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with Spain, through which he can receive other nation shall not, within three montlis supplies for his army.

thereafter, so revoke or modiiy her edicts in AMERICA.

like manner, then the third, fourth, fifth, On the subject of the doubts existing sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and as to the precise time and manner of eighteenth, sections of the Act, entitled carrying into effect the Non-intercourse

An Act to interdict the commercial Intera Act against Great Britain and her depenla

course between the United States and Great dencies, under the President's Proclama.

Britain and France, and their dependencies,

and for other purposes, shall, from and after tion, the official letter from the American

the expiration of chree months from the date Secretary of State, has been received.

of the Proclamation aforesaid, be revived and " Treasury Department, Nov. 2, 1810. have full force and effect, so far as relates to "SiRYou will herewith rece ve a copy the dominions, colonies, and dependencies, of the Proclamation of the Presiilent of the and to the articles, the growth, produce, or Voited States, announcing the revocation of manufacture, of the dominions, colonies, ani the edicts of France, which violated the neu- dependencies of the nation thus refusing or tral commerce of the United States, and that neglecting to revoke or modify her edicts in the restrictions imposed by the Act of May the manner aforesaid. And the restricciosa 1st last, accordingly cease from this day, in imposed by this Act, shall, from the date of relation to France. French armed vessels such Proclamation, cease and be discontinued may therefore be admitted into the harbours in relation to the nation revoking or modifyand waters of the United States, any thing ing her decrees in the manner aforesaid. in that law to the contrary notwithstanding. And whereas it has been officially made

" It also follows, that if Great Britain known to this Government that the edicts of shall not, on the 2d of February next, have France, violating the neutral commerce of revoked or modified in like manner her edicts, the United States, have been so revoked, as violating the neutral commerce of the United to cease to have effect on the 1st of the preStates, the 31, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, sent month-Now, therefore, I, James Ma10:h, and 18th, sections of the Act to inter. dison, President of the United States, jo dict the commercial intercourse between the hereby proclaim, that the said edicts of France United States and Great Britain and France, have been so revoked, as that they ceased on and their dependencies, and for other pur- the said 1st day of the present month, to poses, shall, in conformity with the Acts first violate the neutral commerce of the United above mentioned, be revived and have full States; and that, from the date of these pre. force and effect, as far as relates to Great sents, all the restrictions imposed by the Britain and her dependencies, from and after aforesaid Act shall cease and be discontinued the said ad day or February next. Unless in relation to France and her dependencies. therefore you shall before that day be ofli. In testimony whereof, &c. &c. cially notified by this department of such November 2, 1810. JAMES MADISON. Tevocation or modification, you will from and

Treasury Depariment, 13. Nov. 1910. after the said day carry in'o cffect the above.

" Your letter of the 10th instant has been mentioned sections, which prohibit both the

received. All goods imported from the domie entrance of British vessels of every descrip.

nions of Great Britain, and arrived in the tion into the harbours and waters of the

United States, subsequent to the 2d of Fee United States; and the importation into

bruary, will, in my opinion, become forfeited the United States of any articles the growth,

according to the provision of the law of Mayi, produce, or manufacture, of the dominions,

1810. If Great Britain shall not, on that colonies, and dependencies, of Great Britain ;

day, have revoked her edicts to the manner and of any articles whatever brought from

contemplated by that Act, it follows, that if the said dominions, colonies, and dependen

no knowledge of such revocation shall lave cies. I anu respectfully, Sir, your obedient

been obtained on that day, goods imported as servant, "ALBERT GALLATIN."

aforesaid, must be seized by the custom-house To the Collector of the Customs

officers; although it be also true, that if the • of the District of

revocations have actually taken place before PROCLAMATION.- Whereas, by the 4th that day, no forfeiture will have occurred, section of an Act of Congress, passed on the and the goods inust in that case be restored 1st day of May, 1810, entitled, An Act con- whenever the fact of such revocation is cerning the Commercial Intercourse between known. The inconvenience of the detention the United States and Great Britain and of the goods in that case is understood, buc France, and their Dependencies, and for other cannot, under the existing law, be avoided, purpuses, it is provided : That in case either except through the intervention of the Courts, Great Britain or France shali, before the who may direct an immediate restoration of third of March next, 10 revoke or modify the property on satisfactory bonds for its value her edicts as that they shall cease to violate being given, to abide the final decision of the neutral commerce of the United States, such couris. I have the honor to be respect. which fact the President of the United States fully, &c. &c. ahall declars by Proclamation, and the (Signed) "ALBERT GALLÁTIN".

The Essex American frigate sailed on the cution of General Liniers, the gloom which 9th of last month, from Hampton Road, with spread itself over Buenos Ayres was general dispatches from Mr. Russel, the American and impressive, and every countenance pour Charge d'Affaires at Paris, and with duplicates trayed the utmost sincerity of aftñction. I of the late Proclamation for Mr. Pinkney do not remember ever to have witnessed so It is stated distinctly and positively, that the general i grief; the death of a Fox, a Pict, or American minister at this court is to return a Nelson, scarcely produced such an effect in by the frigare we have named, if a categori. England. All the time I have lived in South cal and satisfactory reply be not given by the America, I never heard a single individual British Government, as to the revocation of detract from the cbaracter of Liniers ; on the the offensive orders, and the complete resto. contrary, his private virtues I have heard er ration of the neutral rights of the flag of the tolled to the highest degree, and so much was Republic.

he esteemed that he had scarcely an enciny. When the intelligence arrived of the exe

ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIEs and DIVIDENDS, announced between

the 20th of November and the 20th of December, estructed from the London Gazettes.


BANKRUPTCIES. (This Month 219.) (The Solicitor's Names are between Parentheses.) ACTON Richard. Manchester. Curnfactor. (Cooper and

Lowe. southainpton buildings, London and Jepson, Manchester Allen Arthur Chichetter, Ironmonger lane, merchant.

(Jones and Green, Salisbury fquare Allen William. Radipole. Doriet, indholder. (Henning.

Weymouth, and Alexander, Lincoli's inn Amer Richard, New freet, Dockhead, Surry, callenderer.

Money Wood Atreet, Cheapfide Athton Richard, Bideford, Devon, linen draper. Jenkins

James and Abbott, New inng and Clarke and Son,

Bristol Atkins Abram, Finsbury square merchaut. (Swain,

Stevens, and Maples, old Jewry Attree Harry Robinson, Brighton, undertaker. (Ellis,

Hatton garden Avern Edward, Penley Green, Warwick cornfa&tor.

(Baxters and Martin, Furnival's in, and Webb, Bir

mingham Bailey Samuel and George Maquire, Fore Atreet iron.

monger (Clarke and Richards, Chancery lane, and

Pullen, Fore treet Bainbridge William, William Fletcher and James Barber.

Barnes, Surry, foap manufacturers. (leanett, Dean's

court, voltor's Communs Ball James, Wetbury on "Trym. Gloucester, thopkeeper

Umes. Gray's ina fgware, and Cornith, Bristol Ball William, Budge row, warehouseman. (Adams, Old

Jewy Baichard William, Edngnton, moderwriter. (Waderus,

Barlow, and Grosvenor, Auftio Friars Barker John, Sedgley, Stafford. ironinonger. (Johnton,

Teinple, and Horner, Sedgley Bazley Aaron, Okehampton, Devun, grocer. (Colline,

Okehamptoo, and Antice and Cox, Temple Beardner William, Belper, Derby, innkeeper. (Vickers,

Derby Beech Richard. Market Qrect, Herts, traw.plat dealer.

(Denton and Barker, Gray's inn fyuare Bennect Joseph and Robert Hatchman, Denham Springs,

Lancaster, calico printers. (Hewitt and Kirk Man.

cheiter, and Elis, Chancery lane Bennett Samuel, Sath, upholderer. (Highmore, Bull

lane, Canlion treet, and Wingate, Bath Berry George. Barnsley, York, linen manufacturer. (wil.

(on, Greville Meet, Hatton garden, and Keir, Barnsley Billington John, Cowbridge, Stafford, potter. Barber

Fetter lane and Fenton, Newcastle under lyme Binyon Edward. Fenchurch @reet, hardwareman.

kin, Clifford's ina Birch Joha, fenior and junior. Manchester, cotton mer

chants. (Cooper and Lowe, Southampton buildings,

London, and Jopron. Mancheter Bird Thomas. Maucheker, cotton merchant. (Willis,

Fairthorne, and Clarke, Warnfora Court, and fiellop,

Manchetter Blatchford Edward, Denmark freet, St. George's in the

£i, victualler. (Wiltshire, Bolton, and West, Old

Broad street Elutoa Williain, Cayerswall, Staford, dealer and chapman,

Willis, Fair horne, and Clarke, Waiu ford cuurt, and • Vernoni, Stone, Statford Bone Joha, Piccadilly, hat haberdasher. (Birkett,

Bund court, Watotook Bosad John, Manctzeiter dealer and chapman. (Buckley,

ancheiter, and Milne and Party, Temple Bradley Aun, Strand, umbrella maker. (Mayhew, Sy

rund's lull Bramley Jofeph. Efter Wharf. Strand, coal merchant.

(Keartley and Spurr, Bibopigate treet, Within

Bray Richard, Brighton, timber merchant. (Ini, Mar

ton karden, And Attree, Briglatoo Breweiton james. Oxford, dealer. (Tomes, Oxford, &

Puen. Bernare ftreet, Rufell square Brix Robert, Knightsbridge, cabinet maker. Borgerg

Frith treet, Soho Brook John, Scow market, Suffolk, cabinet maker. Man

riott. Stow upland, Suffolk Brown Juha, Carlife, and Matthew Browth, junior, Pet

teral green, Curn hernd, manufacturers (Bizkert

Band court Wallbrook. and Yearfin, Carlife Brown Peter Paul ftreet Finsbury tyware, baker. (Lucio

ett, Wilfon treet. Finsbury Square Browne Samuel, Derby, archited. (Kinderley, LORE.

And Ince, Gay's inn, ann Greaves. Derby Buckler Alex inder, Baling all treet. factor Netherle

and Portal, Elix freet, and Tilby. Devises Butler Edward Buckingham. plumber. (Rogers, Tri

Heet, Soho yuare Caley John, Liverpool. ful maker. (Clemeat, Lirerpool,

2nd Black tock, Temple Carey Edward Martin, Liverpool, perchent. Windir

John frert, Fedford row, and Startreet and Edet of

Grilth and Hinde. iperpool Carter Jofeph. Popiar, stopf:ller. (Pryer, Haldurs court,

Gray's inn Chambers Edward, Wateringbrgy. Kent topkeeper

(Scudamore, Maid font, and Dioury, Derby, an0 tu

more, Temple Charneld Geurge Weabovene, Sufics, felimonger. Rice

dale, Alexander and Holme, News, and Paddon

Parcham Cheshire John, and John Joson, Birmingham, rye barre

makers. (Devun and Tooke, Gry's an fywart,

Mainwaring Birminghai Chethain Robert, Stockport, check manufacturer. He

itt And Kirk, Mauchetter Child Ralph, Dailington, Durham, feilmonger (Low

Darlington and what tos, and Dykt, Temple Clay John, formerly of mull, late of Gothenburgh, Seeger,

merchant (wartin, Hull Clemmons James, and Charles Price Fick ett ret

che lemongers (Gregson and Dixon, Angel CTT

Thrugmeton areet Clifford Jeremiah. Fulneck. York, and John Jacken

Queen ftreet, Cheaplide, merchants. Tarkita sed

borland, Leeds Cole Tollinache, Woodbridge. Suffolk, butcher (Wood

Woodbridge and James, Buckler bury Collins Edward, St. Mary Axe, boot and toe maken

(Reeks, Wellciure square Cook John Corrade, Brighton, coufectioner. (HID), Bright

and Palmer, nighty freet. London Couke James. Middle Areet, Cuth Fair, wine merchant

Uones and Green. Salisbury iyuare Coye James, Newcastle, Stafford, txercer. (Ha&6

Borley. Stafford, and wilfin, Teinple Cornford Thomas and George. Mifara lane, Sera , cosi

merchants. (Teatdale, Merchant Taylor's Hal, Tara

"needle street
Cow Richard, Smitmeld Earı, falsienas,

Allegate itreet
Crawford Thornas ant Williams, Foplar, tone m

(einchett, Great incorrect Crawley Henry, Antol, rectiter. (Heelis, Staple's face

and Surger. Bridal Crowder Willian, Aldermanbury Pottera, brickanyar

(ulley furnival's iun Dagnall Thomas, Liverpool, comb ker. (Cienni,

Liverpool and Blackbuck, Temple Danks Thomas Jes. vidbury, Salov, vitual. Acio

and Cux, l'iner Terapie, and Robinfun, Dosiey Dary Jou Matthew Bread ftreet, mert terek merry treet, turiu

Dick Fuch, Gorport, navy and prize agent. (Cruickthank, Hughes Thomes, Lodgate ftreet, bookfeller, (Shepherd Gerport; and Bleafdale, Alexander and some, New

Bartlere's buildings

Hume John, Bath, bookseller. (Highmore, Buth Sane Dick Quintia and Jeremiah, Finsbury fquare, merchants. Cannon Areet, and Wingate, Bath (wadefon, Barlow and Giovenor, Audin Friars

Huntiinan Mary and Ann, Louih Lincoln, manere Dixon Henry. Manchester. joiner. (Turner's Manchester (Barber, Gray's inn fyuare, and Philips or Nichuius and Lovels, Holborn court, Gray's inn

Louth Dorrell William, Colcheiter, p'umber and plazier, (Luck. Xurwod William. Billingdon, ETX unillwricht. (Alice ett, Wilfon Atreet, Finsbury square

and Cox. Temple. and Topple, Bury St. Earninde Doubarand Acurjamin, Warrington. Lancafer, cotton ma. Hutchin Samuel, Wigan, Lancaster, kinner (Ga.kuti tufa&urer. (Cia.ghton and Fitchett, Warrington

Wiran, and windie. Join Preet, Bedford row Dudlow Noble, Brighton, vintner. (Ellis, Hafton garden, Irwin Jobs, Church court. Clernent's line, and St. Mary and Attree, Brighion

Axe merchant. (Gatty And Waddan, Aurel com Ratham Richard. and Richard Marsden Clithery, Lancar

Throy murtun itreet ter. (Barret and Wilson, Manchester, and Willis, Jackfon George, Torrenham Court road, oil and color-man Fairthorne, sod Clarke, Wernford court. London

(Nind. Throgmottonttreet Eaðman Thomas, Clemnene's lane, London, merchant. Jaques noi, Bolbura, composicion Dufacturer. (Wi(Parmore, Warnford court

Tiamin and Rimner, Clifford's inn Laiton James, New Sarum, Wiks, bookseller. (Warden, Johnson Richard. Lane End, Stafford carthen wrte mantSalisbury, and Luxmore, Red Lion Square

facturer. (Wils, Fairthorng and Clarke, Wataford Edwards John, Liverpool, merchant. (Williar.ron, Li. Court, and Vernon, Stone, Stafford verpool, Rod Windle, Jehu Areet Bedford row

Johncon Thumas. late of Liflon Grove, Paddington, but Epps Francis, sevenoaks, ironmonger. (Mowbray, Bank now in the Fleet prison, flopseller. (Gale and son, fde, Southwark

Bedford itreet, Bedford ruw
Lrrington Thomas, and Chriftopher Bowltead, Wood freet, Jones John, Hastings, linen draper. (Osbaidefton, Little

Cheapside, warehousman. Annefley and Bennett, Tower ftreet
Angel court. Throgmuiton Atreet

Kearsley George, Fleet Areet, bookseller. (Coote, Auks Tawcett William. Liverpool. merchant (Windle, John Friaro

freet, Bedford row, and Staniftreet and Eden, Liver. Keene Ann, Barh. bookseller. (Shephard RO6 Adlington pool

Bedforu row. London, and Sheppard Bath Plint Juhn and Abraham Junior, Glutton Mill, Stafford, Kendall Thomas Genrge, Liverpool. merchant. (Wiede

Cotton spinners. (Cooper and Lowe, Southampton John street. Bedford row, and Whitley, liverpool buildings, and Jepsun, Manchetter

Keough Joha, King Atrect, St. James's tailor. (Evans Plint Abraham rentur, and John, Shamthall, Staford, Hatton Rarden

cutton fpinners. (Couper and Lowe, Southampton Kerrot Joseph, Bear Areet, Leicefter fields, druerit buildings, and jeron, Manchester

(Hinding, Dyer's court, Idermanbury Poden James, Chuter, linen draper. (Philpot and Stone, Kerry Robert, Bucklershury, warehouseman. (Edse Temple, and Finchett, Chelter

Manchester, and Edge, Inner Temple Try Zephaniah, Canterbury, woolftapler. (Osbaldefton,

King Richard Francis, Gracechurch freet, tobaccas Little Tower freet

(Fider, Bread itree', Cheapride ulcher Thomas Reed, sherborne lane. merchant. (Lee Kirk William, and William Brighton, Leeds, York, or and Cor: Three Crow court, Southwark

chants, (Sykes and Knowles, New ion and Blackbunta Gilbert Henry and william Sanders Brixham, Devoa, mer. Leeds chants. (Luxmore, Red Lion 4 uare, and Hood and

Lambert George. and Thomas Brancis, Mile end resta Mules, Honiton

coach makers Welt, Red Lian itreet, Wapping Gillow James, Prekin. I encaster, grocer. (Alpen and Lane William, Mancbeiter, victualer. (Hurs, Yepple Shuttleworth. Prelion, 2nd Wiglesworth, Giay's in

and Hankia, Macheler Guare

Leaver George. Haddenhain Bucks. Carrier. Rure a Godtian Charles, Royal Exchange, ale and porter mer Munnings. Gray's ins, and Role, Aylesbury chants. Caton and Brumell, Altersgate street

Lecky Hugh. And i harles Bush, Old Jewry, merchuk GoR Matthew, Wanosworth millwright. (UPP, Car.

IReeko, Wellclofu fquare penter's Hall, London wall

Legaflicke 'Wilharn. Deptford, butcher. (Nelfou 2 Gofing Saran. Mark lane, merchant. (Palmer, Tornline Wrentmore, King's road. Chelsea fon and Thom fun, Copthall court

Lemaire John, Mary le bone freet, Piccadilly, victualter Gowland Samuel, Commercial road, Middlesex shoemaker. (Bellamy, Clifford's ing (Dixon, Allen, and lett, Pater nofter row

Leo Christopher, Duwgate hill, merchant. (Adamo, 014 Grace Julin, Botošph lane, broker. (Gale and won Bedford Jerry truet, Bedford tuw

Littlewood Joba, Mortimer street. Mary-le-bone, butcher Gray James. Neitos Terrace, City Road. (Jeffe, Furni (Jennings and Coller, Carey freet val's ina

Maddock William Liverpool, roap boiler. (Atkins Grece Genige, Soho, tailor. (Gray Temple

Wildes and Macka. all, Chancery lane, and Lace Greix John, Charits Greet, Tamptead road, baker. Hafall, Liverpoul Tucker, Bartlett buildings, Holburn

Mancur Henry, Maideu lane, lecemen, (Paterfun, o Greity Richard, Manchetter, victualler (Woodburne and Binad ftreet Wake, Manchester, and Wigilworth, Gray's inn

M Camlay Patrick, Liverpool, inerchant. (Willian Xall Stephen, Bristol, iro tronger. (ame, Gray's inn

Liverpool, and Windle, ftreet, Bedfora row Square, and Cooke, Bristo!

Mecion Edward, Aldermanbury, wholesale diuen drancia Hart William, Fulhan, cloch dieser. (Kidley, Furnival's (Chipchase and Norris, Bucklersbury

Millard jah. Bath, baker. (Whitcomshe and King SE Narwelt Alexander. Haymarket, army accoutrement maker.

jeant's inn, Fleet Atreet. and Frankis, Britol (Milis and Robinson, Parliament treet

Millard Francis and Johi. Lee. Size lane, London, (Clarke Hawthead Richard. Manchester, cotton manufacturer. and Riebards, Chancery Lan (Hetlop. Mancbeker

Miller Wilian, jun. Liverpool, tailor. StaniArect 24 Henderfon Joho and Archibald Neilfon, Mitre court, Milk

Eden. Liverpool, and Windle, Juan Areet. Bedford fue Breel, merchants. (Bugs and Farr, Addle Areet, Mulier Williain, Gathe grocer. Shephard and Adliegue Aldermanbury

Bedford row, and Sheppard Bath Henrich Joha, Hulbora, haberdather. (Rofier, Red Lion Moore Jofeph, Tettenbail, stafford, horf: dealer. (coido quare

man, Illington Hewton Daniel, Wigton, Cumberland, and John Barnes, Mullert Daniel, Hammersmithi, traw hat manufauret Little Bampton, Cumberland, manufacturers. (Bat

(Calle, Furtival's inn tye, Chansery Jane, and Glaicer, Wigton

Mumford Thomas, and John Skoene, Greenwich, timber Name Henry, Wallers place, Lambech road, merchant. merchants (Pearfca, Tempie (Wilde, Caale treet. Falcon Square

Muftwo William, Coafont St Peers, Bueks. dealer in A oins William, Great St Helens. London, wine mer

plate Blais, Scott, St. Mildred's court, Poultry chunt. Tcrenon and Dixon, Anrel court, Tbrormor too Nathan Michael Goullonttreet. Whitechapel. tatla. Rrect

(Wilde and Knight, Falcon Square Righett fames, Trimsaran, Carmarthen, coal merchant. Sellon William Cordy, Tetter isue, tavern keeper. (Taylor, (Lloyd.Carmarthen, aad Merecith, Robbins and Tom

Fore ftreet, ripplegate kyns Lincoln's in

Newfom William, tirol. innholder. (Stephens, bristol, NU Thomas. Brighroo, cabinet maker. (Pike, Air Arees, and Sweet and stokes, Temple Piccadily, and Crossweiler, Brighton

Nixon Ralpb, Mancheer, warehouseman. (Nobb, MANNill William, Cirenceler, Gloceller, falt merchant. cheftor, and Swale and Meclis, taple inn (James, Cray's inn fquare, and Okey Clocter

Oares Edward, Rotherhithe, mariner. (Rirkham and Hills Benjamin, Enheld, linen draper.'Warne, Old Boud

Ce, Shorter a court, Throg morton ftreet Arcet

Orrell John, Manchester, cotrou manufacturer, Willis Hooper William, Ringwood, Hants, scrivener. (Tinney, Fairthorne and clarke, Warnford court, and Welles, Salisbury, and Emley, Temple

Manchester Moiland samuel, and Thomas Smith Williams, Liverpool, Onion Juleya, Seulenates, York, grocer, Roller And

merchants. (Blackitock, Temple, and Lace, Hardf. Son, Bartlett's bilings, and Dickinton, Hull well, and Stepheofon, Liverpuul

Owey Thomas, ren, Toptham. Devon hipwright. (Tur. Hopkins Thomas, Crols hall, Morley, York, merchant, ner, Exeter. ad Collett. Wimburne, and Collei 1 (Evans, Hatico Garden, and Cair, Gun erlal, York

Chancery lare Rolkis Robert, Croydon, linen draper. (Guy, Croydon, Fapps John, Beckington, Somerset. dyer. (Coulrod, and Tucker, Bartiets builoings

Brition, and Evana, Harton garden Nouldies John, Liverpool, merebant. (Nevifon, Liverpool, Parkes Richard, Cirminglan. currier. (Contable, Sye Bad Widdle, Jobs Preet, Bedford row

inond's ion, and Simcox, Birmitgham hou James. Worthing, plumber. (Weddill, Gosport, Parsoas John, Sawbridgworth, Herts, dealer. (Adams 180 Brigg. Eflex Areet, strand

Old jewry Huurwalcker Herman, Langbourne Chambers, Teuchurch Pevie Wallam Chanceys Newton Abbot, Devon, linea

Areet merchant, Cisapman and iteyens, St. Mildrea's draper. Uordan. Ett reignmouthDevon, and cuurt, toulthy

fwrband, seapis in, Lurda

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Pearson Jonathan, Dunholme, York, worftead spinne Webb Thomas, Walcot, Somerfet cabinet make. (RE (Blakelock and Makin fon. Temple and H21, Had fax

ther fole and Portal, Eflex Areet. Strand, and Watie, Peck Samuel, Graverend painter (Reardon and Davis, Bath Corbet court, Gracechurch treet

Weddeil John Greenfide, Fen court, Fenchurch Sreet, Penford James. Ringwood, Hants, mealman. Roe, Inner corn factor (Greg fon and Dixoo, Angel court, Thruge Temple, and Harney, Southampton

mortoa ftreet Phelps Williant., Worcester, baker. [Price. Worcenter Wefall Williar. Mount Greer, whitechapel, yea mer Phillips William, Brirbro, builder. [Wilde and Knight, chant. (Hannam. Curent garden Cattle frect. Falcon fynare

Wildey Jonathan, Cheltenhan, hoste dealer. (Prar, Pubeam William Worth, Suflex, millwright. (Townthend, Cheltenham, and Vizard and Hutchinsoa lecolair Southwark

Wildkoore Carpelius, Glocefter coal merchant, JW Polglaft John, Briftol, merchant. (James, Gray's inn combe and King, Serjeant's inn, London, se Frankis fyuare, and conke, Brifol

Bitto! Pollard William, fer.and jun. Brinol, merchants. (Clarke Wiliars John. Gracechurch frert. Dardxtreman. (Wade,

aud Son, Brittol. and Jenkins, James, and Abbatt, Cafle ftrett, Falcon f are New inn

Williams Roger Hesketh Fket wood, and Mayfon Willon, Price Charles, Strand, umbrella maket (Gregfun and Liverpool merchants Clayton, Scott and Elamid, Dixon, Angel court. Thropinor tun ftreet

New fquare, Liocon's inn Raeg Richard, Hull Ir.erchant. (Walmiley. Hull, and Willis George, Bath, upholderur. [Smith. Hatton parch Egerton, Gray's inn fyuare

Wilis Edward Struud, Gloceker, drapee Elephard and Ravdall Thumas, Oxford, nen draper. [chipchart and Adlington, Bedford toe, and Wathung Strood . Norris Bucklersbury

Wilfin May lon, Liverpool, merchant. [ Windle. Jobs Raine Jonathan, Wooburn court, Bloomibury, broker. ftreet, Bedford row (Martin, Vintner's hall Upper Tbaines ftreet

Wilson William, Fenchurch freet, inerchant. Swaits, Rawling Robert Plymouth Dock, grocer. (Collett, Wim. Stevens and Maples, Old Jewry

burne and Collett, Chancery lane, and Peers, Plymouth Winter William Pewfey. Wits 'thopkeeper. Rcarton Dock

and Davis Corbet court. Gracechurch treet Richardfon Thomas, Southberted, Su fiex. brewer. [Bally Wood Willians, Framurilgate. Durham, mufin manufac

and Blagden, Chicheter and Yew and Athmore, Hen. turer. (Dunn, Durham. and Raine, Temple rietta ftreet, Covent gardew

Wood John, and Archibold Sterling Stubbs,

B le Mon, Roberts Ano. Nantwich, Chelter, innkeeper. (Keightley, Lancaster. cotton manufacturers. Wigsies jut Liverpool

ftreet. Bedford row, and Cross and Rutton Bolton le Robert fun ihn and James Stein, Lawrence-Pountney hill, Munrs merchants. (Lane. Lawrence. Poutney hill

Woodhofe William, Noble freet. Falcon Equare, victoller Robiu kun Richard Cleck het ton, York, grocer. ( Wigler

[Windus, Son, and Holtaway, suuthampton building, worth. Gray's inn, and Wiklefworth and Thompson, Chancery lane Halifax

Woolcott William, Wandsworth roadı Surry, buildcre Robiafua Joha, Dallon, Cumberland, cotton spinner. (Sarel, Surry freet, Strand

(Birkett, Bond court. Walbrook, and Pearfon. Carlife Wright William, Manchetter, grocer. [Clarke and R "Robinson Janics and Chriftopher, Liverpoo', inerchants. chards, Chacery lane, sad Byhole, Mancheter

(Cox per and Lowe, Southampton buildings, and Urred and Baincs Liverpool

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED Rogers John. Strand, and Thomas Thoinas, Charter house Adams Charles. Parcras lane, London, merchant, Jan

fouare, merchants. [Burdilion and Hewitt, Little Allen Edward, and Ifaac Hancock, Brittoi, En y contrastart, Friday Areet, Cheapfide

Dec. 27 Boved Michael, Mitchan, corn and toal merchant. Net. Angell J. and W. Frankum, Reading, wochea drapers tleford, Norfolk Itreet, Strand

Dec. 18
Salter Thomas, litery St. Mary. Deyon, currier. [Warry, Arnold Thomas, Canterbury, grocer, Jan 8
New idlig ans Gould, Honiton

Ashton Thomas, Punties. tinen draer, Dec. 15 Samson Aner and Ifaac, Crutched Friars, merchants. Basi bridge Thamas, Manchester, mafia masufieurer (Ner crunb, Vine firect, Piccadilly

Jan. 10 Sargent John, Trowbridge, wilts, clothier. (Timbrell, Ballin Samuel, Wotton under Edge, Glocefer, Slverimit

juo. Trowbridge, and Debary, Derby and scudarnore, Feb 0 Inner Temple

Barber William, Alnwick, Northumberland brewer, Jan. .. 'Shearcraft John, Glocefter @reet, Queen square, tailor.

Barker Jothia, Sunderla d, Durban, grocer, Jan. (Wilton. Chetholone, and Munday, Lincoln's ign nields

Barne- George. Mau.chefer, corror (pimierun.I Sher held James, Oxford draper and tailor. Kearsey

Barns Juhr, Truro, Cor wall, mercer. Jan. j. and Spurr, Bifupigate Atreet within

Barratt William. Ear Retford, Norts. grocer, 1931 Shipp James, Waicot, Sitterfer, carpenter. [Langley,

Bateman Jonas, Red Crofs fi:eet, Southwark, John Bet Bain, and Jenkins, James, and Abbutt, New inn

Wike a d William Bateman, North Basics, YO Showell Samuel, China Terase, Lambeth, mufic seller.

woollen manufacturers, Jang (Andice and Cox, 1 ein pie

Bedford Wands Somner, Foster a'e Dec 13 Shu Alebottom James, Liverpool, ale and earthenware dealer

Bithop w. winehead, Lincolnt, grocer, Nes 21 For eft, live: pool

Bluore T. Lodgate hill. victusler. Dec 31 Simcon Saint Ance. Brinot, lace merchant. (Lemans,

Boukon George, Charing crot', coach proprietor, Jan 1 Brittol, Bourdillon and Hewitt, Friday ftreet, Cheaphide, Bradley Edward, fen Bromley. baker, Dec 31 and Simcox. Biriringham

Brede George, jun Limettrcet, Yishmenger. Dec 12 *Smets Gulielmus, Southinoiton ftreet, merchant. (Wood

Brewer James, Richmond hall. viet aller. Jas 16 inciton, Huxton

Brick wuod John, fen, Lombara treet. barker, Jan 13 Smith Georre, High Beech, Effex, victwaller. (Sanford,

Brick wood John jun. I.ombard freer barker, Jan 19 Staple'a in

Brick wood john len adjus. John Bainet Wifiiara Morgan Smith John Harcourt, Bridol, lipen draper. (Bice, Halton

and Joseph "tarkey. Lornbard Artet hankets. Jan 19 garden and B B iftol Spencer William wberfione, Leicefter, horier, (1 awton,

Brown William Kepier Mid Durham miler, Dec

Brown John, Long lane, Bermotricytaam Dec 15 Leiceller, and Taylor. southampton buildings, Chancery lane

Bryon William, St. Mary at Hill, Londos, brandy merchant Spurrier William Atrwell, Brilul, mercer. (Kibblewhite,

Jan 21 Rowland and Robinfog, Gray sina place

Burland "I bemas, Hunger ford, Kerks draper, Jana

Carfrae James and Robert Hihop. Liverpool drapers. JASH Stinchcombe William, BrQol. cabinet maker. (James,

Cheyney John. Oxford ftreer, linen draper, Dec 11 Gray's in a syuare, and Cornith, Briftol

Childs john, Hantingdon, grocer, Dec 15 Strong William, Bath, fadler. Fra..ks, Bloomsbury and

Chippendall Tboma , Martin's lase, upholsterer. Det Lemon, Brifol Sutton Martin, Tottenham court road, baker. Evans,

Clive Theophilus, and sanuel Richardson, Tokentoe gard,

merchants, Nov 30 Kennington Crois Sykes Thomas, and William Baker, Leeds, York, dyers.

Clutton Owen, Took y freet, corn merchant. Dec 13 (Fearnley, Leeds, and Blake rock and Makinfon, Temple

Coleman John, Silver åreet, Gulden fquare, talow dan , Taylor Thomas, Dovercourt Effex, mitler, Sparling,

Dec 12.15 Colchester and Cutting Bart ett's buildings, Holbora

Collett Thomas, Uxbridge, groxet, Jan Taylor Thomas, Bilton, Stafiorc. liquor merchant. (Eger

Cooper James Eplom, hrewer Jans ton, Gray's inn square and Corpuh Biol

Cowgill Jofeph, Manchester, inercrant, Dec 19 Thomas Henry, Hud merchant. (Filher, Gainsbro', and

Cowley John, Bafinghall free. Blackweli hal). falta, Warrand and Wood, Cattle courtBudgerow

Dec 22 Tipping Robert, and George Fiemine. Holden Clough, Cow ey John, and Francis Field. Basophati Areet, Etacken York, calico printers, Partinetut), Manche!lcr. 2D

hall, factors. Der a Hurd, 7 emple

Cow par Robert, Catearon freer, warehou Renan, Dec 13 Travis Richard Manchelier, filver (mith. [Edge, Inner Corepertl waite William, Old Fith Areet, Brocor. Ja Temple, and Smith Manchefer

Cox Dsnicl, fen and jun. Mark lake, brandy C APS Tucker Micajah, Exter, dyer. (Furner, Exeter, and

Dec 12 Colleit, Winburne and Collett, Chancerylaxe

Cronson Jofeph, Drury lase. linen draper, la Tylon David, pool, uitri hant. Chaabre Chapel

Cuina ing Peter. Usión cort Brad erect, merchat. Jun 14 treet, Bedford rows and Statham and Hughes, Li

Curtis Jamese and Houor Pitt Grifós, oil and cubo Be verpool

chauts. Jag 30 Yeale Oliver, and Richard Parsons. Barntaple, Deron,

Damau Thoina. Tuddington, mater. Jaos brandy merchants. (James, Gray's inn fyuare; and

Dand John Kirby Stephen. We moriand banker. Desus Cooke. Bricol

Danfon William Lanean er, wüpleg erste Waterhouse James, Leather lane, Holborn, upholsterer. Darwin Henry Southampson, tailor. Des Gienhill, Gray's inn syuare

Davies Richard, Rose's Gateway. Rudent Arect. South Warmourb James, Liverpool, Ironmonger. [Houghton,

leather dreier, Dec 18 Orkalkirk and Windle, Julairesby Bedford row

Darius Danici, Old Atrect, vidu

Deacon Joluph, baker Areet, consetioner. Jans

Newill John and Sampfon; Stoke; Staff rd; carriers; Dec 31 • Dela Chaumetterancis David, Leader hall streets merchant. Newinan William Can erbury 14 are, so thwark, murchi

Decis Derett George, Gray's ina lane, cow keeper, Jan 8

Newton Isaac; Manchester; coron manufacturer; Jan 19 De Prado folue, Lime Atreet, lead merchant. Dec 19

Newton John Job. Gray's inn lang ito monger, Jan 12 Derbi hire Robert Liverpool. grocer 24

Norton john; Bloxham, Oxto: d. irhuldei, Duc 30 Dyke for Joseph. broad street Lo'don. merchant. Jan 19 Ogden Ralph; Botta' y. Lancaier; cotton spinner: Jan 2 Don William Rotternithe. tinber merchant Jan ia

Pige James. Hornsey; b tcher. Jan 8 Doxot Wiliam and Henry, Rotherhi he. tiniber merchants. Palmer Joha, Canterbury tailor; Dec :7

Palmer George; Plymouth. haberdasher; Dec 4 15 Dads Jofeph. Commercial Chambers Minories, thip and in Pay e William; Great Carter lancy Doctor's Cominens; dra france broker. Dec 1

gift: Jah ? Done James, Wexhan Houfe. Buckingham, money fcrivener.

Pearfo John; Bath; hofier, Feb 20

Prirse Thonias; Can' erbury, brazier; Dec 27 Dorte John, Great James ftreet Bedford row, fcrivener.

Pete Mrtin Warther, aidh gutrus William Brodeckens

Little St Helen's, merchants; ian 26 Earl Isha. Uxbridge. shopkeeper. Jan 28

Pe er John George, Chatham, confectioner, Decis Espa samuel. Dover. brand merchant. Dec. 15

Phipps Richard. Maidone, liten drapur, Dec 18 Lands Elus Monument yard, Jan 23

Pickman Richard; Dockhead; Surry, chinaman. Dec 29 Imdin Abram Garnpert. Puttimooth thopkeeper. Jan 8

Pionty Joel buy it rect, St James tailor Dec 22 e m junts Peter, Upper Grafton dreet. Fitzroy square.

Po, ter Thomas, Union coirt; inercba it. Jan 12 dealer Dec 15

Pweil Henry van, Uxbridge, buikcier, Dec 31 fkla willen. Trowbridge Wilts. Innholder Dec :4

Rainier John Lobardi tee, banker jan 19 Turke Williain Witham York. threshing machine maker,

Rafell Richard: Shoreham; Keot, thopkeeper, Dec 3r Die 9

Rawlininn 21uel; Manchett 1 mei chat; jan 2 Fay Walter. Beech free'. Jinen draper. Dec 31

Read Robert: Carulise Mews, dford fquare; Atable keepers Friedcbers Jofeph and Berjamin. Sein street. bishopsgate.

Dec 15 * merchants, Jan 8

Read thaw foth'ia: Saft on hill: Middlesex: dimiller:jan 12 Gen Chart Liverpool, merchant pes 2

Reed W. South End Elex: apothecary; Dec 3! Kamilron, Samuel, Shoe lane, priprer, Dec 11

Rowe Richard and William David Jones. Vere ftreet: Maryle Haris John, Cannon street, felt maker, Jan 8

bone: Itarior ers: Dec 19 Harris Jon, Edward Lowe, Thomas Gaskell, and Henry

Riddito d William. Cley, Colcetter, clothier, Dec 17 "Lowe, Canca ftreet fet maker. Jan 8

Robins William Lewcu Tugwell, Bartlett's buildings Holborne Martup Benjamin. addieworth York, inanufacturer. Dec 22

fcrivener, jan 15 Mart Samuel, Radford. Notts dealer and chapman, Dec 24

Roper Willian Piddock, London, merchants, jan is Harvey William, Chifweli ftreet currier, Jan 1

Sauders Thomas. Tio ing Surry: tallow chandier. jan 23 Hawkey jefeph, Piccadilly, army accoutrement maker,

Sanders Jofeph, Hinckley, Leicetter, corn dealer. Dec 18

Schaffer unn, Lordos road surry, floor cloth manufacturer Haynes Benjamin, Pepper arcet, Southwark, bat maker.

jan 19

Scotc John Pitt, Newcalle upon Tyne, grocer, Dec 31 Herion Rebert, Robert Higgio. and Jofeph Ilett, Ifleworth,

Self George. Fenchurc Areet, grucer. Deco calicu priptera, Jan 8

Sharpe Chriđapher, Yarmouth, Norfolk, merchantajan 28 Hly w h asa haw, Manchester, linen merchant. Dec 28

Sherwcod Mary. Doncaster: Jeweller: janis He wood Willian, and Richaid Shaw H. Mancheter, linen

Sirppio uhn Ross Hereford: innholder. Dec 24 merchant Dec 18

Simpron John, and william Graydun Fairino, Old Changte Hacocks Zechariah, Brittoi, draper. Dec 24

Tactor's W& cho teman, jag 8 Kode 1 Richad, Chandos ftree, liquor merchan', Jan 8

Smith Thomas. b 2 donumok: wine merchant: jan 3 Wallway William, Dunfley, and Thomas Greening. Carn,

tapi ton Thomasheerpejs fhupkeeper; jan 30 Gloceler elo hiers, Dec 27

Starkey Turpis: Lombuit freut, banker: jan 19 Huraian lohn Bani er, Hackney grove. merchant, Nov 27

Steedmau Guonge sad Joh M Lean, Lamb itreet Spital fields. Jack John Farnham, furgeox. Feb 16 Jacketua un cl diey Itreet. Woolftapler, Jans

potatoe merchans Feb!

Sutton Edin: Ho no dirch, b tcher: Dec 2.2 Jörse Evan, Morcon, Denbigh horse dea'er. Jan 2

Synne George, Vine arest Minor jes: Dec 22 Jere Hi k inner treer. che loronger. Jan 16

symuns James, heade: milliner: jany an Elizabeth and C Bumi gham, brass founders. Dec 16

Taylor George Barited: Kept: papes naaker, jan 30
Key Thomas, Birmingham. factor jam 11

Tayly Willian. Liverpool: mercbant: jan 7
Kenrenck Patrick Brittol merchant Dec 18
Keymer, Robert Colchester, vidtoaller. Dec. 22

Tbomas Anthony; D. ke kteet Piccadilly: feather mani

facturer: j.and Klick joho Shephard. Hackney mills. Lee Bridge, miller.

Thomas Jofeph: Broad Atreet buildings: merchant jan 12

Tidmarihufeph: lale of New County Terrace Surrybut Sabus john Hans. Lime freet fquare, insurance broker.

now in the King's bench pris 11, buil er. Dec. Kopp Fredericus Caspar, Garden row, old Areet road, cutler;

Todhunter hu: Preston Lancaster: liucu and woolen dn

per : Dec 17 Dec 3 Krule a damn Union court, Broad ftreet, merchant Dec 15

Wagner Frederic: Uxbridge: clothier Decis

Wallis John Eslor on Lolchester: merchaut: jan 13
Leach Mar. Prefan Lancaper. earthenware dealer.jang
Levis Heaty and william Chambers. Rathbone place, thup-

Ward fames Banbury, Oxford: dyer. Jan 12 keepers, fan 6

Ward Robert: Old ireet: victualler. Dec

Warule George: Newcastle on Tyne: Brucer: Dec 29
Lines Jofeph, Rotberh.the. fmith Dec
Lautoru Thounds. Cheapfide filverlinith. Dec 15. Jans

Warwick William : Red Lion treet : Clerkenwell jeweller:

Dec 5
Lock Philip. Har fley Gloceler. yarn maker, Jan 3
Lontinle Thomas Lower brot k freet; linta draper. Jan 13

Weller William Vaterly : Deptfo di miller: jan 30
Lone Richard, Great St Heley's, broker. Dec 29

Wetherill William fen and jun. bristol: merciants: jan 2 Luke Wiliain; kuchard Whitehall, and Henry Jenkin, West

Whitaker Wiluan: Wakefield: and Joseph W. Welt Ardiles: Smin linen drapers, Dec 22

York colliers: Dec 0 W rth Kachet Kayleigh Efex liten draper; Marchio

White Thomas jun: Ntrood. Kent: coal merchant: Jan 19 Marthali Christopher. Little Heriuitage ftreet; fail maker;

white burg E: Liverpool: merchant : Dec 2 2 Dec 29

Wicks Mary : Mihinhampton: Gloceiter mille : Dec 17 Mafoo Waiter. Heartley place; Kent road Southwark. brandy

Williams Arth af: Cheltenham: jeweller. Dec.Si Feb 23 mercbant; DC 73

Wilton John and William: Dean's Cut St Narti..'s le Grand: Mafen Jon; Bradford; Wilts. linen draper; Feb. 10

warehouseinan: jan B Morgan Wila, Lomba nitreet banker. Jan 9

Wood Kobert. Margte: grocer: Dec 19 V

Stephen und Matthew Readthaw Morley; York Areet Young Gaves and Gaven Glennie: Budge row: merchants : carthwark; hop factors. Jau 22

Dec 22 Ne ju James, Liverpool wailur. Dec 17.

Young Henry: George Atreet: Middlesex: victualler: Dec 1c



Wilh Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Churacters recently deceased.

NOVEMBER 20ch, about six o'clock in the astonishing It however sonn communicated,

evening, an alarming fire broke out at Mr. to the adjoining houses, and numbers of peo. White's four-warehouses, Kennet's Wharf, ple were seen flying in all directions, exhibi. Queenhithe, Upper Thames street, which ting a scene truly distressing. A number of razed with the utmost fury for half an hour, bariels of gunpowder were taken out of a owing to the want of water, it being low tide warehouse vot many yards discant from the ar che time. Soon after, the fire engines from fire. In about an hour after it broke out, various parts of the town arrived, and the sone of the craft in the river took fire, by czestions of the firemen and inhabitants were flakes falling on chem, but by the great exoro


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