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MacMurrayCol.forW'm'n Yellow and Blue

Madison College
Maine, Univ. of
Manchester College.
Manhattan College
Manhattanville Coll..
Manitoba, Uni. of
Mapua Inst. of Tech..
Marietta College.
Marion College.
Marquette Univ.
Marshall College
Mary Baldwin College
M. Hardin-Baylor Coll.
Marygrove College
Md. College for Women
Maryland, Univ. of
Marylhurst College
Marymount Coll. (Kan.)
Marymount Coll. (N. Y.)
Maryville Coll. (Mo.)
Maryville Coll. (Tenn.).
Marywood College.
Massachusetts In of Tech.
Massachusetts State Coll.
McKendree College
McMaster University.
McPherson College.
Mercer Univ.
Meredith College
Miami, Univ. of (Fla.).
Miami Univ. (Ohio)
Michigan St. Col.of Agric.
Michigan, Univ. of
Middlebury College
Middlesex University.
Midland College.
Miles Mem. Coll..
Milligan College.
Mills College.
Milsaps College.
Milton College

Blue and White
Light Blue

Black and Gold
Green and White
Red and White
Brown and Gold
Cardinal and Gold
Navy Blue and White
Red and Black

Royal Blue and Gold
White and Green
Yellow and White
Purple, White and Gold
Kelly Green and Gold
Black and Gold

Sable and Old Gold
Blue and Gold
Blue and White
Blue and White
Red and White
Orange and Garnet
Green and White
Card. Red & Silver Gray
Maroon and White
Purple and White
Silver Gray and Maroon
Red and White
Orange and Black
Maroon and White
Orange, Green & White
Red and White
Silver and Gold
Hunter's Green & White
Maize and Blue
Yale Blue and White
Blue and Gold
Orange and Black
Purple and Gold
Orange and Black
Gold and White
Purple and White
Brown and Blue

Mines & M'allurgy Sch. of
Minnesota, Univ. of....
Misericordia College
Mission House College
Mississippi College
Mississippi State College
Mississippi, Univ. of
Missouri, Univ. of
Missouri, Coll. of Mines
Missouri Valley Coll.
Monmouth College
Montana Sch. of Mines
Montana St. Col.
Montana State Univ.
MoravianCol.&Theo.Sem. Blue and Gray
Moravian C. for Women
Morehouse College..
Morgan College
Morningside College.
Morris College

Dark Blue and White
Silver and Gold
Maroon and Gold
Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold
Blue and Gold
Maroon and White
Gold and White
Red and Blue
Old Gold and Black
Silver and Gold
Purple and Orange
Red and White
Copper and Green
Blue and Gold
Copper, Silver and Gold

Morris Harvey College
Mt. Allison University
Mt. Angel Coll. & Sem.
Mt. Holyoke College.
Mount Mary College

Purple and Gold
Maroon and White
Navy Blue & Burnt Or.
Maroon and White
Gold and Blue
Maroon and Gold
Garnet and Gold
White and Gold
Pale Blue
Blue and White

Mount Mercy Col. (Mich.)|(a)

Mt. Mercy Coll. (Penn.) Purple and Gold
Mt. St. Joseph Coll. (O.) Blue and Gold
Mt. St. Mary's C. (Cal.) Purple and Gold
Mt. St. Mary's C. (Md.) Blue and White
Mt. St. Scholastica Coll. Blue and White
Mt. St. Vincent, Coll, of Gold and White
Mt. Union Coll.
Royal Purple
Muhlenberg College.
Red and Gold
Mundelein College
Red and Gold
Municipal University Yale Blue
Munic. Univ. of Omaha Black and Red
Munic. Univ. of Wichita Yellow and Black
Muskingum College... Black and Magenta

[blocks in formation]


Nevada, Univ. of. Newark Coll. of Engineer. Newark, Univ. of Newberry College

Newcomb Mem. Coll.


Silver and Blue

Red and White
Navy Blue and White
Scarlet and Gray

Bronze & Turquoise Blue

New Hampshire, Univ. of Blue and White
New Jersey Col. for W'm'n Scarlet
New Mexico Coll. of Agric. Crimson

New Mexico Sch. of Mines Silver and Gold
New Mexico, Univ. of... Cherry and Silver
New Orleans Univ.. Navy Blue and Gold

New Rochelle, Coll. of..White and Blue
New Sch. for Social


New York, Coll. of City of
N. Y. St. Coll. for Teach.
New York Univ.
Niagara Univ.
No. Car. Col. for N'groes
N. Car. St. Coll. of Agric,
North Carolina, Univ. of
N. Car. Un., Woman's Col.
North Central College
North Dakota Agric. Col.
North Dakota, Univ. of
Northeastern Univ.
Northland College
No. Texas St. Teach Col.
Northwestern Col. (Wisc.)
Northwestern Univ. (Ill.)
Northwest Nazarene Coll.
Norwich Univ.
Notre Dame. Coll. (Md.)
Notre Dame Coll. (N.Y.)
Notre Dame Coll. (Ohio)
Notre Dame, Univ. (Ind.)

Oakland City College
Oakwood College
Oberlin College
Occidental College.

Oglethorpe Univ.

Ohio Northern Univ.
Ohio State Univ.
Ohio University

Ohio Wesleyan Univ..
Oklahoma Agric. Coll.
Oklahoma Baptist Univ.
Oklahoma City Univ.
Oklahoma Col. for Wom'n
Oklahoma, Univ. of....
Olivet College
Olivet Nazarene College
Oregon State Agric. Coll.
Oregon, Univ. of
Ottawa Univ. (Kan.)
Ottawa, University of...
Otterbein College
Ouachita Baptist College
Our Lady of Cincinnati
Our Lady of Elms. Col. of
Our Lady of Lake Coll.
Ozarks, College of the.

Pacific College
Pacific, Coll. of the
Pacific Union College.
Pacific University
Panhandle College
Park College
Parsons College
Pasadena College
Paul Quinn College
Pembroke College
Pembroke State College
Penn College, William
Penn. Coll. for Women
Penn. Military College
Pennsylvania State Coll.
Pennsylvania, Univ. of..
Pharmacy, College of
Philander Smith College
Philippines, Univ. of.
Phillips Univ.
Piedmont College
Pittsburgh, Univ. of
Polytechnic Inst., B'klyn
Pomona College.
Portland (Ore.) Univ. of
Pratt Institute
Presbyterian College
Princess Anne College

Princeton Univ. Principia College, The Providence College Puerto Rico, Poly Inst. of


(See City Coll. (N. Y.) )
Purple and Gold

Purple and White
Maroon and Gray
Red and White
White and Light Blue
White and Gold
Cardinal and White
Apple Green, Corn Yel.
Pink and Green
Red and Black
Orange and Blue
Green and White
Black and Red
Purple and White
Orange and Black
Maroon and Old Gold
Royal Blue and White

Blue and Gold
Gold and Peacock Blue

Blue and White

Crimson and Gold
Orange and Black
Old Gold and Black
Black and Gold
Scarlet and Gray
Olive Green and White
Red and Black
Orange and Black
Green and Gold
Gold and White
Green and Gold
Crimson and Cream
Crimson and White

Orange and Black
Green and Lemon Yel.
Yellow and Black
Garnet and Gray
Tan and Cardinal
Purple and Gold
Blue and White
Green and Gold
White and Blue
Purple and Gold

Old Gold & Navy Blue
Orange and Black
Green and Gold

Crimson and Black
Crimson and Royal Blue
Canary and Wine

Old Rose & Olive Green
Green and Gold
Gold and Purple
Brown and White

Old Gold and Blue
Purple and White
Red, White and Yellow
Blue and White
Red and Blue
Gold and Blue
Dark Green & Old Gold
Maroon and Green
Maroon and White
Green and Gold
Blue and Gold
Blue and Gray
Blue and White
Purple and White
Cadmium Yellow
Garnet and Blue
Burnt Orange and Navy

Orange and Black

Gold and Blue
Black and White
Gold and Green




Puerto Rico, Univ. of. Puget Sound, College of Purdue Univ.

Queens College (N. Y.)... Queens Coll. (No. Car.) Queens University. Quincy College..

St. Ambrose College.
St. Augustine's College
St. Benedict's C. (Kan.)
St. Bonaventure College
St. Catherine, College of
St. Dunstan's College..
St. Edward's Seminary
St. Edward's University
St. Elizabeth, College of
St. Francis Col. (Bklyn.)
St. Francis Coll. (Pa.)
St. Francis Coll. (Wisc.)
St. Francis Xavier Coll.
St. John's Coll. (Md.)
St. John's Univ. (Minn.)
St. John's Univ. (Bklyn)
St. John's Univ. (Ohio)
St. Joseph Coll. (Conn.)
St. Joseph's Coll. (Ind.)
St. Joseph's Col. (Md.)
St. Joseph's Coll. (N. J.)
St. Joseph's Coll. (Pa.)
St. Joseph's Col. for

Women (Me.)..
St. Joseph's Col. for
Women (B'klyn).
St. Lawrence Univ.
St. Louis Univ..
St. Mary, Coll. of (Utah)
St. Mary-of-the-Woods
St. Mary's Coll. (Calif.)
St. Mary's Coll. (Ind.)
St. Mary's Coll. (Mich.)
St. Mary's Coll. (Minn.)
St. Mary's Dominican C.
St. Mary's of the Springs
St. Mary's Univ.
St. Michael's College.
St. Norbert College
St. Olaf College
St. Peter's College
St. Procopius College.
St. Rose, College of
St. Scholastica, Coll. of
St. Stephen's College
St. Teresa, C. of (Minn.)
St. Teresa, Col. of (Mo.)
St. Thomas, College of.
St. Vincent College.
Salem College (No. Car.)
Salem College (W. Va.)
Samuel Huston College
San Antonio, Univ. of
San Francisco Col. for W'n
San Francisco, Univ. of
Santa Clara, Univ. of
Santo Tomas, Univ. of
Sarah Lawrence College
Saskatchewan, Univ. of
Scarritt Coll..

Crimson and Blue
Purple and Cream
Purple and Gold
Light Blue and White
Cherry and White
Purple and Gold
Orange and White
Maroon and White
Blue and Gold
Purple and White

Blue and Gold
Red and White
Red and Black
Orange and White
Blue and Gold
Blue and Gold
Purple and Gold
Blue and Gold
Blue and White
Red and Blue
Harvard Crimson
Blue and Gold
Blue and White
Blue and Silver
Purple and Gold
Maroon and White
Seal Brown & Royal Blue
Olive and Blue
Black and Gold
Orange and Black
Red and Gold

Orange and Black
Red and Black
Garnet and White
Cardinal and Cream
Blue and White
Black, Gold and Gray



U. S. Naval Academy.
Upper Iowa Univ.
Upsala College
Ursinus College.
Ursuline College (Ky.)..
Ursuline College.

(Brescia C.)
Ursuline College (La.)
Utah State Agric. College
Utah, Univ. of.



Blue and Gold

Peacock Blue and White
Blue and Gray

Bed, Old Gold and Black
Maroon and White

Royal Blue and Gold
Blue and White
Red and White

Valparaiso University.. Brown and Gold

Vanderbilt University.
Vassar College.
Vermont, Univ. of
Villa Maria College.
Villa Madonna Coll.
Villanova College.
Virginia Military Inst.
Virginia Poly. Inst.
Virginia State..

Va. Theo. Sem. & Coll.
Va. Union Univ.
Virginia, Univ. of.

[blocks in formation]

Gold and Black
Rose and Gray
Green and Gold
Blue and Gold

Navy Blue and White
Red, White and Yellow
Orange and Maroon
Orange and Blue

Red and Steel
Orange and Blue

[blocks in formation]

(a) No information received.

[blocks in formation]


Cardinal and Black
Maroon and Gold
Tyrian Blue
Green and Gold
Scarlet Red and White
Purple and White
Maroon and Gold
Royal Blue
King's Blue and White
Old Gold and Blue
Old Gold and Black
Old Gold and Blue
Orange and Black
Orange and Blue

Maize and Blue
Purple and Gold
Crimson and Black
Gold and Green
Purple and White
Green and White
Crimson and Gold
Red and Black
Green Gold and Silver
Old Gold and Blue
Cardinal and Gold
Royal Purple
Green and White
Silver and Blue
Garnet and Geld
Cardinal and White
Cardinal and Cream
Old Gold and Black
Black and Gold
Crimson and Gray
Brown and Yellow

Blue and White

Blue and White

Yellow and White
Royal Blue and White
Red and Gold

Academic doctors' hoods-The bachelor wears a gown of black worsted with open or closed front and long-pointed sleeves. The Oxford style being most popular in American colleges. The gown of the master is made with open front and preferably of silk. It has long, closed sleeves with squared ends falling well below the knees and slit for the arms near the elbow. The gown worn by the doctor is also of silk and with the open front, but has full bell-shaped sleeves. The front is faced with velvet and on each sleeve are three bars of velvet, black or the color of the hood-trimming.

College Finances

Source: Office of Education, U. S. Department of the Interior

In the 1937-38 school year, 1,298 universities, colleges and professional schools, and 288 teachers' colleges and normal schools-a total of 1,586 institutions-received $760,478,419; and expended $684,


The sources of the receipts were as followsStudents' fees, $178,996,228; endowment income, $70,654,211; Federal Government, $29,344,723; State governments, $140,959,123; local governments, $22,090,702; private gifts and grants, $36,908,257; sales and services of organized activities, $27,946,942; miscellaneous receipts, $15.207,831; auxiliary enterprises and activities, $130,523,094; receipts for additions to physical plant $58,263.888; receipts for increase of permanent funds, $49,583,420.

The expenditures of the 1,586 (1,298 plus 288) institutions included general administration and expense, $56,405,850; resident instruction and re

lated activities, $277,037,542 ($253,006,388 plus $24,031.154); organized research, $25,212,977; libraries, $17.588,240; physical plant operation and maintenance, $62,737,655; total general and educational expenditures. $475,191,638, to which are to be added $139.193,507 spent on auxiliary enterprises and activities (including athletics), and $70,465,662 on buildings and grounds.

The physical property of 1,434 higher institutions in the 1937-38 school year was valued at $2,556,074,571, of which the grounds represented $308,420.323; buildings, $1,781,024.833; equipment, $423,892,820: unexpended plant funds, $42,736,595.

Bound volumes in the libraries of the 1,362 institutions reporting in 1936 numbered 62,858,078, of which there were in New York State, 6,946,526; Massachusetts, 6,161,050; Illinois, 4,420,878; Pennsylvania, 3,886,960; Ohio, 3.526,005; California, 3.334,537; Connecticut, 2,616,383.

Medical Schools, Students, Graduates, 1905-1940

1905... 160

Source: American Medical Association
No. Stu- Grad-
No. Stu- |Grad-
Schools dents uates Year Schools dents uates Year

No. Stu- GradSchools dents uates

26,147 5,606 1925.


18.200 3,974 1933.


22,466 4,895

1910... 131

[blocks in formation]

18,840 3,962 1934.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

14,891 3,536 1927.


19,662 4,035 1935.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

20,545 4,262 1936.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

20.878 4.446 1937.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

21,597 4,565 1938.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


21,302 5,089

1924... 79

17,728 3,562 1932.


22,135 4,936 1940..

[blocks in formation]

Student figures include schools offering preclinical courses.

Women students (graduates in parenthesis): 1905, 1,073 (219); 1910, 907 (116); 1915, 592 (92); 1920 818 (122); 1925, 910 (204): 1930, 955 (204); 1935, 1,077 (207); 1936, 1,133 (246); 1937, 1,113 (230) 1938, 1,161 (237); 1939, 1,296 (285).


and Societies in the United States

Source: World Almanac Questionnaire

Abolish Capital Punishment (see Capital Punish-
ment, Amer. League to Abolish).
Abraham Lincoln Ass'n (1909), 703 First Nat'l
Bank, Springfield, Ill.; 755; Exec. Sec., Harry E.

Accountants, American Institute of (1887), 13 East
41st St., N. Y. City: 5,657; Sec., John L. Carey.
Accountants, Nat'l Ass'n of Cost (1919), 385 Madi-
son Ave., N. Y. City: 10,000; Bus. Man., Dr.
Stuart C. McLeod.

Accountants, N. Y. Society of (1900), Hotel Mc-
Alpin, N. Y. City; 150; address communications
to the secretary.

Actors & Artistes of America, Associated (1919), 45
West 47th St., N. Y. City; 30,000; Int'l Pres..
Frank Gillmore; Int'l Exec. Sec., Paul Dullzell.
Actors' Equity Association (1913), 45 West 47th St..
N. Y. City; 4.250; Exec. Sec.. Paul Dullzell.
Actors' Fund of America (1882), 1619 Broadway, N.
Y. City; 1,952; Sec., Robert Campbell.
Actuarial Society of America (1889), 393 Seventh
Ave., N. Y. City: 786; Sec., Walter Klem.
Actuaries, American Institute of (1909), 135 So. La
Salle St., Chicago, Ill.; 692; Sec., W. D. Mac-

Adult Education, American Ass'n for (1926), 525
West 120th St., N. Y. City; 1,700; Dir., Morse
A. Cartwright.

Advertising Agencies, American Ass'n of (1917), 420
Lexington Ave., N. Y. City; 122; Man. Dir..
Frederic R. Gamble.

Advertising Federation of America (1905), 330 West
42d St., N. Y. City: 11,000; Gen. Man., Earle

Aeronautic Ass'n., Nat'l (1922), The Willard Hotel,
Washington, D. C.; 15,000 active members; Sec..
Lt. Col. G. deFreest Larner.

Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America
(1920), Shoreham Bldg., Washington, D. C.:
Pres., John H. Jouett.

Aeronautical Weight Engineers-(see Engineers.

Agricultural Engineers-(see Engineers, Amer. Soc.

Agriculture, American Committee on the Int'l Institute of (1923), 616 Investment Bldg., Washington, D. C.; limited to 100; Sec., Charles Brand. Agronomy, American Society of (1908), abt. 1.200 Sec., G. G. Pohlman, W. Va. Agric. Experiment Station, Morgantown, W. Va.

Air Transport Ass'n of America (1936), 135 So. La
Salle St., Chicago, Ill.; address all communica-
tions to the secretary.

Aleph Zadik Aleph of B'nai B'rith (1924), 1003
K St., N.W., Washington, D. C.; 22,350; Exec.
Sec., Julius Bisno.

Allied Youth (1931), 1201-16th St., N. W., Wash-
ington, D. C.; Sec., W. Roy Breg.

Altrusa Clubs, Int'l Ass'n of (1917), 540 No. Michi-
gan Ave., Chicago, Ill.; 4,500; Sec.. Miss Mabel
F. Meek.

Amateur Press Ass'n of America, United (1895).
625 Pioneer Bldg., Seattle, Wash.; limited to
300; Sec.-Treas., Roy Erford.

American Academy in Rome (1894), 101 Park Ave..
N. Y. C.; Rome address: Porta San Pancrazio,
Rome 129, Italy; Exec. Sec., Roscoe Guernsey, N.
Y. City address.

American Antiquarian Society (1812), Salisbury &
Park Ave., Worcester, Mass.: 216; Dir., Clarence
S. Brigham.
American Asiatic Association (1898), India House,
Hanover Square, N. Y. City: 200; Sec., John B.
American Federation of Labor (1881), A. F. of L.
Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 4,247,443; Pres., Wil-
liam Green; Sec., George Meany.

American Institute of the City of New York (1828),
60 East 42d St., N. Y. City: 612; Sec., Gerard P.

American Irish Historical Society (1897), 991 Fifth
Ave., N. Y. City; 2,500; Sec.-Gen., J. C. Walsh.
American Iron and Steel Institute (1908), 350 Fifth

Ave., N. Y. City; abt. 1.275 active; address com-
munications to the secretary.

American Legion, The (1919), 777 No. Meridian St.,
Indianapolis, Ind.: 1.071.337: Nat'l Commander.
Lynn U. Stambaugh, Fargo, No. Dak.; The
Auxiliary; 501,367; Pres., Mrs. Mark W. Murrill,
Scituate, Mass.

American Legion, Sons of The (1932), 777 No.
Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind.; 64.370; Dir., C.
M. Wilson.
American Oriental Society (1842), 329 Sterling
Memorial Library. New Haven, Conn.; 843; Sec..
Ferris J. Stephens.

East 64th St., N. Y. City: Sec., Henry Goddard

American-Swedish Historical Museum, 19th &
American Swedish Historical Foundation (1926).
Pattison Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.: 3,000; Sec..
Prof. George Ryden, Univ. of Delaware, Dover,
American Youth, Nat'l Foundation for (1940), 30
Rockefeller Plaza, N. Y. City; Chmn., Gene Tun-
ney; Dir., Murray Plavner.
American Woman's Association (see Woman's Asso-
ciation, American).
Animals, American Soc. for the Prevention of
Cruelty to (1866), 50 Madison Ave., N. Y. City:
5,000: Exec. Vice-Pres., Sydney H. Coleman.
Anti-Profanity League (1902), Ware, Mass.; 34,000:
Gen. Sec., Rev. Roland D. Sawyer.
Anti-Saloon League of America (1895), 131 B St..
S. E., Washington, D. C.; Gen. Sec., George W.
Anti-Saloon League of New York (1905), 44 Howard
St., Albany, N. Y.; State Supt., Rev. Wallace H.
Marsh; Sec., Rev. C. J. Wood.
Aquarium Society (1892), American Museum of
Natural History. 77th St. & Central Park West,
N. Y. City; Sec., W. H. Southwick.
Arbitration Ass'n., American (1926), 1230 Sixth
Ave., N. Y. City: 8,000 arbitrators in 1,600 cities:
Exec. Sec., J. Noble Braden.
Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia Univ.. N, Y. City:
Archaeological Institute of America (1879), 504
1,552; Sec., Meriwether Stuart.


lin St., Boston, Mass.; 400; Sec.. Louis C. Smith. Archery Ass'n of the U. S., Nal't (1879), 77 Frank1741 New York Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C.; Architects, American Insti. of (1857), The Octagon, 3,090; Sec., Charles T. Ingham.

Architects, American Society of Landscape (1899). 9 Park St., Boston, Mass.; 443; Corr. Sec., Bradford Williams.

Ave., N. Y. City: 500; Sec., John T. Briggs. Architects, New York Society of (1907), 101 Park Architects, Soc. of Beaux-Arts (1894), 304 E. 44th St., N. Y. City: 250; Sec., Alfred E. Poor. Architectural League of New York (1880). 115 East 40th St., N. Y. City; 500; Exec. Sec., Lucile A. Pedrick.

314 Court House, Pittsburgh, Pa.: 1,044; Sec., Lt. Army and Navy Legion of Valor of the U. S. (1890). Ben. Prager, D.S.C.

Army and Navy Union, U.S.A. (1886), Nat'l Hdqrs.. 20 S. Tennessee Ave., Atlantic City, N. J.; abt. 8,000; Nat'l Adjt., Henry W. Gerber, 614 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, N. J.

19th St,, N. Y. City; 435; Sec., Josephine M. Art and Industry, Nat'l Alliance of (1914), 119 East Peterson.

Art Society of N. Y., Municipal (1892), 119 East
19th St., N. Y. City: 300; Sec., Lorimer Rich.
Y. City: 1,700; Exec. Sec., Anna Nelson.
Art Students' League (1875), 215 West 57th St., N.
Artists, Society of Independent (1916), 19 Bethune
St., N. Y. City: 500; Sec., Fred Buchholz.
Arts, American Federation of (1909), Barr Bldg.,
Washington, D. C.; 3,194; Dir., Thomas C. Par-

Arts and Letters, American Academy of (1904), 632
West 155th St.. N. Y. City; abt. 50; Sec., Dr.
William Lyon Phelps.

57th St., N. Y. City: 200; Founder, E. Frye Arts and Letters, International (1922), 457 West Barker.

Arts and Letters, Nat'l Institute of (1898), 633 West
155th St., N. Y. City: 250; Sec., Henry S. Canby.
Arts and Sciences, American Academy of (1780), 28
Newbury St., Boston, Mass.: 918; Corr. Sec., Prof.
Usher, 476 Widener Library,
Abbott Payon
Cambridge, Mass.
N. Y. City; over 2,000; Gen. Man., Kent Cooper.
Associated Press, The (1848), 50 Rockefeller Plaza,
Association of Amer. Railroads (see Railroads).
Ass'n for Improving the Condition of the Poor (see
Community Service Soc. of N. Y.)"
Astronomical Society, American (1899), Dearborn
Observatory, Evanston, Ill.; 627; Sec., Dean B.

Atheism, American Ass'n for the Advancement of
(1925), 38 Park Ave., N. Y. City: 400; Sec., Wool-
sey Teller.

Athletic Foundation (see Helms Athletic Founda-

Athletic Union of U. S., Amateur (1888), Rm. 3002,
233 Broadway, N. Y. City; Sec., Daniel J. Ferris.
Audit Bureau of Circulations (1914), 165 W.
Wacker Drive, Chicago, Ill.: 2,080; Man. Dir.,
James N. Shryock.

116 Audubon Society, Nat'l (1905), 1006 Fifth Ave., N.

Y. City; 50,000, inc. affiliated societies; Exec. Dir..
John H. Baker.

Authors' Guild (1920), 6 East 39th St.. N. Y. City:
1,000; Sec., Margaret Widdemer.
Authors' League of America (1912), 6 East 39th St..
N. Y. City; 4,000; Sec., Inez Haynes Irwin.
Automobile Association, American (1902), Pennsyl-
vania Ave. at 17th St., Washington, D. C.; 1.-
200,000; Gen. Man., Russell E. Singer.
Automobile Association, N. Y. State (1903), DeWitt
Clinton Hotel, Albany, N. Y.; 100,000; Office
Manager, Jane S. Lade, as above; Sec., J. R.
Crossley, Jr., Pennsylvania Hotel, N. Y. City.
Automobile Club of N. Y. (1902), Hotel Pennsyl-
vania, N. Y. City; abt. 50,000; Sec., W. B.

Automobile Dealers Ass'n, Nat'l (1917), 154 Bagley
Ave., Detroit, Mich.; abt. 14,300; Man., W. E.

Automobile Manufacturers Association (1913), New
Center Bldg.. Second Blvd., Detroit, Mich.; Exec.
Vice Pres.. Pyke Johnson, Transportation Bldg..
Washington, D. C.

Automobile Merchants Ass'n of New York (1922)
(formed in 1909 as Auto. Dealers Ass'n); 224 West
57th St., N. Y. City: 214; Gen. Man., H. G. Bragg.
Automobile Traffic Police, Int'l Ass'n of (1925),
Florence, Ore.; 8,480; Sec., C. E. Howell.
Aviators, American Federation of (1912), Aviators'
Memorial Resort, Glenada, Ore.; 3,126; Exec.
Sec., C. E. Howell.

Aztec Club of 1847 (Military Society of the Mexican
War) (1847), 2015 N St., N.W., Washington, D.
C.; abt. 200; Sec., Conway B. Hunt.

Bacteriologists, Society of American (1900); 1,600;
Pres., Dr. O. T. Avery, Rockefeller Institute, 66th
St. and York Ave., N. Y. City; Sec., Dr. I. L.
Baldwin, Dept.
Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisc.
of Agricultural Bacteriology.
Ball Players of America, Ass'n of Professional
(1924), 524 So. Spring St., Los Angeles, Calif.;
4,000; Sec., Win Clark, Rm. 404, Lissner Bldg., as

Bankers Ass'n, American (1875), 22 East 40th St..
N. Y. City; 14,000; Sec., Richard W. Hill.
Bankers Ass'n of America, Investment (1912), 33
So. Clark St., Chicago, Ill.; 670; Exec. Sec., Alden
H. Little.

Banking, American Institute of (1900), 22 East 40th
St., N. Y. City; 69,758; Sec.. Floyd W. Larson.
Baptist Home Mission Society, American (1832), 212
Fifth Ave., N. Y. City; Exec. Sec., Rev. G. Pitt

Baptist Board of Education (1910), 152 Madison
Ave., N. Y. City; Exec. Sec., Rev. Whitney S. K.

Baptist Young People's Union of America (1891).
203 No. Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.; 250,000; Gen.
Sec.. Edwin Phelps.

Bar Association (see Lawyers' Ass'n, N. Y. County).
Bar Association, National (1925). 14 E. Pleasant
St., Baltimore, Md.; 1,400; Sec., George W.

Bar Association, American (1878), 1140 No. Dear-
born St., Chicago, Ill.: 32,000; address all com-
munications to the secretary.

Bar Association, Bronx County (1902), 851 Grand
Concourse, The Bronx, N. Y. City; Sec., David

Bar Association, Brooklyn (1889), 123 Remsen St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.; 850; Sec., John P. McGrath.
Bar Association, Federal (1920), Columbian Bldg.,
416 Fifth Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C.: 1,200;
Sec., David S. Davison.

Bar Association, N. Y. State (1876), 90 State St.,
Albany, N. Y.; 4,900; Sec., Charles W. Walton.
Bar of the City of N. Y. Ass'n of the (1870), 42
West 44th St., N. Y. City; 3,831; Sec., Charles H.

Belgian American Educational Foundation (1920),
420 Lexington Ave., N. Y. City; 102: Pres. and
Sec., Perrin C. Galpin; Chmn., Edgar Rickard.
Bible and Fruit Mission to the Public Hospitals of
N. Y. City (1874), 5 East 48th St., N. Y. City:
Pres., Mrs. Warner M. Van Norden.
Bible Society (1915); Int'l Exec. Dir.. Mrs. Grace
Thacker Diehl, P. O. Box 65, Peoria, Ill.
Bible Society, American (1816), 450 Park Ave., N.
Y. City; abt. 10,000; Rec. Sec., Rev. Francis C.

Biblical Literature and Exegesis, Society of (1880).
594; Sec., Prof. John W. Flight, Haverford Col-
lege, Haverford, Pa.

Bibliographical Society of America (1904), 47 East
60th St., N. Y. City; 836; Permanent Sec., George
L. McKay.

Bicycle League of America, Amateur (1920), 2037
Hughes Ave., The Bronx, N. Y.; 18,500; Sec..
Henry E. Isola.

Big Brother Movement (1904), 314 Fourth Ave., N.
Y. City: 952; Sec., Joseph H. McCoy.

Billiard Association of America (1922), 629 So.
Biological Chemists (see Chemists, American So-
Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.; Sec., Doris Williams.

Biophysics and Cosmobiology, American Soc. of
1936), 20 West 69th St.. N. Y. City: 300; Sec..
Dr. Eugene A. Dupin.

Birth Control Federation of America (1921), 501
Madison Ave., N. Y. City; Sec., Mrs. Albert D.

Blind, American Foundation for the (1923), 15
West 16th St., N. Y. City: Exec. Sec., Robert B.

Blind, N. Y. Institute for the Education of (1832),
999 Pelham Parkway, N. Y. City; Principal,
Merle E. Frampton.

Blizzard Men of 1888 (1929): 775: Pres., Major
August Post, 58 West 57th St., N. Y. City; Sec..
Harry T. Rogers, 284 Windser Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.
B'nai B'rith (1843), 1003 K St., N.W., Washing-
ton, D. C.; 150,000; Sec.. Maurice Bisgyer.
B'nai B'rith, Dist. No. 1 (1843), 11 W. 42d St..
Boiler Makers' Association, Master (1902), 29 Park-
N. Y. City; 22,000; Sec., Lawrence White.
wood St., Albany, N. Y.; 430; Sec., Albert F.

Booksellers Association, American (1900), 35 East
20th St., N. Y. City; 695; Exec. Sec., Robert M.
Botanical Society of America (1906); 1,365; Pres..
Dr. J. T. Buchholz, Dept. of Botany. Univ. of
Illinois, Urgana. Ill.; Sec., Dr. P. R. Burkholder.
Osborn Botanical Laboratory, Yale Univ., New
Haven, Conn.
Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages, American (1919).
Southern Bldg., Washington, D. C.; abt. 2,300;
Sec., John J. Riley.

Bowling Ass'n, N. Y. (1904), 1680 Broadway, N. Y.
City: 26,000; Pres., Alfred J. Cawse, Jr.
Boxing Ass'n, Nat'l (1920), 462 Indiana Ave., N.W..
Washington, D. C.; 38 States and 5 Foreign
Commissions; address communications to Execu-
tive Secretary.

Boy Rangers of America (1913), 630 Fifth Ave..
N. Y. City; Pres., Edward W. France.
Boy Scout Foundation of Greater N. Y. (1922), 120
West 42d St., N. Y. City; 50,725; Sec., Perry A.

Boy Scouts of America (1910), 2 Park Ave., N. Y.
City; over 1,500,000; Chief Scout Exec.. James
E. West.

Boys' Clubs of America (1906), 381 Fourth Ave., N.
Y. City: 352 member organizations; address all
communications to the Executive Director.
Brewers' Association, U. S. (1862), 21 E. 40th St..
N. Y. C.; 225; Sec., C. D. Williams.
Bridge League, American Contract (1927), Park
Central Hotel, N. Y. City: abt. 10,000; address
all communications to the Executive Secretary.
Brith Abraham, Ind. Order (1887), 37 Seventh St...
N.-Y. City: 55,000; Grand Sec., Max L. Hollander.
Brith Sholom, Ind. Order (1905), 506 Pine St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.; 12,000; Grand Sec., Louis I.

Broadcasters, National Ass'n of (1923), 1626 K St.,
N.W., Washington, D. C.; Act. Sec., C. E.
Arney, Jr.

Broadway Association (1911), Fisk Bldg., Broadway
at 57th St., N. Y. City; 1,000; Man. Dir., Henry
G. Fargel.

Bronx Board of Trade (1894). 349 East 149th St..
The Bronx, N. Y.; 1,875; Exec. Sec., William E.

Brookings Institution (1927), 722 Jackson Pl., N.W..
Washington, D. C.; Sec., Elizabeth H. Wilson.
Brotherhood of America (1847), 2410 Frankford
Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.; 3,000; Sec., C. A. Leng.
Box 3641, Kens. Station, Philadelphia, Pa.
Building and Loan League, U. S. (1892), 333 No.
Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.; 4,000; Exec. Vice
Pres., Morton Bodfish.

Building Trades Employers' Association (1905). 2
Park Ave., N. Y. City: 800; Sec., William G.

Bus Operators-(see Motor Bus Operators).
Business Men's Ass'n, Nat'l Small (1937). Akron,
Ohio; Ass't Sec., Margaret Robson.
Business Paper Editors, National Conference of
(1919), 369 Lexington Ave., N. Y. City:
Sec., James G. Lyne, Railway Age, 30 Church
St., N. Y. City.


Business Papers, Associated (1916), 369 Lexington
Ave., N. Y. City: 132; Exec. Vice Pres., Stanley
A. Knisely.

Camp Fire Girls (1912), 88 Lexington Ave., N. Y.
City: 307,027; Nat'l Exec., Lester F. Scott.
Cancer, American Soc. for the Control of (1913).
350 Madison Ave., N. Y. City; abt. 1,200; Man.
Dir., Dr. C. C. Little; Sec., Dr. Frank E. Adair.
Canners Association, Nat'l (1907). 1739 H St..
N.W.. Washington, D. C.; 835; Sec., Frank E.

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