, uses of horse 69,

Chester charity school, state of
Chickens, on the diseases of 235,

Children of the poor, on the treat-
ment of 108,
- on defects in the pronuncia-
t ion of
China, nn old embassy to
Chinese character, a
^—— woman in London

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Cholera, observations on
ChoriuziHii ButiEtes, account of the
(id, account of the plav of the
Claget's aictm, experiment relative

Clavi-cylinder, account of the
Cay, discovery of a vein of fine
Clifton, proposed eba|>e! at
Clock, a living

Cloths, improvement in woollen
Clumber-park, Nottinghamshire,

scription of
Cock, anecdote of a

pit, suppression of the royal 371

Cockermouth, improvements at 376, 469
Coins, discovery of ancient, 192, 28*,

289, 485
Cold, method of producing artificial 269
Columbia, colony at tbe mouth of the 426
Colling's, Mr. sale of cattle 375

Commercial reports, 95, 194, 291,

587, 486, 591
Commons, on reform in the house of SO5
Consumption, observations on 7|

Copal, account of the gum l$j

Copenhagen,questious of the academy

at 1

medal, adjudgment of the t

Corn, machine for thrashing 3^ ^

C.irn, bow fo preserve it from mice 354
Cornwall, discovery of fiue clay in 288
—^—— improvement in 485

■ silver mine found in 5S9

Cotton colonies, state of the, 1, 1)3,

—— mills, on sending children to,

108, 506
Courland, description of 501

Covent Garden theatre, remarks on 124

■ opening of the 275

Coszidale, Miles, account of 230
Crystals, on measuring the angles of 149
Cumberland, medal of the duke of 376 —— improvements in the coun-
ty of 376, 469
Curve, illustration of the catenary 325
Cylinder, on the curve formed by a 14S

on the eleetiic 153

Dartmouth, account of the earl of 463

Partford, powder-mill blown up at 479
Dartmoor prison, expence of 275

Datihet bridge, rebuilding of 885

Davy's, Mr. discoveries and experi-
ments 265, 350, 439, 542
Deaf aud dumb, on teaching the 345
Debt, reduction of the national 172
Deluge, old poems on the 538
Denmark, king of, a candidate for

the throne of Sweden 16S

Derbyshire, a tour in 111, 211, 507

corrections in 418

—————— intended survey of 266

improvements in 579

Devonshire, improvements in 2S7

Diseases, reports of, 72, 164, 271,

363, 455, 559
Dividends announced, 79, 167, -264,

369, 462, 568
Doon, antiquity of the bridge of 289

Dorchester, antiquity of 25

Drama, theory of the 344

Drawings, how to preserve pencil 498

Drtam, a remarkable 537

Driess, J.P. account of 434

Doaterra, a native of New Zealand,

account of 557

Duck's e?g, snake found in a 83

Dnaferrnlifie, coins found at 193

Dummore harbour,a station for packets288
Earth, new theory cf the rotation of

the 270

Earths, on the metals of the 5it

Earthenware, galvanic troughs of 8

Earthquakes 155,451

East India papers 511

Ebony, description of 153

Echo, old description of the 535

Eclectx rcvieweis, reply to the 397

Edinburgh review, error in the 108

remarkable phenomenon at 239

Eel, a remarkable 91

Ksypt, on the exports of 131

.Electrical machines, on the powers of

63, 153
———— fluid, on the action of the 269

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institutions for diseases of the.

_ , m . 190,539

Falstaff, on the character of 9, 225

France, taking of tlie isle of 1«9

Fauconberg, lord, death of 573

Faulconry, explanation of terms in 45

r'ejee islands, description of the 21

Females, advice to 304, J56

Ferris, Rev. J. character of
Field, Mr. character of
Filtering machine, an improved
I'iorian grass, on the
Fire-places, improvement in
Fires, remarkable, 80, 90, 173, 175,

187, 265, 275, 231, 371, 377, 383,

464,484, 569, 570, 576, 5S9
—— how to save persons from 304, 556
Fish, inquiry concerning gold 227

Flatman s poems, extracts from 248

Flood, migration of mankind after the 6
Flockborougb, Lancashire, medicinal

spring at 223

Fluid, on the action of the electric 269
Foot, Mr. melancholy death of 93

Fortifications, expences of 17$

Fossil, a remarkable 267

Foundry, on the art of 506

Fonntaine's abbey described Jh

Fowls, on the roupin 23£, 403

F> x, Charles, on a saying of 432

Frankincense, description of 132

French soldiery, on the 320

Fume)), J. character of 174

Galhanum, description of 132

Galoshes, meaning of 344

Galton, Theodore, account of 290, 573
Galvanic troughs, on g

Garrard's art of war, extracts from 542

Gas, apparatus for making carbonated

hydrogen 253

weight of humid oxygen 135

Gascoignc's child, <in the case of 108, 306
Gastrology, remirk'on 48

Ghosts, on stories of 251

Gibbon, on the vindication of 251

Ginger exported from Fgypt 133

(ilasjjow, improvements at 289

Glam drops, mode of making S49

(."lass, use of painted , 345

—— account of a rod transparent 446

Gloucester rail-road completed 88

, improvements in the county

of 383, 476

Onld, on the high price of 491

. dust, on the trade in 133

coast, description of the 204

fish, inquiry concerning 22"

Goldsmid, Mr. account of 373

Goniometer, description of a 149

Cordon, Thomas, aneodotc of 277

Gont, a remedy tor the 256
Grantham, establishment of a school

at 580
Grapes, inquiry concerning 4 Jfi
Grass, on ti.irin 314
Gratitude, effects of 23('i
Gny, Mrs. character of 8'.'
Grenville's, lord, installation at Ox-
ford 183
Oreville's, Mr. minerals, account of 154
Grignion, Charles, account of 463
Griui's dyke, description of 26
Grindstones, on hanging »5i
Ouins exported from F.gypt 132
Guy's hospital, lectures at 15/1
Hackfal), Yorkshire, described '19
Haigh, Mr. melancholy end of 377
Ilaiies, Glouces'crshire, described 509
Halle, augmentation of the university

of 449

Hampshire, improvements in 481
Hanover, distressed stitcof _ 168

Harmony, account of a society of 27

Harrison's, Mr. family, mortality in IS I

Harwich, improvements at 478

Hatton, Warwick, hurricane at 582

HaWkidg, onthe art of 45

Hawks, Mr. character of 575

Havter, John, account of 190

Head, on disorders of the 363

Heard, Edward, character of 290

Hemp produced in Sierra Leone 154

Hepatic diseases, ou 271

Hereford music meeting, account of 382

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Jones, Mrs. account of
Jubilee column erected in Wales
Kaimes, lord, letter to
Keating, Miss, character of
Keating, colonel, letter from
Keiilestone, Derbyshire, described
Kelly, Alex, account of
Kcmble, Mr. on the pronunciation of
Kendal agricultural societv, meeting

of 46?

Kent, Mr. character of 463

improvements in the countY of

91. 283, 479
Killingbeek, Mrs. remarkable case of 579
King, illness of the 459, 56!

discovery of a statue of the 5P0

Kirov, Dr. his articles iu theEncyo'o-

pa-dia Kritannica 253

Kit hen fire-place, an improved 65

Labourer, dialogue with a poor 4G1

Lancashire, account of a medicinal

spring in
Landseer, Mr. on the conduct of
Latham's la I t of
Laud, Abp.conrv, aeronn
leather, improved method of shaving 64"
Lecture, account of the Croonjan 157 th^ Ijakeriau SW

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Lectures announced, 153, 154, 267,

*68, 446, 449, 553
Leeds, journal of a tour from
—— account of the cloth-hall at 83
Lefevre, majcoyaccount of 291

Leicester agricultural society, pro-
ceedings- of . . , to.t. t m- 4 .. . J&
Leipsic fair, account of **

7 •

Letters from lord Caledon, 57. Dr.
Roxburgh 59. General Armstrong,
&c. 76, 1 CO. Of a wanderer, 111,
170, 211, 307, 412. From Chel-
tenham, 117, 228, 509. General
Crauford, Lord Wellington, 172,
273, S61, 454. Col. Keating, 367.
Mrs. Montague, 435. Sir J. Stu-
art, 459.
Lewes, account of the town-hall at 188
Lewis, John, account of 192

Lightning, rock split by 155

Lincoln heath, pillar on 580

Lincolnshire, great storm in 280

i ■ — improvements in 380

dreadful inundations in

Lint, description of a new species of 355
Literary and philosophical intelligence

65, 152, 265, 343, 496, 562
Literature lycaeum of aulient, 31, 119, 398

LITERATURE, Half-yearly Re-
Trospect Of DOMESTIC


i Dr. Hales's Analysis of

Chronology 653

——— Bruce's Annals of the East

India Company ib.

■— Playfair's British Family

antiquity 654

Southey'sHistory of Brazil ib.

The AnnualRegister fori 795 655

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Literature Landl's Deseription of the

Feroe Islands 662

—— Hamilton's Remarks on se-
veral Parts of Turkey 663


Chalmers's History of the

University of Oxford 664"

Hutton'sTrip to Coatbam 667

——— Sir R. Hoare's History of

ancient Wiltsbiro 'ib.


Meredith's Rudiments ' of
chemical philosophy 669


- Brown on Vaccination 669

- Cooke's Treatise on Tinea

Capitis contagiosa ib.

- Dr.Faulkener's Considera-

tions on thcEstablishment

of an Hospital ib.

- Cursory Remarks on Corpu-

lency ib.


- ElementaLingua Grzca 669


- Dr.Whitaker'sI.ife and Cor-

respondence of Sir G.Rad-
cliffe 670

- Memoirs of Noel Desenfans ib.

Politics, &c.

- Sir F. D'Irernois on the

Continental Blockade 670

- Lord Melville's Letter on

naval Timber ib.

- GregoryKing'sNatural and

political Observations ib.

- Huskissou on thcDeprecia-

tionofour Currency 671


- Peacock's Genius of the

Thames 672

- Sotbcby'sConstance deCas-

tile 673

- Southey's Curse of Kehama 674

- Miss Mitford's poems 675
Pratt's Lower World ib.

- Ritson's Northern Garlands 676

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