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Relative duties, extent and importance hinder the happiness of creatures
of, i. 180--183.

but are founded in the nature o
Religion, true, consists in, what, i. 53, things, i. 81–83. Note. 111.
Religion the duty of all men, i. 534. Right and wrong considered, i. 262.

pleasures of, unspeakable, iii. 490. Note.
false notions and experiences of, in Righteousness, its meaning, what, i.
the Arminian and Antinomian, i. 116 518.
--120. 126 195. 229. 275.

- exalteth a nation, how, i. 519.
Religions, false, result from self-love, i. glorious and happy effects of, i. 523.
194. jii. 461.

Righteousness of Christ, the ground of
Remembering God, what is implied in, justification, i. 103. 107. 364. 457.
ii. 451.

- safety of trusting in it, iïi. 107. 109.
that we have right apprehensions encouragement to trust in it, i. 263.
of him, iii. 452.
that we have a vital sense of him

in our hearts, ibid.
- a sort of forgetting all other things, Sacrifice of Christ, ' acceptable to God,
iii. 453.

why, ii. 389.
that we choose him as our chief Sacrifices under the law, use of, what,
good, and be devoted to him, iii. 455. P. 444. iji. 26. 343.
- obligations that young people are un- Saints merit nothing by their obedience,
der, thus to remember God, what, i. 106.
ü. 456. and passim.

to be objects of our complacency and
-- directions and motives to the per- delight, i. 182.
formance of this, iii. 476.

Salvation by free-grace, i. 330-332. ij.
- what are hindrances to the perfor- 375. [See grace.]
mance, ibid.

-- way of for sinners, what, ij. 309.
Repentance, connected with regenera- Salvation of all men, not best, ii. 100.

tion, faith, and conversion, i. 431. Sanctification, what, i. 274–279.
-- implied in the nature of true faith, the only evidence of justification and
ii. 460. iii. 47.

of our good estate, ï. 115. 274. iij. 85.
- implies reconeiliation to the Divine Sandeman, Mr. his error about faith, i.
character, ii. 442.

397. Note. iii. 427.
insufficient to procure pardon with- about repentance, ii. 408. Note.
out an atonement, ii. 394. even in the üi. 252.
saints, ii. 406.

about forgiveness being before re-
-- is before forgiveness, ii. 407. 438. iii.

pentance, i, 294.
47 117. 295.

about the impropriety of exhorta-
- objections answered, ü. 455_-464.

tions to sinners, ii. 538. Note. iii. 252.
- is the consequence of regeneration, about the atonement, ii. 465. Note.
ii. 441.

Satan, agency of, in the fall of man,
- required before baptism, in adults, iii.

what, ii. 56. 341.
156. 165.

whether without Divine permis-
Requirements of God, whether more sion, ii. 131. 133 177.

than we have power to perform, con- tempter to sin, ii. 487.
sidered, i. 115. 258. iii. 34. 272.

suggestions of, what, i. 490.
Resurrection from the dead, purchased . God's design in permitting his temp-
by Christ, i. 406.

tations to succeed with our first pa-
Restraining grace, what, i. 216, 217. rents, what, ii. 57.
Retirement, helpful to devotion and self-Satisfaction for sin, necessary, i. 340.
examination, i. 267.

351. [See atonement.]
Reprobationi, doctrine of, ii. 33. Note. made by Christ, ii. 314.

illustrated, ii. 100. Note. 103. consists in obeying the preceptive
vindicated, i. 91. Note.

part of the law, as well as in suffer.
Revelation, Divine, mankind not enjoy- ing the penalty, i. 358. 365. [See

ing it, their own faolt, i. 164. 419 obedience.]
Rewards of obedience, design of God Scripture, proof of its divinity, what,
in conferring them, what, i. 101.

ii. 495.
Right and wrong do not result from the Scripture the only standard by which our

mere will and law of God, nor from creeds are to be formed, ii. 371, 374.
any tendency of things to promote or 378.

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Scripture, directions for understanding Sin, wisest and best for the system, ií.
it, what, iii. 9.

Self-love, i. 90.95.

- objections answered, ii. 39--109.
its predominance in man, i. 201. - in itself odious to God, ii. 145. 157.
its sinfulness, i, 207.

but permitted for good ends, ii. 159.
natural to man, i. 205.

- the great evil of, arises from, what,
- highest principle in the unregener-

ii. 498. 501.
ate, i. 195.

consists in this, that it is against
governs every apostate creature, ii. Gol, proved, iii. 514. 517. Note.

- a sense of the great evil of, necessa-
- different from true love, how, i. 141. ry to true repentance, iï. 497.

different from true religion, and the a sense of this, is in proportion to
spring of all false, i. 194.

the sense of our obligations, iii. 499.
the root of all evil carriage toward in what respects it is against God,
our neighbour, i. 215.

ni. 502-512.
Self-justifying spirit, nature of, ii. 470. - malignity of it, what, ibid.
ji. 271.

tendency of, to dethrone the majes.
- effects of, ii. 474.

ty of heaven, ii. 353. iii. 505. and to
- criminality of, i. 373.

destroy the good of the moral sys-
danger of, iii. 276.

tem, iï. 510.
- cure of, what, ii. 482.

great evil of, will be proved at the
Self-righteousness, dishonourable and

final judgment, iii. 514. 522.
hateful to God, i, 100.

slight and imperfect ideas of, enter-
Self-righteous sinner, what is meant by, tained by the wieked, 518.
iii. 270. and passim.

to be feared as the greatest evil, iii.
Serpent, brazen, use of to the Israel- 528.
ites, what, iii. 105.

Singer, definition of the term, iii. 270.
Shepard, Mr. observations of, respect Singers, voluntary in their bad temper,

ing the admission of members into i. 153.
the church, what, iii. 357.

impenitent, deplorable. state of,
Sin, introduction of, i. 89.

pointed out, iii. 70.
- mistakes respecting it, what, ij. 49. condition of, while in unbelief, what,

God's not interfering to prevent it, a i. 335.
proof that he determined the intro- encouraged to return to God, through
duction of it to be best, all things Christ, ii. 399. this their duty, under
considered, i. 89.

a dispensation of mercy and grace,
Sin an infinite evil, ii. 402. and infinitely i. 423. not their duty to be willing to
punishable, i. 105. i 21. 324.

be damned, ii. 322. Note.
-evinced in the sufferings of Christ, i. Sincere obedience cannot justify, üi. 4.
83. 354. and in the eternal puvish- Son of God, creator of the worlds, i.
ment of the wicked, i. 84. ii. 111. 143.
[See punishinent.]

Sovereignty of grace, i. 258.
demerit of, consists in, what, i. 263. reasonableness of, i. 259.

displayed in election, i. 490. [See
mistakes respecting it, i. 263.
evil of, consists chiefly in its being Sovereignty of God, in granting the
committed against God, ii. 458. 498. means of grace, i. 177. ii. 369.

consequences of lessening the evil of Sovereign grace, the only ground of
it, what, i. 264.

hope, as to a sinner's conversion, iii.
begins in that which is merely nega- 260. [See sovereignty of grace.]
tive, jü. 336.

Socinians, doctrines and errors of, what,
- of Adam decreed, how, i. 308.

jii. 298.
- imputed to his posterity, i. 221. Spirit, Holy, agency and office of, i.
- permission of, ii. 9.

95. 421.
consists in not hindering it, ii.11.31. - immediate influences of, necessa.

wisdom of God in the, ii. 12–27. ry, why, i. 162. 218.
- design of God in the, q. 27.

special influences of, necessary,
for the best good of the system, ii.

why, i. 96.

saving influences af, supernatur :
errors respecting the introcluction and irresistible, i. 1.
of, refuted,


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Spirit, Holy, strivings of, with all gospel

sinners, i. 423.

resistance of, the cause of His Vubelievers under condemnation and
withdrawing, ibid.

the curse of the law. i. 123. 335. ii.
Spirit, witness of, what, ii. 291. and 248. 259. iii. 276.
how known, i. 251.

Unconditional salvation, doctrine of,
mistakes about it, considered, i. false, ii 246. and Note. and mischiev-
251. 452.

ous, ii. 477.
- immediate witness of, not true, i. 250. no promises of, in the gospel, üi. 114.
but needless, why, ii. 294.

Unconditional submission, considered, ii.
Spirit of God, does not assist us to be- 322. Note. 323.
lieve what is not true before, iii. 95, Unconditional covenant, what, iii. 214.

96. Nor to believe a lie, ü. 259. - no qualifications necessary for enter-
Spiritual blindness, consists in, what, ü. ing into it, üi 3.13.

Unction, spiritual, what, i. 130. ii. 500.
- criminality of, ü. 498.

Systems of the world, the present the Unity of God, ii. 49.
best, ü. 35. 43. 98.

Universal salvation, does not follow from
- objections answered, ij. 98.

upiversal atonement, i. 397.
Sufferings of Christ, a sufficient satis- not for the best, all things consider-
faction for the sins of all


i. 381. ed, ii. 100.
-efficacy of, to those who were par- Unregenerate, their performances sin-

doned before the death of Christ, i. ful and odious, i. 222.

moral state of, i. 223. iii. 59.
blindness of, ii. 265.

- duty of, to strive in the use of means,

i 423. ij 258. in what manner, i.

424. with what views, ibid.
Taylor, Dr. his scheme of religion, how - doings of, do not entitle to the bles-
esteemed, ii. 378. Note. 387.

sings promised in the gospel, iii. 248.
his notions about Calvinism, what, iii.

reasons why, iii. 256. yet they are

required to seek, iii. 256. Note.
Thankfulness, reasons for, and motives Unregenerate men, at heart infidels, ü.
to, what, i. 283.

387. iii. 318.
Threatenings of God, end and uses of, - are moral agents, iii. 264.
what, i. 85.

nature of their prayers, what, ii.
Threatening 10 Adam, what, i. 304. 419.
- how executed in the death of his - doings of, what, iii. 238.
surety, iii. 329.

whether they render them more
Trial, the present life a state of, i. 47. sinful, iii. 240. 258.
[See probation.]

whether required by God, iii. 241.
proved by the Divine conduct to-

whether any thing short of holiness
wards men, i 47--50.

is required, iii. 244.
Trinity, doctrine of, i 294 297. - improper subjects of church cove-
character and office of each person,

nanting, iü. 222.
in the work of salvation, i. 295. 368.

utmost endeavours of, insufficient to

church covenanting, iï. 218.
True religion, in what it consists, i. 52.

Truth, never required to be believed

without sufficient evidence, ii 231.
Truth and faithfulness of God, i. 92. Vindictive justice, an amiable perfee,

tion of God, i. 102. Ü 413.
Truth, love of, the life and essence of has nothing in its nature inconsistent
faith, üi 341

with infinite goodness, ii. 414.
Truths, gospel, the only foundation and esteemed amiable by the Christian,
excitements of holy affections, iii. 99.

ii. 528.
Truths of scripture, true before we be- Van Mastricht, observation of, res-

lieve them, and whether we believe pecting baptism of adults, ii. 355,
them or not, ü. 91.

Virtue, false notions of, entertained by

selfish, ungodly men, iji. 519.


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World, system of, the present the best,

ii. 35. 43. 98.
Westminster confession of faith, deci- - whether it might have been created
sions of, respecting the qualifications

sooner, ü. 141.
for the Lord's table, iii. 356.

other a, ticles of, what, iii. 428.
- a preservative against errors, iii. 445.

Whitby, Dr. on the wisdom of God in

creating and governing the world, iï. Youths commanded to remember their

creator, iii. 449.
Wicked, doings of, sinful and odious, ii. their obligations to do this, what, ii.
405 [See sinners ]

Witness of the Spirit, what, i. 452. ii. directions and motives to the perfor.

mance of this, ü 476.
how ascertained, i. 251. 452.

temper and temptations of, what,
Works of God, what, i. 70--93.

ii. 476.
Works, good, the fruits and evidence - how to be overcome and avoided,
faith, ii. 459. (See faith ]

iji. 477.
Works, how they justify, explained, - directions for doing this, what,
iii. 48.

iji 448.
Word of God reveals his character, motives to early piety, iii. 490.

works, and designs, i. 95 ii 49 337.
- the instrument of sanctification, ii.

World, conduct of God towards, from Zeal, counterfeit, i 249. (See enthusk.
the beginning, i. 410-419.


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ix. 16.

i. 75 xi 23, 24. . 254. jjj. 116) ix. 22.
xvi. 14.

i. 252xiv. 23.

ii. 103
i. 252


X. 5, 6.
xlv. 6, 7.
1. 10.

ii. 150
ii 49 x 25. 28.
i. 432 xv. 29.

v. 7.

i. 252
in. 18 v. 19.

i. 399
üi. 143

iii. 10. 15. jä. 21



vi. 8. iii. 503, note. xiv. 21.

i. 453. HEBREWS.
i. v. 1.
iii. 310 iii. 16.

i. 252

xi. 6. i. 169. note

xiv, 31.
i. 252 vi. 18. i. 160. Dote. ii. 21.

ii. 47
xviii. S.

i. 201 viji. 7. iii. 503. note.
xix. 16, 17 ji. 19 do. do.

i. 119

xxij. 12
jii. 4181- 16. i. 250. 252. iv. 10.

i. 284. 407



In accordance with the opinion of several Divines, words,
which had become obsolete, have been changed, and sentences,
evidently incorrect, have been corrected. In no instance, how-
ever, has the meaning of the author been varied. In addition
to what was at first proposed, a complete Index to the whole
work has been added. The work is executed in a style, which
it is hoped will meet the approbation of the Christian public.

In this work, the writings of Dr. Bellamy are consolidated :
writings, which have already done much, in the hands of the
HOLY SPIRIT, to detect and confound error, to discover and es-
tablish truth, to enlighten the understanding, to convince and
humble the sinner, to enlarge the views, establish and comfort
the hearts of the people of God, and to awaken them to active
exertion in His cause. May the Spirit of grace enlighten the
minds of those who peruse them, into a knowledge of the truth
as it is in JESUS.

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New-York, March, 1812.



Volume 2, page

Volume 1, page 117, line 21 from top, for delude, read deluded.

296, line 7 from top, for if, read is.

7, line 13 from top, for accountable, read unaccountabk.
9, line 15 from top, for I am, read am I.
57, line 8 from bottom, for peaceable, read peccable.
25, line 14 from top, before evidences, insert no.
251, line 7 from top, for son of God, read sons of God.
295, bottom line, for is, read his.
299, line 3 from top, for no, read our.
327, line 14 from top, for thy read they.
382, line 2 from bottom, for Gospel, read law.
399, note, line 2 from bottom, for penitent, read impenitent.
404, line 19 from top, insert the.

521, line 27 from top, for as man, read that a man,
Volume 3, page 142, line 17 from top, for apposite, read opposite.

247, line 22 from top, for man, read men.
382, line 6 from top, after an, insert opinion,

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