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In this Year, our Author published likewise the New Testament, translated into French, with some explanatory Notes, for the use of such Readers, as knew no other Tongue. Nor muft it be forgot; that in this Year too, he published his Bibliotheque Choisie, which may well enough be called the Sequel, or Continuation of his Bibliotb. Universelle; for therein he pursues the same Mechod of intersperling Differtations on several curious Subjects, and the Lives and Praises of Men of Letters, which are to be

found no where else. . 1705. In the Year 1705, our Author digested into

proper Order, and amended from several gross Faults, the Copper-Plates of the Atlas Antiæ quus, &c. published by a famous Map-feller in Amsterdam ; but thro' his negligence and parcimony, who would not be at the expence of reforming the Plates, the Maps are still full of

Errors and Mistakes. .. 1707

In the Year 1707, were published all the Works of Desiderius Erasmus, in ten Volumes in Folio; to which our Author, in conjunction with some other learned Men, added short Notes, and distinct Prefaces before each Volume: in which he has endeavoured to give that learned and ingenious Man his juft Commendation, and the Reader a proper Character of all his

Works. 1708. 8. In the Year 1708, our Author published

the Historical Books of the Old Testament, according to his own Translation, together with a Paraphrase, a Philological Commentary, Cricical Differtations, and Chronological Tables ; whereof he has given us a full and satisfactory Account in his Bibliotheque Choisie, Vol. XV.

IN In the Year 1709, he revised, and added 1709. . some Notes to the new Edition of Sulpicius Severus, whereof he makes mention in his Bibliotbeque Choisie, Vol. XX. P. 2. Art. 6. '

In the same Year, he revised, and added large Notes to the new Edition of Hugo Grotius de Veritate Cbriftianæ Religionis, enlarging it with one more Book de Eligendá inter Cbristianos dissentientes Sententia; which he takes notice of in his Bibliotheque Choisie. In the same Year he published likewise his Collection of the Fragments of Menander and Philemon, which he illustrated with a Translation, and Notes; and of this, in like manner, he makes mention in the . . fame Bibliotheque, Vol. XIX. Art. 7.

In the Year 1'710, he published a new Edi- 1710. tion of Livy, in 'ío Vol. 8vo. with Notes of his own, and all the Supplements of Freinshemius corrected and amended, whereof he gives us a full Account in the aforesaid Bibliotheque, Vol. XIX. Art. 3.

In the fame Year, when a beautiful Edition of Sallust was published by Dr. Wafe, our Author sent its Editor a short Life of that Roman Historian, which he had chiefly collected out

of the Writings of the Antients. · In the Year 1711, our Author published 1711. the three Epistles, which are found at the end of Plato's Works, and are commonly ascribed to Æschines, Socrates's Scholar, in a small Volume, and with plain and easy Notes; to which he subjoined one Book of his Sylva Philologica, and mentions the use and design of .. the Edition in his Bibliotheque. Choisie, Vol. XXII. · The pious and learned Mr. Limbarcb. dying 1712. in the Year 1712. Mr. le Clerc made his Fune




ral Oration, and printed it with this Title ; Oratio Funebris in obitum Rever. & Clariffimi Viri Philippi à Limborch, S. Theologia, apud' Remonstrantes Professoris, defun£ti die 30. Aprilis, Anno MDCCXII. habita à Joanne Clerico die 6

Maii quo fepultus eft, in 4to. 1714. In the Year 1714, the Death of the Book

seller who printed the Bibliotheque Choisie, obliged our Author to discontinue that Journal, which was swelled up to 27 Volumes ; but he then begun another upon the same Plan, intitled, Bibliotheque Ancienne & Moderne.

The same Year they reprinted at Francfort his Latin Translation of the Annotations and Paraphrase of Dr. Hammond upon the New Testament, with our Author's Remarks corrected

new Edition in his Bibliotheque Ancienne & Mo

derne, Tom. II. Art. 1. 1716. In the Year 1716, Mr. le Clerc published

Historia Ecclesiastica duorum primorum à Christo nato Sæculorum, è veteribus Monumentis deprompta, in 4to. This Ecclesiastical History, as far as it goes, is the best we have. The Author has exploded several Fables and Legends put upon us by some credulous or ignorant Writers; and given a fair and impartial Account of the State of the primitive Church. An Account of that valuable Work may be seen in the Volumes V and VI. of the Bibliotbeque Ancienne & Mo

derne. 1923. SOME great Men of the Arminian side pre

vailed upon our Author to write the History of the United Provinces; and he published the first Volume in the Year 1723, with this Title, Histoire des Provinces-Unies des Pays-bas ; depuis la naissance de la Republique jusqu'à la Paix dU.


trecht & le Traité de Barriere, conclu en 1716, in Folio. The second and third Volumes came out in 1728, . In the Year 1724, Mr. le Clerc published a 1724. fecond Edition of the Apostolical Fathers, with several Improvements. He has given a large Account of this Collection in the Volumes XXI and XXII, of his Bibliotheque Ancienne & Moderne.

And now being sensible that Age and his Infirmities were growing upon him, he left off writing his Bibliotheque Ancienne & Moderne, which then made up twenty eight Volumes; and resolved to bestow all his time on the re- . maining part of his Commentary upon the Old Testament, but could not finish it, as we have already observed."

Besides the Books above-mentioned, there are some other Pieces of our Author's, fuch as his Translation into Frenca of Bishop Bur. net's Criticism on the IXth Book of Varillas's History, wherein he treats of the Revolutions of Religion in England; of the Bishop's Defence of that Criticism; and of three of his Sermons, which appeared in a short space after one another. A Letter to Mr. Jurieu, wherein he vindicates Episcopius from the imputation of Socinianism laid upon him by that Minifter. Several Dissertations, Prefaces, and Notes upon great and valuable Works reprinted in Holland.

alreadirent, but cous commenchis time

A Defence of the Christian Religion from

the several Objections of Modern Anti-
fcripturists : Wherein the literal Sense

of the Prophecies, contained in the Old Teftament, and of the Miracles, recorded in the New, is explained and vindicated; and the Necessity of a Divine Revelation, from the manifest Insufficiency of the Light of Reason or natural Religion, is affertcd. By the Rea verend Mr. Stackhouse, Author of the Complete Body of Divinity. Containing 509 Pag. in 8vo. with a Preface. Printed for Ed. Symon, over-against the Royal Exchange.

IN the Preface, our Author gives us an AcI count of the several Antifcripturists referred to in this Work ; from what Rise and Original they seem to have sprung; what Books they have successively published; what the Design of these Books is, and what the Character and Abilities of their respective Authors: and in the Work it self (which consists of 24 Se&tions) he states the several Objections in their full force, and answers them, both from Reason and Scripture, with a great deal of perspicuity and clearnefs.

The ist Section treats of the Truth and Authority of the Evangelical Writers, to which the Objection of Antiscripturists is, " That the History “ of Jesus, as it is recorded by the Evange« lifts, and commonly believed by Christians, « is so improbable in it self, and when tho« roughly examined, full of such Incredibi* Jities and gross Abfurdities, as are quite disho45 nourable to the Name : befides, that the

Distance of the Time, wherein it was written,

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