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Chief Political Assassinations Since 1865

Source: Various Official Accounts 1865-April 14, Abraham Lincoln, President of the 1923--May 10. Vaslov Vorovsky, Soviet Russia's

United States, in Washington; died April 15. Minister at Rome, by M. A. Contradi, ex-Russian 1870-Dec. 28. Prim, Marshal of Spain.

Army officer, Lausanne. 1872-Feb. 8. Earl of Mayo, Gov.-Gen. of India. - June 4. Cardinal Soldevilla y Romera, Arch1876-June 4. Abdul Aziz, Sultan of Turkey.

bishop of Saragossa, near that city, in Spain. 1881--March 13. Alexander II, of Russia.

-June 29. Gen. J. C. Gomez, 1st Vice-President --July 2. James A. Garfield, President of the of Venezuela, killed in bed, in Caracas.

United States, in Washington; died Sept. 19; --July 20. Gen. Francisco "Pancho" Villa, exGuiteau hanged, June 30, 1882.

rebel leader, in Parral, Mexico. 1893-Oct. 28. Carter H. Harrison, Sr., Mayor of 1924—June 10 Giacomo Matteotti, moderate SoChicago.

cialist leader in Italian Parliament, kidnapped 1894-June 24. Marie Francois Sadi-Carnot, Presi

near Rome, slain body found, Aug. 15. dent of France.

1925-Feb. 13. Prof. Nicola Milefi. Bulgarian 1895-July 25. Stanislaus Stamboulofl, Premier of

Minister-Designate to the United States, antiBulgaria.

agrarian, in Sofia. This was followed by the 1896-May 1. Nasr-ed-Din, Shah of Persia.

slaying of Communist Deputies Strachimiroff and 1897-Aug. 8. Canovas Del Castillo, Prime Min

Stoyanoff on Feb. 16 and March 6. ister of Spain.

-April 16. 200 were killed by the explosion of -Aug. 25. Juan Idiarte Borda, President of Uru- bombs in the Cathedral of Sveti Kral, in Sofia, guay

at the funeral of Gen. Georghleff. The dead 1898-Feb. 18. Jose Maria Reyna Barrios, Presi- included Police Prefect Kissoff, Mayor Paskaleff dent of Guatemala.

ex-War Minister Davidoff: Gens. Naidenoff, -Sept. 10. Empress Elizabeth of Austria.

Nezrezofl. Loloff, Ziatereff and Popoff: Dept. 1899-July 26. General Ulisses Heureuax, President Prefect Medelechefr. of the Dominican Republic.

1926-May 25. Gen. Simon Petlura, ex-Pres. of 1900---Jan. 30. William Goebel, Governor of Ken- Ukrainian Repub., in Paris by a compatriot. tucky.

1927-June 7. Peter Lazarevitch Voikoff. Soviet --July 29. Humbert, King of Italy.

Russian Minister to Poland, at Warsaw, by a 1901-Sept. 6. William McKinley, President of the 19-yr. Russian monarchist. United States, in Buffalo: died Sept. 14. Leon-July 10.

Kevin O'Higgins, Vice-President of the Czolgosz executed, Oct. 29.

Irish Free State, near Dublin. 1903-June 11. Alexander, King of Serbia, and his 1928--May 20.

Gen. Luis Mens, ex-President of wife, Queen Draga by army officers, in the pal- Nicaragua, in Ponelova, by a countryman. ace, Belgrade.

-June 20. Stephan Raditch, leader of Croatian 1904-June 16, Bobrikoff, Gov. Gen. of Finland.

Peasant Party, Paul Raditch, his nephew; and

Dr. George Basaritchik. 1905-Feb. 17. Sergius, Grand Duke of Russia.

Ex-President and President-elect. Gen. --Dec. 30. Ex-Governor Frank Steunenberg. Idaho. - July 17.

Alvaro Obregon of Mexico in San Angel near 1908-Feb. 1. Carlos, King of Portugal, and Louis

Mexico City. The assassin, Jose de Leon Torol, Philippe, Crown Prince.

artist, was executed on Feb. 9. 1929, 1909-Oct. 26. Prince Ito, of Japan.

1930-June 7. Dr. Albert von Baligand, German 1911-Sept. 14. Peter Stolypin, Premier of Russia.

Minister to Portugal, Lisbon. -Nov. 19. Ramon Caceres, President of the Domin

--Nov. 14. Fremier Hamaguchi, Tokio. ican Republic.

1932-May 6. Paul Doumer, President of the 1912--Nov. 12. Jose Canalejas, Prime Minister of

French Republic, by Paul Gargolov, a Russian Spain.

exile, Paris, 1913-Jan. 23. Nazim Pasha, Turkish Minister of-May 16. Ki Inukal, 77, Japanese Premier, Tokio. war.

1933-On Feb. 15, in Miami, Fla., Joseph Zangara, --Feb. 23. Francisco I. Madero, President of anarchist, born in Italy, shot at President-elect

Mexico, and Jose Pino Suarez, the Vice-President. Franklin D. Roosevelt, but a woman seized his --March 18. George, King of Greece.

arm, and the bullet fatally wounded Mayor Anton 1914-June 28. Archduke Francis Ferdinand of J. Cermak, of Chicago, who died March 6. SeyAustria-Hungary and his wife, Countess Sophie eral others nearby were shot. Zangara pleaded Chotek, Duchess of Hohenberg, in Sarajevo. guilty, was found sane, and was electrocuted on Bosnia (later part of Yugoslavia). by Gavrillo March 20, 1933. Princip.

-April 30. Luis M. Sanchez Cerro, president of --July 31. Jean L. Jaures, French Socialist leader. Peru, shot to death in Lima by Abelardo Hurtado 1915-July 28, Guillaume Sam, President of Hayti.

de Mendoza, who was killed by guards. 1918-July 5. Gen. Count von Mirbach, German

June 6. Assis Khan, 56, elder brother of King Ambassador to Russia, in Moscow.

Nadir of Afghanistan, shot to death in Berlin by ---July 16. Czar of Russia and family, in Ekaterin- an Afghan student

burg: at Perm, July 12, the Czar's brother, -Nov. 8. Nadir Shah, King of Afghanistan, killed Grand Duke Michael Alexander.

in Kabul by Abdul Khalia, a student, who was - July 31. German Field Marshal von Eichhorn, in executed on Dec. 16.

-Dec. 29. Ion G. Duca, Premier of Roumania, in the Ukraine. -Oct. 21. Count Karl

h, Austrian Premier,

Sinai. by a student. in Vienna,

1934-July 25, in Vienna, Engelbert Dollfuss, --Nov. Count Stephen Tisza, ex-Pres. Hung. Privy Chancellor of Austria, by Nazis, who invaded the Council, in Budapest.

chancellery, put the Cabinet to flight, proclaimed -Dec. 14. Sidonio Paes, President of Portugal. the end of the regime, and began a revolt there 1919-Feb. 20. Habibullah Khan, Ameer of Afghan

and in Carinthia and Styria provinces. Otto istan, in Laghman.

Planetta, who was tried and convicted as the Feb. 21. Kurk Eisner, Bavarian Premier. in actual slayer, was hanged. Munich: April 12, War Minister Neuring in -Oct. 9, in Marseilles, King Alexander I of Yugo. Dresden, Saxony; Oct. 8, Hugo Haase, Pres, Ger.

slavia, and French Foreign Minister Jean Louis Soc. Party, in Berlin,

Barthou, by Vlada Chernozensky, a Bulgarian of 1920-May 20. Gen. Venustiano Carranza, Presi- Macedonian birth. dent of Mexico, in Tlaxcaltenago.

-Dec. 1, Sergei Mironovich Kirov, of the Com1921-March 8. Dato, Premier of Spain, at Madrid. munist Political Bureau, friend of Stalin in -Aug. 26. Mathias Erzberger, ex-German Vice- Lenigrad, by Leonid V. Nikolaev, a former Chancellor, near Offenberg, Baden.

Soviet official. He and 13 others were tried and -Oct. 19. Portuguese Premier Antonio Granjo, shot.

Ex-Pres. Machado dos Santos, and two other 1935-Sept. 8. U. S. Senator Huey P. Long, shot high officials, Lisbon.

in Baton Rouge, La.. by Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, -Nov. 4. Ta Kashi Hara, Japanese Premier, in who was slain by Long's body guards.

The Tokio, by Korean youth,

Senator died on Sept. 10. 1922-June 22. Field Marshal Sir Henry H. Wilson, 1936-Feb.


Finance Minister Kore Kiyo by two Irishmen in London.

Takahashi, 82: Admiral Makoto Saito, 78. June 24. Dr. Walter Rathenau, German Foreign ex-Premier; Admiral Sonoku Suzuki, Grand Minister, by two German youths, in Berlin.

Chamberlain; and Gen. Jotaro Watanabe, 58, in --Aug. 22. Gen. Michael Collins, Irish Free State Tokio: slain by army officers and men in a

Premier, by rebels, near Bandon, County Cork, mutiny.
-Dec. 16. Gabriel Narutowicz, first President of 1940 - Aug. 20. Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein), 63,

the Polish Republic; by Capt. Niewadomski, an exiled Russian war minister, by Frank Jackcon artist, in Warsaw.

(Jacques M. van den Dreschd), near Mexico City.

The Record of Polar Explorations
Source: National Geographic Society, Washington, D. C., Gilbert Grosvenor, LL.D. (President)

ARCTIC EXPLORATION (*Represents new records)

Date No. Lat.


Nationality • John Davis

72° 12' West Greenland.

Great Britain •William Barents.

1596 79° 49' Spitsbergen and Greenland Sea Holland • Henry Hudson

1607 80° 23' Spitsbergen and Greenland Sea Holland *Henry Hudson. 1616 77° 45 Ellesmere Island.

Great Britain Capt. J. C. Phipps.

1773 80° 48' Spitsbergen and Greeniand Sea Great Britain *Scoresby the Elder

1806 81° 30' Spitsbergen and East Greenland Great Britain *Sir William Edward Parry 1827 82° 45' North of Spitsbergen.

Great Britain Wm. Morton, E. K. Kane Expedition. 1854 78° 45' Cape Constitution

United States Sir Edward A. Inglefield. 1359 78° 28' Sinith Sound

Great Britain Dr. Isaac I. Hayes.

1861 81° 35' Cape Lleber, Grinnell Land Cnited States Baron Nordenskjold

1 868
81° 42' Spitsbergen.

Sweden Capt. Charles F. Hall.

1871 82° 11' Near Thank God Harbor United States J. Payer.

81° 50' Franz Josef Land....

Austria *A. H. Markham, Nares Expedition,

1875 83° 20' Northeast Grinnel Land. Great Britain •J. B, Lockwood and Gen. D. L. Brainard, Gen. A. W. Greely Expedition. 1882 83° 24' Greenland Coast.

United States • Admiral Robert E. Peary 1892 83° 27' Greenland Coast.

United States •Fridtjof Nansen 1893-5 86° 14' North of Franz Josef Land.

Norway Frederick G, Jackson. 1894-7 81° 20' Franz Josef Land.

Great Brtain *Capt. Cagni. Duke of Abruzzi's Exped'n 1900 86° 34' North of Franz Josef Land. Italy Admiral Robert E. Peary 1902 84° 17' Grinnell Land.

United States Ziegler Polar Expedition, Maj. Anthony Fiala 1904 82° 4' Franz Josef Land.

United States • Admiral Robert E. Peary (Apr. 21).. 1906 87° 6' North of Greenland

United States • Admiral Robert E. Peary (Apr. 6).

The North Pole

United States Capt. Roald Amundsen (June 15) 1925 87° 44' North of Greenland.

Norway Lleut. Com. R. E. Byrd, Jr., U. S. N. Ret. (By airplane, May 9)


90° Spitsbergen and return... United States Amundsen-Ellsworth-Nobile Expedition (By dirigible, May 12)...

Spitsbergen to Alaska..

Norway, V

S. and Italy Capt. Sir Hubert Wilkins (By airplane, April 15).

1928 84°

Point Barrow to Spitsbergen... United States Gen. Umberto Nobile (By dirigible, May 23).

1928 90° Spitsbergen to North Pole.. Italy Pavel Golovin

Rudolf Island to and around (By airplane, May 5)

1937 90° N. Pole: fog prev. land. ice floe.. Russla, Soviet *Prof. Otto J. Schmidt and 32

North Pole, by flight from Ru(By airplane, May 21). 1937 90° doll Island

Russia, Soviet

North of the Coast from Point Sir Hubert Wilkins

Barrow to the mouth of the
(By airplane)
1937-8889 Mackenzie River.


Date Latitude Longitude Nationality







Capt. James Cook

(Jan. 30) 1774 71° 10' 8. 106° 54' W. Great Britain. Capt. Nathaniel Brown Palmer.

(Nov. 18) 1820

63° 45' S.

60° W. United States. James Weddell..


74° 15' s. 34° 17' W. Great Britain, Adiniral Charles Wilkes Expedition

S. 105°

W. United States. Capt. James Clark Ross

(Feb. 22)

1842 78° 10's. 161° 27' W. Great Britain. Carstens E. Borchgrevink..

(Feb.) 1900 78° 50's. 165° 50' W. Great Britain. Capt. Robert F. Scott

(Dec, 30)| 1902 82° 17' s.


E. Great Britain Sir Ernest Shackleton,

(Jan. 9) 1909
88° 23' 8.

E. Great Britain. Roald Amundsen.. (Dec. 14) 1911

Capt. Robert F. Scott

(Jan. 18) 1912

Great Britain Rr-Adm. R. E. Byrd. U.S.N by alrplane (Nov. 29) 1929

United States. Lincoln Ellsworth. by airplane Nov. 3-Dec. 5) / 1935 76-79° 58 8 180-120° w. nited States.

In January and February. 1840. Charles Wilkes, Cape Horn, and up the west coast, arriving at commander of America's first naval exploring ex- Callao, Peru, in the early summer of 1839. pedition, sighted the Antarctic continent and then "The great achievement of the voyage was, of followed its coastline for a distance of more than course, the expedition into the Antarctic in the 1,500 miles. Though not the earliest to glimpse

winter of 1839-10. Leaving Sydney, New South land in the South Polar region, he was the first

Wales, the last wek in December, Wilkes spent

the months of January and February, 1840, followdefinitely to announce the existence of an Antarctic

ing the coastline of Antarctica until he had concontinent, according to Daniel C. Haskell, bibliog

vinced himself that what he had discovered was in rapher of the New York Public Library, whose


the Antarctic continent. The squadron account of the expedition appears in a bulletin of reached New York in June, 1842, having been gone that institution.

3 years and 10 months and sailed a distance of The Squadron" says Haskell sailed from Nor- 87,780 miles. folk, Va., Aug. 18, 1838, and headed first for the The land which Palmer saw in 1820 is now supMadeira and Cape Verde Islands, then recrossed posed to have been the Antarctic Continent. the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro, worked its way The late Dr. Frederick A. Cook claimed to have down the east coast of South America, around discovered the North Pole on April 21, 1908,

RECENT POLAR EXPEDITIONS Soviet Arctic-The ice-breaker, Sedoff, ice bound America, and 26 at East Base, 1,200 miles away, in since October 23, 1937, reported on Aug. 29, 1939, Palmer Land. They continued charting of the that it had drifted to latitude 86° 39' North and coast. longitude 47° 55', the furthest north ever reached

Ellsworth Antarctic-In his ship the Wyatt by boat. This is about 250 miles from the North

Earp, which he had used for three previous Pole. Under the leadership of Capt. K. S. Badigan, the crew of the Sedoff has made scientific observa

Antarctic expeditions, Lincoln Ellsworth Salled

from Capetown, October 29, 1938, and three months tions concerning meteorology, oceanography, etc.

later reached the edge of the Antarctic Continent The Sedoff was extricated by an ice breaker on

at Princess Elizabeth Land. On January 11, 1939, Jan. 13. 1940.

Ellsworth claimed 77.000 square miles of Antarctic Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, U.S.N., returned

Territory for the United States as a result of a to Antarctica early in 1939, by direction of the government and discovered and charted 900 miles

flight over an area which he named this "American of unknown coastline, by the combined use of his

Highland.' ship, the Bear, and an airplane. He found that German Antarctic-A German Antarctic Expedithe magnetic South Pole had shifted to the west. tion, led by Capt. Ritscher, on March 9, 1939, Tne coastline he explored consisted of a plateau claimed for the Reich 231,660 square miles of terri. about 3.000 feet high extending for perhaps 1.100 tory in Crown Princess Maerta Land, which had Iniles. He left 33 men at West Base, near Little previously been claimed by Norway,

Notable Marine Disasters Since 1833

(Figures show lives lost. For lack of space, only more serious disasters, mainly in American waters

or in American commerce, are noted) 1838-May 11. Ship Lady of the Lake, England to grounded on Long Beach, N. Y.; 311. Quebec, hit by iceberg; 215.

- May 10. Troopship Lady Nugent, from Madras. -Aug. 30. Ship Amphitrite, bound for Australia foundered in a storm; 400. with British women convicts, wrecked off

--Sept. 27. Steamer Arctic, from Liverpool, sunk Boulogne, France: 128.

in collision in fog, 40 miles off Cape Race, N. F.: 1836-Nov. 21. American ship Bristol, England to 350.

New York, wrecked off Far Rockaway, N. Y.: 77. - Sept. 29. U. S. sloop of war, Albany, sailed from 1837-Jan. 2. American bark Mexico, England to Aspinwall (now Colon), Panama, for New York

New York, wrecked on Hempstead Beach, near never heard from; 193.
Point Lockout, N. Y.; 62.

-Nov. 13. American-owned immigrant ship, New -Feb. 16. British ship Jane and Margaret. Eng- Era, from Brenien for New York, wrecked on NC

land to New York, lost near Isle of Man: 200. Jersey coast, 15 miles below Sandy Hook; over - May 9. Steamer Sherrod burned on Mississippi 300. River; 175.

Nov. 13-16. Eleven British Army transpor: Oct. 9. Steamboat Home, New York to Charles- wrecked, 6 disabled: steamship Prince sunk in ton, wrecked off Ocracoke: 100.

storm, Black Sea; 500. -Oct. 29. Steamboat Monmouth sunk in collision 1855-May 1. Emigrant ship John wrecked of: on Mississippi River; 234.

Falmouth; 200. 1838--April 25. Steamboat Moselle blown upon 1856-Jan. 30. Chilian warship Cazador wrecked Ohio River, near Cincinnati, Ohio: 100.

314. -June 14. Steamboat Pulaski, Savannah to Balti- --Sept. 23. Steamer Pacific, Collins Line, vanmore, blew up off North Carolina; 140.

ished at sea: 288. --June 16. Steamboat Washington burned on Lake Sept. 24. Steamer Niagara, burned on Lake Erie; 50.

Michigan: 60. Nov. 25. Steamboat Gen. Brown, blew up on -Nov, 2. Steamer Lyonnais sunk off Nantucke: Mississippi River, at Helena, Ark., 60.

in collision; 200. 1840-Jan. 13. Steamboat Lexington, New York 1857-Feb. 26. Steamer Tempest, Anchor Line

to Stonington, burned off Eaton's Neck, L.I.; 140. 150 on board; never heard from --Aug. 9, Brig Florence, Rotterdam to New York, - May 31. Steamer Louisiana, burned near Galfoundered off Newfoundland; 60.

Veston, Tex.; 55. 1841---Feb. 19. Ship Governor Fenner, England to -June 26. Steamer Montreal, Quebec to Montreal, New York, sunk in collision off Holyhead. Eng- burned: 250. land; 122.

-Aug. 20. Ship Dunbar wrecked near Sydney, March 11. Steamer President, New York to Australia; 120.

Liverpool, with 136 persons on board: never -- Sept. 12 Steamer Central America, Havana to heard from

New York, sunk: 400 -April 19. American ship William Browne, Eng- 1858-June 13. Steamboat Pennsylvania exploded land to Philadelphia, sunk by iceberg: 70.

on Mississippi River, near Memphis; 160. -Aug. 9. Steamer Erie burned on Lake Erie: 175.-Sept. 13. Steamer Austria, Hamburg to New 1844Feb. 28. Steamers De Soto and Buckeye York, burned in midocean: 471. collide on Mississippi, Buckeye sinks; 60,

1859 April 27. American ship Pomona, Liverpool Oct. 23. Steamer Lucy Walker explodes three to New York, wrecked; 400. boilers at New Albany, Ind.; 50.

---Oct. 25. Steamer Royal Charter wrecked on the 1846-Feb. 12. Steamer Tweed lost off Yucatan: 60. Anglesea coast; 446. 1847- April 28. Emigrant ship Exmouth, London

1860 Feb. 19. Steamer Ondine, sunk in collision derry to Quebec: 200.

with Heroine, at Biddefork: 60. -Nov. 19. Steamers Talisman and Tempest in -Feb. 19. American ship. Luna wrecked off Barcollision on Ohio River; 100.

fleur: 100. -Nov. 21. Immigrant (Holland) Steamer Phoenix -- Feb. 19. Steamer Hungaria wrecked near Cape burned on Lake Michigan; 240.

Sable, N. S.; 205. Dec. 20. British steam frigate Avenger, wrecked 1860 June 24. Steamer Ben W. Lewis, blew up at off north coast of Africa; 200.

Cairo, Ill.; 50. 1848--Aug. 24. American emigrant ship Ocean Mon- - Sept. 8. Steamer Lady Elgin sunk by collision

arch, from Liverpool, burned off Carnarvonshire, on Lake Michigan; 300. North Wales; 200.

1863-Feb. 7. British steamer Orpheus wrecked 1849—-Nov. 15. Steamer Louisiana explodes at New off coast of New Zealand: 190. Orleans: 60.

---April 27. Steamer Anglo-Saxon wrecked in fog --Nov. 16. Emigrant ship Caleb Grimshaw burned: off Cape Race, N. F.: 237. at sea; 60.

1864-Nov. 4. British steamship Racehorse. 1850-March 30. Steamer Royal Adelaide wrecked wrecked off Chefoo, China: 99. off Margate; 400

1865-April 27. Steamboat Sultana with ex-- June 17. Steamer Griffith burned on Lake Erie: changed Union prisoners of war aboard, destroyed 300

on Mississippi River, 7 miles above Memphis, by - Nov. 12. Emigrant ship Edmund, Limerick to boiler explosion; 1,450.

New York, wrecked off coast of Ireland; 100. --Aug. 24. Emigrant ship Eagle Speed foundered 1852---Jan. 24. Steamer Amazon burned off Scilly near Calcutta; 265. Islands; 100.

1866-Jan. 11. Steamer London foundered in Bay Feb. 26. Troopship Birkenhead., Queenstown to

of Biscay: 220. Cape of Good Hope, wrecked: 454.

-Jan. 30. Steamer Missouri, boilers exploded on July 27. Steamboat Henry Clay, burned on Ohio River; 100. Hudson River; 70.

-Jan. 30. Steamer Miami, boilers exploded on -Aug. 20. Steamer Atlantic sunk by collision on Mississippi River; 150. Lake Erie; 250.

-May. Steamer Gen. Grant, wrecked off New 1853--Feb. 15. Steamship Queen Victoria, wrecked Zealand: 87. near Dublin; 67.

Oct. 3. Steamer Evening Star, New York to -Feb. 16. The Independence burned off coast New Orleans, foundered; 350. Lower California: 140.

1867-Oct. 29. Royal mail steamers Rhone and -May 3. Immigrant ship William and Mary, Wye and about fifty vessels driven ashore and sunk at Bahamas: 170.

wrecked at St. Thomas, West Indies, by a hurriSept. 29. Emigrant ship Annie Jane wrecked off Cane; 1.000. coast of Scotland; 348.

1868- March 18. Steamboat Magnolia, blew up --Dec. 24. Steamer San Francisco, bound for on Onio River; 80.

California with 700 passengers, including 500 of April 9. Steamer Sea Bird burned on Lake

Third Reg. U. S. Artillery, foundered at sea; 240. Michigan; 100. -Dec. 30. Ship Staffordshire, Liverpool for -April 17. Anchor liner United Kingdom, vanBoston, grounded near Seal Island; 178.

ished at sea: 80. 1854-Jan. 20. Emigrant ship Tayleur wrecked off Dec. 4. Steamboats United States and America. Lambay: 380.

burned on Ohio River, near Warsaw, Ill.: 72. -- Jan. 28. Steamer Georgia, burned at New 1869 Oct. 27. Steamer Stonewall burned below Orleans; 60.

Cairo. Di., 200. --March, Steamer City of Glasgow, Liverpool to 1870-Jan. 24. American ship Oneida sunk in col

Philadelphia, with 450 passengers, never heard lision off Yokohama; 115. from.

Jan. 28, Inman Line steamer City of Boston. -April 15. Steamer Secretary blew up in San New York (Jan. 28) to Liverpool, vanished at Pablo, Cal. Bay; 50.

sea: 177. - April 16. Ship Powhatan, Havre to New York, -Sept. 7. British warship, Captain, foundered off Finisterre, Western Spain; 472.

were foundered; 150. Oct. 19. Steamer Cambraia lost off Inishtrahull; -July 22. Spanish steamer Gigon and British 170.

steamer Lexham in collision of Cape Finisterre; -Oct. 20. Steamer Varuna, New York for Gal- both sunk; 150. veston, sunk off Florida coast; 72.

-Sept. 22. British gunboat Wasp wrecked off 1871-Jan. 14. Steamer T. L. McGin, burned on Donegal; 52. Mississippi River; 58.

1885--Feb. 15. British steamship Humber left port, -- Jan. 27. Steamer Kensington collides with bark never heard from; 56.

Templar off Cape Hatteras, both wrecked: 150. 1887-Jan. 20. Steamer Kapunda in collision with --Jan. 28. Steamer H. R. Arthur explodes; 87.

bark Ada Melmore off coast of Brazil; 300. July 30. Staten Island ferryboat Westfield's

-Nov. 19. Steamer W. A. Scholten sunk by boilers exploded in New York harbor; 100; 200 collision in the English Channel; 134. injured.

1888-Aug. 14. Steamship Geiser sunk by collision --Dec. 23. Steamer America, Buenos Aires to with the Thingvalla; 105. Montevideo, burned: 60.

Sept. 12. Italian steamship and steamship La 1872-April 11. Steamer Oceanus explodes: 40.

France collide near Canary Islands; 89. -Aug. 30. Steamer Metis sunk in collision on 1889-March 16. United States warships Trenton, Long Island Sound; 50.

Vandalla and Nipsic and German ships Adler and --Nov. 7. The brig, Mary Celeste, left N. Y. har- Eber wrecked at Apia, Samoan Islands; 147.

bor, under Capt. Benj. S. Briggs, laden with -Dec. 31. British steamship Erin of National alcohol, bound for Genoa, 5 weeks later, found Line, left port, never heard from; 72. abandoned in the Atlantic, with all sails set. 300 1890-Jan. 2. Steamer Persia wrecked on Island

miles west of Gibraltar. Crew never heard from. of Corsica: 130. 1873--Jan. 22. British steamer Northfeet sunk in-Feb. 17. British steamer Duburg wrecked in collision off Dungeness; 300.

China Sea; 400. -April 1. White Star steamer Atlantic wrecked - March 1. British steamship Quetta wrecked off of Nova Scotia; 547.

Cape York; 124. --Aug. 8. Steamboat Wawasset, burned in Potomac - July 13. Steamboat Sea Wing, overturned in River; 75.

storm on Lake Papin, Minn.-Wis.; 97. --Sept, 27. Steamship Ismailia, Anchor liner, lost Sept. 19. Turkish frigate Ertogrul foundered at sea; 52.

off coast of Jap.; 540. -Nov. 23. French Line steamer Ville du Havre, Oct. 29. Steamship Viscaya, New York for

New York to Havre, in collision with ship Loch Havana, sunk in collision off Barnegat, N. J.; 70. Earn and sunk in sixteen minutes; 230.

--Nov. 10. British cruiser Serpent wrecked in 1874-Dec. 6. Emigrant ship Cospatrick burned at storm off coast of Spain: 167. sea: 470.

-Dec. 27. British steamer Shanghai burned in 1875-May 7. Hamburg mail steamer Schiller, China Sea: 100. wrecked in fog on Scilly Islands; 200.

1891- March 17. Steamer Utopia, Anchor Line, --Nov. 4. American steamer Pacific sunk by sunk by collision off Gibraltar; 574. collision of Cape Flattery; 236.

-April 16. British ship St. Catharis wrecked off -Nov. 9. Steainer City of Waco, burned off

Carolina Island; 90. Galveston; 53.

-- April 22. Chilean warship Blanco Encalada --Dec. 6. Steamer Deutschland, Bremen to New blown up in Caldera Bay: 200.

York, wrecked at mouth of the Thames; 157. -Sept. 10. Italian steamship Taormina sunk in 1877--July 15. British steamer Eten wrecked off collision in Mediterranean; 50. Valparaiso; 100.

-Nov. 2. Steamship Enterprise sank in Bay of --Nov. 24. United States sloop-of-war Huron Bengal; 77. wrecked off North Carolina coast; 100.

--Dec. 18. Steamer Abyssinia, Guion Line, burned Nov. Steamer Atacama wrecked off Caldera, at sea. Chile: 104.

1892-Jan. 13. Steamer Namchow wrecked in 1878 Jan. 31. Steamer Metropolis wrecked off China Sea: 414. North Carolina, 100.

---May 22. Brazilian warship sank near mouth of - March 24. British training ship Eurydice foun- La Plata River; 120. dered near the Isle of Wight: 300.

Oct. 28. Steamer Roumania, Anchor Line, Sept. 3. British steamer Princess Alice sunk in wrecked off Portuguese coast: 113. collision in the Thames: 700.

1893-Feb. 8. Steamer Trinacria, Anchor Line, - Sept. 28. German steamship Hermann Ludwig, wrecked off coast of Spain; 115. vanished at sea; 50.

-- Feb. 11. White Star steamer Noronic, Liverpool -Dec. 18. French steamer Byzantin sunk in to N. Y. on maiden voyage; vanished. collision in the Dardanelles: 10.

-May 29, British steamship Germania foundered 1879-Feb. 12-16 Thirteen American Fishing in Bay of Bengal; 64.

schooners foundered off George's Bank, New---June 22. British battleship Victoria sunk by foundland; 144.

collision with her sister ship Camperdown off -- March 19. British steamship Bernicia, left port, Tripoli, Syria; 350. never heard from; 45.

1894– Feb. 2. 'United States covette Kearsarge 1880--Jan. 31. British training ship Atlanta left wrecked on Roncador Reef. Bermuda with 290 men; never heard from.

-June 25 Steamship Norge, wrecked on Rockall --Aug. 29. Steamer City of Vera Cruz foundered Reef, North Atlantic; 600. off Florida coast; 68.

-Nov. 1. Steamer Wairarapa wrecked off coast of Oct. 16. American steamer Alpena foundered on New Zealand; 134. Lake Michigan; 60.

1895-Jan. 30. German steamer Elbe sunk in --NOV. 24. French steamer Uncle Joseph sunk by collison with British steamer Crathie in Nor.. collision off Spezzia; 250.

Sea; 335. 1881--May 24, Steamer Victoria, capsized in -March 11. Spanish cruiser Reina P genta Thames River, Canada; 200.

foundered in the Atlantic at entrance to the June. U. S. Naval vessel. Jeanette, crushed in Mediterranean; 400. Arctic ice and sank 500 miles off Siberian coast. -May 28. French steamer Dom Pedrc wrecked Commander G. W. De Long and 21 others were on coast of Galicia: 100. drowned, frozen or starved; 11 survived, includ- 1896-June 17. Steamer Drummond Castle wrecked ing Lieut. G. W. Melville. The vessel had been off Brest, France; 250. in the ice pack since Sept. 1879. She had sailed 1898-Feb. 15. United States battleship Maine from San Francisco in July, 1879. for the North blown up in Havana harbor; 260. Pole, having been bought and outfitted by James -July 4. French Line steamer La Bourgogne, in Gordon Bennett.

collison with British sailing ship Cromartyshire; -Aug 30. Steamer Teuton wrecked off the Cape 560. of Good Hope; 200.

-Oct. 14. Steamer Mohegan, Atlantic Transport 1882-July 4. Steamer Sciota wrecked in collision Line, wrecked off the Lizard; 170. on Ohio River: 57.

-Nov. 26-27. Steamer Portland, from Boston, lost Sept. 14. Northwest transit service steamer off Cape Cod; 157 passengers, also the crew.

Asia, foundered between Ontario and Sault Ste. 1900-June 30. Fire at Hoboken destroyed or Marie; 98.

damaged several steamships including the Main, 1883-May 3. Grapples burned near Bute Inlet, the Bremen and the Saale, and damaged North Vancouver Island 70.

German Lloyd and Hamburg American docks: July 3. Steamer Daphne capsized in the Clyde; 145 lives lost; property damage over $10.000.000. 124.

1901-Feb. 22. Pacific mail steamer Rio de Jan1884-Jan. 18. American steamer City of Columbus eiro wrecked in San Francisco harbor; 128. wrecked off Gay Head Light, Mass.; 99.

-April 1. Turkish transport Asian wrecked in April 3. Steamer Daniel Steinman wrecked off Red Sea; 180. Sambro Head, N. S.: 131.

-Aug. 14. Steamer Islander, with $3,000,000 In - April 18. Bark Pomena in collision with steamer gold, struck an iceberg in Steven's Passage,

State of Florida off coast of Ireland, both vessels Alaska, and sank in a few minutes in 365 feet of water; dead and missing, 70.

St. Lawrence River; 44; also on this day a great -Dec. 2. British sloop of war Condor vanished off storm destroyed, on Lake Superior, the steamer Esquimalt, B. C.; 104.

Henry B. Smith, 26; on Lake Huron, the steamers 1902-July 21. Steamer Primus sunk in collision John A. McGean, 23; Charles S. Price, 28; Isaac with steamer Hansa, on the Elbe; 112.

M. Scott, 26; Hydrus, 24; and Argus, 24, with 1903-June 7. French steamer Libau sunk in many small craft. collison near Marseilles: 150.

1914- March 31. Sealing steamer Southern Cross 1904 June 15. Steamship General Slocum took wrecked south of Belle Isle Strait; 173. fire going through Hell Gate, East River: 1,021. --May 29. Canadian Pacific steamship Empress June 20. Russian submarine Dolphin sunk; 23. of Ireland sunk in collision with Danish collier June 28. Steamer Norge, wrecked off Scottish Storstad in St. Lawrence; 1.024. coast; 646.

--Sept. 18. Steam schooner Francis H. Leggett 1905-May 28. Russian battle cruiser. Admiral wrecked near mouth of Columbia River, Oregon;

Nachimov, sunk in fight with Japan's fleet in 80. Bay of Tsushima; loss of life unknown. The ves- Sept. 14. Australian submarine El failed to resel carried $53,000,000 in gold.

turn from dive; 37. July 6. French submarine Farfadet sunk; 14. --Oct. 30. British hospital ship Robrilla wrecked -July 21. Boiler explosion on U. S. gun boat, Ben- on coast near Whitby, England: 54. nington, San Diego, Calif., 65.

1915 - March 24, U. S. submarine F4 failed to re-Sept. 13. Japanese warship Mikasa sunk by turn after submerged run off Honolulu; 22. explosion, 599.

April 3 Dutch steamer Prins Mauritz lost off 1906-Jan. 21. Brazilian battleship Aquidaban Cape Hatteras; 59. sunk near Rio de Janeiro by explosion of powder - May 7. Cunard Line steamship Lusitania, magazine; 212.

bound from New York to England, sunk in 18 --Jan. 22. American steamer Valencia lost off minutes by German submarine boat, shortly after Vancouver Island; 129.

2 P. M., when going 18 knots an hour, 10 miles --Aug. 4. Italian emigrant ship Sirio wrecked off off the Old Head of Kinsale, southeast tip of Cape Palos: 350.

Ireland; 1,198 (including 124 Americans). -Oct. 21. Russian steamer Variag on leaving July 24. Steamer Eastland overturned in Chi

Vladivostok accidentally struck by a torpedo cago River; 812. and sunk; 140.

-Aug. 13-14. Steamship Marowijne, in Gulf of 1907-Feb. 12. Steamer Larchmont sunk in Long Mexico; 97. Island Sound: 131.

--Aug. 16. Dredge San Jacinto wrecked off Gal-Feb. 21. British steamer Berlin stranded off the veston, Tex.; 50. Hook of Holland; 100.


16. Dredge Sam Houston wrecked off -Feb. 24. Austrian steamer Imperatrix wrecked: Galveston, Tex.; 56. 137.

-- Aug 19. White Star liner, Arabic, sunk by - March 12. Explosion on French battleship Jena German submarine off Ireland; 44. killed 117.

-Nov. 7. Italian liner, Ancona, sunk in Mediter-July 20 American steamers Columbia and San ranean by Austrian submarine; 206. Petro collided on the California coast; 100.

1916-Jan. 22. Steamship Pollentia foundered in -Nov. 26. Turkish steamer Kaplan, foundered mid-Atlantic. in North Sea; 110.

-- Feb. 3. Steamer Daijin Maru sunk in Pacific: 1908-March 23. Japanese steamer Matsu Maru 160. sunk in collision near Hakodate: 300,

-- Feb. 26. French auxillary cruiser Province sunk -- April 30. Japanese training cruiser Matsu Shima in Mediterranean. of nearly 4,000 on board sunk by explosion of the Pescadores; 200.

but 870 were saved. --July 28. Steamer Ying King foundered off June 5. British cruiser Hampshire sunk by Hongkong; 300.

German mine in Orkneys; Earl Kitchener and Nov. 6. Steamer Taish sunk in storm; 150.

several hundred others lost. -Nov. 27. Steamer San Pablo sunk of the Philip- -Aug. 29. United States cruiser Memphis wrecked pines; 100.

at Santa Domingo; 33. 1909-June 12. Russian submarine Lambala ram- Aug. 29. Chinese steamer Hsin Yu sunk off med; 20.

coast of China: 1.000. - July 4, British submarine CII sunk; 13.

--Aug. 29. Japanese steamer Wakatsu Maru -Aug. 1. British steamer Waratah, from Sydney wrecked on coast of Japan; 105.

via Port Natal for London, left Port Natal July --Oct. 20. Steamer Marida lost on Lake Erie: 20. 26: never heard frum: 300.

- Nov. 3. London and N. W. Railway steamship -Nov. 14. Steamer Scyne sunk in collison with Connemara and British steamship Retriever steamer Onda off Singapore; 100.

collided and sank in Irish Sea; 92. 1910-Feb. 9. French Line steamer General --Nov. 21. British hospital ship, Britannic, sunk Chanzy wrecked off Minorca; 200.

in the Aegean Sea by a torpedo; 50. -May 26. French submarine Pluvoise sunk: 25. 1917--Jan. 25. British cruiser, Laurentic, sunk off 1911 Feb. 2. Steamship Abenton wrecked: 70. Ireland, by mine; 350. -April 2. Steamship Koombuna wrecked: 150. --Feb. 8. American merchant ship. California, --Sept. 5. Steamship Tuscapel wrecked: 80.

sunk off Ireland by German submarine; 41. -Sept. 25. French battleship Liberte sunk by -April 15. British troopship, Arcadian, sunk in explosion at Toulon; 285.

Mediterranean by German submarine: 279. --Nov. 23. Steamship Roumania sunk in Adriatic: --July 9. The British warship Vanguard blown

up at her dock in a British port; 800. 1912-Jan. 11. Russ, Russian steamer, foundered --July 27. Japanese freighter Koto Hira Maru in Black Sea: 172.

wrecked on island near Alaska; loss, $1,000,000 March 5. Spanish steamship Principe de Asturias -Oct. 17. U. 8. transport, Antilles, torpedoed at struck rock off Sebastian Point and sunk: 500. sea; 70. March 21. Passenger steamship Cachepol sunk - Dec. 6 U. S. destroyer, Jacob Jones, sunk ofl off coast of Peru; British officers, 25 passengers;

Scilly Isles by German submarine; 64. crew of 45 Chilian sailors; 80.

--Dec. 17. U. S. submarine Fi rammed and sunk - March 28. British steamship Koombana lost in by F3 in maneuvers off San Diego, Cal.; 19. typhoon off Australian coast; 130.

-Dec. 30. British transport Aragon sunk in -April 8. Nile excursion steamer, sunk in collision Mediterranean by torpedo; 610. near Cairo, Egypt; 200.

1918-Jan. 21. British troopship, Louvain, sunk in -April 14-15. White Star steamship Titanic sunk Mediterranean by torpedo; 224.

alter collison with iceberg in North Atlantic; Feb. 1. French steamer, La Dive, sunk in 1,517.

Mediterranean by torpedo; 110. -April 30. Steamer Texas blown up by mine at -Feb. 5. Tuscania, British ship with U. S. troops entrance to Gulf of Smyrna: 64.

sunk of Ireland by torpedo; 213 soldiers. June 8. French submarine Vendemairo sunk: 24. --Feb. 24. Red Cross liner Fiorizel wrecked near -Sept. 23.

Russian steamer Obnevka sunk in Cape Race, N. F.; 92, Dvina River; 115.

-April 25. Chinese steamship Kiang-Kwan sunk --Sept. 28. Japanese steamer Kickermaru sunk off in collision off Hankow; 500, coast of Japan; 1,000.

--May 1. American steamship City of Athens 1913-March 1. British steamer Calvadas lost in sunk in collision of Delaware coast; 66. blizzard in Sea of Marmora; 200.

-May 10. British troopship Santa Anna torpe--March 5. German torpedo-boat destroyer S-178 doed in Mediterranean; 638.

sunk in collison with cruiser Yorck, near Heligo- -May 23. Moldavia, British ship with U. 8. land: 66.

troops, sunk in Atlantic by torpedo: 53. March 7. British steamer Alum Chive destroyed -May 26. Leasowe Castle, British troopship, sunk by dynamite explosion, Baltimore; 50.

in Mediterranean by German submarine; 101. Oct. 9. Steamship Volturno wrecked by fire -May 31. U. $. troop transport, President Linand explosion in midocean; 135.

coln torpedoed by U-boat; 26. -Nov. 9. Steam collier Bridgeport wrecked in June. The U. S S. Cyclops, 19,300 tons dis


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