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Alabama, Univ. of.. University, Ala.. 4,900,000 Marquette Univ.... Milwaukee, Wisc. 2,510,713 Amherst College. Amherst, Mass 12,289,989 Maryland, Univ, of. Baltimore, Md... 2,080,000 (a) Atlanta Univ Atlanta, G&

3,864,366 Mass. Inst. Tech.... Cambridge, Mass 36,012,773 Barnard College.. New York, N, Y. 5.035,735 McGill University Montreal, Canada. 20,447,998 Baylor Univ.. Waco, Texas

2,400,000 Michigan, Univ. of.. Ann Arbor, Mich. 15,177,090 Belrut, Am. Un, of.. Beirut, Syria

5,254,652 Middlebury College. Middlebury. Vt... 4,344,200 Beloit College Beloit, Wisc

2,665,303 Milwaukee-Downer. Milwaukee. Wisc. 2,084,293 Berea College. Berea, Ky.

10,285,533 Minnesota, Univ. of Minneapolis, Min. 17,295, 221 Berry College Mt. Berry, Ga. 2,891,487 Missouri, Univ. of.. Columbia, Mo.. 2,177,000 Bethany College Bethany, W. Va. 2.351, 264 Mt. Holyoke Coll. So. Hadley, Mass 5,459,899 Boston Univ

Boston, Mass. 5,024,618 N. Y. Post Grad. M.S. New York, N, Y 2,415,536 Bowdoin College. Brunswick, Me. 8,360,415 New York Univ. New York, N. Y., 8,607,474 Bradley Poly, Inst.. Peoria, Ill..

2,339, 283||Newcomb Mem. Coll. Brown Univ. Providence, R. L.. 11,575,000 H Sophie

New Orleans, La.. 2,949,725 Bryn Mawr College. Bryn Mawr, Pa.. 5,740,353 No. Car., Univ. of Chapel HIII, N. C. 2,000,000 Buffalo Univ, Buffalo, N. Y. 6,000,609 No. Dak. Agric. Col. Fargo, No. Dak. 2,000,000 Butler Univ.. Indianapolis, Ind.. 2,755,000 Northwestern Univ. Evanston, ni... 29,000,000 Calll. Inst. of Tech. Pasadena, Calif., 12,000,000 Oberlin College Oberlin, Ohio 19,416,966 California, Univ. of Berkeley, Calll... 26,700,000 Ohio Wesleyan Un. Delaware, Ohio. 3,761,495 Carleton College

Northfield, Minn.. 3.587,886 Oklahoma, Univ. of Norman, Okla. 3,751,688 Carnegie Inst. Tech. Pittsburgh, Pa. 17.399,076 Penn., Univ. of... Philadelphia, Pa. 22,423, 774 Case Sch. Ap. Sci... Cleveland, Ohio. 4,100,000 Pittsburgh, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pa 3,085,407 Catholic Un. of Am.. Washington, DC. 3,323,398 Pomona College.. Claremont, Calif. 3,808,996 Chicago, Univ. of. Chicago, Ill.

73,256,057 Pratt Institute.. Brooklyn, N. Y... 8,000,000 Cincinnati, Univ. of. Cincinnati, Ohio.. 9,855,559 Princeton Univ Princeton, N. J., 33,273,602 Clark Univ.

Worcester, Mass.. 5,000,000 Queens University Kingston, Canada. 3,513,790 Colby College. Waterville, Me... 2,964,065 Radcliffe College. Cambridge, Mass 4,141,827 Colgate Univ. Harilton, N. Y.. 5,700,000 Redlands, Univ. of.. Redlands, Calit. 3,299,727 Colorado College. Colo. Spgs., Colo. 2,578,003 Rensselaer Poly. In. Troy, N. Y..

8,922,000 (b) Columbia Univ. New York, N. Y.. 87,995,257 Rice Institute. Houston, Texas. 15,500,000 Cooper Union.. New York, NY.. 6,977,866 Richmond, Univ. of. Richmond, Va.. 2,813,869 Cornell College Mt. Vernon, Iowa. 2,349,000 Robert College. Istanbul, Turkey. 3,177,239 Cornell Univ. Ithaca, N. Y

33,871,539 Rochester, Univ. of Rochester, N. Y 51,821,181 Creighton Unly. Omaha, Nebr 4,000,000 Rose Poly. Inst..... Terre Haute, Ind. 2,500,000 Dalhousie Univ. Halifax, N. S

2,670.670 (b) Rutgers College. New Bruns., N. J. 5,100,000 Dartmouth College. . Hanover, N. H 19,000,000 St. Lawrence Univ. Canton, N. Y. 2,282,766 Davidson College... Davidson, N. C. 2,500,000 St. Vincent College. Latrobe, Pa

2,669,968 Denison Univ. Granville, Ohio. 3,765,000 Simmons College. Boston, Mass.

3,759,859 Denver. Univ. of. Denver, Colo

2,648, 296 Smith College.. N'hampton, Mass. 6,246,725 De Pauw Univ Greencastle, Ind.. 6,096,802 Southern Meth. Un. Dallas, Texas. 2,407,341 Drew University Madison, NJ... 5,778,591 Spelman College.. Atlanta, GA

3,148,427 Drexel Institute Philadelphia, Pa 3,314,718 Stanford Univ. Stanford Un., Cal 28,799,956 Duke University. Durham, No. Car. 34,936,169 Stevens Inst. Tech.. Hoboken, NJ... 3,010,000 Emory University. Atlanta, Ga.. 6.297,342 Swarthmore Coll. Swarthmore, Pa.. 7,894,872 Fisk University Nashville, Tenn. 2,772,589 Syracuse Univ. Syracuse, N. Y. 4,694,229 Furman Univ.. Greenville, So. Car 2.355,961 Teachers College New York, N, Y. 8.584,813 Geo. Peabody Col... Nashville, Tenn, . 4,908,898 Texas Christian Un. Fort Worth, Tex. 3,600,000 Geo. Wash, Univ., Washington, D. C. 2,382,077 Texas. Univ. of. Austin, Texas 43,743,000 Gettysburg College Gettysburg, Pa... 2,500,000 Toronto, Univ. of.. Toronto, Canada. 23,000,000 Goucher College Baltimore, Md.. 2,461,238 Trinity College Hartford, Conn 3,601,083 Grinnell College Grinnell, Iowa

2,820,436 Tufts College.. Medford, Mass. 7,476,470 Hamilton College.. Clinton, N. Y 4,200,342 Tulane Univ

New Orleans, La 11.106,896 Hampton Institute. . Hampton, Va. 9.907,830 Tuskegee Institute. Tuskegee, Ala 7,005,046 Harvard Univ Cambridge, Mass. 148,000,000 Union College.. Schenectady, N. Y. 4,509,705 Haverford College. . Haverford, Pa.... 4.425,000 Vanderbilt Univ Nashville, Tenn. 25,191,285 Idaho, Univ. of. Moscow, Idaho 2.536,032 Vassar College. Poughk'psie, N. Y. 10,669,000 Incarnate Word Col. San Antonio, Tex. 2,170,592 Vermont, Univ. of Burlington, Vt.. 3,503,531 Indiana Univ.. Bloomington, Ind 2,476,145 Victoria College. Toronto, Canada. 3,128,193 Istanbul, Womans

Villanova College... Villanova, Pa.. 2,312,128 College of ...

Istanbul, Turkey 2,173,073' Virginia, Univ. of... Charlottesville, Va 11,600,000 John Carroll Univ. Cleveland, Ohio... 2,500,000 Wabash College Crawl dsville, Ind. 2,200,000 Johns Hopkins Un.. Baltimore, Md. 30,354.24Wake Forest Coll... Wake Forest, N. C. 2,300,000 Kansas City, Univ. of Kansas City, Mo.. 2,000,000 Wash't'n, & Lee U. Lexington, Va 3,035,695 Kenyon College... Gambier, Ohio. 2,261,963 Wash't'n, St. (oll of Pullman, Wash, 4,528, 263 Knox College. Galesburg, II. 2,525,133 Washington Univ... St. Louis, Mo... 17,857,506 Lalayette College. Easton, Pa

3,987,919 Wellesley College... Wellesley, Mass, 9,050,076 Laval University Quebec, Canada 2,260,000 Wesleyan Univ... Middletown, Conn. 7,800,000 Lehigh University Bethlehem, l'a. 8,000,000 Western Reserve U. Cleveland, Ohio. 14,645,912 Lindenwood Coll.. St. Charles, Mo. 2,021,138 Williams College....Wil'mstown, Mass. 11,254,463 Loyola Univ

New Orleans, La.. 4.500.000 Wittenberg College. Springfield, Ohio.. 2,129,190 Macalaster College St. Paul, Minn. 2,350.454 Wooster, Coll. of. Wooster, Ohio 3,482,286 Macdonald College.. Quebec, Canada, 4,000,000 Worcester Poly. Inst. Worcester. Mass.. 4,534,205 MacMurray College. Jacksonville. Il 3,864,897 Wyoming. Univ. of., Laramie, Wyo... 3,946,687 Manitoba, Univ. of. Winnipeg, Canada. 2,162,326 Yale University... New Haven, Conn. (106,925,700

(8) Total, including Morehouse College $1,140,816) and Spelman College, $8.153,609.

(b) Includes Barnard, Teachers, College of Pharmacy, Bard and the New York Post Graduate Medical School. (b) Includes New Jersey College for Women.

National Jewish Welfare Board

Source: Officials of the Institution The National Jewish Welfare Board with offices The Jewish Welfare Board has provided for welat 220 Fifth Ave., New York City has a twofold fare and religious activities for soldiers and sailors purpose: (1) to advance the religious, intellectual, since the first World War. It has recently exphysical, and social well-being and development of panded its services for national defense in the Jews, especially young men and women, to stimu- present emergency. The Board has appointed late and cooperate with Y.M.H.A.'s, Y.W.H.A.'s, chairmen of corps area committees throughout the and kindred organizations, and to assist them in country. It has also added to the number of its the development of Judaism and good citizenship; field representatives in the army and navy service, (2) to promote the social and religious welfare of and has opened Centers near camps that have soldiers, sailors, and marines in the service of the been recently established. It has added to the United States.

number of Jewish chaplains recommended to be The Board provides religious and welfare activi- assigned to active duty. ties for men of the Jewish faith in the United The Board is one of the six national organizaStates veterans' hospitals, and the Civilian Con- tions comprising the United Service Organizations servation Corps.

for National Defense.

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Abilene Christian

Purple and White
Academy of New Church Red and White
Acadia University

Garnet and Blue
Adelphi College,

Brown and Gold
Adrian College

Canary and Black
Agnes Scott College Royal Purple and White
Agri., Mech. & Nor. Coll. Gold and Black
Akron, Univ. of.

Blue and Old Gold
Alabama College

Purple and Gold
Alabama Poly. Inst.. Orange and Blue
Alabama, Univ. of Crimson and White
Alabama, Woman's Col.of Red and Gray
Alabama College. Orange and Black
Alaska, Univ. of

Azure Blue and Gold
Albertus Magnus College Blue and White
Albany College

Orange and Black
Albion College

Purple and Gold
Albright College

Cardinal Red and White
Alcorn A. & M. Coll. Purple and Gold
Alderson-Broadus Coll. Blue and Gold
Alfred University.

Purple and Old Gold
Allegheny College.

Navy Blue and Old Gold
Allen University

Blue and Gold
Alma College

Maroon and Cream
Alma White Coll.

Orange and Blue
American Int'l College Yellow and White
American University Red, White and Blue
Amer. Univ. at Cairo Crimson and Gold
Amherst College

Purple and White
Anderson Coll. & Theo. S. Orange and Black
Antioch College

Blue and Gold
Arizona, Univ. of

Red and Blue
Ark. Agri, & Mech. Coll. Green and White
Ark. Bapt. Coll.

Purple and White
Arkansas College

Red and White
Arkansas State Coll. Red and Black
Arkansas, Univ. of

Cardinal and White
Armour Inst. of Tech (see Ill. Inst. of Tech.)
Asbury College.

Purple and White
Ashland College

Purple and Gold
Assumption College. Blue and White
Athens College

Blue and Gold
Atlanta University, Crimson and Gray
Atlantic Christian Blue and White
Augsburg Coll. & Sem.

Maroon and Gray
Augustana College

Royal Blue and Old Gold
Augustana Coll. (Ill.). Gold and Blue
Aurora College

Royal Blue and White
Austin College.

Crimson and Gold
Baker University,

Orange and Black
Baldwin-Wallace College Brown and Gold
Barat Coll, of Sac. Heart Blue and Gold
Barnard College,

Light Blue and White
Bates College

Garnet and Black
Baylor College

(See Mary Hardin Coll.)
Baylor University

Green and Gold
Beaver College

Crimson and Gray
Beirut, Am. Univ. of Red and White
Belhaven College

Green and Gold
Beloit College

Old Gold
Benedict College
Bennett College

Blue and White
Bennington College

Berea College

Yale Blue and White
Berry College

Silver and Blue
Bessie Tift College Blue and Gold
Bethany Col. (Kan.) Blue and Yellow
Bethany Coll. (W. Va) Green and White
Bethany-Peniel College.
Bethel Coll. (Kan.) Maroon and Gray
Bethel Coll. (Tenn.) Purple and Gold
Billings Poly. Inst. Green and Gold
Birmingh'm-South'n Col. Gold and Black
Bishop College

Azure Blue and White
Blue Mountain College Red, Blue and Gold
Blue Ridge College Blue and White
Bluffton College.

Purple and White
Bob Jone College

Blue and White
Boston College

Maroon and Old Gold
Boston University Scarlet and White
Bowdoin College

Bowling Green St. Univ. Seal Br'n, Burnt Orange
Bradley Poly. Inst. Maroon and White
Brenau College.

Black and Gold
Brescia College

Blue and White
Briar Cliff College

Blue and Gold
Bridgewater College Crimson and Gold
Brigham Young Univ. White and Blue
Brit. Col., Univ. of Blue and Gold
Brooklyn College

Maroon and Gold
Brown University

Bryn Mawr College. Yellow and White


Bucknell University Orange and Blue
Buena Vista College. Black and Orange
Buffalo University. White and Blue
Butler University.

Royal Blue and White
California Christian Coll. Cardinal and Gray
California Inst. of Tech Orange and White
California, Univ. of Yale Blue and Gold
Calvin Coolidge College Maroon and Gold
Campbell College.

Crimson and Black
Canisius College

Blue and Gold
Capital University Purple and White
Carleton College

Maize and Blue
Carnegie Inst. of Tech. Red, Yellow, Green & Blue
Carroll College (Helena) Purple and Gold
Carroll Coll. (Waukesha) Orange and White
Carson-Newman College Orange and Blue
Carthage College

Crimson and White
Case Sch. of Applied Sci. Seal Brown and White
Catawba College

Blue and White
Catholic Coll. of Okla, Yellow and White
Catholic Univ. of Amer, Maroon and Black
Cedar Crest College, Gold and White
Cedarville College Royal Orange & Roy. Blue
Centenary College Maroon and White
Central College (Ia.), Red and White
Central College (Mo.). Black and Nile Green
Central Y.M.C.A. Coll.. Blue and White
Centre College

Gold and White
Chapman College. Cardinal and Gray
Charleston, Coll, of Maroon and White
Chattanooga, Univ. of. Blue and Gold
Chestnut Hill, Coll. of Brown and Gold
Chicago, Univ. of.. Maroon
Chowan College,

Blue and White
Cincinnati, Univ. of Red and Black
Citadel. The

Blue and White
City College (N.Y.) Lavender and Black
Claflin College

Claremont Colleges Purple and Gold
Clark Univ. (Ga.)
Clark University (Mass.) Scarlet and white
Clarke College

Purple, Gold and White
Clarkson Coll. of Tech. Green and Gold
Clemson Agric. Coll.. Orange and Purple
Coe College

Crimson and Gold
Coker College

Blue and Old Gold
Colby College

Blue and Gray
Colgate University

Colorado College

Black and Gold
Colo. School of Mines Blue and Silver
Colorado, State Agric... Green and Gold
Colorado, Univ. of Silver and Gold
Colorado Woman's Coll. Green and White
Columbia College (Iowa) Purple and Gold
Columbia Coll. (So.Car.) (a)
Columbia University, Light Blue and White
Conception Junior White and Blue
Concordia College. Maroon and Gold
Connecticut, Univ. of Blue and White
Connecticut College. Blue and White
Converse College

Purple and Gold
Cooper Union

Maroon and Gold
Cornell College

Purple and White
Cornell University Carnelian and White
Creighton University White and Blue
Culver-Stockton College Blue and White
Cumberland University Maroon and White

Dakota Wesleyan Univ. Blue and White
Dalhousie University Gold and Black
Dana College...

Red and White
Daniel Baker College Blue and White
Dartmouth College Green
Davis and Elkins College Maroon and White
Davidson College

Red and Black
Dayton, Univ. of

Red and Blue
Defiance College

Purple and Gold
De la Salle College Green and Whito
Delaware, Univ. of Blue and Gold
Denison University Red and White
Denver, Univ. of.

Crimson and Yellow
De Paul Univ.

Red and Blue
De Pauw Univ.

Old Gold
De Sales College

Scarlet and Blue
Detroit Inst. of Tech. Purple and White
Detroit. Univ. of

Red and White
Dickinson College

Red and White
Dillard University. Royal Blue and white
Doane College

Orange and Biac
Dominican College (La) Black and White
Dominican C. of S. R. White and Gold
Drake Univ.

Blue and White
Drew University

Oxf'd Blue & Lin'in Green

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Drexel Inst.
Gold and Blue
Houston, Univ. of

Scarlet and White
Dropsie College
Blue and Gold
Howard College.

Crimson and Blue Drury College Scarlet and Gray

Howard University Blue and White Dubuque, Univ. of. Blue and White

Howard Payne College. Navy Blue and Old Gold Duchesne College Green and Gold Hunter College

Lavender and White Duke Univ. Blue and White

Huntingdon College Red and Gray Dunbarton College (a)

Huntington College. Apple Green and Scarlet Duquesne Univ. Red and Blue Huron College..

Purple and Gold · D'Youville College. Red and White


Idaho, College of.

Purple and old Gold Earlham College Maroon and White Idaho. Univ. of.

Silver and Gold Eastern Nazarene Coll.. Red and White

Illinois College.

Yale Blue and White Elizabethtown College. Blue and Gray

(*) Illinois Inst. of Tech. Scarlet and Gray
Elmhurst College
Blue and White
Illinois, Univ. of.

Orange and Blue
Elmira College
Purple and Gold

Illinois' Wesleyan Univ. Olive Green and White
Elon College
Maroon and Gold

Immaculata College Blue and White
Emerson College.
Purple and Gold

Immaculate Heart Coll. Purple and White
Emmanuel College
Blue and Gold

Incarnate Word College Red and Gray
Emmanuel Miss. College Green and White

Indiana Central Univ... Cardinal and Gray Emory and Henry Coll. Lemon and Blue

Indiana University Cream and Crimson Emory University Blue and Gold

Intermountain College (see Billings Poly. Inst.) Emporia. College of Red and White

Iowa State Coll, of Agric. Cardinal and Gold Erskine College

Maroon and Old Gold Iowa State Teachers Col. Purple and Old Gold Eureka College Maroon and Gold

Iowa, State Univ. of.... Black and Gold Evansville College Purple and White

Iowa Wesleyan Coll. Purple and White

Ithaca Coll. for Teachers Royal Blue and Gold
Fenn College
Maroon and Gray

Jackson College
Ferris Institute
Crimson and Gold

White and Navy Blue

James Millikin Univ. Blue and White
Findlay College
Orange and Black

Jamestown College
Fisk University
Royal Blue and Gold

Orange and Black

Jarvis Christian Coll... Blue and Gold Flora Macdonald College Dark Blue and White

John B. Stetson Univ. Green and White
Florida A. & M. College Orange and Green

John Brown University. Blue and Gold
Florida St. Col. for W'm'n Garnet and Gold
Florida, Univ. of
Orange and Blue

John Fletcher College. Gray and Maroon

John Carroll Univ.
Fontbonne College

Blue and Gold
Purple and Gold

Johns Hopkins Univ.
Fordham University

Old Gold and Sable

Johnson Bible College Fort Hays Kan. St. Black and Gold

Blue and White
Fort Valley State College (a)

Johnson C. Smith Univ. Blue and Gold
Judson College.

Red and Black
Franklin College
Navy Blue and Old Gold
Juniata College

Blue and Gold
Franklin & Marshall Coll. Blue and White
Friends University Scarlet and Silver Gray


Kalamazoo College Furman University Purple and White

Orange and Black

Kansas State Coll.of Agric. Royal Purple

Kansas City (Mo.). U. of Blue and Gold
Gallaudet College. Buff and Blue

Kansas, Univ. of... Crimson and Blue
Geneva College
Old Gold and White

Kansas Wesleyan Univ. Purple and Gold
George Peabody Coll. Maroon and Blue

Kent State College Green and Gold George Pepperdine Coll. Blue and Orange

Kentucky, Univ. of... Yale Blue and White Georgetown Coll. (Ky.) Orange and Black

Kentucky-Wesleyan Purple and White Georgetown Univ.. Blue and Gray

Kenyon College

Mauve and White George Washington Univ. Buff and Blue

Keuka College.

Gold and Green Georgia Sch. of Tech. Old Gold and White

King College

Cardinal and Royal Blue GeorgiaSt.Coll. for Wom'n Brown and Gold

King's College, Univ. of Royal Blue and White Ga. St. Woman's College Red and Black

K:10x College

Purple and Gold
Georgia, Univ. of
Red and Black

Knoxville College. Garnet and Blue
Georgian Court College. Blue and Gold

L Gettysburg College Orange and Blue

Lafayette College. Maroon and White Gonzaga University Blue and White

La Grange College Red and Black
Good Counsel Coll.. Red and Gold

Lake Erie Coll. for Women Green and White
Goshen College
Purple and White

Lake Forest Univ.

Red and Black
Goucher College
Blue and Gold
Lambuth College

Blue and white
Graceland College
Old Gold and Blue
Lander College

Blue and Yellow
Greensboro College Nile Green and White Lane College

Blue and Crimson
Greenville College
Orange and Black

Langston University Orange and Navy Blue
Grinnell College
Scarlet and Black
La Salle College.

Blue and Gold
Grove City College
Laval University

Red and Yellow
Guilford College
Crimson and Gray

La Verne College

Orange and Green Gustavus Adolphus Coll. Ebony and Gold

Lawrence College

Blue and White

Lebanon Valley College.. Blue and White
Hamilton College
Buff and Blue

Lehigh University Brown and White
Hamline University
Red and Gray
Leland College

Gold and Blue
Hampden-Sydney College Garnet and Gray

Le Moyne College

Purple and Gold
Hampton Institute
Blue and White

Lenoir Rhyne College Black and Garnet
Hanover College.
Red and Blue
Lewis Institute

(see ni. Inst. of Tech.) Hardin-Simmons Univ.. Purple and Gold

Limestone College White and Gold
Harding College
Black and Gold

Lincoln Memorial Univ. Blue and Gray
Hartwick College
Blue and White

Lincoln Univ. (Mo.) Navy Blue and White Harvard University Crimson

Lincoln Univ. (Penn.) Orange and Blue Hastings College

Crimson and White Lindenwood Female Coll. Yellow and White Haverford College Scarlet and Black Linfield College

Cardinal and Purple Hawali, Univ. of Green and White

Livingstone College. Black and Light Blue Heidelberg College. Red, Orange and Black Long isiand Univ. Long Island Blue Hendrix College Orange and Black

Loretto Heights College Green and White High Point College Purple and White

Louisiana College

Orange and Blue
Hillsdale College.
Blue and White

Louisiana Poly. Inst. Red and Blue
Hiram College

Cherry Red and Sky Blue Louisiana State Univ. Purple and Gold
Hobart College.
Orange and Purple

Louisville Munic. Coll.. Purple and White
Hofstra College
Azure and Gold

Louisville, Univ. of Cardinal and Blact
Hollins College
Green and Gold

Lowell Textile Institute Red and Black Holy Cross, Coll, of the Purple

Loyola College (Md.).. Green and Gray
Holy Names, Coll. of the Red and White

Loyola Univ. (Calit.). Crimson and Gray
Hood College
Blue and Gray
Loyola Univ. (Ill.)

Maroon and Gold
Hope College
Orange and Blue

Loyola Univ. (La.). Maroon and Gold
Houghton College
Purple and Gold
Luther College

Royal Blue and White Houston Coll. for Negroes Maroon and Gray

Lynchburg College

Red and Gray ( ) A consolidation of Armour Institute of Technology and Lewis Institute (1941).







Nevada, Univ. of.

Silver and Blue
Macalester College
Orange and Blue

Newark Coll. of Engineer. Red and White
MacMurrayCol.for W'm'n Yellow and Blue

Newark, Univ. of Navy Blue and White
Madison College
Blue and White
Newberry College

Scarlet and Gray
Maine, Univ. of
Light Blue

Newcomb Mem. Coll. Bronze & Turquoise Blue Manchester College. Black and Gold

New Hampshire, Univ. of Blue and White
Manhattan College
Green and White

New Jersey Col. for W'm'n Scarlet
Manhattanville Coll. Red and White

New Mexico Coll.of Agric. Crimson
Manitoba, Uni. of
Brown and Gold

New Mexico Sch. of Mines Silver and Gold
Mapua Inst. of Tech. Cardinal and Gold

New Mexico, Univ. of... Cherry and Silver Marietta College Navy Blue and White

New Orleans Univ.. Navy Blue and Gold
Marion College.
Red and Black

New Rochelle, Coll. of.. White and Blue
Marquette Univ.
Royal Blue and Gold

New Sch. for Social
Marshall College
White and Green


None Mary Baldwin College Yellow and White

New York, Coll. of City of (See City Coll. (N. Y.)) M. Hardin-Baylor Coll. Purple, White and Gold N. Y. St. Coll, for Teach. Purple and Gold Kelly Green and Gold

New York Univ.

Marygrove College
Md. College for Women Black and Gold

Niagara Univ.

Purple and White Maryland, Univ. of Sable and old Gold

No. Car. Col. for N'groes Maroon and Gray Marylhurst College Blue and Gold

N. Car. St. Coll. of Agric. Red and White Marymount Coll. (Kan.) Blue and White

North Carolina, Univ. of White and Light Blue Marymount Coll. (N. Y.) Blue and White

N. Car. Un., Woman's Col. White and Gold Maryville Coll. (Mo.), Red and White

North Central College Cardinal and White Maryville Coll. (Tenn.). Orange and Garnet

North Dakota Agric. Col. Apple Green, Corn Yel. Marywood College Green and White

North Dakota, Univ. of Pink and Green Massachusetts in of Tech. Card. Red & Silver Gray

Northeastern Univ. Red and Black Massachusetts State Coll. Maroon and White

Northland College

Orange and Blue McKendree College Purple and White

No. Texas St. Teach Col. Green and White McMaster University. Silver Gray and Maroon

Northwestern Col. (Wisc.) Black and Red
McPherson College. Red and White

Northwestern Univ. (III.) Purple and White
Mercer Univ.
Orange and Black

Northwest Nazarene Coll. Orange and Black
Meredith College
Maroon and White

Norwich Univ.

Maroon and Old Gold Miami, Univ. of (Fla.). Orange, Green & White Notre Dame, Coll. (Md.) Royal Blue and White Miami Univ. (Ohio) Red and White

Notre Dame Coll. (NY) (a) Michigan Col. Min.&Tech. Silver and Gold

Notre Dame Coll. (Ohio) Blue and Gold Michigan St. Col.of Agric. Hunter's Green & White Notre Dame, Univ. (Ind.) Gold and Peacock Blue Michigan, Univ. of Maize and Blue

o Middlebury College Yale Blue and White Oakland City College Blue and White Middlesex University Blue and Gold

Oakwood College

Midland College.
Orange and Black
Oberlin College

Crimson and Gold
Miles Mem. Coll...
Purple and Gold

Occidental College. Orange and Black
Milligan College.
Orange and Black
Oglethorpe Univ.

Old Gold and Black
Mills College
Gold and White

Ohio Northern Univ. Black and Gold
Milsaps College.
Purple and White
Ohio State Univ.

Scarlet and Gray
Milton College
Brown and Blue
Ohio University

Olive Green and White Milwaukee-Downer

Dark Blue and White Ohio Wesleyan Univ. Red and Black Mines & M'allurgy Sch.of Silver and Gold

Oklahoma Agric. Coll. Orange and Black Minnesota, Univ. of Maroon and Gold

Oklahoma Baptist Univ. Green and Gold Misericordia College Blue and Gold

Oklahoma City Univ. Gold and White Mission House College Blue and Gold

Oklahoma Col. for Wom'n Green and Gold Mississippi College Blue and Gold

Oklahoma, Univ. of... Crimson and Cream Mississippi State College Maroon and White

Olivet College

Crimson and White Mississippist. Col.for Wm. Gold and White

Olivet Nazarene College (a) Mississippi, Univ. of Red and Blue

Oregon State Agric, Coil. Orange and Black Missouri. Univ. of Old Gold and Black Oregon, Univ. of

Green and Lemon Yel. Missouri, Coll. of Mines Silver and Gold

Ottawa Univ. (Kan.) Yellow and Black Missouri Valley Coll. Purple and Orange

Ottawa, University of Garnet and Gray Monmouth College :. Red and White

Otterbein College

Tan and Cardinal Montana Sch. of Mines Copper and Green

Quachita Baptist College Purple and Gold
Montana St. Col.
Blue and Gold

Our Lady of Cincinnati Blue and White
Montana State Univ. Copper, Silver and Gold Our L'dy of Elms, Col. of Green and Gold
MoravianCol.&Theo.Sem. Blue and Gray

Our Lady of Lake Coll. White and Blue Moravian C. for Women Purple and Gold

Ozarks, College of the Purple and Gold
Morehouse College. Maroon and White

Morgan College
Navy Blue & Burnt Or.

Pacific College
Morningside College Maroon and White

Old Gold & Navy Blue

Pacific, Coll, of the
Morris College
Gold and Blue

Orange and Black

Pacific Union College Morris Harvey College Maroon and Gold

Green and Gold

Pacific University Mt. Allison University Garnet and Gold

Crimson and Black

Panhandle College. Mt. Angel Coll. & Sem.

Crimson and Royal Blue White and Gold

Park College
Mt. Holyoke College. Pale Blue

Canary and Wine
Parsons College

Old Rose & Olive Green Mount Mary College Blue and White

Pasadena College

Green and Gold
Mount Mercy Col.(Mich.) (a)
Mt, Mercy Coll. (Penn.) Purple and Gold

Paul Quinn College Gold and Purple

Pembroke College Mt. St. Joseph Coll. (0.) Blue and Gold

Brown and White

Pembroke State College (a) Mt. St. Mary's C. (Cal.) Purple and Gold

Penn College, William Old Gold and Blue Mt. St. Mary's C. (Md.) Blue and White

Penn. Coll. for Women Purple and White Mt. St. Scholastica Coll. Blue and White

Penn. Military College Mt. St. Vincent, Coll, of Gold and White

Red, White and Yellow

Pennsylvania State Coll. Blue and White
Mt. Union Coll.
Royal Purple

Pennsylvania, Univ. of Red and Blue
Muhlenberg College Red and Gold

Pharmacy, College of Gold and Blue
Mundelein College
Red and Gold

Philander Smith College Dark Green & Old Gold
Municipal University Yale Blue
Munic. Univ. of Omaha Black and Red

Philippines, Univ. of. Maroon and Green
Phillips Univ.

Maroon and White
Munic. Univ. of Wichita | Yellow and Black

Piedmont College

Green and Gold
Muskingum College.... Black and Magenta

Pittsburgh, Univ. of Blue and Gold

Polytechnic Inst., B'klyn Blue and Gray
Nasson College
Brown and Tan
Pomona College

Blue and White
National Univ. (P. I.) Blue and Gold

Portland (Ore) Univ. of Purple and White National Univ. (D. of C.) Red, White and Blue Pratt Institute

Cadmium Yellow Nazareth College (Ky.) Yellow and White

Presbyterian College Garnet and Blue Nazareth Coll. (Mich.). Blue and White

Princess Anne College Burnt Orange and Navy Nazareth Coll. (N. Y.) Purple and Gold

Blue Nebraska Central College Old Gold and Maroon Princeton Univ.

Orange and Black Nebraska, Univ. of

Scarlet and Cream Principia College, The Gold and Blue Nebraska Wesleyan Univ. Yellow and Brown Providence College Black and White Negro A. & Tech. Coll. Blue and Gold

Puerto Rico, Poly Inst. of Gold and Green




Puerto Rico, Univ. of Red and White

Scranton, Univ. of Purple and White
Puget Sound, College of Maroon and White Scripps College,

Green and Silver
Purdue Univ.
Old Gold and Black Seattle College

Seattle Pacific College Maroon and White

Selma University
Blue and Silver

Blue and White
Queens College (N. Y.)..

Seton Hall College White and Blue Queens Coll (No. Car.) Dark Blue & Light Blue

Seton Hill College. Scarlet and Gold Queens University Red, Yellow, Blue

Shaw University

Garnet and White
Quincy College.
Brown and White

Shorter Coll. (Ark.) (a)

Shorter College (Ga.) White and Gold
Radcliffe College
Cherry Red
Shurtleff College

Maroon and Gold
Randolph-Macon College Yellow and Black

Siena Heights Coll.

(a) Randolph-Macon W.'sCol Yellow and Black

Silliman University Bed and White Redlands, Univ. of.. Maroon and Gray

Simmons College

Blue and Gold Reed College

Richmond Rose & White Simmons University Purple and Gold Regis College (Colo.). Brown and Gold

Simpson College

Red and Gold Regis College (Mass.) Red and Gold

Sioux Falls College Purple and White Reasselaer Polytech. In. Cherry and White

Skidmore College Yellow and White Rhode Island State Coll. Blue and White

Smith College

White and Gold
Rice Institute.

Ox'd Blue & Confd.Gray South, Univ. of the Purple and Gold
Rider College
Purple and Gold

South Carolina, Univ. of Garnet and Black
Richmond, Univ. of Navy Blue and Crimson So. Dakota St.Col.of Agric. Yellow and Blue
Ripon College

Crimson and White So.DakotaSt. Sch.of Mines Gold and Silver Rivier College

Blue and Silver Gray South Dakota, Univ. of Vermillion and White
Roanoke College,

Nat'l Blue & Mandarin Southeastern La. Coll.. Green and Gold
Robert College
Blue and Red

Southeastern Univ.. Crimson and White
Rochester, Univ. of Yellow

Southern College Blue and White
Rockford College
Purple and White

Southern Calif., Univ. of Cardinal and Gold
Rockhurst College Blue and White

Southern Methodist Univ. Crimson and Blue
Rollins College
Blue and Gold

Southern Univ. (La). Blue and Gold
Rosary College
Black and White

Southwestern Col (Kan.) Purple and White
Rosemont College
Rose and Gray

Southwest'n Col. (Tenn.) Cardinal Red and Black
Rose Polytechnic Inst... Old Rose and White Southwestern Louisiana Vermillion
Russell Sage College Green and White

Southwestern Univ. Gold and Black
Rust College
Sky Blue and White Spelman College

Blue and White
Rutgers Univ.
Spokane Univ.

Royal Purple and White

Maroon and White

Springfield College

Purple and White
St. Ambrose College

Spring Hill College
Blue and White


Stanford University
St. Augustine's College Blue and White
St. Benedict's C. (Kan.) Black and White

State Coll. for Colored

Maroon and Navy Blue
St. Bonaventure College Brown and White

State A. & M. Coll. Garnet and Blue St. Catherine, College of Purple and Gold

Red and Blue
St. Dunstan's College...

Sterling College
Red and White

Stevens Inst. of Tech Red and Gray
St. Edward's Seminary (a)

Storer College

Old Gold and White St. Edward's University Gold and Blue

Blue and Gold

Suffolk University
St. Elizabeth, College of Blue and Gold
St. Francis Col. (Bklyn.) Red and Blue

Susquehanna Univ. Orange and Maroon

Swarthmore College Garnet
St. Francis Coll. (Pa) Maroon and White
St. Francis Coll, (Wisc.) Red and White

Sweet Briar College Pink and Green
St. Francis Xavier Coll. Scarlet and Gray

Syracuse Univ.

St. John's Coll. (Md.) Black and Orange

St. John's Univ. (Minn.) Cardinal and Blue Talladega College, Crimson and Blue
St. John's Univ. (Bklyn) Red and White

Tarkio College

Purple and Cream St. John's Univ. (Ohio Blue and Gold

Taylor University

Purple and Gold St. Joseph Coll. (Conn.) Blue and Gold

Teachers Col. (Columbia) Light Blue and White
St. Joseph's Coll. (Ind.) Cardinal and Purple Temple University Cherry and White
St. Joseph's Col. (Md.) Navy Blue and Gold Tennessee Poly. Inst. Purple and Gold
St. Joseph's Coll. (N. J.) Blue and White

Tennessee, Univ. of Orange and White
St. Joseph's Coll. (Pa.) Crimson and Gray Texas, Agr. & Mech. Col.of Maroon and White
St. Joseph's Col. for

Texas College of Arts. Blue and Gold
Women (Me.)

Royal Blue and White Texas Christian Univ. Purple and White
St. Joseph's Col. for

Texas College

Women (B'klyny Gold and White

Tex. Coll. of Arts & Ind. Blue and Gold
St. Lawrence Univ. Scarlet and Brown

Texas Coll. for Women Red and White
St. Louis Univ.
Blue and White
Texas Tech. Coll.

Red and Black
St. Mary, Coll. of (Utah) Blue and White

Texas, Univ. of

Orange and White
St. Mary-of-the-Woods Blue and White

Texas Woman's College Blue and Gold
St. Mary's Coll. (Calif.) Red and Blue

Thiel College

Blue and Gold
St. Mary's Coll. (Ind.) Blue and White

Tillotson College

Purple and Gold
St. Mary's Coll. (Mich.) Maroon and White

Toledo, Univ. of

Blue and Gold
St. Mary's Coll. (Min.) Red and White

Toronto, University of Blue and White
St. Mary's Dominican C Black and White

Tougaloo College

Red and Blue
St. Mary's of the Springs White, Gold and Black Transylvania Univ. Harvard Crimson
St. Mary's Univ.

Royal Blue and Gold Trinity College (Conn.) Blue and Gold
St. Michael's College Purple and Gold

Trinity College (Iowa) Blue and White
St. Norbert College Green and Gold

Trinity College (Vt.) Blue and Silver
St. Olaf College

Black and old Gold Trinity Col. (Wash.D.C.) Purple and Gold
St. Peter's College Peacock Blue and White Trinity Univ. (Texas) Maroon and White
St. Procopius College Cardinal and White

Tufts College

Seal Brown & Royal Blue
St. Rose, College of Gold and White

Tulane University Olive and Blue
St. Scholastica, Coll. of Blue and White

Tulsa, University of Black and Gold
St. Stephen's College Scarlet

Tusculum College Orange and Black
St. Teresa, C. of Minn.) Gold and White

Tuskegee Institute Bed and Gold
St. Teresa, Col. of (MO) Purple and Gold
St. Thomas, College of Purple and Gray

Union College (Ky.) Orange and Black
St. Vincent College Gold and Green

Union College (Neb.) Red and Black
Salem College (No. Car.) Yellow and White

Union College (N. Y.) Garnet and White
Salem College (W. Va.) Green and White

Union Univ. (Tenn.) Cardinal and Cream
Samuel Huston College Crimson and Cream U.S. Coast Guard Acad. Blue and White
San Antonio, Univ. of Blue and Gold

U. S. Military Academy Black, Gold and Gray
San Francisco Col. for W'n Red and Gold
San Francisco. Univ. of Green and Gold
Santa Clara, Univ. of Red and White
Santo Tomas, Univ. of (a)
Sarah Lawrence College Green and White
Saskatchewan, Univ. of Green and White
Scarritt Coll.

Green and White

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